Favorite Blogs of the Month | February Edition

Leap Day Love

Happy Leap Day! What better to celebrate the extra day of the year by showcasing and sharing the love. I thought this would be fun to do maybe every other month towards the end of it to show the love and feature blogs and maybe youtubers I was loving or even discovered. I was originally going to add a new section to my monthly favorites but I had way too many that I decided to dedicate a whole post on it instead. I did this once before and it went down well (you can see that version here) so here are a few more!

There are a lot of blogs I discover through twitter, and a new way is through other blog's comment section and my comment section and lastly I've been lucky to find a few gem blogs in the Bloglovin' page. My problem with Bloglovin' popular page is I follow most of them already or they are in another language.  I agree with the others because I love finding new reads.

 Laura from Tiny Twisst

Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan

Kim from Love Cloth

Shelby from Lucky Day

Loey from Loey Lane

I have a good selection and didn't mean them all to be fashion blogs but I have been quite enjoying them and getting inspiration and it gives me a chance to see others style and the different poses that I could do. To start off with is Laura's blog and I just love everything about her blog and her pictures deserve to be in magazines all over the world and should be proper editorials. Also she is really lovely and I enjoy reading her blog. Next is Caitlin's blog and this was one I discovered on the popular page and at the time it was the only one I could read the language and she had on a pretty dress that I would love to wear so I clicked and never looked back. I feel like we have similar styles and she just seems so nice and love all her colorful clothes. Third up is Jordan's blog and I was following her on Twitter but some reason when I imported my Bloglovin' feed it wasn't following her anymore but good thing I figured it out because I love her style and she seems like such a genuine person. Also the princess style and her outfits are so pretty. The last two are both from the popular page and if you try hard enough there are a few hidden gems to be discovered. The fourth blog by Kim is just lovely and I love her outfits and love her writing. The fifth one is Shelby's blog and I love her fresh and fun print style. That's it for all blog love for now. The youtube find I discovered is Loey and I found her on the Instagram explore page and saw she uploaded videos. I loved her outfits and when I saw her videos I related so much with her and felt like we kind of have the same body shape so she would be great to get some outfit inspiration. So that was all my blog appreciation post!

This was fun and I was reading a chat on Twitter a few weeks ago or something and said not many share some blog love so here I am maybe giving anyone a new read if you haven't heard of them. I also have discovered new ones by others commenting their blog link in my comments and lately that's how I have been finding new blogs so maybe they will be included in another post like this. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know one of your favorite blogs from this month.

What blog do you recommend checking out?
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Simply Edgy | What I Wore

Edge of Paradise

Happy Saturday! I'm on a roll with my outfits lately and though it's part of a lookbook I'm surprised how many turned out when I was filming and taking photos of the outfit at once. So this was the third one I styled and it is a more comfortable one by far. My outfit is on the edgier side but of course with a touch of my regular girly style at the same time. I had saw an outfit similar to this on twitter by a celebrity (which I didn't know who she was) and wanted to recreate it and I don't do that often. I wanted to make this year trying more styles and you know I am quite girly and trying edgy was really fun. I mean it isn't totally out there edgy but it has my twist which I like that about it.

For my outfit I went with a red top the old cliche color to wear and it was supposed to be a red crop top like what she wore but I didn't have one and this is the closest thing I had but it went for the vibe I was going for. Next was a simple white cardigan on top of that maybe because it was cold but I clearly didn't need one that day and good thing it was a light one. Again, I need to invest in a good pair of black skinny jeans and ones with the ripped knees because I really want to try them myself and everyone seems so cool in them and I just want a pair okay. So I go with leggings to be comfortable instead. Lastly, black ballet flats, my everyday bag, a white necklace to tie in the white cardigan and to finish it off and put my girly touch I tied a red ribbon in my hair.   

| cardigan: Forever 21 Basics, top: H&M, leggings: H&M, bag: Dresslink*,
necklace: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side |

