BYS Matte Lipsticks in Celebrity Status & Latte To Go | Review & Swatches

Celebrity Latte

Happy Wednesday! I thought since I didn't have much planned for what I wanted to put out for today's blog post I could do a little round up of my thoughts so far with the BYS Matte Lipsticks. I had these extra pictures that couldn't fit in the review so I had to put them through some good use and they were too good to pass or let them stay in the drafts folder forever. Honestly I just couldn't take time to take any blog pictures this week as it has been so hot and with me taking them on my balcony (since everywhere else in my house is too dark) seems to extreme. I am however may be investing in some lighting soon so maybe I won't sacrifice standing outside for too long to manage these pictures. So enough about my chit chat about the weather and my inability to take pictures and on to a few thoughts I have on this lipstick range as a whole. 

Since I've done two separate reviews already on the two then this will be just a condensed version with my thoughts as a whole. In case you missed them both you can find the Celebrity Status (red one) and Latte To Go (nude one) reviews to see my in depth review.

An overall rating I have so far is maybe a 3 1/2 stars. I liked the lipstick but there were a couple of dance sides. The red one doesn't dry fully matte like it says and can cause transfer but at the same time is really moisturizing and creamy plus super pigmented. The nude one is fully matte but it is now drying and sticks to dry spots but it has nice pigmentation and is a lovely color. So far it is a hit and miss lipstick for me. They are either matte but drying or creamy and not fully matte. The color is lovely, the pigmentation is great and it is super affordable and starting to be pretty accessible for me the brand. I don't think I'll pass up on it quite yet and I believe in second chances so I might experiment with these and buy a few colors I like and suite me first to really give it a go. If you get a chance to try it then go because others might have a different experience and they weren't all bad. I have tried worse but these have hope and can be manageable if you have the time and patient. I hope I justified why I gave them that rating.

That's all for what I thought. If anyone is interested I think I will be doing my how I take blog pictures pretty soon. Well I will if the heat decides to calm down and let me that is. Also I might snapchat a sneak peak since I just love it lately. I just have to wait for my lighting but I can do an indoor and outdoor edition too. I hope you enjoyed this more condensed review of the lipsticks and don't forget I linked both the in depth versions above. Have a lovely Wednesday or whatever day you're reading this!

What matte lipstick has caught your attention lately?
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Easter Dress 2016 | What I Wore

Dressfashion Long Prom Dresses

Positive Bunny

Happy Easter! Like several traditions I have here on fashionxfairytale I am here with this year's Easter dress. This is the third year in a row where I show you what I wore and this is the only holiday I have been consistent in showing you my outfit with Christmas following close behind now. I started back in 2014 for fun as I was on my way out that day but first took a few pictures with my dress on. A few hours before that my mom and I were going through boxes and found some pictures of my Easter as a kid and finding an old dress I had worn. That somehow reminded me I had always taken a picture of my Easter dress so I continued the tradition except now I get to show you here on my blog. It started off in front of my parent's house and last year I moved to my parent's balcony and also this year as well. It's a fun tradition so here is what I dressed in.

For this year's Easter dress I made it a body positive one and became more confidence. I have been so inspired by so many others lately and thought I would just wear a dress. If you didn't know I have worn this dress maybe once or twice on the blog but the difference is I either have a cover up like a cardigan or blazer over it or I make it into a skirt because it is really easy to do. I never just wore the dress because it has no sleeves which at first I wasn't comfortable in with my arms being exposed so much and second the back is very open and it makes it into a two piece. Lately I found myself reading so many things and empowerment online that I wanted to just wear this alone. It feels so good and I feel very pretty in it. Isn't that what matters? I think I have been slowly stepping out of my comfort zones and I like that I am more accepting now. It may be due to the dancing I do every week at ballet and tap class that has made me feel better or all the inspiring things and seeing other girls do their thing and feeling proud of themselves. With all that happened this week with all the body shaming issues here is my way of showing support. It may not be much but for me it is a huge step. I hope everyone takes a moment and just wears a pretty dress that makes them feel beautiful because this one sure did for me.

The dress itself is a nice material and perfect for the spring/summer weather we've been having. It is two different colors the top being a light coral pink and the bottom half or the skirt of the dress is this bright neon coral that is almost orange. It synches perfectly at my waist and creates this bunch there that gives the allusion of a smaller waist. I do like that it is very simple and just a plain dress in the front but in the back is where it gets fun. The top portion breaks off and has buttons running down it and has a pretty scallop edge with embroidery at the end. Then it stops and starts the skirt so as I said making it almost two pieces. At first I was always scared to wear it alone but you know what it isn't as bad as I thought and looks fun and not many plus size dresses have this sort of detail. I hope to find something similar to it again. 

