Ray of Light

Happy Friday! I'm going to be spending my Friday glowing because of this highlighter. I got this for myself for my birthday a few weeks ago and ever since I got this it hasn't left my face. It is my go to highlighter at the moment and I'm so obsessed with it. I was jumping on to the highlight bandwagon recently and adding it in to my makeup routine but then I got this and it has made me love highlight even more. I've seen them quite a lot especially in Youtube videos and even blog posts and I guess it is my turn to give my thoughts on it. So here are my opinions and swatches of this rose gold beauty.

Description (from website): A heart-shaped highlighter with a silky smooth texture that allows for a buildable pearl radiance. Using an exclusive liquid-to-powder formula, Love Light takes the best of powder, liquid, baked, and cream formulas to create unparalleled colour payoff for a pearl radiance and silky smooth texture. Go from subtly lit to dramatically strobed. Using unique Prisma Shine® patented technology, Love Light combines the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas for an unparalleled radiance. Universal shades light you up all day and night. You GLOW girl!

Where to buy: It is available online at Sephora PH. It comes in a rose gold heart shaped compact with 3 shades to choose from at 1,700php.

The packaging of this highlighter is the best thing in the world! Can I just say it is total packaging goals!? It is in a heart-shaped, but the product itself is shaped in a prismatic form with Too Faced monogram in the middle of it. Also I love the fact that the package features a mirror which makes it a perfect highlighter to carry around in your bag or makeup bag. The only downside with this is that the outside is reflective which is nice but it attracts so many finger prints. If you don't mind that then it is okay and you can just keep wiping it again and again. The box is pretty as well and matches the product color and compact so all three are rose gold. On the front it has it's logo and a prismatic heart to indicate how the product will look like. As for the back it has the same metallic heart with a mini description for the product. On the top has it's shade name with two mini metallic rose gold hearts which I love that little detail. Then on the sides you have that full metallic rose gold with the ingredients and other info on it.

Application & Staying Power
Too Faced claims that the highlighter features a “liquid-to-powder formula” which makes it combine all the different types of variants like powder, liquid and cream formulas to create the best color payoff for a silky smooth texture. I think that the formula reminds me of a metallic glitter powder. It features a glowy undertone and has no glitter but is finely milled. I like that this product is suitable for everyday wear as I've been doing and it’s not as blinding or bam in your face as many other highlighters are. You can have that look if you want but it can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be depending how you want it or apply it that way. It's totally cool if you want to be extra or nah.

It features tiny pigments and that made the product very durable. For me, it lasted for almost an entire day when I wore it. It depends on how you apply it but there still is a glow at the end of the day but not as out there like when it is first applied. The texture of the highlighter is surprisingly soft and you pick up a lot of product when you go at them with a brush or finger. It has a bit of fall out when you first pick some of the product up. The formula might be a bit difficult to blend on the cheeks but not too bad. My recommendation is to spray your highlighter brush of choice for more pigmentation.I use a fan brush and then an angled blush brush and both worked fine. I think the angled brush worked better to blend in and be less vibrant while the fan brush picks up to be more pigmented.

Color & Pigmentation
This shade is the rose gold variant. There are two others which I may get but this was one I didn't have in my collection and after reading other reviews this will look quite well on my skin tone. This one has a bit of a pink undertone to it. There is a bit golden shimmer in there especially in the swatches and it has finely milled specs but you can't see them especially not in the pan. The pigmentation is pretty good. It can be built up to the extreme if you'd like or just have it a subtle glow on the cheek. In one swipe it has pigment and you can see that glow so it isn't bad. For the price it has really good pay off.

Here are the pretty swatches of the highlighter. The top is one swipe and the one underneath is built up. I really had to give it a deep swatch to show the pretty glimmer of this highlighter. It's very subtle so as I said you can choose to build it up or not so it's not the worst highlighter I've tried. When swatched, the shade looks beautiful and it warms up the skin. If this one does not match your skin tone than there are other colors. Also if this color doesn't suite you than probably it would be a good shimmery blush for you.

Overall Experience
Overall I love this highlighter and it has great value for it's money and amazing quality. I'm extremely happy with this and I do recommend it especially this shade. For the price of this and with all the hype with what I hear I can say it does live up to the reviews. It gives an outstanding glow that we are all obsessed with lately and want see our highlight in outer space. It impressed me since this is my first high end highlighter and love it so much. I'm going to be glowing for days with this I'm sure. Have you tried the Too Faced Love Light Highlighter yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 5/5 because I love everything about it. It has great pigmentation and is a gorgeous color. The best thing is the formula and it is really nice and gives an amazing glow. It can complement many skin tones as well and they are so pretty. The only issue is the packaging is a bit of a pain since you can get so many finger prints on it. Of course you can easily clean it off but it was so hard getting pictures of it because I would touch it and you would see I had touched it there. So beside that small bump it was pretty amazing I think and I would love to buy the other two to complete the collection as I was quite impressed with this one.

That's it for my review of the Too Faced Love Light Highlighter. I was really impressed with this especially with this being my second Too Faced product I've tried. It was also my first high end highlighter I have tried and I think it was worthwhile. I linked this highlighter and the other two from the collection as well as other choices I heard were dupes or similar below if you are interested. That is it for this beauty review. I hope you enjoyed this and want to see more like this. I hope you don't mind that I only did one instead of the set of three but you might have wanted just a full review of one. I liked it that way and prefer it but if I do get the other two I might combine it. So that is it and you found this helpful if you are looking into getting this highlighter from Too Faced. I guess that is my review. Have a great weekend lovelies!

What has been a highlighter you got along with straight away and use whenever you want to glow?