Wedding Stripes | What I Wore

A Wedding Guest

Happy Friday! Today's outfit is quite special because it is what I wore to my first wedding. I've been waiting for someone o get married just so I can get dressed up and celebrate their love and when my mom's friend daughter was getting married I finally got a chance to and now I get to show you what I wore. So no long intro this time because I just want to tel you already but if you want to see a behind the scenes and how I got ready then I have the video below or you can just see everything in pictures.

For my outfit I wore this dress from Forever 21+. I bought it quite a while ago but never had a reason to wear it. I featured it over my haul in the summer and since then it has been hung in my closet until I brought it out for this occasion. It has black and white horizontal stripes which you would think would look really bad on but for me it seemed okay and I love the stripes at the moment. I am in awe with the skater style skirt on it and makes me feel like a princess spinning in it. It has a high neck so no need for a necklace but an open back which I am liking. I use to be so self conscious and never wear something like this especially something that showed my arms but now that I've grown and gained confidence I get to wear things I never would have imagined going out in but look at me now. The rest of the details I kept pretty simple by throwing o a few bracelets, my bag which I tied a red ribbon to for fun and since there wedding colors were red it would be fun to incorporate it in and to also match my rosy pinkish red lip. Then my shoes are new and I bought just for this dress and I was needing a pair of wedge heels as my old ones were worn to death. They were pretty easy to walk in and lasted me through the night. I love the cutout design and peep toe too which made it really elegant and pretty. Last I just left my curls down and finished it with a white bow to match the dress.

| dress: Forever 21+, shoes: Brash, bag: Queen Street {similar},
bow: Forever 21, lipstick: NYX Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo |

That's what I wore to the wedding. I really enjoyed that and it's the first proper wedding I've been to at my age. The last one I went to was a kid and I was the flower girl. I have a few cousin's planning their wedding but they are still pretty far so this was the actually first proper church wedding I've been to and actually understand it. I've been wanting to go to one to dress up and just see the whole thing happen in real life. It did end up raining really hard and was actually sprinkling while I was doing the pictures at the church courtyard but I'm not sure if you can really tell. I guess that means good luck right? I can't describe to you the emotion I felt seeing the doors open and revealing the bride and seeing her and her dress for the first time. It was just so pretty and watch her walk down the aisle. Then when the vows hit I felt like it was so beautiful. I'm so happy I got to witness that and it being my first wedding that was a proper one. The reception was far from perfect and everyone was really angry but it got solved and turned out okay. I even tried to catch the bouquet but I didn't succeed which I think it is not time for me then. There was a photobooth and I had such a fun time getting my picture taken and using the props. I got a picture with the bride and groom in the end since they were so busy all day and I wanted to tell her she was my proper wedding but I was shy and didn't. Then that was it and I went home. The overall lesson of this though was I want my own wedding and want to get married. It just seems so me and I would love every single second of it and the whole experience with family and friends and to celebrate together with my soulmate. I just need to find me a boyfriend and then a fiance and then get married. I do hope it happens as now all I want is a wedding and be married to my best friend. So that was my day at the wedding and my outfit. I did a get ready with me so if you want to see how I did my hair and makeup you can watch that here or below. So let me now if you'd like to see more get ready with me's then I would love to do them. Hope you have a love filled day!

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What is your ideal wedding guest outfit?
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Payday Wish List N'2

Fall Fashion & Beauty Wants

Happy Wednesday! I'm back with yet again another wish list but one that is mixed up and has a the things I'm eyeing this pay day. I went back and saw I did one like this the same time last year with no intention but when I checked when the last one was it came up around the same time. It's so weird but so cool. The items I have picked are more autumn and fall inspired items I've been looking at and I am so in love with all of these colors. So I'll just get on with my wish list and show you and why I want everything now.

