I'm so Peachy!

Happy Monday! Today is the last #BYSPaletteWeek where I review the BYS Peach Palette. It is one of their latest relases and I bought it as soon as I could. I love the peach tones and I was so excited to finally own a peach colored palette as I don't own one yet but they have been showing up and tthe popular palettes caught my eye. If it looks failiar than it is another similar palette or a dupe. It closely resembles the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I was tempted on getting the Too Faced one and still might do so but for now I went with a drugstore version to see if I like peach tones on my eyes. So here is the last eyeshadow palette review of the BYS Peach Palette.

| BYS Peach Palette // 1,199php |

Description (from website): BYS Peaches Eyeshadow Palette features an array of 12 expertly chosen, highly pigmented matte & metallic eyeshadows. The 12 piece palette comes housed in a modern, embossed tin, featuring a mirror and 2 dual end applicators.

Where to buy: BYS counters nationwide. SM Beauty Section in the SM Store. Shop online at Zalora.ph.

Price & Weight: 1,119php for 12g

The palette comes in a sturdy and clear plastic box that shows you exactly what you will get inside. It is easy to see the shades right away. The packaging is a matte pink tin with gold lettering on the front and this one unlike the others is a matte finish instead of glossy. The tin comes with a matte finish but it looks a bit satin actually and not reflective. On the back is a diagram of the inside of the palette, with each shadow color and the name. There is a cardboard paper insert with the name of the palette that covers the mirror on the lid. It also contains a nice sized mirror on the inside. They've included two brushes that I really don't use unless I am in a pinch and accidentally forget my brushes. The metal case closes well and that makes it great for traveling and it contains everything I might need to create a eye look on the go. The lid clips in to the base when closing which is great to avoid the palette from opening and being ruined.  It has pretty and practical packaging and I am a big fan of the tin. It is my favorite packaging with the peachy and gold combo and it is such an aesthetically pleasing palette to own!

Application & Staying Power
The application is amazing like the other two. The shades blend seamlessly and are really easy just to work with. The mattes are easy to apply and blend, and have minimal fall out. They just feels so smooth and silky. They are also in a really great selection of colors that are lights and darks. The shimmers are stunning and I love them all! They are a tiny bit harder to blend and a little bit crumbly, but still feel really nice and smooth. They do also have a small amount of fall out. All shades are relatively long lasting and still look nice at the end of the day. The lasting power is great and by now I’m always impressed with the performance of BYS.

Color & Pigmentation
There are 12 eyeshadows in a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The palette includes warm toned peach inspired shades with some unique names which you don't often see with drugstore brands. It's the first drugstore palette to name their shades instead of leaving them as is. I love to mix and match them and create different colored looks. Some I do like the nice peachy orange and neutral shades plus the pinky ones as well. It is a gorgeous mixture of complimentary pink and brown tones that is something that definitely appealed to me the first time I saw it. It doesn’t have a black shade or any other dark colors which is something that will annoy most people however for me I don’t normally use extremely dark colors and I have black in so many other palettes so I don’t mind it doesn't come with one.

Color & Finishes

Dainty - Off White - Matte
Dazzling - Light Metallic Gold - Shimmer
Slay - Rose Gold Pink - Shimmer
Pamper - Light Peach - Shimmer
Lavish - Orange Peach - Matte
Cheeky - Metallic Pinky Orange - Shimmer
Peachy - Metallic Mid-tone Orange - Shimmer
Dashing - Metallic Copper Orange - Shimmer
Devoted - Metallic Chocolate Brown - Shimmer
Enticing - Orangey Brown - Matte
Brazen - Metallic Bronze  Brown - Shimmer
Flashy - Metallic Pale Gold- Shimmer

The pigmentation is extremely impressive especially for a palette that is at such an affordable price. The colors which are matte are probably my favorite formula and the shimmery shades are so beautiful as well. All of the shades are highly pigmented. The lighter shades are a bit a little chalky and not as bright but it is the same in the other palettes.

