Pastels Are Back

Happy Monday! I'm really into painting my nails at the moment and I think it shows since I am here with another Manicure Monday. This time with a very pretty pink color to kick things back into place. It's that time for me to bring out the pastel polishes. I enjoyed the dark autumn colors I did there for a while and then we have the festive season where reds and golds are fun to wear but I am so excited to bring back my pastel hues especially now that the color or should I say colors of the year are out and they are so pretty. I am in love with rose quartz and think I will enjoy buying so many clothes with that color palette this year and also all the makeup collections too. Since blush pink which has been my color obsession behind hot pink of course I will be liking the color and I kind of already have. This I don't think is the exact rose quartz shade but I do love this color. So why don't I just show you how pretty a color it is.

I actually imagined this to be very light and a baby pink nail polish. When on my nails I feel like it is a dusty rose color but not as dark. I can't describe it but it is this rosey hue and not as pastel as the bottle. It does have a nude and peachy coral vibe as well so it just depends on the lighting. I think in real life it is a lot darker in the bottle and it does translate on my nails kind of how it is in the bottle so the color isn't fake and I was happy with that since it is just awful when they don't end up matching together.

I applied the polish in three coats. The first two were pretty thick and the last one I made sure to do a thin coat. It did apply a little streaky at first but after the second coat it was fine and it was opaque by then. I could have left it at two but I still saw a few streaks and my nail so I went a little more and it did the trick. Since it is a light color I understand for this to happen and don't mind applying the extra coat. The brush is nice and good size that can coat my nails in one swipe or two if I'm trying to be careful. It did a good job so I can't complain.

| BYS Nail Enamel - Baby Bloom | Orly Gel Top Coat |

I think I found my new nail color obsession for the month or maybe more. It is so nice and really like how it turned out. The first picture was taken indoors under a lot of light and the second was in natural lighting. In any light it is such a nice color. It stayed on quite nicely and lasted me about a week. There was still some tip wear but it's normal as I type a lot and do things with my hands but really surprising. I honestly didn't want to expect too much because I know not a lot of nail polishes last too long on me so this however went past my expectations and did so. I did use my Orly top coat so maybe that might have helped as well. It made it so shiny and looked like a gel manicure and I eve got compliments so I guess this is a winning duo for me. I think this means I need to pick up a few more shades.

That is it and I know you will be seeing more of my pastel nail polishes as I am wasting no time busting them out and have added quite a few to my collection from previous month so it will be exciting to see my favorite colors again. I'd also love to know what you think about the colors of the year and if you will be incorporating any into either your wardrobe or makeup. I think ever since fashion school and I learned about the Pantone color and marsala I become obsessed and can't help but gravitate towards it myself. So I hope you liked my manicure and mini review of trying my first BYS nail polish. Until my next manicure Monday!

What do you think of the colors of the year?
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