Autumn Eyeshadow Palette of Dreams

Happy Monday! It is #BYSPaletteWeek here on fashionxfairytale! Every Monday until the end of the month I will have a new palette review up. That means I am reviewing three BYS eyshadow palettes I own. One of the reasons is since it is their 5th anniversary and they are on sale right now I would do a full in depth review to maye convince you if you don't own one already. I absolutely love them and I thought I would share my most used one first and maybe my favorite. It is the Berries version and is so pretty. The first time I opened this palette I was in awe of it and it looked so pretty as the colors were so beautiful and I was so surprised.I bought it as soon as it was released and hadn't used it until now since it is autumn. Now I can't stop and have been creating so many fun looks with it. If you couldn't tell it might look familiar because for me it did. I think the palette as a whole is a dupe for the Anastasia palette. I have not had any experience with Modern Renaissance (I haven't even seen it in person), so it's just judgement based on the pictures I have seen online. They both look so similar to me and it gave me an excuse to try out the colors and if I were to use them before spending and going all out on the ABH one. So now I thought I would show you how much I love the palette and introduce you to the BYS Berries Palette.

| BYS Berries Palette // 1,199php |

Description (from website): BYS Berries Eyeshadow Palette features an array of 12 expertly chosen, highly pigmented matte & metallic eyeshadows. The 12 piece palette comes housed in a modern, embossed tin, featuring a mirror and 2 dual end applicators.

Where to buy: BYS counters nationwide. SM Beauty Section in the SM Store. Shop online at

Price & Weight: 1,119php for 12g

It originally comes in a large clear square to see the shades right away. The packaging is a sturdy, light purple tin with rose gold lettering on the front. On the back is a diagram of the inside of the palette, with each shadow color and name. The metal case closes well and that makes it great for traveling and it contains everything I might need to create a eye look on the go. The lid clips in to the base when closing which is great to avoid the palette from opening and being ruined. It also contains a nice sized mirror on the inside. I think the packaging does remind me the ones from Urban Decay (Naked palettes) and a lot of other palettes so it is trying be a dupe. It has pretty and practical packaging and I am a big fan of the tin. It looks cute with the berry and rose gold combo and it is so aesthetically pleasing to have on my vanity and have it on display!

Application & Staying Power
The application is where this palette surprised me. The lighter shadows did take a bit of work to properly blend and build up the color, but once they were on they stayed on. The darker shades applied nicely as well and blended in. I applied the eyeshadow around noon on a very hot day and I took it off at midnight before bed. I expected to see some fading or lack of color, but these shadows looked basically as vibrant and blended as when I applied them. I was super impressed with this as even some of my expensive shadows don’t stay on that long. The shadow on the lid and in the crease were practically the exact same. I didn't use primer with the darker shades but the lighter ones I think it would look better with eye primer. I tried it both ways and with these stay put all day with out fading or creasing. Good application and great staying power.

Color & Pigmentation
The colors are so pretty and range from neutrals to the berries. I love to mix and match them and create different colored looks. Some I do quite bold or for everyday and nice peachy orange neutral. They have great finishes in the palette.

Color & Finishes
 Peachy - Light Peach - Shimmer
Radiance - Light Pink - Shimmer 
Glow - Golden Peach - Shimmer 
Toffee - Neutral Light Brown - Matte 
Sundown - Burnt Orange - Matte 
Majestic - Dark Peach - Matte 
Royalty - Brick Red - Matte 
Cherry Bomb - Burgundy - Matte w/ Gold Glitter 
Juliette - Deep Magenta - Matte 
Berry Haze - Light Mauve - Matte 
Antique - Violet Brown - Shimmer 
Shaded - Dark Chocolate - Matte
Total: 4 shimmery and 8 matte 

The shades themselves feel soft and creamy to the touch. The shimmers do definitely perform a bit better than the mattes, however overall I was impressed. The formula of the shadows mostly feel silky and buttery. I didn't experience any fall out with these shadows and I didn't expect to like the palette so much. The shadows are pigmented and blend out easily. The colors do blend easily. They're very easy to blend and cling onto the skin pretty well too. They're very nice and smooth but it gets a bit chalky in the pan then transfers beautifully on the lids with very little fallout. I think the curation of shades available in this palette are spot on.

