BDJ Fair 2016 - Rise Above the Waves Event

Three Times Lucky

Happy Friday! I went to my third BDJ Fair and it is quite cool going three years in a row and experience it making it extra special this year. The year before I did a short recap post here from 2015 and then the year before that in 2014 I went last year with my cousin, Lynn, and did a huge recap post here if you want to learn more about it or if you missed it. This is going to be another short event recap like last years as I kind of focused on vlogging it a little more in depth instead of the little vlog montage of it which can be found here. I feel like every year that I'm going I'll cover it in a new way so it doesn't get boring for you and fun for me to do new things for an event I've been to three times now. I've reviewed it and did a full recap, I did a shorter post and a sneak peek video and now a vlog. If I go next year I'll find another way but I do enjoy going and creating content from it. So enough babble and explanation for the intro you can either watch the vlog of the day here or below or just read on for a little summary of my day in written words.

It was held at the same venue as the last two which was at Mall of Asia. I traveled there with my uncle, aunt, mom and dad and my niece. Once we got there we split off and I went to the event in the same area as well as the last two while my family did there own thing. I did take my aunt who filmed for me and my niece who came along. I got my VIP pass and once we were in we walked around the whole event once and then started.

We went to the various booths and did all the activities set up they had. There were a few photo booths and in the vlog you can see me getting them done. I got a lot them and my niece got to join in the fun as well. There was also a lot of freebies being offered there and you just had to play a game to win a voucher and stuff like that and I let my niece play some and I play some. The vlog has a fun montage of us playing the games together if you want to see that.

Then I went to my talks I was registered for which was with Maxine Magalona who I've seen on TV. She is such a beautiful woman and so confident and learned a lot from it which is always nice. I also got my loot bag right after that to add to all the goodies I already received from the different booths.

It was a fun event and afterwards I reunited with my family. After that we got food and I continued to vlog until the end of my day but half way through dinner both my camera batteries died and I then used my iPhone. All and all it was a lovely day out and I had an awesome time at the event and afterwards as well.

The vlog definitely has more and you can really get a fell of everything and what happened that day which you can see here or above. I loved editing it and having the memory of that day. I will love looking into that in the future. I do have a loot bag haul post like the other two years so stay tuned for that but I do have it up on my channel now if you want a sneak peek. I can't wait until next years and hopefully I can go again. I hope you enjoyed this and have a happy weekend!

For more information on the Belle de Jour Power Planner, other products and events you can just visit them on their: Website, Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @BDJBuzz

What kind of vent would you go back to over and over?
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EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess | Review & Swatches

Golden Goddess Goodness

Happy Wednesday! It's back to beauty review time and today's is a blush duo that has surprised me and found to be liking after using it again and again. I'm loving doing these reviews and find it so nice giving my thoughts on drugstore products lately. So I'm going to keep the intro short because this review is pretty long but I do hope you enjoyed and now on to the review of the EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess.

Description (from website): Get that healthy flush back to your cheeks with the EB Advance Blush Duo. This palette comes with a complementing blusher, bronzer, and a mini brush that will give your cheeks that pop of color and added definition. Available in four shades, Baked Fig, Golden Goddess, Rosy Chic and Summer Fling.

Where to buy: Watsons, SM Department Stores, Robinons Department Stores& anywhere there is an Ever Bilena counter. This product cost Php220.00 and as I said I got mine in my local supermarket and they had testers for all the shades which was really helpful when I had no idea what to go for and seeing them made me come to a decision.

The outer packaging is pretty nice. It tells you what it is on the front and on the back it has all the information. What I like and find helpful is it has all four shades and the colors and the one that is filled in is the shade in the box.As for the blush duo itself, it comes in a sturdy, sleek white packaging made of plastic that snaps shut. It has a large mirror that covers the whole width of the top and a mini brush inside which comes in handy especially when traveling making it a great palette to take with you. The brush applicator included is not too coarse but not too soft either. Mine sheds a lot and when I used it the bristle hairs came out and ended up on my face plus after using it the hairs were displaced and became a weird shape as they popped out in different directions. It did pick up the product okay and applied it but it didn't blend in as well. So in short I don't recommend using the brush unless you have to and use your own preferred brush.

