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| dress // bag // sandals // earrings // necklace // watch |

Monochrome Summer Outfit

Happy Wednesday! It's been a while since I've done a wish list but it's been probably 5 years since I did an outfit inspiration wish list. I remember when I first started this blog that I use to do these quite often and loved styling different outfits so since it was my fifth year of blogging this month I thought I would do an early throwback for you. So here is a short outfit wish list I did when Banggood contacted me in creating a wish list for them.

The outfit is pretty simple. I got a lot of inspiration from pieces I've seen in stores lately and in some of my favorite fashion blogs. I've been on a lookout for a dress in this style with the ruffle and it being off the shoulder. I just feel like it is the perfect summer dress to wear everywhere and for any occasion. I might choose a brighter color but I've been wanting to steer away from color and try a monochrome color palette for once. As for the sandals I love the dressy kind of flip flops especially for summer and they can be worn during day or night. The bag is the first thing that caught my eye because it is Sailor Moon and cat inspired all together. I love the bag with the dress and it gives it a cutesy vibe. The accessories are pretty simple with a cute choker that is so in right now and it looks amazing with the dress. I went for a boho feel with the dream-catcher earrings and just a simple gold watch since I never wear one but I think I should. Last is sunglasses because you cant have summer without sunglasses.

It's definitely a new style for me but I think trying something new is a good thing and I should mix it up once in a while. I love the whole thing together and watch out if I find a dress like this in my size and similar accessories I will be so into this look. Let me know if you like the outfit and if it is your style or not. Also if you like these sort of wish list inspiration of outfit kind of posts than I'd love to do more and explore different styles and aesthetics.

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What is a style you've been meaning to try this summer?
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May Favorites 2016 | Beauty & Lifestyle

It May be a Favorite!

Happy Monday! I wish I could say happy June like always when I start this post but it has been June for almost 2 weeks now so I kind of spoiled it. This month's favorites post is kind of late due to me taking a semi-hiatus due to a family death. I made it a goal to do all 12 months this year so I am still going to stick to that commitment at least it is only late instead of not posting it at all and end up breaking my record. Since I was all scrambled around last month I unfortunately have to make it short because I didn't have too many favorites but I knew sooner or later that will happen. My routine was all messed up and I was going places every minute and I had so many family members come to town for the funeral it was a chaos to remembered what I used and what I loved with all the stress. I did have a cold too this month plus my hip injury so that played into my problems as well. In the end May wasn't my month but we all have those months especially when something major happens. I guess I should get on with my babble and finish my May monthly summary as it seems this paragraph all of a sudden turned into one without me realizing it. Onto chapter 5 of my monthly favorites and what I loved in the month of May.

Wet N Wild Angels in Aubergine Eyeshadow Palette
First up on my favorites was an eyeshadow palette from Wet N Wild called Angels in Aubergine. During the first of the month I was into adding the pink shade and having an all pink makeup look. It was especially perfect for concert makeup so I quite enjoyed playing with the colors in this palette. It is quite pigment and for the price it was so amazing so it made it in my favorites for the month. I have a review on this here if you want to see my thoughts and swatches of the colors.

Suesh C219 Concealer
Since I was loving an eyeshadow, I think a concealer will be next up. My skin has been pretty okay at the moment (knock on wood) so I just need some cream concealer under my eyes to conceal my dark circles and it clearly has worked because my pictures have been quite nice. It is the perfect shade and I think I need to do a review on this as it is amazing. I am loving how it blends in and it looks pretty dark and orange but somehow matches me extremely well.

Happy Skin x Pond's Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie
Last makeup item is a lippie. I pretty much have all my makeup I've been wearing all month long. A little eyeshadow, a flawless base and a nude pink lip. This was a perfect color and I've been loving matte lips and colors just like this. It isn't drying and goes on smooth. It is probably the perfect summer color for me besides a hot pink lip. Also it is so small I can take it anywhere with me. There is also a review I did here with swatches and what it looks like on my lips.

