Festival Pool Party | What I Wore

Bohemian Princess Vibes Only

Happy Friday! Shall I say festival Friday! If you couldn't tell today's outfit was very inspired by Coachella or my take on it anyway.  I went with a festival fashion look. This is my first time trying that sort of bohemian going to a festival vibe and I think it was pretty fun. Of course I added my girly twist to it as always but I am loving this whole outfit. Everything that I wore or have in this outfit are from my recent haul video and this is my take on styling it all together. I told you I was buying these for my summer trip and I managed to use quite a bit of it the first day. Again this is a pretty brave outfit for me. I've said in the past that I've gotten more comfortable in these summer outfits and hope you are okay with them too. I have a few variations of the past years summer outfits here and here or here. It's so fun I get to share with you these kinds of looks and get more and more comfortable with my body. So to continue the body confidence here are all the details of what I wore.

For the outfit again everything pretty much is from Forever 21. The crochet top is this pretty blush pink and a perfect cover up for swimsuits. The crochet detailing is so pretty and has flowers in it. I have on my swimsuit underneath which is a one-piece. I wanted to switch it up this year and was tired of my previous years two piece. The shorts are this distressed pair and I really like them on. They aren't too short and they fit nicely. For accessories I just have my flower crown because it looked so cute with the outfit and as I said I wanted it to have that festival look about it. I have a nude pair of ct eye sunnies on to keep the sun out. The bag I took was a freebie when I bought a few things at the SM Department store which worked out perfectly and ended up matching the outfit. lastly I just wore these rainbow striped flip flops as they were the only ones I had but who cares if they matched since I wasn't really wearing them the whole time. If I was going to a some sort of festival this is exactly what I would have in mine maybe minus the swimsuit unless there involved swimming.

| top: Forever 21+, swimsuit: Forever 21+ {similar}, shorts: Forever 21+,
flip flops: American Eagle {similar}, bag: SM Dept. Store {similar},
sunglasses: Forever 21, flower crown: Forever 21 |

This is an outfit I wore to a pool resort with my family and of course I had to take a time out to shoot these. These are pretty old and was taken before I injured my hip so about end of April I think. It really isn't quite summer anymore as it has been raining in the afternoons but this makes me miss the very sunny hot days. It was a really fun day and I even did some filming since I got a go pro like camera for my birthday. Of course there is a vlog to go with this post which you can watch below or here. The people who went was my 2 older cousins which 1 drove and doesn't live with us and then the other male cousin who stays at my parent's house. I also took my 2 younger cousins, my aunt and lastly my nephew. We all had a fun day and I really loved filming different clips for it and it's a nice day to look back on. We did have a mishap with the water slide and if you watch the vlog you might spot it and I laugh every time I watch it. I'm thinking it should go on one of those mishap shows. I'm just surprised my cousin got it on film. So watch the vlog to see what I'm talking about and a little glimpse from that day oh and subscribe too if you haven't already. I hope you have a fab weekend and hope someone goes out swimming as I miss it.

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What would you wear to a festival styled pool party?
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Wish List | Hoodies

| 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 |

In the Hood

Happy Wednesday! It looks like I'm on a wish list bug lately. This round I have a couple of hoodies I have my eye on. Since it has been cooler lately it has go me excited for the jackets and hoodies I can pull out again. I use to laugh at everyone who wore winter clothing when it was storming here in Manila but I think they got the right idea since when will you get to wear these kinds of clothing unless there is a huge storm. Now I've just embraced it and bring a coat with me whenever the weather cools down. When the tidestore.com got in touch and asked if I wanted to do a post for them I agreed since I love looking at new clothing items to buy especially with stores online lately because of how fun online shopping is for me. They have a wide selection including wholesale women tops and cheap hoodies online which I browsed through to select which hoodie I liked. I was excited to find such cute ones and ones with pretty colors. So here are the top 6 picks I choose from.

The first one reminded me of Pretty Little Liars so why of course I choose it. Who doesn't want to look like Red Coat with this on? Maybe it can be worn like regular or even a Halloween costume. I don't think it's too early to think about because honestly I've already put thought into who I want to be this year and maybe add this to my list of costume ideas. It's still a nice coat no matter how you see it and I've never had one with buttons down the front in this style so I find it so cute. I picked this second hoodie because it reminds me of the one I had except mine was white. I loved it so much and wore it everyday especially with how cold it was when I lived in the US. It had the fur and everything which was so soft and kept me nice and warm. That's why I had to pick it because if I had a style of clothing before I'm bound to choose it again. Plus the color of the one I did pick and the fur look nice and just snugly to be wrapped in. The third one I picked is quite similar to what I wore in my last outfit post. I think I caught the animal print trend and really am attached to the leopard print as it just looks so chic and fashionable. I like how long it is and how it is cinched in giving some shape to the hoodie. It's not just a basic black hoodie but has some style and edge to it instead of being all plain.

The fourth hoodie I choose was a grey one but the zpper is off to the side. I've always seen one but never got into it. It does look cute and I love the darker grey of it. The fifth is a sweatshirt hoodie and the only one I picked in this style. I'm not much a fan of them since I like having the zipper to be taken off easily in case it warms up again. I do think it has nice detailing on the sleeve. It's still a good hoodie and at east I switched up the look. The last one I picked is what I call the stole your boyfriend hoodie. For some reason your boyfriends clothing is more comfortable than ours so we end up wearing it. Even though this is a female one it does have that vibe to it and its like a basic baggy hoodie made perfect for lounging in or running a quick errand. Also I feel like it would be a great workout one. I had one like this as well which was white and I loved it so getting a basic grey would be a great choice too.