I'm going to start off with the fashion items. I went into H&M the other day and just fell in love with everything. I love all the autumn clothes that are out at the moment and all the colors. Even though the season isn't cold it is still fun to dress in the colors and feel like you are apart of the season. It's kind of a good thing since that means I can wear skirts still and short sleeve tops but also on the cooler days I can go for long sleeve and sweaters too and match them. I'm obsessed with the color palette in stores right now and it makes it so fun to wear different. I just love this white long sleeve blouse and I've seen it quite a lot recently and how cute is this black over the shoulder lace top plus both of these with this red A line skirt would all look so good paired together. I think picking up a few pieces for maybe an autumn lookbook so if you'd like to see that let me know as I'm so excited to do some styling and play around with it since I didn't really do much last year. Last thing I saw which I was tempted to buy was a sweatshirt. I haven't bought one in so long and used to love my school sweatshirts and dance sweatshirts to lounge around in so when I saw this one I knew it was one I would get. I mean look at how cute this blush pink hooded sweatshirt is and it has gold letters which is my fave combo. I can imagine this with leggings and some white trainers would be the perfect casual outfit.

Moving on to beauty I'll just share some nail polish picks. It's been quite a while since I've bought any sort of nail polish. I saw this brand on Instagram and it had so many pretty colors and were quite affordable. They have a regular range and a gel polish range so I decided on the gel ones since those kinds of polishes last long on me. I need long wearing ones since regular ones don't seem to last on me and I just get annoyed applying it over and over. For the nail polish I start off with the Gel Top Coat and then 3 colors which are Based on a True Story, Manila Girl and Rose Quartz. I picked these colors for autumn but there are so many that I narrowed it down to these and how cool they have the pantone color of the year as polishes.

I think Pink Sugar has been my favorite brand and get ready from a lot of posts about them soon. The ones I picked up so far are great and I've been loving this range but I still haven't tried the Honey I'm Good Eyebrow Kit in Sassy Brown and the Sweet Cheeks HD Color in Paris Lights. The eyebrow kit just launched and been hearing good things and since I've not used a powder for the brows in a while I'm thinking this might be a good starter. As for the blush the reviews I've read it is an affordable dupe for the Nars Orgasm blush. It does look like a pretty pink and really sparkly and I love that in a bush so this is a good one to try but they have so many other colors I want to try too.

Next I've seen a cheaper option of acrylic storage at a department store so I might need to buy a few more because my collection is getting out of hand and have no where left in my room I need drawer after drawer.

Last item or items on my list are from Colourpop. I did just purchase an order from them since it was free international shipping but I kind of feel like I'd love just a few more bits to make me complete. Stay tuned for a haul on that if you are curious what I got in my first order. I still have a few things I want and that is the fall edit matte lipsticks in the color Time Square, Viper, and Notion. I actually didn't get any of the fall lips and I kind of want since I don't own many colors like this. The last thing is a highlighter which I've heard good things about and the one that caught my eye is Lunch Money. Maybe I'll put in another order come payday.

So that was all the things I want coming payday. I'm looking forward to do some clothes shopping again as I've been on the makeup kick (I still am too) and looking forward to adding some autumn pieces and makeup items to my collection. Let me know if there is any thing that you are immediately going to get when you get paid. I hope you have a great rest of the week and happy spending!

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What fall fashion and makeup item is on you want list?
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Books I've Read Recently

Recently Read

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I sure did! On Saturday I got to go down to my nephew/godson’s 3rd birthday party and on Sunday I stayed home and did nothing but read and stay in bed. It’s rare for me to have a Sunday just to myself nowadays so when I do I take full advantage. I recently discovered reading again after losing internet and not getting any wifi in my room. My dad is trying to fix it but at the meantime I can’t do much in there unless I go out to the living room. So I decided in the beginning of August to check out some books online and buy them on my iPad. I haven’t read all year which is really strange for me. The past 2 years I’ve read quite a number but this year I had read none. I usually took books to my cousin since there was no internet at her place and I would happily get an internet detox for a week and just read the whole time. Now that she is abroad and I can’t just go over to her house I didn’t need a reason to read. I think it’s pretty sad so when I all of a sudden had no signal in my bedroom and got tired of staring at the ceiling I remembered what I used to do back when there was no internet to rely on. I thought it would be nice to incorporate a little lifestyle here and there so I’m just going to show you a few books that I’ve read recently.

