Leaving on a Jet Plane

Happy Monday! Welcome to my first post for my #fxftravels series! If you haven't been reading my blog lately then you will know that I've been away in Palawan. To start off the posts of what I was up to I wanted to start with my airport outfit and show you what I wore for the airplane ride there. I wanted to wear something comfy even though we were only going to be on the plane for an hour. It wasn't a long flight but I still liked to be in total comfort and it totally came in handy and you will see why in a bit. So here is my outfit I wore on my first plane ride in 7 years!

For my outfit I wore this floral tee. I actually packed a lot of my stuff in my suitcase and left me with little options. That kind of sounds bad but while I was packing I did a wardrobe clear out and I was left with a few things in my closet. I did find this tee and didn't get much use out of it and wore it last here so I'm glad as it was comfy and cute. Next I just wore some leggings as what is better than wearing leggings on a plane. I always get cold on planes so I brought a hoodie and since it was so hot outside while taking these so I tied it around my waist and I felt so cool with it. This is probably the first time you've seen me wear sneakers on my blog for outfit pictures. I bought these just for the trip and they were so comfy to walk in. I can't believe I have been put off wearing these as they are such good footwear. I also bought some pretty pink sock with them and they are floral and actually match my top which I didn't do on purpose but worked out perfectly. As for my suitcase I just bought it and it is in my all time favorite color. It is from the brand Compass and I got it at SM Department store. I got the small and medium size but I am going back to get the large size for international flights in the future. My bag is my everyday one I took with me and also some sunglasses that matched the bag. If you want to see what I packed in my carry on then you can read that here in case you missed it.

| top: SM Woman+ {similar}, leggings: H&M, hoodie: Robinson {similar} bag: Zaful {similar}, sneakers: Keds, socks: Payless {similar}, sunglasses: Forever 21 {similar}, suitcase: Compass {similar} |

That was what I wore to the airport and the plane ride to Palawan! It was a smooth process checking in and all that. I hit a hiccup with boarding as the gates were extremely busy and there were people boarding and exiting the same entrance I was supposed to be in so they postponed our board another 20 minutes. Once on the plane I settled in and felt so happy to be on a plane again after so long. Then an emergency came up and it's a long story but a plane in Palawan had a broken tire and then need supplies and mechanics from Manila so they loaded in the cargo bay and the people entered the plane and then we were off. So it was supposed to leave at 1:40pm but we left Manila almost 4:00pm and didn't arrive until 5 something. I was so impatient to take off and get there but in the end we got there safely. I guess it was a good thing I dressed comfy. I then got my bags and met up with my uncle at the airport. That is where my adventure began. I will have my daily vlogs of the trip coming soon on my Youtube channel so subscribe here to be notified when they are up. So I can't wait to share with you all my holiday content coming up so stay tuned for that. Also have a lovely week everyone!

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What is your airport style and you find comfortable to wear for a plane ride?