I loved how simply styled this went together and the touch of edgy vibes of it. I guess I should get inspiration from outfits I see others wear because it really does help and you can see what you already have in a new light like I did. I've been having a fun time doing little updates at ends of these so I thought I'll continue. I finished the TV show I talked about in my last post and might have to write about my feelings in a separate one because I go talk about it for days. If I am not blogging I'm usually catching up on my Netflix and next on my list is Grey's Anatomy and I might be starting Fuller House soon. I was supposed to get a haul video up but the editing was bad on it and the try on part is blurry so it's back to re-filming that and hopefully next week I can seriously have it done. I'm such a perfectionist and if one thing is not right I won't be happy with it up. I like all my content to make me feel warm and excited to publish and if it doesn't then it will bug me and won't make me happy. Are any of you like that? It is such a pain and not just my work but everything I do. It was very bad in school so now that it is not just a hobby anymore I like things to be 100% or even more if it can be. I'm hoping it will be up soon but in the meantime it's back to work on it. Well hope you liked this outfit and let me know who has been your style icon at the moment.

What places do you get your fashion inspiration from?
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Juicy Gossip | What I Wore

Girl's Night Out

Happy Wednesday!I'm continuing the rest of the outfits I shoot for my lookbook since I did both and didn't want them to go to waste and use them only for video. This would have to be my favorite of the casual outfits and I do love my bright pink and can't believe I haven't worn this in a while. I would say in person you would see me miles away with how neon it is but its one of the things I love about bright colors especially pairing it with black or darker colors. So here is my second look for my Valentine's series I started.

As I said in my lookbook I thought this would be a great outfit for going out with a few girl friends on a night out but wanting to be comfortable. I thought instead of a body con or little black dress for a night out I went with this half dressed up but still casual at the same time look. For it I went with a neon pink blouse that has a cutout in that back, a pair of leggings but I wanted a nice pair of black skinny jeans but can't seem to find a pair so I'm on the look out for some. Of course a night out calls for some high heels and if you couldn't tell these shoes have been my fave at the moment and go with anything casual or dressed up even. My bag is my Juicy Couture which I don't bring out to often but I always seem to use it when I a wearing hot pink because I love matchy matchy. The accessories I have a statement necklace, another matching hot pink bracelet and a giant pink bow up in a ponytail I learned to do in a tutorial the other day.

| top: Forever 21, leggings: H&M, shoes: Brash, necklace: Forever 21,
bag: Juicy Couture, bow: Broadway Gems |

I already did a little update of my life in the last outfit post so not much is going on at the moment. It has been pretty hard writing this post because I've been glued to my favorite show which at the moment is On The Wings Of Love which is a Filipino show that I started in August and now it has 2 episodes left so my mind has been consumed by it. It has taken me on such an emotional roller coaster that I spend my nights so into it and can't help but cry and laugh over the whole thing. It's such a good show and I don't know what I will be doing with my evenings once it is over (maybe get more blogging done) so that's a little TV update from me. Also I'm working on my video for Friday going up on my channel and thought I would give you a hint that it may be a haul so subscribe here to see it once it is live.

What do you tend to wear on a night out?
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BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status | Review & Swatches

Red lip classic...

Happy Wednesday! It's been a while since I did a lipstick review and that's because I stopped buying more as I needed to step back since I had quite a few colors and not enough lips. That changed and I am back at it but technically I didn't buy this per say because it came in a subscription box. I also thought I was giving up red lips as it isn't Christmas anymore and that's the only time I usually wear a red lip out but then Valentine's Day came around and there I go and sport a red lip a little longer. So here is today's lipstick review which I give my thoughts about the BYS matte lipstick in Celebrity status. 

Description from here: A nice wine shade will always be in, so pick this BYS Matte Lipstick (Celebrity Status) and add it to your lipstick collection. The lipstick features a matte finish, perfect for those looking to go with the 1920s style.