To start off with I have loved musician centric young adult reads. I just love when the story revolves around a musician or a rock star right now and I guess it comes down to wanting someone musical in my life since I know no one with musical talent. Maybe it is just my mind telling me that I want a bad boy rock star god to serenade me with his guitar and whisk me away to his tours and be his muse. I don’t know but a girl can dream for a rock star boyfriend. So the first one is Idol by Kristen Callihan and it was such a great read. I found it rally a nice light read and a storyline I find it something that I have read before but there is just something about it. A short summary in my explanation is a rock god of the most famous rock band goes into hiding and takes a break after stressful things in his life. He moves into the middle of nowhere in the country and of course meets a girl. They don’t get along at first and then he finds out she is a music lover to and it just starts from there. I enjoyed it and loved this and read it in a day and a half. It is the first and I’m waiting for the second. Next is The Fall Up and The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez which is just an amazing read and it took me two or maybe almost 3 days I guess to read this. I found this so entertaining to read and a unique story dealing with the behind the scenes of the life of the famous and maybe something similar happens in real life. The characters I found really interesting and loved finding their stories unfold and discover their problems and personalities. A short summary by me again is a girl is on a bridge every night and so is a guy they both are from different worlds but the guy thinks she there to commit suicide and she thinks the same about him and it just follows the two. The second one is LGBT which I think maybe the first one I’ve read. I love that they are coming out with more like that and I get to read it. I found the second one so interesting and found it so cute.

The next set of stories also follow a theme but this one is where it revolves around three separate story so one book is one story and you kind of get it. I love reading stories like that which have the common characters in their perspective. The series I’m refereeing to was Bad Habits by Staci Hart which has three books each individually named. I read them in order but they are standalone but I liked the flow of reading them in order to get the back story a little better. The last one I read like that was Anna and the French Kiss series and this is sort of like that but more grown up. I got into this because the first book involved around a professional ballet dancer and since again it is my dream to be one but failed at it reading it and living through the characters vigorously is all I can do. To give a short summary it is a group of 6 or more friends living in New York and it just centers about their love lives and their struggles. After I read all three I loved the characters and felt like I was in their friend group and knew them personally so thumbs up to the write to making them seem real and like people that really exist and are out there. I got through them in about 5 days total with all 3 books which I’m not sure if it was fast or slow but this series I didn’t want to end and just read on and continue being a friend. I do recommend if you like books like that. I can’t tell you my favorite of the three but I did enjoy the first because it involved ballet but all of them had their own separate good points.

Another one is the typical teenage young adult reads. I found the P.S I Like You by Kasie West such a fun quick read. I read it in a day and love light and fluffy reads like that. I have read I think all of her books and find them so cute and keep going back to her work. A summary by me is about a girl in high school and she feels like she is not like everyone else and has such strange taste in everything. One day in chemistry class she gets her notebook taken away from the teacher as she is always writing in it during class. She is a song writer and always itching to write which I related to that scene s much as I did it in class all the time myself. She then writes a lyric of her favorite song on the desk. The next day someone writes back with the next lyric. It then follows the same story of a mysterious boy who she has so many things in common which she thought no one was like her. It’s really cute and a light hearted young romance story. I actually watched a similar Philippine movie just like it and loved that story so this was just like that.

There are a lot more I’ve read recently but if I go on then this post will be forever as I’ve read quite a lot in the past couple of months and have a lot more to go. In the picture you can find all the recent ones I have read or you can just follow my Goodreads page since I update it every time I start and finish a book. Also if there are any new books or releases I should know about and think I would love please suggest it and I’ll look into it. I hope you found this entertaining since it has been almost a year since I last did a book post like this. Another thing you should let me know how you find my book posts or should I just sick with fashion and beauty. It would help me out a lot. So I hope you liked this and maybe you’ll get reading next weekend too.

What is a certain theme book you always go back to?
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Brand Focus: Ever Bilena - First Impressions

Testing a full face

Happy Friday!Welcome to today's blog post which features a first impression, makeup tutorial and one brand of drugstore makeup all in one. I decided to try out a full face of only Ever Bilena makeup including the brushes and give my thoughts on my first intial use of them. I filmed it for you so you can watch it below or just read a mini review of each of the products I featured in my last haul here. So these are just my first impression so far when I initially tested the products. I'll just get on with it now and start rambling about each one.