The rest of my outfit I kept pretty simple. I wanted the dress to be the focal piece and it isn't often I do that. So here I go again with this hot air balloon necklace that I said would e wearing a lot more because it goes with everything and just gives the outfit an extra special spark to it. Next are these earrings and they are a little out there but I thought a fun touch to make the whole outfit to have an even more quirky feel. I actually bought these earrings at Claire's when I was 13 or so. That makes them maybe 10 years old almost which is crazy I still have but they were in a jewellery box I had stored away in my old bedroom. I guess I was quite adventurous with accessories when I was a pre-teen because they are the reflective confetti type earrings and remind me of a disco or something. I don't know how or when I can where them again but they add some fun and match the top portion of the dress. The bow to match the dress is the same color as the bottom portion of the dress so you can see how well coordinated all the colors are.  Last are these and I think they are my going to be my go to spring and summer shoe as you will be seeing a lot of them too. I might need to buy another pair soon and maybe a flat sandal as well.

| dress: Forever21 Plus {similar}, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar}, earrings: Claire's {similar}, necklace: Dresslink*, bow: Rita's Boutique |

As for what I did on Easter myself was just dress up and ate pancit (a Filipino noodle dish) with my family. I didn't buy myself any Easter eggs or chocolate this year but I may go out if there is any left and get them on sale. I feel like I was more festive last year as I had a bunny iPhone case and wallpaper but since I upgrading my phone I don't get to use any of them anymore. Other than that it was pretty quiet which is nice too and a relaxing Sunday. I manged to film a get ready with me with this look that I may have out soon however I am such a perfectionist with editing it and making it just right it might take me a while. I like how it turned out so maybe it will be easy to edit but I'd love if I could actually get it done quicker than I anticipate. In the meantime you can subscribe here and also I've been on Snapchat a lot more and capturing some of my day and my silliness so if your curious and want to see it my username is "jackiefairytale" on there. I hope my little speech up there inspired someone because I know some of the things I read inspire me so I hope I gave back even if it is just a little bit. I'd love to know what you did for Easter and hope you had a lot of chocolate. Makes sure to check out my previous what I wore on Easter below. Until I talk about next year's Easter dress!

See my Easter dress from 2015 and 2014!

What dress would you always look confident in?
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Queen Street Sling Bag Dupe for Chole Drew | Fashion Finds

Bag Fit For A Queen

Happy Friday! I'm back at it with a fashion find which was a series I started way back when which is where I feature a fashion item I found and talk to you about. It's like a review of a bag like this will be or a pair of shoes, my favorite accessory I bought or maybe a clothing item so just basically any type of fashion item. I used to do this quite often and mostly every Saturday and they had how I styled an item or a trend as well so it wasn't just of stuff I owned or technically found. If you want to read more fashion finds I have a whole lot here. Today's is about a bag that I am completely in love with and is my favorite thing at the moment. It is so pretty and one of my favorite colors plus it is a dupe for a designer bag I've been lusting after. All and all it is perfect and I will tell you more about it now and how I am liking it!

This was actually not my first choice and I had something else already picked out. I was sure I made up my mind but I kept scrolling and promised myself a few more pages (because there was so many I don't think I could have went through them all) and I would stop at an even number. I guess something was telling me to go on because on the next page I saw this one and instantly felt a connection like we were destined for each other. I hope I'm not the only one who looks at a bag and falls in love like it's a human. However I now had a problem since I loved two bags so much and just couldn't decide myself that I even did a twitter poll on which one I should get but in the end this one won. I totally agree because it is just this perfect thing of beauty.

The thing that really sold me was a big factor in my decision making.One thing I liked about it was a dupe for the Chloe Drew and though I don't have that kind of cash to drop on a bag like that yet I get kind of something similar which I am happy with. The shape is really similar just without the huge lock on the front that I've seen it has in pictures. It's isn't an exact replica which is nice so it doesn't look fake but it has sort of the same look at the same time. I also don't think it comes in a color this bright and has more softer tones but this is really out there and it is the second bag I have in this hot pink shade. 

Description from (here): Let your style come full circle with this Round Sling Bag from Queen Street. This bag features a small yet roomy compartment to store your personal necessities.

- Leatherette
- Chain strap
- Flap detail with gold tone hardware
- Twist lock enclosure

It has this unique shape and is round on the bottom. I actually don't own a bag like this since most are square or rectangle in form. The material is to be describe as leatherette which I think means it just fake and has the same texture. I actually like the scratchy texture of it and it has been a while to have something like it. The gold hardware is perfect since I've been in love with gold lately and love everything to match. The chain is quite comfortable and just the right length so it hits me on the hit which is where I wear my bags generally. The only complaint I have with this bag after making it out with me is if it is quite heavy then the closure unlocks and opens up the flap. It isn't that sturdy and isn't tight so it can turn to open. It's kind of downside and means I can't load it up too heavy but if I have a few essentials then it is fine. So that is the only faulty bit with it but my dad says he can fix it up to make it not open as easily on it's own.

