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Glitz & Glam - Sparkle & Shine

Happy Friday! A very happy one when it involves dressing up and going out to a launch party. I was invited to one last Saturday and this is what I wore. A very different look for me but I actually really like it and felt like a fashion model the whole time. I'm not really one for going out to clubs on Friday nights but if I did this would be the sort of look I go for. It is very different from what you see me in but isn't that the fun of going out and dressing up. Also you can see I ditched all my bright colors and gone with a dark look and I never thought I would steer away from my colors but I made it sort of a goal to try the neutral route for the time being because I'm sure I will be back in colors soon enough. So let me just show you my outfit and a few shots I took with the backdrop at the launch party.

For my outfit I pretty much am wearing mostly everything from Forever 21+. My top is actually a body con dress but with me being so tall (5'9 if you're curious) than it is a tad too short for me to be comfortable if I wear it out. I loved the sparkle though and was meant to wear it for New Years but didn't so I still had to find a way to wear it. I bought it because it reminded me of a top I had when I was a teen so I kind of wanted to wear something like this again. I thought I'd never have an occasion to wear this to but I always find the perfect place and time to wear it out. Since it being too short I put a black skater skirt over it and you know I love this black skirt as it goes with everything I own in my closet. I think this is my favorite piece of clothing ever.

My shoes have to be my second favorite thing of this whole outfit. I hardly wear heels because I'm tall already but I felt the look needed heels so I went out the night before and bought them. I am going to be doing a whole post on these as they are so pretty not to but here they are with the outfit for now. As for accessories, I went really simple and just have these stud spike earrings, a couple of bracelets, I took my everyday bag with me as I don't seem to own a little clutch and lastly a velvet black bow to tie in with my shoes. Also if you didn't notice my hair is straight. I straightened it for once for the party and I didn't know how long it was. I know since I have such curly hair and always having it curled it would be nice to switch it up a little but through out the day a hint of my curls was coming back so it wasn't super straight but it gets the point across a little. Last thing is I tried to do my makeup differently and tried a little smokey eye because when will I be this fancy again and it might be a while. Overall it was such a fun night and loved my look I styled myself.
top: Forever 21+, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Forever 21,
shoes: Brash, earrings: {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

Well that was one of my glam and dressed up looks. I hardly go out and party so you won't see me so dressed up like this often but it is fun. The lighting at the place wasn't so good but I hope you could see it enough also I didn't really plan on taking outfit pictures but I couldn't pass it up when I saw how my outfit turned out. I am in love with this outfit and though at the end of the night my feet wanted out of the shoes I did like how everything paired together. I'll have a separate blog post and vlog of the launch party if you are curious to see so stay tuned for that.

I also have another Curvy Style Diary on my channel of this outfit. Also you can see a bit of me modeling and trying to walk the runway. I really had a fun time and never expected to do something like that. You can watch below or on my channel here to see the fun short video of my outfit in action!

What is your go to party outfit and look?
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Fairytale Fashion

A Fashion Fairytale

Happy Wednesday! Well this is something different. I ended up finding this set of pictures while I was going through my highlights for 2015 post and I thought it would be a good idea to upload on my blog. It's been a year since these were taken but I thought I would finally share some of my fashion school editorials I did. These were for my midterms and I went all out and did I think 5 editorials which some I modeled in and some I was the photographer. I did show some of the ones I styled and turned into what I wore outfit pictures you can see some here and here. I might share a few more I did if you liked these. So why don't I show you the shoot and the story behind them.

This is literally based on my blog name. When I came up with the idea of this shoot and the basis I got inspiration from my blog name for one but also my love for the whimsical magic mixed with my love for fashion. Of course that is where my blog name comes from but this was a bigger shoot and at first not intended to be put on my blog but I was looking at it for a magazine shoot. I pretend that I was modeling for an actual shoot. I'm not much of a model and never done it professionally so I might not be that good at posing or holding myself but I like these. I still don't know if I mastered the poses for my outfit pictures but I may have gotten better than my first ones. Maybe one day I can really try it out but not be a real model but do only a few shoots to cross it off my bucket list. To be honest it was always my dream as a child to do some modeling but I never really pursued it all the way. I think maybe this is one of the reasons I became a fashion blogger to make up for the fact I didn't go all out but another reason is I did love posing and getting my picture taken as a kid so I think that's why I like getting my picture taken now and am so natural in front of the camera. I don't know I really liked doing this and if I ever got the chance I would accept it in a heartbeat.