Top: Dainty, Dazzling, Slay, Pamper, Lavish, Cheeky
Bottom: Peachy, Dashing, Devoted, Enticing, Brazen, Flashy

The eyeshadows are swatched in the order of the palette. I've have swatched the palette as you can see above and the colors are all incredible! The quality for the price is amazing. From the first time I swatched it my first impression was really good like the others. It has just as good as quality as the others.

Dainty - is a matte ivory vanilla white. It is the palest vanilla matte shade is something not to be worried about in regards of pigment and it just blends so well. I use it as a base color or added it on top for a cream overlay.

Dazzling - is a metallic pale gold with some glittery chunks in it. I use it as my inner corner highlight to brighten it up.

Slay - is a shimmery pink with a hint of gold. It is one of my favorite shades and it is so pretty. I use this as I dab it on to give a pretty pink look.

Pamper - is a shimmery peachy pink. It is another all over lid shade I use to add pinky sparkle to my eye looks.

Lavish - is a matte burnt peach. It reminds me of a blood tangerine I use to eat. I love this as a crease color to mix with the pink shades to create an extra peachy look.

Cheeky - is a shimmery and sort of metallic finish. It sort of looks like pomelo with a mix of pink and orange together. I love this color and it is so pretty and I've been loving in it as a ombre shade and crease color.

Peachy - is a metallic muted orange shade. It is obviously the most peach colored hence the name of course. It is a light peach and isn't too over powering and I use this as a all over shade.

Dashing - is a shimmery copper shade. It is a bit more orangey and if you want that copper eye look than this is the perfect shade. I use this as a middle shade and to blend it with other colors.

Devoted - is a metallic brown and it is a very pretty neutral. It is pretty light and it looks good as an everyday color if you don't want all the peachy tones.

Enticing - is a matte chocolate brown that is the perfect crease color and bends easily and gives a nice neutral everyday look.

Brazen - is a shimmery dark brown that can be a nice middle ombre shade and I use it for that. It is the darkest color of the palette and use it as a dark and smokey look and it isn't as bold as black but dark enough to smoke out for a night time look.

Flashy - is a glittery pale yellow gold and it has chunks of glitter in it too. I use it in the inner corner and if I want a pretty glitter gold with the peach colors. I like it includes the gold and matches it to create pretty eye looks.

Overall Experience
Overall I am in love with this palette and it has great value for it's money and amazing quality. I think this one had the best color choices and it had amazing shades and I really liked it the most. I'm happy with the colors and I do recommend it especially the pigmentation of it. For the price of this I can say it does it's job and so worth it. It impressed me with the shades and has good color choices. I’m happy to report back and say that I love the palette! If you’re looking for a gorgeous peachy toned palette, this baby will be the one for you! It’s definitely worth the price and you get a whole lot of value in the palette that I highly recommend! Have you tried the BYS Peach Palette yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 4.5/5 because I do love everything about it but the palette does have hit and miss shades as all palettes do. Some shades are more pigmented than others. It is 1,199php which is a fair price for the product. If you are on a budget however than this is pretty high for one makeup item. It depends on your budget on eyeshadows. If you don't like this variant than there are others to choose from which is great. My final thoughts on this eyeshadow palette are if you have been dying to get your hands on the Too Faced Sweat Peach Palette or just love a good affordable warm peach tone palette than I highly suggest checking the BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette. 

That's it for my review of the eyeshadow palette. I think it is my favorite of the three but the Berries comes so close. I know I will get so much use out of all of them but I can't stop looking at this one as the colors are just so pretty and up my street. Also there is a BYS promo going on until tomorrow that you can get 2 tin eyesahdow palettes including all three I reviewed and a mini tin palette for 1.499php which is a good deal. I think I might pick up another 3 that I don't own which I shouldn't but such a good deal and I think I might get the contour and highlight ones as I don't own those or the full matte palette. So go out to their counters to check them out if you are curious. That is it for all the current BYS palettes I own. I hope you enjoyed the reviews and got to discover a new eyeshadow to try. Have a good start of the week!

What are your thoughts on peach toned palettes?