To start off with the base I first went with the Studio Finish Foundation in Miel and I really thought I got the wrong shade and it did not match but it did. I just twisted the product up and applied the foundation in streaks all over my face. I then blended it in with my fingers. It blended in quite well and didn't have a chemical smell which is great but it was quite fragrant so if you don't like that or your skin is not compatible with that then it might cause trouble. It is not full coverage but I would say it is light to medium and I didn't build it up but I was quite impressed with the coverage of a few swipes on my face. Next is the concealer which is the EB Perfect Eye Concealer and I was also skeptical of the color but I did a good job color wise. Just like the foundation I twisted up the product and swiped it in a v shape under my eyes and then used the eyeshadow brush to blend that in. It is soft and blendable too which made it easy. Again not that pigmented and didn't cover my dark circles completely so either I add another layer to cake it on or put more foundation there before hand. Last is the powder and I used it to set it off. It was the right color and really silky smooth. It added coverage and took away the shine around my t-zone and made me not full on matte but set the foundation and controlled the oil.

The eyeshadow palette I used was the EB Palette in Pink. I used the first shade as a highlight shade for the brow bone and inner corner, the second shade as an all over base color, the third color I used as a blending color for the other half of my lid and the sixth color was used for defining my crease. It is all shimmery but the pigmentation is great. The color of the second was quite silvery instead of pinky but the rest I used to create the eye look was really great and for the price it was worth it if you're into those shades and shimmer. The eyeliner I used was the Matic Eyeliner which was easy to draw and didn't drag. It had great pigmentation and was easy to use. I used the EB Mascara with Fiber on my top lashes and I like it so far and doesn't clump up but I only did one layer. For my bottom lashes I used the EB Thicklash since the tiny brush makes it easy to comb on to the lashes. I did use fake eyelashes and I do like the EB Lashes in Demi but the glue with it didn't really last long and started to come off so I wasn't to impressed with that but really liked the style of eyelashes. Lastly I used the EB Advance Eyebrow in Dark Brown and it was really easy to use and did use tiny hairlike strokes and I quite liked it and the comb on the lid was quite useful.

Blush & Contour
Then on to bronzing and blush I used the EB Blush Duo in Golden Goddess and used this which the bronzer I used it for contour and it isn't as pigmented as I wanted and had to dip the brush that came with the duo. I used that to blend in but it did do a pretty good job blending but the pigmentation was a little weak. The blush however is much more pigmented and since it is sparkly it just seems to have a highlight effect and can blend really easily. There are 4 different variations to choose from and all the colors are different. For the actually highlight since I didn't have one I used the one white one in the eyeshadow palette to give a subtle glow.

Lips & Brushes
Last step is the lipstick and I went with the EB Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lace. I don't know how I feel about it yet. The price is amazing and cheapest liquid lipstick I own. I do like the color when it is dry but while it is wet it seems too bright and too coral. Then when it's dried I love the color. Speaking of drying time it takes so long to dry to a matte so I have to bite on a napkin to get rid of the excess and pat it down. Then once I get that done I was liking the end result. It took so much work so I'm not sure it is worthwhile quite yet. Maybe it was just the first time using it but it was kind of sticky and not as pigmented and I had to dip it in quite a lot to get the opaqueness I want. I'll use it again and see if it gets any better because I believe in second chances. Now for the tools I used which was a separate eyeshadow brush which I used to apply and blend eyeshadow, concealer and get in to blend in the rest. As for the 5 piece travel brush set I used probably 2 of them and then one of them once. I used a small tip one to apply my crease color which creates amazing lines so that can be used for eyeliner or an eyeshadow line perfectly. I used the powder brush a lot for powder and blend the contour and blush and the eyebrow comb I used it for a second before realizing I could use the one that came with the brow pencil. I guess if you travel a lot and needed brushes and also use the whole set it is worth it but for me I'd rather buy the individual ones for the needs I used them for to have brushes I could get the use out of.

Now here is the most important part which is what it looks like on my face. I actually loved how it turned out and it is possible to buy from one brand and have a full face of makeup. This brand had everything so it made it easier to achieve that. If you are just starting out or don't have much knowledge in makeup you can collect little by little and build up a kit like that. They had a few stand out products which by doing this I discovered ones that I may have repurchased from this first impression of it. Overall pretty impressed with Ever Bilena and I can say it is a drugstore brand I can recommend and has some great products especially the ones I mentioned. 