This was a two person shoot. I did my hair, makeup and styling all by myself. My cousin Lynn was the photographer. We took it at this beautiful wedding venue which I used to pass by everyday on my way home when I was still in college and I said one day I would visit there (maybe get married there too) but I knew it was the perfect backdrop and exactly what I wanted to match the theme. The funny story behind these was we weren't supposed to take these at the venue unless we paid big money or a photo shoot fee but we convinced the guard and said these were for a school project so after a lot of convincing they finally caved and pretended to turn away and not notice us. We took as many as possible and took hundreds of photos just in case so I had a lot to go through finding the perfect shots. The weather was perfect for these and the lightning was just right. I took these with my old camera and they turned out great and with it being somewhat of a vintage camera they had this vintage looking filter which I enhanced and edited on Photoshop in post production.

The story behind this was the model which was me is a queen. She has everything but one day her kingdom falls down and she doesn't know what to do. The power was all she knew and watching her castle fall apart in front of her destroyed her. You see her run away from her problems and watch her as she rebuilds herself away from her home. I based it off a story I wrote for my novel as well so that was another thing it was inspired by. There is symbolism in each picture and you can kind of follow the story it is telling through the photo. The last one though I think is her happily ever after and even though her kingdom is no more she found a better self and grew. It is kind of like Out of the Woods music video but remember I did this more than a year ago now so I guess it kind of relates and has the same theme. This is why her makeup is dark and she doesn't seem like she has that fairytale magic anymore. All the beautiful dresses and the life she once knew will not be the same any more so I played with that idea and that's why the styling ended up like that.

I thought it was fun and out of my comfort zone. I usually hardly show skin especially here on my blog because I am quite curvy and I may be confident in clothes and know how to style myself which I feel amazing in but this was as you can see a crop top I made and stitched together by hand. It was not perfect and kept slipping down but it worked out for the shoot. The ball gown skirt is from my 18th birthday which was my Debut or debutante ball I had a few years ago. There is an actually corset to this which is so pretty but didn't have the right aesthetic I was going for. I designed my ball gown myself and at first I didn't like it was separate but it turns out a few years later they would become a thing and be popular. It was really hard to move in and pose with again and I had leggings on under this which you can't tell but I just slipped on the ball gown's skirt. I still find it so pretty and sometimes I wish I could find a reason to wear it again.

This was one of my favorite shoots I did through my whole term at fashion school. I got a great response from the teacher and said it was the best work I had done so that made me really proud I got a good grade on these. I got to push boundaries and do something I never thought I would be doing. It was so fun and I enjoyed putting all my creativity and all of my hobbies and loves into this one shoot. If you want to see my thoughts and my whole experience while I was in fashion school than I would be happy too and maybe make a video on it too. Just let me know and I can maybe plan that as a future post. If you ever did something like this I'd love to see yours and maybe some time I could shoot more of these for the blog and have a big production like this was. I'm so happy I got to share this with you and hope you liked seeing it!

What would your dream photo shoot look like if you did one?
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Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner & 3 Minute Miracle | First Impressions

Hair Care First Impressions

Happy Monday! Today I am doing another first impression for you on the Pantene haircare set I received in my BDJ Fair loot bag. I kind of made it a goal again to try and get my hair as healthy as possible and I noticed it has grown so long I didn't realize it until I watched it grow in my outfit rewind until my last outfit post. So to keep it up I wanted to show you the shampoo and conditioner also the hair treatment I have been using at the moment.These are just my initial thoughts with trying it once so I haven't tested them for a full review but i still thought I can share why I've been liking them.

I'll start with the shampoo. This is the Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and was the first Pantene shampoo I tried. It is supposed to repair damage and I like this variety because I have quite a lot of damage from using so much heat on my hair from before. It's also supposed to prevent damage as well. It left my hair nice and clean and is moisturizing on the hair. The scent is fresh and I can't describe it but it smells fresh and lasts on our hair. I like that it bubbles up and lathers nicely but also washes out easily too and doesn't take too much oil out of the hair. The one thing I don't like is that it isn't a natural shampoo and has some chemicals in it. I have been trying to keep away but sometimes I just need to use a regular shampoo so I still use it and I'm sure using it a couple of times won't be all that bad. I still think it does the job and that's what I look for in a shampoo.

Next is it's matching product the Pantene Total Damage Care Conditioner. I used this after the shampoo because I have to have the matching set. I like that this is a really thick conditioner and I like that about them. I coat my whole hair but focus a lot on my tips as this is the driest part. I leave it on for a good three - four minutes I guess unless it is a hair treatment. I find sometimes if I leave them on too long they weigh my hair down and it doesn't end up well when I style it. The scent matches the shampoo so you get double that scent when you are done. I wish I could describe it better but it smells clean. Afterwards it leaves my hair easy to comb and doesn't leave it tangled so much which is nice. I think it is a great conditioner and as long as it leaves my hair manageable and soft I end up liking it.

