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Walk in the park

Happy Friday! My obsession lately has been late afternoon/early evening walks to the park. I have my nephew staying with me so it gives me an excuse to take a brisk stroll and play at the park. It's summer so it is really hot but we go at golden hour making everything more pretty and perfect for outfit pictures. I shot my first outfit pictures of the year here back in January when it was nice and cool out which you can see here. I just love the park and maybe I can take pictures there every season. So here is my laid back casual walk to the park look.

For my outfit it is a few pieces thrown together and I am out the door especially with a rambunctious 2 year old I am babysitting. My top is pretty old and I think it was a Chrsitmas present from my mom back when we were living in the US and I think I have two designs. It now fits me and I forgot about it until I looked in the back of the closet for more clothes in the spare room in the house. It is such a spring/summer top with the flowers and the colors that's why I named this outfit flower blooms because it looks like they grew from my top. Speaking of that the stems of the flowers are olive green which matches perfectly with the leggings and it is seamless but in pictures it doesn't seem that way but trust me it is like it is a continuance piece all the way down. I threw on my everyday sandals because they are comfiest shoes I own and a cross body Hello Kitty bag even my DSLR that I m using as a temporary camera bag. The accessories I felt the top needed a necklace so this crystal necklace and I remembered I bought at Target a long time ago with mint bow earrings cause I like the colors with the top and a pearl bracelet. It was a ponytail and no makeup day but this bow is the closets color I had to matching the colors which I guess went together. It was a basic plain outfit for once. Of course a top and leggings is just the perfect going to the park outfit.

| top: Carrie E. (mine's old), leggings: Forever 21+,
shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar}, bag: Sanrio {similar},
earrings: Forever 21 {similar}, necklace: Target {similar}, bow: Rita's Summer Collection |

That was my outfit for a casual day in the park! It's nice having my two year old nephew around so that means I can get out and walk to the park and let him play but also getting the sneaky outfit pictures in as well. Don't worry I take my aunt with me so she watches him slide and play while I set up the tripod and remote which is so nice. I do like having either my dad or cousin take them but it's nice having a choice to do it myself just in case everyone is busy. I've been snapchatting (jackiefairytale) a lot especially the park adventures. I was so amused when the zebra filter came out and there was a zebra statue at the park and we took a selfie together both being zebras. It really made my day. So that's been up with me. I have a lot going on this weekend and in May my schedule seems to be quite busy and filled with fun things so I am looking forward to it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and yay for it being a 3 day weekend!

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What is your casual park outfit?
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My Go To Spring Lipstick | Rimmel Kate Moss 101

A touch of pink in spring

Happy Tuesday! So with me being in such a spring and pink mood (honestly when am I not?) I wanted to share my favorite lipstick at the moment and I thought since I have never reviewed this yet it would give me a chance to give my thoughts on it finally. I featured this last year in my Favorite Lipsticks for Spring you can read here. I've also been into the matte trend and since this a pinky nude matte it is perfect for it. If you've been curious at what I've been wearing in my outfit pictures lately then this is it apart from my last blog post. If you check my everyday bag right now you would see this little tube resting inside until I pull it out to wear for the day. It's been the one I've been grabbing for so it really says it is my current favorite. It's just the perfect shade for the season. So here at the details and why it is my go to spring lipstick.

What convinced me to get it was at the time so many bloggers I was following raved and reviewed this lipstick. I think I still have all the links saved in my Bloglovin still to go back to. I thought I would never get a chance but when I did I had to see what the fuss is and I see why. I love the packaging on it and I love when they are different colors instead of the plain black. I like quirky and unique so I know which one it is out of my collection when I want to use it. It has a sticker on the bottom and a preview of the color. It has her signature on the lid and twists up nicely.