The color of the blush is a a pinky peach with gold flecks in it to create a very shimmery blush look. It has tiny gold sparkles and specs of glitter in it too that are really fine. I love colors and blushes like this because it creates such a highlighted and sparkly look. I hear that this blush in this shade is a dupe for the Nars Blush in Orgasm. I can't really compare the two since I don't have the Nars blush but I have seen it in person at a Nars counter at a department store and looked at swatches online and at other beauty blogs and surprisingly the color does look similar. The quality and pigmentation I can't say are the same either but color-wise they do seem quite similar. Let me know if you have the Orgasm blush and if you think it can pass as a color dupe. As for the color of the bronzer it is quite a light brown with no shimmer or anything. Also it is matte and the shade is just right for my skin tone so it doesn't look like a I smudged dirt across my face. It's not a muddy color and can warm the face up as well.

The quality of the blush and bronzer in this palette are both really great and very pigmented. I was quite surprised and really liked it since it is soft once applied to my cheeks.  I do find the contour powder a little too powdery especially after I dipped my slanted brush into it and there was fallout everywhere including all over the palette making it pretty messy and might get dirty faster since the palette is white. There were a lot of excess falling out and didn't sticking to my brush and on top of the surface I was using. However the blush is more compact though so the blush doesn't have that problem. My only criticism about this product is that I find they both are a bit hard to blend making it a bit more difficult and I advised to be a bit careful and don't go all out when dipping the brush into the product. To fix this I recommend using a big fluffy brush or a large slanted brush for better product application. So despite the blendability issue it is still a great and affordable product.

Application & Staying Power
I've used three different brushes so far with this palette. One I used the brush it came with for the testing the brand video. The second one I used was a big fluffy brush to pick up the product. The last one is a fluffy slanted brush to apply the contour. I found using the slanted brush pretty good and made it the easiest option to blend with and not creating so much fallout. I also suggest blending it out as much as possible since it has good pigmentation. For the staying power it did a pretty god job and lasted the day in the heat and sweat. The shimmer of the blush was still there and I could tell the bronzer was but it did sort of smear a little and faded at the edges.I've tried it at an event too in an air conditioned room and it was just fine too. It is pretty good especially for it's price which is such a god thing.

The top of my arm I did one swatch of both the blush and bronzer to see the initial pigmentation in one swipe. The bottom two are built up swatches of the product to see how much it can build up and how bold it can be after a couple of swipes from the palette to my arm for the swatch. It is very buildable which is nice but if you don't want as much color it does really nicely just applying a tiny bit and blending it out.

Overall Experience
Overall I love the duo and for the price it has great value. I enjoyed using this and though the blendabitlty could be worked on and wasn't what I was expecting it did have pigmentation and I loved the color I chose plus it stayed on so a check for me in my check list and what I look for. I am so happy with this that I highly recommend this especially if you're just starting out with the whole contouring ans bronzing trend then it can be a great beginner palette because it is affordable and so easy to practice with plus you won't feel guilty. Another great thing is you can also use them shades as eyeshadow colors and the blush as a highlight since it is really shimmery and gives a great glow. Have you tried the EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it a 4 star because I do love it and it is an amazing palette. It had it's good points and has a little ifs but it still was a nice duo in my opinion. The blending and fallout was the only downside making it not be a five star for me but maybe you will find it better than me. It's affordable, has great pigmentation and great color options as well so one of those might appeal to you like it did for me.  So it was pretty good I think.

That's it for this review of the lovely blush duo. I really hope you're not tired of these EB reviews yet but I do have one more in store and I promise I will give it a rest for a while and move on to other brands I've fell in love with lately. But maybe you like these reviews of the brand so it is a preference but let me know if you have anything in mind. I hope you are having a great rest of the week as well and until next review!

What kind of blush and bronzer appeals to you all year round?
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Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costume Inspiration - Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess 3 Ways

Happy Monday! I'm here with part two of my Halloween costume inspiration post but this one is a more in depth and a few styled outfits. This is going to be my second costume and I've already decided the outfit just have to pick up the accessories for it but you'll see that later on. Again, I picked a few things from Zaful who kindly let me choose a few of their items to feature and I created a few outfits. So I'll move on and show you the 3 different kinds of fairy princess costumes.

Girly Fairy Princess
The first way as you see is the very girl side and your typically fairy princess. I'm going to go and go down this route and it is just so cute. I went all out with the cute accessories and it is a total girly look and when is the time but Halloween to go all out and just go crazy.

Autumn Fairy Princess
This next one is a unique take and take the season for inspiration and be an autumn fairy princess. I added a lot of the autumn colors and wanted it to incorporate the surroundings and it is the in between of both the other two looks. I really like this one and maybe if I hadn't picked the girl one this would be so pretty to put together.

