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Happy Monday! This is probably one of my last spring/summer kind of outfit for a while. I shot this a few months back but forgot about them and then when I plugged in my spare memory card I found these and thought I'd share it with you still. Now my style and color choices have slowly darkened up a bit and I love those shades this time of year. I'm sure I'll love my blush still but try to incorporate it a little. So I'll just show you the outfit now.

For the outfit I'm back with my chambray skirt. Then my blush lace top which went great with the skirt. I have a lot more accessories with this outfit so to start with I wanted to pair this with a flower crown and the garden setting really helped. I went with a nude pair of sunglasses, my bow necklace, pink bag as always and gray ballet flats to finish the outfit.  

| top: SM Woman {similar}, skirt: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bag: Forever 21, sunglasses: Forever 21, shoes: American Eagle {similar} flower crown: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit. I had a fun weekend and got to go with my cousin to the mall and bought some exciting things. The outfit I wore on this day however I still kind of remember even if it was a few months ago now I think. This is one of my first visits to this water garden and since then I have taken a few there. We went out for dinner, caught some Pokemon and went home. It's been pretty chilled and I pretty much stayed home on Sunday and had a nice lie in until I went out for the weekly shop and bought a few beauty bits for a video for next week which is exciting. Not much to update you on for once. I usually have a long paragraph saying what I was doing but it's been quiet for me this week. So that's it for me and hope you have a fab week ahead!

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  1. You look FAB! Great outfit :D xx


  2. You look gorgeous, that skirt is so nice! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. the hoop as it emphasizes all your image. thanks for the idea! and paper writer you will come in handy for writing blog


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