Vacay Vibes

Happy Friday! I'm so happy to be sharing with you my favorite outfit from my Palawan trip. I love every part of this and could not wait to edit these and show you. This was actually right after I shoot the Rose Romper and went snorkeling. We hopped in the boat to head to the second island where I changed into this and it was the first time I saw this outfit and I knew they would turn out great. This outfit is very tend heavy and I didn't do that intentionally when I planned the outfit. I love that I did though and I feel like a proper blogger now and I'm on that bandwagon. So I will talk you through my outfit and what I wore to the beach in my trendy vacay what I wore!

My beach outfit consists of this gorgeous swimsuit. It is blush pink and has this flowy sleeve detail making it so in trend for summer 2017. I love that there are thin straps to hold it up and it has the cape sleeves to create the very popular cold shoulder effect but it also has elastic there to hold the sleeves in place so you aren't pulling them up when you get into the water or anything. I think this is the most feminine swimsuit and I am so glad I was able to buy this and take it with me on the trip as it turned out to be my favorite look. My skirt is the prettiest bubblegum hot pink. It was in the sale section at Forever 21 and I bought it a few days before I left. I just grabbed it off the rack in my size and a few other bits as I was in a rush since the store was closing. I seen it as I was browsing before and kept passing it up but I thought since it was summer it would be a nice vibrant and statement color to add to my wardrobe. I was supposed to wear it to a blogging event but as soon as I put it on it was very short on me. The waist fit well and it was perfect but it was too short. So I ended up wearing a different skirt but I was so gutted I couldn't wear it until I realized it might look good with the swimsuit so I packed it in my suitcase just in case and it worked out so well. I love the contrast of the blush pink and then the pop of hot pink.

 For the accessories, I went with pretty simple of course and very beach appropriate. I think you have seen this hat everywhere at the moment on all your fave bloggers. Of course I have and I knew I wanted one. I'm not one to wear hats but if I was going to be at the beach all day I think it justifies it and a sun hat will help me stay a bit cool under the large floppy hat. So mine says "Blogger Off Duty" and you will not find one like it unless you get it customized like I did. I didn't want one like everyone else but I still wanted a slogan floppy hat if you get what I mean. I find a lovely site and they handled everything. I sent them my order form and what I wanted on it. They have so many options and you can mix and match styles and have whatever you wanted on it. I was contemplating if I should get my blog name but I thought it wouldn't be relateable so I saw the "Off Duty" and the "Sun Kissed" but I wanted a blog related one. So I did Blogger Off Duty because it is is supposed to be ironic as I'm on vacation so I'm supposed to be offline but technically I'm there to work and shoot outfit pictures so it was supposed to be a bit of an inside joke to myself that I'm off duty but I am still on duty if that makes any sense. My sunglasses have been my go to pair for a while now. They are pink and rose gold mirror sunnies that everyone is wearing as well. I think they went so great with the colors in the swimsuit and skirt. I initially wanted the famous blogger tassel earrings but unfortunately I couldn't find any before I left but I saw these flower ones and it was the first time I wore them. I know you've seen them before but this was the first outfit and I bought them for this. I like the muted color as they aren't so bright but still a bit of a statement. Lastly I have some hot pink flip flops to match the skirt and it was one f my go to footwear of the trip besides the sandals. I pretty much just wore those two pairs the entire the trip. I did my hair the day before in perfect curls but I went swimming before I took these so they are now beach waves or my natural textured hair. My nails are hot pink as if you couldn't tell hot pink was the color of my vacation from my suitcase to my clothes. It was a very pink-centric vacation.

| swimsuit: Float Swim, skirt: Forever 21+{similar}, flip flops: Montego Bay Club {similar},
earrings: H&M, sunglasses: Zaful {similar}, hat: The Travellers Boutique |

That was my favorite beach outfit! I still can't get over how pretty this outfit is. Since last ones were taken at Starfish Island this was taken at Luli Island which was the second island on the island hopping tour. If you want to hear more about my island hopping experience than I wrote a whole guide about that here. As you can see this island was very windy unlike the other two. It kind of gave the pictures a windswept effect which in some pictures made them even more pleasing but others it looked like I was flying away and not flattering at all. It was so hard to narrow down as I love the pictures and they turned out amazing. I'm usually so hard on myself and not satisfied with how they turned out but not these. I felt like a proper fashion blogger in these and that makes me so happy for some reason. I really want to go back now and looking at these makes me miss my vacation and makes me want to book another sunny getaway and buy more swimsuits to wear to the beach everyday. I had fun shooting these and hope you liked how they turned out to. Let me know if you are loving this summer's fashion trends and what you'll be wearing as a lot of places are starting summer I'm sure. So I hope you enjoy your Fri-yay and have a good one!

What kind of swimsuit do you prefer to wear for the beach?