Festive Socks

Happy Blogmas day 12! Today's blog post was inspired by my recent obsession with Christmas socks. I haven't owned any since I was little so when I was shopping at the mall last week I saw some on discount and couldn't resist the cute designs. I kind of went overboard and now I have a fun collection. I mean there is a reason why I bought it and that was I need socks for Baguio as I hate having cold feet so I got them Christmas themed and it makes everything better. So here is a roundup of some Christmas socks for you or to give as a gift as well.

That was my festive Christmas socks I rounded up. I enjoy them so much and they are so fun. I hope you like them too and if you have a Christmas sock collection. So I'll see you again tomorrow for a new Blogmas post!

Only 13 days until Christmas!

What kind of Christmas socks do you own if you have any?