Ballerina & Princess Vibes

Happy Friday! Today I am channeling my ballerina vibes and wearing a tutu out and about instead of inside ballet class. This was apart of my Valentine's Day Lookbook which if you missed it you can see that here. I loved this look enough that I needed to post the pictures along with it. I feel like such a princess in this and been dying to own one and kind of be that blogger who styles the tulle skirt. I am such  fan of them and who can blame me because look how whimsical and romantic they look. Also I am a ballerina so a tutu is not outside of the ordinary for me. So see me twirl and the outfit details of this special look I styled.

For my outfit I have on a crop top since I didn't know what else to style with the tulle skirt. I do like the gold floral print and thought it would look good with red. The star of the show here is of course the tutu. I am in love with this and how much of a princess can you feel in this. I finally got my hands on this and it has been such a dream. It is the perfect length and can be worn high waisted or not but since I was in a crop top I really didn't wanted it a little higher on me which I don't mind since it still was long enough.The material is quite nice and doesn't have much tulle but  don't mind because it is fluff enough and I thin on me it is just the right amount. I paired it with my kitten platform heels which are my dream shoes at the moment and dressy up so many of my outfits. Last we have a glossy red clutch, a white statement necklace and a red bow to finish the whole outfit.

| top: Forever 21, tutu skirt: Curve Couture, shoes: Brash,
clutch: Gift, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfits and right now my favorite one I have worn this year. I might have said that before but seriously right now this beats it. Now I just need to find an occasion and reason to wear it again. A little update from me though and you might have missed I didn't blog Wednesday and that was because I was out of town and I did have a blog post ready to go but minor details to tweak but I decided to take time off plus my cousin left for the Middle East to join his wife down there and we took him to the airport at 6 am and of course I went to bed at 3am so no sleep for yours truly and the minute I got back to my place I passed out and woke up and it was dark outside. That meant I was so mixed up with my sleep schedule that past few days that it was difficult for me to do anything. I got the must needed rest though and I am back on track. I did mean to have a video on my channel and a different blog post for today but I still need to export the video and take pictures for the blog post so I moved it to next week to give me more time to perfect everything. I did have a mighty fine and busy week but now that everything has settled again I am right on schedule for everything and it was a nice few days away from social media. I did do a little snapchat vlogging on my road trip so if you want to see mini adventures of mine I am using it quite more these days so follow me: jackiefairytale!

What outfit would you make you feel like a princess?
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