When I fully test it I will be doing full reviews on them once I try them even more and see the longevity and all that.I feel like these were just my initial thoughts and reaction but I like testing them out for long periods of time because that shows how well it can get on with me. If you'd like to watch me do the makeup and see how I use everything and all that then you can here or down below. If you'd like to see more brands and testing and first impression videos let me know. I hae a list already but maybe there are some I missed.

I hope you enjoy this type of post and found it helpful in case you were wondering what a full face of Ever Bilena makeup looks like on.I had a great time doing this and it is fun experimenting and trying new things to discover some gems. I'd love to take requests of local brands and later on moving on to international ones too. Also you can watch the whole first impression and tutorial video here or watch it above. Let me know your thoughts and have a great weekend lovelies!

What brand have you collected a full face of makeup from?
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Wish List | Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Goals

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited for this wish list and show you what I have an eye on for my bedroom makeover. It's sort of wish list and inspiration of what I'd like to have in my room. As I've said previously in my last wish about my vanity area here that I was doing a revamp of my room. This time around it's more of the furniture and what I want inside with a few decor items too. I've gotten inspiration from Pinterest and magazines and this is the style I came up with. If you couldn't tell my color scheme I'm looking into is white, gold and blush pink as I am so in love with the colors and of course want to incorporate it into my room. I was thinking about hot pink for a while but I felt like it was just too much so I might have a few pieces added later on. I might have picked a paint color of white and ballet pink so that's fun I just need everything to match because I just love things to match. I'll just get into the items I'm looking at and how I'm going to work with it.

I'll start off with the most exciting and something I've been wanting for a while now. I've been needing a new bed and when I saw this online I knew this will be so cute and fits my style. Also I wanted a bigger bed and I don't have one with a headboard and footboard and imagine the possibilities I can do with this. Next is bedding which I decided on a blush pink duvet but have floral sheets underneath for a little fun. Then I actually never had cushions or pillows for display so I think I'd love matching bedding and some textured ones to add to it. Also I think I plan to add some curtains to make a canopy or something over it as I always wanted one as a kid. The last detail I want to add is fairy lights. Of course tumblr and pinterest inspired that but with a headboard like that how can I not add them? It is perfect and maybe some white ball shaped ones or even gold hearts or stars are ones I'm looking into and imagine how pretty that whole combination is. Then I just need a night stand and I'm still deciding if my room is big enough for one or two on both sides so I'll have to see.

Moving on to a vanity area which the one I have now I might turn into a desk area instead for work and this will be the makeup corner. As soon as I eyed this dressing table I knew I had to have it an wanted to add that Hollywood style mirror because having one in makeup class really helped and look how aesthetically pleasing they are. Next is sort of an investment piece because with all the makeup I've accumulated means I need someone where to put it. I'm thinking two of these would be enough unless I hoard more makeup.

Last is decor items for the vanity and around the room. I've decided on curtains and lucky I only have one in my room (unlucky it has terrible lighting) but it means I don't have to spend a lot. I also know someone who makes them so I've decided on blush pink with a tulle outer layer to be cute and princess like and blend everything together. Moving on to the gold details of the room which pretty much was inspired to a trip at H&M home and all the pretty gold pieces. I saw these gold rectangle box which will be great for adding jewellery and the tray would be great for perfume and lastly would be a gold basket to add extra bits or whatever I need. I did want one of those gold wire memo board but couldn't seem to find one but it looks like the basket. Then I seen those mirrors and frames would look so cute above my desk area. I already talked about the fairy lights but the more the merrier if I can to make the whole room glow.

That's it for my bedroom wish list. Maybe you got some inspiration yourself. I really enjoyed doing an interior post and showing you my style in that to switch up my content and show new things. Let me know if you have any recommendations or nice places to find pretty things to add some decor. I hope you liked this wish list and hope to show you once I get done which will be a while but it is so fun and having a mood board like this really makes me so excited. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week!