It's quite roomy inside and can fit a lot of things in surprisingly. The lining is black inside and has a brown leatherette patch saying the brand too. I imagined it to be much smaller but when it came I was actually happy that it would be able to fit more stuff. I usually carry my wallet which isn't that big, my iPhone 6 and it can fit a tiny makeup bag filled with makeup touch ups. I also think it will hold quite a lot of lipsticks so if you are a lippie hoarder like me then you'll be able to lug quite a few around at the bottom of this. It has a small pocket inside but probably can't fit my phone so I don't really use it. I even manage to fit a vlogging camera inside and a spare batteries when I took outfit pictures with my Nikon DSLR. As I said only downside was the flap kept opening from the weight and with it over my shoulder. I don't think I'll fill it up as much next time and have it as a nice going out bag instead. The circular shape doesn't affect the storage and it can still fit odd shaped items in it if you need to. Overall I say it was a pretty good bag for the price. It had one kind of not so good thing but the rest was spot on. It is quite durable, the color doesn't get dirty plus the material can be easily wiped off just in case. The chain is sturdy and doesn't snag which I had happen in the past with other bags like this. A pretty good bag to take with me to either dress up or made casually. If you'd like a what's inside my bag for this I'd love to do one but I feel like I just did one in blog form so maybe a video next showing you inside.

Also happy Good Friday if anyone celebrates it. I didn't do much but its nice having a long weekend. That was everything about the bag and how much I freaking adore this thing. I hope you enjoyed this fashion finds of my new favorite bag. I'd love to know if you ever bought a similar looking bag to the one you want or just save up and get the designer one right away. It would be nice to know or maybe I'm the only one. It was so fun to start doing my fashion finds series again and I have a few more coming up and ones I have planned so if you missed them I'm slowly coming back to it. Have a fab Easter weekend lovelies!

What is your dream designer bag?
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Blue Neighborhood | What I Wore

♫ 'Cause When You Look Like That ♫

Happy Wednesday! I'm feeling quite blue lately and it isn't because I'm sad but I've been feeling the color and trying out something new. I'm wearing blue and I think that is quite rare for as of lately all I've been wearing is blush pink or some kind of neutrals. Actually if you look back at one of my first official outfit posts (here) when I got serious with fashion blogging then you can see I wore a blue print top with a matching mint blue bag. I also heard I apparently look good in the color blue by a lot of my friends so I guess I should steer away and try sporting more blue or any other color besides my usual color palette. Well I don't know how many times I said blue but here is another one before we get on with the details of my outfit which I'm sure I'll be saying a few more times in this blog post.

For my outfit besides being all blue is one of my favorites lately. I recently found this top that I haven't worn in ages in my wardrobe and I think the last time I did wear it was in this outfit post here. It's a really light material and very soft but it got a little too big on me and is more slouchy now then it was before and it had more structure back then. It has a key hole in the back which right now it is perfect for the hot weather. I've been so excited to somehow style this skirt that I recently featured in my haul video here. I was going to opt for a plain white tee as I had no idea what to do with it since it was navy. So then I found this combination and thought to try the blue on blue look and surprisingly it worked and they paired up well together. I just love the style and cut of the skirt and look how gorgeous the detailing on it and the stripes of it.

For the rest of the look I decided to try the stacking of necklaces which I really liked. I've been seeing it a lot and finally found two perfect length necklaces to go with each other. I had the crystal heart necklace for a while probably since I was about 11 that my aunt bought me and it's great I still have it around. Also you'll be seeing a lot of my hot air balloon necklace as it is my favorite spring accessory right now and I love playing up the colors it has. To end things of I have two new pieces I showed in my haul which is the bracelet and earrings which made the outfit even more dainty and lastly a velvet teal bow to match my top to wrap everything up.
My favorite part of this outfit besides the skirt has to be the bag. I sported this bag a lot when I first got it as it is such a nice size and looked great with different outfits but it somehow got lost in the sea of bags I own until I found the perfect outfit that it would look great with. It ties in perfectly with the navy of the skirt and also it has the common factor of the stripes together which I was really fond of. I love the symmetry it created matched up like that. Lastly the shoes I went with again matched the bag as the straps are tan on both the bag and sandals. They are the perfect spring shoes and aren't to high to walk in and are pretty comfortable for wedge flats. 
| top: Forever 21, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Minicci, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar}, necklace: Dresslink*, earrings: Something Borrowed*,
bracelet: Something Borrowed*, bow: Forever 21 |

I had a pretty interesting week. I went up to the city which is my favorite thing to do but this time another part of it. This mall in particular has always been fun to explore and as you can see has this pretty rooftop garden that is the perfect backdrop for outfit pictures and the condominium complex in the background with it's mint green color really complimented my blue outfit and they looks so good together. It has all my favorite stores and I was able to do some shopping, have an early birthday celebration dinner for my dad with my family since we didn't know if we would go out or not on his actual birthday. However when this post goes up it's currently his birthday so Happy Birthday Daddy! I was able to do a follow me around vlog that day which was quite fun so I'm just editing that together because I've been trying to vlog for my YouTube channel and maybe I'll combine all the footage so watch out for that. As I mentioned I did a little splurge while I was there so maybe expect another haul video from me since it's going down quite well. I did name this blog post after Troye Sivan's album and I did say I was listening to a lot more music while on my road trip and his came up and I fell in love (more on that later). Another thing is I think it matched really well because I was in blue and I was technically standing in front of someone's neighborhood. Well that's it and a little update of what's been up with me. I hope you liked this outfit as I loved it and it was such a fun day. I'll be eating some birthday cake now.

What color have you've been told you look good in?
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