I got mine from a cousin who came to Manila after she asked what I wanted. She was so nice in buying me this. If you want to purchases it here locally in the Philippines I have seen it around. I know Zalora used to have them but currently I think they are out of stock but I have seen them at Lazada. Also a lot of Instagram stores have it but I'm not sure how reliable they are. I do hope I can find one if I run out though so I don't have to travel abroad to get one. I definitely would though as it is that good.

The color is so pretty and I can't get enough of it. I just think it is the perfect color on me and works so nice for everyday. I's a nudey pink but also can be built up to a dusty rose pink with more pigmentation. Also the opaque color of this is great so it can be quite a light color for your lips but better but with  few coats it is this gorgeous pink. It is matte but isn't too drying. I do put a lip balm on before it and it does the trick nicely. I am actually quite addicted to the scent of this lipstick. I don't know if it is just me but I love opening it up and smelling like a fruity sweet scent. I think it is watermelon I'm not sure but that's what I smell. The scent doesn't linger on your lips but when you open it and apply it on it is. I like that but some of you may be put off with scented lipsticks. I usually have a preview and a swatch on my lips but I have a face of the day wearing this coming up soon so I will leave a link when it is up in the future. 

This is my current favorite spring color at the moment. I loved creating a makeup look featuring this lipstick. I think it's just the prefect time to be experimenting and playing with pink looks and since it is my favorite color it has been so fun. I hope you liked and if you tried this or any other shade in the range let me know. I'm dying to get my hands on a few more shades as I love the formula of this so much. Also let me know what your fave shade is to wear right now and if there are any other colors I should be sporting before spring is truly over.

What is your current favorite lip in Spring?
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Twenty Three | What I Wore

Hello 23!

Happy Saturday! It was my birthday this week and to celebrate it I finally dressed up for the occasion. I think this is one of my first time to take outfit pictures for what I wore on my birthday. I wanted to make it special so I shot it at one of my favorite locations and even did a fun artsy video with it as well. Of course what is a birthday outfit without balloons. I ended up going out beforehand and buying three giant helium balloons but since it was so hot the only white one popped before I got a picture with it. It was fun but a lot of work to get them to corporate with me especially in an open field on a windy day. I have so many outtakes with them in my face and my hair blowing in every direction. Besides that little hiccup I loved how they turned out so without further ado here are the rest of my birthday photo shoot and you can watch the video on my channel below.

Since it was my day I wanted to wear something very princess like so I wore my tulle skirt. I knew I would find a reason to wear it again. It's from Curve Couture and it is just so fun to twirl in. For my top I went out and bought this criss-cross tank top from SM Woman+ and I love that it is kind of on trend and has that detail in the front I have been seeing everywhere. I bought it in two colors and it will be a staple piece in my collection now. I usually hardly wear no sleeve tops but I stepped out of my comfort zone and since it is so hot it was kind of perfect. For the rest I kept it really simple with my Something Borrowed pieces and a red flower necklace I found in a very old jewelry box. I thought it would look so well with it and it did. Next is my favorite heels at the moment and a red bow. That was my birthday outfit and I really liked it!

| top: SM Woman+ {similar}, tulle skirt: Curve Couture {similar},
shoes: Brash, earrings: Something Borrowed, bow: Forever 21 |

That was it for my birthday outfit. So last Tuesday I turned 23. I don't get to sing that T. Swift song anymore. I had a pretty good birthday and finally after a few years I've had a pretty eventful birthday and enjoyed it. I've been saving up and got me something exciting but I might wait to do a separate post on it but it might be a little late as it hasn't arrived. I did a little vlogging that day and I might do a Sunday Summary like I've done in the past on all the details. I also went out and was inspired by watching a few of those cinematic videos and tried to do that to celebrate it on my youtube channel as well not only on my blog. It was so fun to experiment with the editing and the different angles and I played around with twirling in my skirt and doing those hair flips in slow motion. I really hoped you liked it because I worked really hard on it. You can watch that here or below. Even though it is my birthday I thought I'd do a little giveaway in my last post here. I hope you enjoyed and hope next year I could do something like this again.

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What is your perfect birthday outfit?
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