Orly Nail Polish in Swizzle Stick
The summer nail color has come out. I always have to take out my hot pink nail polish especially since it is the perfect color that is bright and matched my swimsuit perfectly that's why I took it out in the first place. I think it is my holy grail color because it is always makes it way out.

Petroleum Jelly
I guess this had to be added since I use it quite frequently. I put it on my elbows and ankles since the weather can change from hot to cold and me going in and out of an ir condition room to car and then out into the humidity. I was using lotion but my aunt recommended this stuff and I think I quite like it better so I added it in because it is a nice beauty hack and it does wonders for the cuticles as well.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt // TV Show
My TV show of the month was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. During the first of the month when nothing much was going on and I was in bed on bed rest trying to let my hip heal I binged watched the whole second season in one whole evening, in one whole sitting, in just a mere couple of hours. I loved season 1 and it was really funny so when I learned season 2 came out I ran (technically limped) to my laptop to open Netflix to begin my night. It was absolutely amazing and I just loved their is a character named after me. I seem to always love the shows that are so hyped up because I end up loving them. If you haven't watched it you  should because it is a light comedy and of course some twists and is perfect for a quick binge watch. It made me feel better even though I was suffering from my hip pain but I think it made it worse since every time I laughed I would hurt it and strain it some more. Oh well it was fun and I can't wait for season 3 because the ending was OMG. (don't worry I won't say anything and spoil it for you.)

Little Mix // Music
Since I went to their concert in May all I've been doing is listening to their album non-stop the whole month. I featured their album in November saying I love the whole thing and can't get enough of it. I even played the Get Weird album and I mean the physical CD which I bought in my car's CD player on the way there. I was able to loop it about 3 times before I even got to the concert venue. Even though the Get Weird album is supposed to be a favorite I choose just to have the artists as a favorite instead. The songs I loved the most in May in no particular order since they are all equally loved by me were Salute, Move, Lightning, Hair (again), Grown, Love Me Like You and Secret Love Song Pt. II.

That was it for the fifth part of my monthly favorites. I hope you are enjoying this series. I love doing it and I hope maybe one of these months I can film it like I used to. It was sort of short as I said but it was nice that I got it done and it made me miss setting up blog pictures again and get back into it. I've been doing a lot more outfit pictures so I put the beauty pictures on hold because it is so much easier to do outfits right now I feel like. It has rekindle the spark for other kinds of blog pictures though. I think that's enough for my monthly update technically and hope all of you have a great week ahead of you.

What has kept you busy in the month of May?
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Bright Pink | A Summer FOTD

Playing With Brights

Happy Friday! It's a very exciting one not only because it is the start of the weekend but because 1) I have a new video up on my Youtube channel finally and 2) I am doing a ace of the day which I haven't done in forever. I decided I want to try and do more of these since it gives me an excuse to play with my makeup collection and try out different looks just because. Right now this is my go to summer look and the items I use whenever I go out or something. I have it in a routine where I can get it done quite fast and be out the door. So let's just jump right in to what is on my face shall we...

Products Used:
Covergirl Eyeshdow Blast
Pixy Eyeshadow Duo in Sorreal Brown (review)
Nichido Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
Happy Skin Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo (review)
Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
Collection Colour Match Foundation (review)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Plus
Suesh 3 Pan Concealer
BYS Contour Trio in Sweet (review)
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium (review)
Nivea Lip Butter
Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick in POW2 (review)
MAC Prep & Prime Fix+

My look I wanted very minimal but a nice pop of color. For me summer I always love everything bright and pops because the sun is always shinning. I also don't like so much makeup because of the hot and humidity that it will either melt off or you'll be a sweaty mess. I finally found a compromise and was quite happy with the result. I start off with my eyes lately because I seem to need more practice in this area and if I already apply my base I just mess up and have to wipe it again so I finally learned eyes first. I' love to know how you do your makeup order. So starting with eyes I didn't want a very visible look so I started off with a champagne cream eyeshadow as a base and apply a light peachy pink all over my lid then a matte brown lightly blending it in my crease for a subtle smokey effect. I try my best with winged eyeliner but slowly I am getting better and it's starting to look somewhat good. I'm then going to use mascara and volumize my lashes. Once the eyes are done I do my eyebrows and I've been loving just filling them in slightly and since they are nicely shaped at the moment it is super easy for me.