Dark Fairy Princess
Last is the dark and spooky route and what isn't Halloween without it. If you hate the girly and still not into seasons then why not the dark side. I feel like it is a lost fairy and has that spookiness to it but I still added the girly bits. I find this one to be so easy especially if you already have a lot of black.

Bodysuits & Tulle Skirts

The base of the outfit is a body suit. I've seen them everywhere and I have a few but they are leotards so kind of the same thing. Also these are so easy to style and can go underneath. I picked three different styles for each and you can find the third one here. As for the main piece I went with a tulle skirt because they are so fun to wear and love mine so much that I can't wait to style it for a costume. There are so many different styles and colors but you can find the second one here.

I'm moving on to shoes and I went with heels for all but whatever shoe is fine. I went with two sandal chunky heel and then a high heel with wings because I love when they match and more wings the fun. I think the first one is so perfect for the costume and can be found here.

Again the last and most essential as always. You can style anyway but I just have the three main parts to a fairy princess which is the crown, wings and wand. There are so many different ways and colors so it is there to suit anyone and match their personalities. Of course you can add any other accessory you like and add personal touches and things to match the costume too.

That's it for my fairy princess costume 3 ways. I really enjoyed putting this together because it reminded me of when I first started blogging and putting these in depth guide and putting different looks together. I hope you liked this idea and found it helpful like the last. I can't wait to show you mine and see how I styled it. So I'm going to go buy my wings and hope you don't se a fairy at your window!

*This post was written in collaboration with Zaful but my opinions of dressing myself on Halloween are all on my own.

What are you most likely to be on Halloween; dark or girly?
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Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costume Inspiration - Witch

Dressfashion Long Prom Dresses

Halloween Inspiration 2016

Happy Sunday! I cannot believe I almost forgot my annual Halloween inspiration post I've been doing since I started blogging. I love styling costumes together for you and maybe get some inspiration because this year I am lost with what I'm going to wear. I have plans with my nephew and not sure what we have in mind but since I'm not dancing this year and don't have to go all out but I just have to. I actually never was a witch and as a kid my mom was against wearing any black but since I'm my own person now and can dress myself I wanted to go dark since I missed out on all the scary and dark costumes growing up. Now when Zaful got in touch to see if I'd want to pick a few pieces to style I thought I would put a Halloween twist and since a lot of us has a black dress it can be used for a costume idea for maybe something last minute like I always do. So I put together a few pieces that maybe some of you as well have already own in your closet to create a nice or a wicked witch this Halloween!

Little Black Dress
I think most girls have a black dress or a shirt and skirt or black jeans and blouse. Whatever you prefer it can turn into a costume just using our imagination and creativity but I went for the little black dress to style because it is the one I'm planning on using and styling. I started with this first dress and it is something I already have. This dress can be found here and there are a few more to choose from as you see that I picked.I love that it can be used not for just costume but for whenever you need one. I love the cut and detailing and it can go perfectly.The next dress is longer and has the lace up detail in the front which is on trend and for me it seems like a witch kind of detail and a very wicked vibe about the dress. It may seem gothic as well but just the perfect dress that can be worn as a costume. The last dress is really a simple flowy dress that is easy to wear and has longer sleeves for colder weather and seems like a great dress for that wicked side you have in you.

Next we have the shoes and again three pairs but not necessarily matching the dress entirely but I thought they are quite popular so maybe someone has a pair. The first shoes I picked are these ones here and I feel like they are really extremely witch like and kind of a sexy witch. These are my favorite and if I did have a pair it would make the whole outfit. The second pair is a shoes I've seen everywhere and I still haven't gotten a pair but I love the lace up trend and I feel the lace up of these give it that edgy but still girly witch vibe. Plus they are flat so it's easy to walk in and hit all the blocks of houses if you are trick or treating or at a Halloween party and dancing all night. The last shoe idea is another boot and I guess this is the more punk witch but this has a thicker heel to be easier to move in if you are still into a heel. There are so many shoe options to go with and maybe just a plain black shoe if that is all you have.