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What is your room's current style?
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What's on my Face? {August & September}

Makeup of the Month

Happy Monday! Welcome to a new series where I'm showing off my makeup from the day, week or even month or when I change up my makeup that is. I've seen a few posts like this  and thought it was a cool way to show makeup favorites in action instead of me just talking about them in my regular monthly favorites post. Also it would be a fun way to document different makeup looks and how my makeup changes over time. Since I've been doing a lot more experimenting and practicing really maybe I can catalog my progress and show you along the way to. So in short this is how I've been wearing my makeup in August and September.

I'm so happy now that I have a ring light I can do more face of the days and makeup looks and not complain about it not going how I wanted to show it off because the lighting helps out. Also is it weird you can see the lights in my eyes because I find it so freaky. However for my face of the month or months really, I went with a sort of no makeup look lately. I love the suitableness and the light colors. I was going for something trying to transition and try out new colors and a new technique.

Products Used:
Collection Colour Match Foundation (review)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Plus
Suesh 3 Pan Concealer
Happy Skin Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo (review)
BYS Contour Trio in Sweet (review)
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium (review)
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (review)
MUA Undressed Palette
NYX Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

I started off with my base so foundation and concealer first. Sometimes I change it up and rearrange the order of how I apply it but right now I am doing base first unless I want to do a dramatic eye look then I have no choice because the amounts of times I mess up. After the base is good and I'm happy with blending I go to eyes. I have been quite obsessed with the MUA Undressed palette. I am using the first and second color on the top row starting from the left and then the third color from the bottom row starting from the left as well. I love this eye look and right now combining the three colors makes a pretty neutral sort of sparkly eye look. I skip eyeliner and go straight to mascara and the Roller Lash is just my holy grail and makes my lashes look amazing and goes great with the eyeshadow. I use the sleek palette for contouring and highlighting I do it really lightly and the BYS trio I use the blush in it and a little of the bronzer color to bring some color back to my face. Then for my brows I need to get them shaped again but I made it work and just filled the in with the Happy Skin pencil side. Last for the lips I have been wearing this lip color and feel like I've been cheating and not using any other lipstick. It's in Cannes and such a pretty color and perfect for right now.

That was my face from August and September. I like the very minimal and its a little but like a no makeup look. I can't wait to incorporate more berry and autumn colors though and the festive reds and golds towards Christmas time. I'd love to know how you've been wearing your makeup recently and how often you change it up. I feel like I need to have a product rearrange myself pretty soon. Also I hope you liked the idea of this as I think it's a really fun way to practice and try different looks. Hope you have a great week ahead lovelies!

What is your makeup style at the moment?
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Finding a Homecoming Dress for Your Personality

Dressfashion Long Prom Dresses

Homecoming Coming Up

Happy Sunday! I'm here with another weekend post. I'm really loving my blogging schedule at the moment and hope you are too. Also this was meant to go live a few days but he scheduling glitched so I put it out now and since I was away it was a nightmare to arrange when there was no internet where I was but I still made it. Anyways today I wanted to discuss dresses but most specifically ones for special occasions like homecoming and prom or events like that. I was talking with my best friend in the U.S and she said her younger sister is going to her homecoming next month which I can't believe because I remember her being a bratty little girl always trying to shove her barbies in our faces when us teens were busy reading magazines and talking boys in her room. When she told me this I literally gasped and can't believe it's been so long since I see them. I get to talk to my friends back there so they keep me updated. It brought back memories of us going to our homecoming and the dances we went to. I only went to a few while I was studying there but I did love the whole high school gym setting and getting dressed up together.

What sparked my interest after Media Buzz got in contact with me was dresses that match personalities. I've always designed my own dresses from homecoming to prom to graduation even. I've always designed and helped made my dresses. The ones above are both what I designed for my debutante ball and sweet sixteen respectively. I loved that I have say in all my fancy dresses. I do buy regular ones but when it is a special occasion I usually prefer designing my own. Since I found out I loved designing so much I went to fashion school and then do some designing on the side and have a dressmaker help structure it for me and I finish it off. It just gives it my personal touch and shows off my personality even more. I'm so lucky I get to have my dresses special made and designed by me because it makes my fashion sense reach a whole new level. So here are a few dress types that shows your personality.