Lastly is the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and it is under the same Total Damage Care line. It says it can be a daily conditioner leaving you with smoother and softer hair. I seen so many commercials on this when it first came out and even now but I was never convinced to get it even though I saw so many blogger friends rave about it and say it was amazing. Since I got the set and I somehow forgot I ran out of the one I was using I remembered I had this and it saved me the trip of going out of the house really late at night to buy one thing at the store. It says it can be used daily and it is a hair treatment and conditioner in one but I was my hair once or sometimes twice a week so I couldn't test that aspect but I did use it like a regular conditioner. I left it on for more than five minutes because I like leaving it on for however long as I can and get everything else I need to get done in the shower before rinsing it off. I immediately felt it was really soft and left my hair sleek. It was easy to comb through afterwards and left a fresh smell to it. Overall I like this and can be used two ways which is always convenient. If I am in a pinch or really need a good conditioner than this stuff is amazing and I believe in the hair commercials now.

That was my first impression for this hair care set. Overall I'm liking it but I think I m going to stop using think I am going to stop using them weekly and save them for traveling because they are the perfect size for that. I just wanted to give them a try and they do a great job and since I have proven that I can take them on the go with me. I am however going to keep using the 3 minute miracle on my hair as I am now a believer and agree with everyone who says it is a great hair treatment but also daily conditioner. I recommend trying them and I don't know what they do in the long run as I haven't tested them fully but so far I really like it. I hope you liked this first impression and let me know what your favorite shampoo set you are using on your hair right now. Also I want to know if I am not the only one who gets convinced by hair commercials.

What is your favorite hair treatment you have tried lately?
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Twinkle Stripes | What I Wore

Glam Girl in New York

Happy Friday! Well it's time for another outfit. It's far more glam than my last outfit for sure. I decided to get dressed up because leggings and a tank top is way too basic for the event I attended. I forgot to mention this is what I wore to the BDJ and L'oreal event that I posted here if you missed it. Now after taking these all I want to do is shoot more and I don't know how many times I mention how much I love shooting these. I am so in love with this outfit and how I styled it and I know I raved about it enough. So enough with my babbling and show you my outfit which I am so in love with if you haven't noticed already.

For my outfit I wanted to play with my style this year and mix and match the clothes I have in my wardrobe. I want to try something new and so I thought of this. I wore this skirt once for my Christmas look book you can read here and watch here but that was it as I didn't know what I could style with it besides a black top. Since I'm currently kind of apartment hunting and looking for interior inspiration while browsing Pinterest and coming up with a color scheme which by the way I decided on already. Then I got inspired by the colors I choose which was to mix gold, black and blush pink together creating this outfit. At first I wasn't sure and then it worked. I picked this lace crop top and I like how the pattern and texture mix and in fashion school I learned to try and experiment with mixing the two. Then it all came together with my black everyday bag with gold detailing on my accessories and even shoes matched. I love the combination and how it all turned out and all the colors blended together perfectly. Plus I think the backdrop just randomly ties it together.   

| top: SM Woman +, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Dresslink*, shoes: Montego Bay Club,
bow: Forever 21, bracelets: Claire's,
nails: BYS Baby Bloom, lipstick: L'oreal Colour Riche in Crayon Sunset |

Besides the new style I tried with this outfit I added light waves to my hair instead of the curls I usually go for. Also the lighting you can really see my natural hair color which I have natural honey blondish brown highlights and a red tint in it and no I have never dyed my hair. I guess it doesn't really come across sometimes in photographs unlike here it did. Next I went for a very neutral makeup look and pulled off a nude lip an actual matte nude lip. I said I wanted to be adventurous and this to me is the start of that. I think I was just inspired by the new year and trying all kinds of new things.

Also this was such a fun day and it has been a while since I had a really great day. I needed to shoot this and we randomly stumbled upon this background and when I saw it I knew it was perfect. The lighting was amazing and it wasn't very populated. I love how I can find a background that matches perfectly with my outfit. It just fits into place sometimes and it is like fate or something because I usually never plan the locations and it just sometimes just happens so I am calling this an amazing coincidence. I'm really happy with the way they turned out so I hope that means I will be doing a lot more fun shoots this year so I'm crossing my fingers. Someday I can really take pictures in front of the real Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you love the outfit as much as I do.

What new thing are you trying this year?
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