The packaging comes in a sleek, black tube with a semi-matte finish. The cap is clear so it allows you to see the color and also just how much product you still have left in the bullet. The bad thing I find with this lipstick is it doesn’t disappear into the tube completely at first and you have to wait until it’s used up a bit so you have to be extra careful whenever you put the cap back on. I ended up damaging it a little so it has a crease in it ow. I'm glad I didn't completely slice it off on accident. Other than that detail its pretty god. It is plastic all around and has a sticker on the bottom telling you its shade and the batch it was a part of which is really handy. The product ingredients and all that other information you need about it are printed on an attached sticker which keeps the tube sealed which it is kind of hard to remove for some reason.

BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status is a bright red lip color that nearly resembles a red carpet color. My first impression on this lipstick is that this is a very good lip color for parties and special events. I can describe the color not as dark as it appears on the lipstick itself and I thought it would especially under bright and natural light like in the picture. It does appear more dark and a vampy red indoors and in it's tube as well. I was seriously expecting it to be a wine red like it was described and a more fall shade but turns out it was just darker than it appeared to be. I'm not disappointed with the color but I was quite put off but it turns out I like this color a whole lot better because I wear more reds like this instead of those vampy looking shades.

This swatch on my wrist is just one swipe which isn't all that pigmented and quite sheer but then it builds up and turns out to be a gorgeous color.  Here it is on my lips right after I applied it without it drying to a matte. As you can see it is quite moisturizing and I applied this bare with no lip liner or lip balm underneath. I applied it straight from the tube to my lips which was really easy and the pointed tip really let me maneuver it and get it in the lines in my cupids bow. It also doesn’t bleed or feather, so maybe a lip liner isn’t necessary but it will help to make it last longer on the lips. I didn't have a hard time applying it and it is quite smooth and didn't stick to any dry patches but it did settle into my lines as you could see up close but not really noticeable far away. The formula was very surprising as it’s creamy and glides on smoothly like an ordinary lipstick and not a matte one. I usually have to stop and go again with a matte shade but this just flows. When it is first applied it has more of a satin finish to it and then it becomes slightly more matte after a little while but not completely.

I was expecting this lipstick to have a matte finish like it says but it doesn’t quite go all the way matte or what I think a matte is supposed to look like. It does dry after a few minutes, becoming slightly more matte, and that’s about it. It's kind of matte but I find it still transfers. As a result, unlike a typical matte lipstick I'm use to which dries right away and hardly leaves any marks this transferred to anything it touched. Maybe it was me right after I applied it but it still transfers a little after a few hours of wear unlike a lot of other matte lipsticks I’ve tried before. It does however eventually dry completely and it has the stained look about it. Despite the transfer, you don't need to reapply after blotting since the color really stays on the lips. It started to fade but mostly in the center however the lipstick does leave a remainder of it on the lips so there is color still there and you don’t need to touch up right away. It is long lasting and the color stays it just has a stain effect and isn't as vibrant when you first apply which I do quite like it slowly creates an ombre effect.

This next swatch is it a few hours after and it dried to a matte but it is still moisturizing which is nice. After a while it settles in and becomes a nice color and it did come off with drinking which I don't know how I feel about that. I guess if I wiped off the excess it wouldn't have done it. At the end of the day I noticed it did dry my lips out a bit and felt like it was chapping them but as I said I didn't apply lip balm so if I did it probably wouldn't have done that so here is a reminder to add your fave lip balm before application. I also included swatches of my Maybelline Downtown Red (you can read that review here) which I thought was my holy grail red lip but this is kind of replacing that. So here is the swatch side by side with one swipe and then a couple swipes. They aren't really similar which at first I thought they would be close but seeing them side by side there is quite the difference. The one on the bottom is the Maybelline and is a more blue toned red while the BYS is a true red and not as blue toned. I prefer the color of the BYS one and is nice true red color.