That was all my choices and what I thought about the hoodies. After looking through them it made me miss my collection. When I lived in the US I had one in different styles and all kinds of different colors to go with my outfit that day. I was all about that hoodie life and miss wearing them so often. You get used to the humidity that I don't think about wearing them anymore. I do have cardigans and cover ups and one hoodie I wear but I miss the times I needed it more often. Let me know if you are a hoodie person or just like a coat or jacket instead. I hope you have a good rest of the week.

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What is your favorite style of hoodie?
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Leopard Love with Zaful | What I Wore

Minimal in the front Leopard in the back

Happy Monday! The lovely people at Zaful got in contact with me and offered to send me a few things from their site. Since I am doing a lot more outfit posts now I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try out different company's and even different style of clothing for once. After I got done picking and ordering which it was hard to choose from all the different items they offer it was on it's way to me and came in pretty fast. I got a text the next day say it was dispatched and it arrived a few days later due to it being the weekend I think. I was so surprised how quick and it was sent through DHL and had a tracking number. I wasn't expecting such great service since company's I worked for in the past took quite some time to get to me. So now if I buy from there I know how quick it will get to me. Now for the details of what I'm wearing.

For the outfit I went for something you may not be used to seeing. I went for pretty much an all black look which if you have seen most of my outfits I usually inject quite a lot of color. As I said I'm trying to do a little bit of mixing it up and add some neutral colors in my wardrobe. Also since the weather has cooled down and it is very rainy the past 3 days because of the storm it is perfect to throw on a sweater. Speaking of the sweater this is one of the items I ended up choosing from Zaful. It is a black sweater but in the back it has leopard print and it's much longer than the front. It's quite soft and not too thick or too thin of fabric. I was afraid of the size but it pretty much fits. It's kind of baggy so it can be an oversized sweater and long enough to fit over leggings as well. To pair with the sweater I went with a skater skirt. It might be cool but it isn't cold quite yet so I can still get away with wearing shorter things on the bottom. Next I went with my satchel bag and the gold hardware on it makes it a great match with the leopard print on the back. The sandals are also the same color scheme as the sweater too. For accessories I went with just earrings this time and I choose a stud spike pair to add to the edginess of the outfit and lastly a velvet black bow to tie it all together.

| jumper: Zaful*, skirt: Forever 21+, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar},
bag: Dresslink*, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I just went out on Saturday to shoot this again as the previous time I initially shot them they didn't turn out how I wanted. I didn't just go out to shoot these but went out with my aunt, cousin and even dad this time and we went to a mall a few towns over from where I live. My cousin got a facial, I did a bit of shopping (when do I not) and looked at new laptops and furniture for me. I was planning on getting an upgrade for my current laptop I blog on and desk so I'm not always at the dinning table or my bed. After that we went to dinner and got pizza which is my favorite thing to get and I got home pretty late probably around midnight or so and didn't get to bed until I edited the pictures to make sure it goes up in time. Good thing the next day on Sunday I had a nice long lie in and was pretty lazy just relaxing all day. So a pretty chilled weekend for me. I hope you had a great one and enjoy the rest of the week.

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Fanfest | What I Wore


Happy Friday! To end the week I thought I'd share the outfit I wore to the Youtube Fanfest when it was here in Manila. I' quite a fan of this outfit (hehe) and  I like how I combined the girly vibe and then also edgy. I've been enjoying mixing styles and trying things I never thought I would like. Also in my latest haul video I show you these items here and this is how I would style it together.SO let me show you the outfit and the vlog of the day I went too below.

For the outfit, I'll start with my blush pink top. It is so loose and flowy but looks so pretty on. It is sort of a crop top but doesn't like expose anything but it sure is shorter than I am use to. It has quite a big open back and this cutout detail on the shoulder. Finally I got to wear my black skinny jeans. It's too bad I was injured wearing them so they were uncomfortable at the time if not they would have been great. I thought you I would mind the rips in the knees but I somehow forgot about them and they're not too bad. Also they are so easy to style and they will come in handy when the weather gets cooler. The accessories I have my bow necklace, pink bracelet and of course a matching pink bow which I put on the side and pinned back my hair and can I say how much I love m hair in these pictures. The bag jus went so well as well and my shoes were my sandals and they seemed to go good with the pants. 

| top: Forever 21, black jeans: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar},
bow: Forever 21, earrings & bracelet: Something Borrowed,
necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bag: Forever 21 {similar} |

That was my outfit I wore to the Youtube Fanfast. I had an amazing time and the show was great. There were so many youtubers and I felt liked I belonged with everyone filming and bloggers taking outfit pictures too. Everyone was there doing something like that and not getting looks for once. I loved this outfit and love how it turned out. I just wish I didn't have a hip injury in these pictures but I was fresh from my swollen hip and wearing skinny jeans really shows it off more. So if you are wondering why I'm slightly leaning or my left side is slightly bigger that's why. I've been gathering outfit posts as well so some might be me with my injured hip and some are recent without the injury since I'm feeling quite better with it now. If it wasn't obvious this was taken a while ago but I've been putting off editing the vlog of that day as I used 3 cameras and recorded almost 2 hours of footage to go through. This blog post however has been done for a while but I wanted to post them together. With that being said please watch it here or down below. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and the video that accompanied it. So have a great weekend and hope you do something fun

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