Last and probably most important to make this costume official is the accessories and props of course. I picked out a few to just jazz out the witch vibe you are going for. I threw in a bag but maybe one that looks like a cauldron to put all your potions you'll make in it or your favorite lipstick whatever your withy needs may be. The bag is this one here and it is the closet one I could find like a cauldron but maybe if you don't want a bag go for a real plastic cauldron to carry around but if you want an accessories and more a grown up a bag is the way to go. The essential part which is the witch hat which you can go down the traditional hat route or I like that they have these cutesy headband if you are going for that cute look. I love both but cannot decide yet which one but knowing me I might get both for back up. Next is the broomstick which you can buy one already or DIY it and add your own personal touch to it so you can fly into the night in style. Last some jewellery to accessorize with in the shape of a witch hat or a black cat or anything to do with a witch. I've seen so many cute jewelry that can definitely be added and it gives it a cute touch. I forgot maybe some striped knee high socks in either orange or purple might be fun to add or spider stockings in case it is cold where you live too.

That was this years Halloween inspiration guide and every year I look forward to doing one of these. I know it is pretty simple and quite basic but honestly I've never been a witch and never got that kind of fun before so I'm making up for it now. There are so many ideas and looks that can fit your personalities like a good witch, wicked witch or a teenage witch like Sabrina. No matter what I hope this helped any last minute gals out and to quickly pop something together but look like you put some kind of effort into it. Let me know you plans this year or if you're going full on and dressing up or whatever plans you may have. I'll be sure to let you know if I do anything but for now bye witch!

*This post was written in collaboration with Zaful but my opinions of dressing myself on Halloween are all on my own.

What Halloween tradition do you still do every year if you have one?
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Brand Focus: Careline - First Impressions

Careline Brand Focus

Happy Friday! I'm back with another brand focus and it is from Careline this time. I did a simple look and tried out a few of their products to create a full face. I give you my first impressions too and what my intial reactions were. I filmed it again so you can watch it below to see how I did this look or read on. You can go and see my last brand focus here where I show you Ever Bliena makeup and a more glam makeup look I did with it. So to keep this short I'm just going to jump on into the post.

To start off with the base I first went with the Careline Oil Control Make-up Foundation in Almond. and first off the color as far too light for me but in pictures and videos it seemed a little okay but in person it wasn't the right shade. So getting the color match out of the way I can give my thoughts on the consistency, pigmentation and how it blends in. I find it quite nice and it went on smooth and blended in and gave a flawless finish. The concealer I ended up using was the Careline Pimple Concealer in Oriental and again not the right shade. It was too yellow and light and that does not do any justice for my under eye circles which speaking of it claims to be a pimple concealer and I don't have any to cover up I didn't use it for the purpose it was intended for. It has a doe sponge applicator and makes it easy to apply. It was quit creamy and it takes a while to blend with fingers but a brush or sponge might help that. Lastly I used a powder to set it and I used the Careline Oil Control Face Powder in Honey and I feel like it is the same as the EB powder in honey as well. It has the same feel and blends in the same way and has the same color I think too. It did it's job and set everything and made the foundation more matte and took away the dewiness of the base. I was fine with the powder and it was great.

Eyes & Eyebrows
The eyeshadow palette I used was the I Love Careline Make-Up Set 1 since it came with 9 eyeshadows in a mini square. It has pretty bright colors and has a somewhat colorful shades so it can give a pop of color and not so much everyday eye looks unless you use the three over and over. If you are looking for more bright and colorful looks it can be a great palette. The dual ended brush was useful as I used the angled end got to add some color under my bottom lash line. Moving on to mascara I went with the Careline Mascara and no it isn't blue it is the packaging. It has a strong chemical mascara kind of scent which I am never a fan of and the wand isn't that great but does the job and gives nice fluttery lashes. It doesn't transfer the smell so just when you open it up and I like that it doesn't clump or create spider lashes so great in my opinion. For the eyeliner I used the Careline Eyeliner and this was actually really good. I liked it and it was quite pigmented and very black and doesn't smudge as much and can go on so easily. The tip has an oval shape and it totally help to get a nice straight line. It has the same scent as the mascara and so a warning with that too but doesn't last long.

I'm going to show you the eyebrows since it cut out in the video. I first used the Careline Color Pencil 12cm in Brown since I wasn't unsure if it was a pencil eyeliner or brow pencil but since it has a brush I used it for the brows. It turned out okay but it has such a thick pencil that it gave big strokes instead of hairline strokes so I did go a little over board and made it a little thicker than my natural shape. I also set it for once and used the Careline Brow Gel in Chocolate. It was my first time using a tinted brow gel and tried to apply it as best as I could but it made my brows a little too dark but other than that it did it's job but at the end of the day it made my brow hair crunchy so I'm not sure if I applied too much or it dries down like that.