Overall Experience
I do love this lipstick and it has it's ups and downs but it’s still a great red with good wear time.  It wasn’t what I was expecting a lot of the time and it surprised me but still quite a good lipstick for my standards. I don't think I would buy this exact shade again unless they improve it but I'm not put off with trying more colors and maybe this is the faulty one and you never know that other colors are better.

My rating is:
This is a quite a good lipstick but it isn't perfect. There are a few flaws but it isn't totally a thumbs down for me. The color and pigmentation is lovely and can last and I don't mind if I need to touch it up or not. The thing with the dryness can be fixed and the not being completely matte and the transfer could be looked over if you prefer which for me I can do just fine. I haven't found the perfect red lipstick for me but at the moment in my collection this is winning. It takes up some of your time with getting the right application but though the formulation can be improved it does have a great color.

- Pigmented
- Color is good for a lot skin tones
- Lovely red shade
- Easy to apply

- Packaging (Cap is easily removed in my makeup bag)
- Messy to apply (Because it's easy to glide on the lips)
- Slow to dry
- Not fully matte

That was my review for the BYS Matte Lipstick and my final verdict of what I thought about. I did wear it in a couple of my outfit posts so if you want to see it in action there in my last style post and my lookbook. Even with my mixed thoughts in the end I am liking in it and it can be manageable. So I hope you enjoyed this review and if you tried this or any other colors let me know what your thoughts were. 

What is your holy grail red lipstick?
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Tutu Goddess | What I Wore

Ballerina & Princess Vibes

Happy Friday! Today I am channeling my ballerina vibes and wearing a tutu out and about instead of inside ballet class. This was apart of my Valentine's Day Lookbook which if you missed it you can see that here. I loved this look enough that I needed to post the pictures along with it. I feel like such a princess in this and been dying to own one and kind of be that blogger who styles the tulle skirt. I am such  fan of them and who can blame me because look how whimsical and romantic they look. Also I am a ballerina so a tutu is not outside of the ordinary for me. So see me twirl and the outfit details of this special look I styled.

For my outfit I have on a crop top since I didn't know what else to style with the tulle skirt. I do like the gold floral print and thought it would look good with red. The star of the show here is of course the tutu. I am in love with this and how much of a princess can you feel in this. I finally got my hands on this and it has been such a dream. It is the perfect length and can be worn high waisted or not but since I was in a crop top I really didn't wanted it a little higher on me which I don't mind since it still was long enough.The material is quite nice and doesn't have much tulle but  don't mind because it is fluff enough and I thin on me it is just the right amount. I paired it with my kitten platform heels which are my dream shoes at the moment and dressy up so many of my outfits. Last we have a glossy red clutch, a white statement necklace and a red bow to finish the whole outfit.

| top: Forever 21, tutu skirt: Curve Couture, shoes: Brash,
clutch: Gift, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfits and right now my favorite one I have worn this year. I might have said that before but seriously right now this beats it. Now I just need to find an occasion and reason to wear it again. A little update from me though and you might have missed I didn't blog Wednesday and that was because I was out of town and I did have a blog post ready to go but minor details to tweak but I decided to take time off plus my cousin left for the Middle East to join his wife down there and we took him to the airport at 6 am and of course I went to bed at 3am so no sleep for yours truly and the minute I got back to my place I passed out and woke up and it was dark outside. That meant I was so mixed up with my sleep schedule that past few days that it was difficult for me to do anything. I got the must needed rest though and I am back on track. I did mean to have a video on my channel and a different blog post for today but I still need to export the video and take pictures for the blog post so I moved it to next week to give me more time to perfect everything. I did have a mighty fine and busy week but now that everything has settled again I am right on schedule for everything and it was a nice few days away from social media. I did do a little snapchat vlogging on my road trip so if you want to see mini adventures of mine I am using it quite more these days so follow me: jackiefairytale!

What outfit would you make you feel like a princess?
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