I then start off with the base and apply a primer with my hands all over my face and my oily areas to try and stay matte all day. I use a foundation brush to apply the foundation but sometimes I substitute it with a BB Cream so try that if you don't want something so heavy. I don't apply this too thick so I am fine. The concealer is cream and a perfect match so I apply it as a v shape on my under eye circles and blend it in. Lastly I take a fine milled powder with a large powder brush and dust it all over to set it in and be somewhat matte all day. The contour and highlighting is so complicated for me nowadays but I do it very lightly. I take a bronzer first to give some color then contour my cheeks with a angled blush brush which I also use to apply highlight and my choice of blush for a rosy fresh glow. After that I apply lip balm to moisturize my lips and apply the lip color which is a bright hot pink shade. I kept the whole makeup look neutral but made it pop with the bright lip shade. The final step is I take a setting spray and apply it all over to finish it off and set everything for all day and make it last through the humidity and heat from being outside.

I also linked all the products I already have reviews up if you want to see my thoughts on the makeup separately. If you want to see how I actually did the makeup well I have a Get Ready With Me I just filmed inclusding my sumer makeup, how I do my hair and also an outfit which you can watch here or down below.

That's my face of the day. I really enjoyed this and found it so fun. This also gives me a reason to play with makeup more often and do some practicing also not letting my makeup go to waste being displayed on my vanity all the time. I hope to do more of these and maybe try and experiment with more looks. Let me know if you like them and want to see something else like. Also don't forget you can watch my video here. Have a lovely weekend and hope some of you spend the time playing with makeup like I plan to. 

What is your summer makeup look like this year?
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Little Mix | What I Wore

Love Me Like You

Happy Wednesday! This is a very special outfit because this is what I wore to the Little Mix Get Weird Tour here in Manila. It was my first concert and I said in my birthday wish list here that I wanted to get tickets and I ended up getting which was very exciting. I had a blast and they were amazing live but I'll talk more about that later and just show you what I wore.

For my outfit I was inspired mostly by Little Mix's style together or I tried to anyway. I took the girls style and put my style and created this outfit. I've seen Perrie wears a lot of bohemian pieces which are totally trending this summer and Jade has this girly cutesy style but Jesy is sort of edgy and Leigh Anne is pure glam so this was my take to it. I might not be spot on but I loved this outfit and it was perfect as it was so hot after dancing and singing along all evening. I put this white cutout design off the shoulder top I recently bought at H&M and then a denim skater skirt in a darker wash instead of my other A-Line denim skirt in a light wash. The accessories were my new everyday bag from Forever 21 that I wanted for my birthday which I got, nude cat eye sunglasses, a floral headband kind of matching the girl's Get Weird album and since they are so colorful I knew it was fitting. Also I have ribbons with the girls colors tied around my wrist as a fan project and it was my first concert so I wanted to join the fun. Last thing I went with some white t-strap sandals which I can see being my new summer sandal favorite.

My top is my favorite part of the outfit. I've seen a lot of off the shoulder tops recently especially on Vogue and Elle Magazine so I love that I finally picked up a top similar. Also all of my fave bloggers have been sporting these pretty off the shoulder tops and I like getting my inspiration from them too. In fashion school we read article after article about predicting summer trends and this year I think it is totally in style and I for once am in love with it. Usually I don't follow trends too closely but this cold shoulder kind of top made it too hard to resist. I know this will be a summer staple of mine for sure.

| top: H&M, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Forever 21, shoes: American Eagle,
headband: Forever 21, bracelet: Something Borrowed, sunglasses: Forever 21 |

That is what I wore to the concert. I'll have the concert vlog up as soon as I get it edited together and uploaded. It was such a memorable night and so fun. I'll let you know when it is up and the pictures I took that night. I'm so glad Little Mix was my first concert as they were amazing and just too good. So enough gushing about them and I have more fun things I did last month to blog about so stay tuned for that.

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What is your perfect concert outfit?
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