Top: Peachy, Radiance, Glow, Toffee, Sundown, Majestic 
Bottom: Royalty, Cherry Bomb, Juliet, Berry Haze, Antique, Shaded

As you can see from the swatches, they are pretty pigmented eyeshadows and I think for the price and being user friendly is nice. When I first swatched the shadows they felt super buttery and were super pigmented and my eyes lit up with excitement because I knew I had just stumbled across something amazing. I described each color and how I use that shade as well.

Peachy - is a creamy-white shade with a semi-matte finish. It's not completely matte, even though at first glance in the pan it seems that way. It's perfect for the brow bone highlight, all over base color, and also be used to highlight the inner corner.

Radiance - is a shimmery white-champagne shade. I use this for my inner corner of the eye highlighter and add it on top for a shimmer shade to add a subtle glow. 

Glow - is a golden shimmery shade. It is great for all over the lid as well as a nice glittery shade to add detail. I like dabbing this in the center or have a glitter cat eye.

Toffee - is a warm tone matte light brown. This one is best to warm up the crease and a nice transition color. It will also be nice for an all over lid color for a neutral eye day.

Sundown - is an orange-brown with a matte finish. It's a really nice transition or lower lash line shade.

Majestic - is a darker burned orange with matte finish. It's perfect to darken up the crease for warm tones.

Royalty - is a brick red and the darkest orange brown with a matte finish. It's a nice color to deepen up a look.

Cherry Bombs - is a magenta pink with a subtle gold shimmer throughout. It seems matte at first and in the pan but it does have shimmer in it.It's a great color for a deep burgundy look.

Juliet - is a eggplant purple with a matte finish. It's great to darken the crease or do a smokey eye.

Berry Haze - is a muted mauve purple shade with a matte finish. This can be used as a transition shade and I blend it with the darker purple colors.

Antique - is a bronze shade brown shimmer. I pair this color with the brown and orange shades as a glittery color to add depth with a neutral look to add a bit of shimmer.

Shaded - is a deep, dark brown shade with a matte finish. It is a nice shade to use to deepen up a look and the perfect color to smoke out an eye look for the evening.

Overall Experience
Overall I am in love with this palette and it has great value for it's money and amazing quality. I'm happy with the colors and I do recommend it especially the pigmentation of it. For the price of this I can say it does it's job and so worth it. It impressed me with the shades and has good color choices. Have you tried the BYS Berries Palette yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 4.5/5 because I do love everything about it but the palette does have hit and miss shades as all palettes do. Some shades are more pigmented than others. It is 1,199php which is a fair price for the product. If you are on a budget however than this is pretty high for one makeup item. It depends on your budget on eyeshadows. If you don't like this variant than there are others to choose from which is great. My final thoughts on this eyeshadow palette are if you have been dying to get your hands on the Anastasia Beverly hills Modern Renaissance palette or just love a good affordable palette than I highly suggest checking the BYS Berries Eyeshadow Palette. You will not be disappointed.

That's it for my review of the eyeshadow palette. Don't forget next Monday I will have another one of these reviewing another variant of a BYS tin eyeshadow palette. It is my favorite autumn eyeshadow palette as I said and I have been loving and reaching for it like crazy. So I had to do this review to talk more about it and rave to you. I am loving the looks I am creating with this and will have a few looks up pretty soon on here and my channel so stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed this makeup review and found a new eyeshadow discovery. Let me know if you've tried it or any other eyeshadow from BYS. Hope you have a lovely week!

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette and is there a dupe for it?