Throwback Christmas Dress

Happy Blogmas day 3! Today I'm bringing you a little series I started in last year's blogmas where I write a lifestyle post about my Christmas past. I loved writing about them last year and thought I would bring it back for this year. I talked about my Past Christmases and My Meeting Santa Clause. I loved discussing those topics so I came up with a few this year. For today's theme I wanted to show you my past Christmas dresses.

I have always loved dressing up for the holidays and it has been a tradition of mine to have a holiday dress or dress up in some way. There is something about the holidays which makes me love dressing about and I think I have always been that way. I think I've said before that I had my pictures done every year and Christmas was another occasion where I got to do that. It's probably one of the reasons I do fashion blogging.

After looking back at the past Christmases I have seen a common theme with the dresses I wore. Even until now I still have the sense of style as I was when I was a little girl. I do love a red dress and I do love it being frilly and girly. I asked my mom who was my first fashion stylist said she would pick the most girliest out of the bunch and treated me like a doll. There were so many frilly dresses over time and I had a common theme with my dresses after looking at all the pictures. I thought it would be more cringey but my mom did a pretty good job dressing me and all the dresses I liked. The awkward fashion choices came up when I thought I could dress myself. But back to Christmas dresses, there were pretty much always red and white I noticed and until now I gravitate towards red for the holidays.

Since I love red frill dresses I linked a few below. I know I would love to recreate some of these looks today and with a similar dress choice.

So that was a lookback on my past Christmas dress. I loved sharing this with you and can't wait to share with you different topics I have planned for the rest of Blogmas. I'd love to know if you had a Christmas dress growing up and what it looked like and if it had a common theme like mine always did. I'm so looking forward to planning what dressy outfit I'm going to wear this year though. I guess I need to go shopping for all the pretty holiday dresses. I hope you enjoyed this and I'll be back tomorrow for another blogmas!

Only 22 days until Christmas!

What did you always wear growing up for Christmas?