I'll Bae Watching You!

Happy Friday! I'm sharing my last outfit from Palawan. It's bittersweet as it is the last thing I wore there. I tried to take as many as possible while I was in Palawan and enjoyed all the outfits I styled. I'll put links down below to all of my outfits from the trip if you want to see that little recap. Obviously I did a pun with the title and love this whole thing I am seeing on swimsuits recently so I did it myself and replaced bay with bae. I find it quite funny and hope you do to. SO I guess here are the details to my final outfit in Palawan!

For my outfit I went with a sort of sailor kind of vibes because I knew they I would be by the bay. I love this top and it is very in trend right now. I actually picked it up last year but I've never worn it until now. It's my first off the shoulder top and I kind of love this. I found a hack online that keeps it in place and it kind of helped but sometimes it did go up when I got too excited and threw my hands up. I won't recommend this top for travel though as this material creases very easily and though I rolled it and unpacked it right away from my suitcase and hung it up but unfortunately it still was a bit wrinkly and the place I stayed didn't have an iron or steamer. So the only bad thing about it is not travel friendly but it is a pretty color and I love the style. Next are these shorts which were my go to style item for the whole vacation. They are a good length and are frayed on the ends. It has this gorgeous embroidered flower as embroidery is also in trend as well. I wanted a lighter wash of denim but it didn't come in my size so I stuck with these and bought them at the same time as the white shorts I wore in my other outfit. They are so easy and comfy to wear so it made it easy to walk around the city in. I loved this outfit and it is not my normal color palette but it still my style.

For accessories I went pretty simple since I was just walking around the baywalk. I went with some tan accessory and this was my go to bag for the trip. It fit a pretty decent amount of stuff and looked so nice with all my outfits. Again, sandals. I promise I packed a pair of ballet flats but it was too hot to wear them so sandals were the way to go. I was trying to by a pan of tan sandals to match the bag was unsuccessful and just took these. The jewelry I went with these gold anchor earrings as I'm by the bay and they seemed perfect. I then added a pearl bracelet and that's it. I wanted a choker to add but didn't find any ones that I liked so no necklace. Last thing and one of my fave things from this outfit was this big ponytail white bow. I am loving it and the perfect accessory to complete the outfit. I also left my hair in it's natural curly state through the trip even though I did bring a curling iron and used it once for my birthday but with always jumping into pools and swimming in the ocean I left it. It was a bit frizzy since the humidity but it is nice not having to style your hair. It's also gave it a nice break so vacations are perfect for that. Beach hair don't care!

It was a bit hot taking these so you probably can tell that by these pictures. Since this was towards the end of my vacation I had a pretty good tan going on and I'm so glad I didn't get any tan lines wearing this top or my swimsuits. I had some color finally to show I did go on a sunny vacation but sadly I am starting to lose it and getting a bit paler. I love the mini ruffle around the edge and it makes it girly and love the little touch.

| top: H&M, shorts: SM Woman+{similar}, sandals: Montego Bay Club {similar}, earrings: H&M, bag: H&M, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit for the last full day in Palawan! We really made the best out of our last day and did a lot of touring again around the city. I actually spent this last day getting my last outfit pictures in so I did about three that day. The first outfit was the one at Baker's Hill and the second one didn't turn out so good so I might make that a different kind of blog post and not an outfit if that makes sense. The first time we went to the baywalk or the (baybay) was the second night and it was already dark outside so I couldn't take pictures but I wanted to come back at sunset to watch it go down by the water and also it is a perfect opportunity for that golden or magic hour for these pictures because of course it';s a bloggers dream. I think it was their festival time as there was a huge show going on while I was there and so many people and things going on. After pictures and the sunset, I was with my family and we just went out to one of the bar and restaurants and grabbed dinner. We enjoyed the place we went at on the second night and decided to go there again. I didn't eat the food their so I choose some spring rolls and garlic bread from the restaurant over. I miss the potato spring rolls and garlic bread so much and I want my uncle to send me some. Do you know how tempted I am to book a visit just for the food? Well the beaches too but the food from the bay was so yummy. It was such a great night and it was the perfect end to the whole vacation. So that is where this outfit is from and I am so sad it is one of my last Palawan posts. I did enjoy my holiday this summer but I am looking into a winter one for the end of this year so that is getting me a bit happier and not making me miss this as much. So yeah I am off to go to a movie with my cousin tonight so that is how I am kicking off my weekend but honestly I think that's all and then spending the rest just doing some blog work so not too exciting. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and you have a lovely weekend yourself.  

What are your thoughts on off the shoulder tops and your go to comfy outfit for the summer?