Whether or not you realize it, what you wear and how you wear it says a lot about your personality. The type of music you listen to, the flowers you pick, and even your homecoming dress all represent who you are. Since homecoming is around the corner, I thought I would look at how your homecoming dress says something about who you are so that you can pick the perfect dress to match your personality. Let’s take a closer look.

• A Classic Look
If you are super-keen on a 1920’s look, go for something classic: the faithful black dress. Ditch the awesome dye job and really show off your features in the right cut. To go with your vintage look, remember to wear smoky eye makeup and a couple of vintage pieces of jewelry. This is a look that suits classy and dignified personalities who aren’t afraid to show it.

• A Strapless Dress
Girls who opt for a strapless dress are fun and flirty, and they sure know how to enjoy themselves. Strapless dresses are great for showing off your features, especially if you’ve been working out for the big night and want to show off your shoulders. Maybe you got a great spray tan that you want everyone to envy, then this is the way to go.

• A Short Dress
If you enjoy being the center of attention and flaunting your stunning assets, pick a short dress. The dress doesn’t have to be extremely short, but just right for showing off your moves on the dance floor. Once that music starts pumping, you can hit the dance floor without the worry of tripping over a longer dress.

• A Red Dress
Are you sassy? Do you have the charisma of a superstar? Then go for red! Red is a fantastic and dramatic look that makes you look a little older and more mature. It says you are full of confidence and you know how to strike the perfect pose for those pictures. You can find your dream dress at www.peachesboutique.com.

• Get Your Style Right, It’s the Most Important Part!
We know just how important it is to find the perfect style for homecoming. You really want to ooze flair and sass, and impress everyone you come across. Use the above tips to find the perfect dress for your personality and you are sure to turn heads and make those cameras flash.

If you’re a little shy and conservative, there are plenty of beautiful gowns to choose from that will have you feeling like the prettiest girl at homecoming. All you have to do is decide what you like, what suits you and go out and get it. Don’t forget to coordinate colors and styles with your date so you can truly make a grand entrance on the night!

That was my weekend post for you. I hope you enjoyed and maybe you can reminisce if you went to homecoming or maybe prom. I remember mine and I did love the whole dressing up and glam time I did with my friends.I miss the fun and all that and looking at these kind of dresses again reminds me of finding the perfect one with my friends or in my case I took inspiration and gave it my own take. Actually that purple dress up there was inspired by Sharpay's prom dress from High School Musical 3. I was going to make it hot pink and sleeveless like hers but I didn't want an exact replica so I just matched it with my Sweet 16 theme and made it my own. The other dress was my own design and I worked with an illustrator until I got the exact one I wanted and it turned out better than I imagined. I hope you liked that and got a little story time about my dress designs. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

*This post was written in collaboration with Media Buzzer.

What is your dress style for a special occasion like this?
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Drugstore Makeup Haul & Giveaway

Local Drugstore Finds

Happy Friday! A very happy one after all drugstore makeup I bought. It's a pretty big one and it's from local Philippine brands. I have brands I always go to but I wanted to try some of the local stuff
I've said recently I've been in a beauty rut as you my have noticed an increase in outfits and fashion pots. I just love doing them and took my blog in a more fashion direction which I am happy with but I miss a few beauty reviews here and there so that's why I'm hoping maybe every Monday I'll have something beauty related. I think buying these have really increase the spark and get to try new things out. It's been a while as I've been buying clothes so often I feel like I'm out of touch with buying makeup but clearly with this haul I just jumped right in. So enough of my babble and finally show you all the makeup I bought.

Ever Bilena
| Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation - Miel // Ever Bilena Advance Perfect Eye Concealer - CO2 Medium // Ever Bilena Face Powder - Honey // EB Advance Blush Duo - Golden Goddess // Ever Bilena Cheek Blush - Baby Pink // EB Advance Perfect Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown // Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Pink // EB Original Pencils // Ever Bilena Matic Liner // EB False Eyelashes - Demi // Ever Bilena Mascara with Fiber // Ever Bilena Thicklash Mascara // EB Advance Liquid Lipstick - Soft Lace |

First up I went all out with the Ever Bilena counter. I got a few items from the regular range and their pro range but when I was buying them I had no idea the  difference. So according to the website it has a few different ranges and I bought a few from each. I wanted to get a full face so I got a stick foundation, concealer and powder. I got all stuff from the eyes so an eyeshadow palette, 2 mascaras, fake lashes, 2 eyeliners and an eyebrow pencil. I even got a blush and bronzer palette in a pretty color and a single blush which is a matte baby pink color. Then I am so excited for the liquid lipstick and it is such a pretty shade. Lastly I got some brushes so two single eyeshadow brushes and a 5 piece travel set. 