Then on to blush I used the makeup set again since it came with two blushes.I used the lighter one and it was okay in pigmentation and gave the rosy cheek effect which I liked. I didn't use the darker one cause I thought it wouldn't go good with the rest of my look but in swatches they both are pigmented and give a nice glow.

Lips & Brushes
Last step is the lipstick and I went with the Careline Magic Lipstick in Avatar which was the only one they had when I was buying so I went with this one. It is like the pay lipsticks when I was little and it turns your lips to a color that matches or something like that. It is supposed to be strawberry scented and it does but it has that artificial chemically one which I am not a fan of but it doesn't go on the lips. It came out to be quite rosy pink on me and quite pigmented when it settled and it has a glossy finish which is quite different since I've been on a matte finish fix at the moment. Last thing is the brush set and it is pretty much the same as th Ever Bilena ones and has the same kind of brushes but in a different print on them. As I said they work but I don't quite need them but it has some good ones.

Now here is the most important part which is what it looks like on my face. Keep in mind the base was not my color so it did make me seem pale and like a vampire which I know what I am using for a Halloween look if I needed it. I wasn't quite a fan of how the look turned out but I tried to go for a simple everyday look instead of the last more glam and made up kind of looks. The brows turned out quick and the lips didn't seem my shade. I did like the eye look and blush though. I'm not saying they were bad but the way I did my makeup it wasn't my cup of tea and I didn't do my best job. Maybe if I get the right shade and try again I would probably do better.

I hope you enjoy this type of post and found it helpful with this brand. I loved doing this and I love trying new stuff and discovering local brands so if you have a brand request from here I'd love to know. So you watch the video of me trying he makeup and creating a full face. I gie my thoughts on it as well but this is just in depth and I feel like I can describe it better when it is written. That was it for my Friday blog post so hope you liked it and enjoyed them both and have a great weekend!

What was your favorite teenage brand makeup?
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Cold Shoulder | What I Wore

Prom Dresses London

Royally Blue

Happy Wednesday! I'm starting off my outfits from my Autumn lookbook and I'm showing you this fun trend-filled outfit I styled. I shot this at a national park and loved styling outfits which could be for autumn but with my weather I made it work for me. So I'm keeping my intro short because I ramble on abut my outfit so here is my what I wore.

For the outfit I'll let you in on a secret and that is this top is actually a dress. I wish it could be a dress but it is too short or I'm just too tall that it will show things I don't think I want to show on a regular day unless I'm using it as a cover up for a swimsuit at a beach. Other than that small detail (literally) I love the top portion and the cut out sleeves on the shoulders which I've seen everywhere and now is my chance to try the trend and I do like it. If it wasn't so big on me at the top I think it would be a little more flattering but it is nice and have to get it tailored to fit me then it would look so much better. I'm obsessed with this cobalt blue and a second favorite fall color to wear but I do have to buy more pieces in this shade as it seems so pretty. The choker is actually supposed to be tied around my waist apart of the dress but I tried another trend which is the tying it in a bow I guess. Anywhere I can add a bow is a plus since I actually don't have one on in this one which is surprising but I didn't have a color to match and it originally was going to be in my hair but went in my neck instead. Since it was short as I said I paired it with a black skater skirt which is another autumn staple. So moving on to accessories I have this pretty black bag and added this pom pom keychain which I bought just because I knew the color would match and wanted to try another trend I've seen. Then I paired it with these black peep toe wedges which have been my favorite shoe and have been featured in my last three outfit posts as they are just so functional. That was it for the outfit and pretty simple and very into trying different trends I've been seeing since it is always fun to trying something new.

| top: Trendsgal*, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Trendsgal*, shoes: Brash, pom-pom: H&M |

That was it for my outfit! I really liked this one and loved the color since I'm usually on in pink it seems like. I really loved the rich cobalt blue and might need to start wearing it more often. If you like I have a behind the scenes vlog of my lookbook I filmed one which can be seen here or down below. I had so much fun filming the day as this was shot at a national park I'm not sure if it is but I call it that. It was a little stressful getting all four filmed in time but I made it and vlogged quite a lot and this time talked to the camera more instead of all the montages I usually do. I really wanted to talk to the camera that day and the beautiful surroundings really encourages me I guess. There's a lot in there of the day so please watch and maybe subscribe while you're there! So that was the first outfit from the lookbook and all the complete details of what I wore. I hope you liked this and let me know what color you need to wear more or would like to incorporate more in your wardrobe since I'd love to know.

Shop this post:

What is a color you need to add to your wardrobe or wear more?
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