I think I got everything I wanted and quite excited to try them. I named everything above but you can't link any of it and it just goes to a picture so I linked the site and everything is on there.

| Careline |
| Careline Oil Control Make-up Foundation - Almond // 
Careline Pimple Concealer - Oriental // Careline Oil Control Face Powder - Honey 
// Careline Pocket Palette -Day Dream // I Love Careline Make-Up Set 1 // 
I Love Careline Make-Up Set 3 // Careline Eyeliner // Careline Mascara // 
Careline Color Pencil - 12cm - Brown // Careline Magic Lipstick - Avatar |

The next I have makeup from Careline.I bought a few of the same things maybe to do a comparison post maybe. I bought the base makeup so a liquid foundation from this brand, a liquid concealer and a powder. Then I got three palettes so one is an eyeshadow palette solely and the next two are makeup sets with blushes and eyeshadows. The makeup set 1 has 9 eyeshadows and 2 blushes while makeup set 3 has 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. I got a mascara, a liquid eyeliner and a brown colored pencil which I'm unsure if it is eyeliner or a brow pencil. The exciting thing and one I'm looking forward to is the brow gel and most affordable one I ever bought. Lastly I got a magic lipstick and another set of brushes.

Again, I named everything above.I love the packaging of this and the cute look of it. I went with a more simple makeup look for this and didn't go all out like the other brand.


I'm now on the random bits I bought. First up I got an EB blade to do my brows but I think now I'm thinking to just booking in an appointment at Benefit which is where I get my brows done all the time for about 2 years so I love doing them there but when I saw this I felt a bit of confident that maybe I could do them myself in the meantime but it's not a wise decision. It's not going to waste as I might offer to give it to my cousin who is an expert at this herself. Next is a wash cloth material headband. I don't know really what you call that but I've been needing one to keep my baby hairs from sticking in my face when I do my skincare at night. I got a pink one and I'm going to be excited to use it when I take of my makeup tonight. Last beauty bit that doesn't belong in any category is an eyeliner. It doesn't really have a brand but it's called the Ashley Wonder Liner and let me tell you when I swatched the tester it was sure pigmented and long lasting because I had to take a makeup remover to it which I'm hoping it will be the same on the eyes. The smell is off putting but the quality is great.


Since I spent quite a bit of money there was a promo at my grocery store that I get a free EB product when I spent a certain amount. I forgot how much but with the whole total I was rewarded 10 products. Of course it wasn't my choice on which product but I did get to choose the color. Another thing is I'm not sure if it is a promo for other places but maybe it is just the store I bought it's thing. I honestly don't know what I would do with all of this so I decided to give it away to my readers. So I'm giving two sets away on here so you'll get one powder and one eyeshadow palette and something extra from me as a little thank you for supporting and reading my blog. For another chance to win you can head to my Youtube channel which I am giving away 3 over there and all you have to do is be subscribed and like that haul and that's it. It's international so wherever you are in the world you can win this. As for the blog mechanics just enter the rafflecopter widget below this and I'll select the winner two weeks from now on the 30th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's it for my drugstore haul. I actually fit all of that in a picture. I seriously thought I wasn't but I succeeded and yes I'm pretty proud of myself for that. I'm so excited to try these out and maybe you can guess what content is coming out with what I bought. I have so many ideas right now and since buying a ring light the possibilities are endless at the moment.I have the haul video here or watch it down below. It's pretty long so make sure you get snacks and an appetite for makeup. I hope you enjoy and hope I didn't give you a reason to buy any makeup. Have a great weekend and let me know if you end up buying anything yourself!

What is your favorite local brand from where you're from?
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