How to Style Christmas Sweaters 3 Ways | Outfit Ideas

3 Christmas Sweaters - 3 Holiday Outfits

 Merry Christmas! And happy Blogmas day 25 or the last day for Blogmas 2016. It is the last one and like last year I did a festive lookbook but this year it is a tad different. I wanted to switch it up but still keep the tradition so this idea popped into my head and here it is. So without a long intro I am just going to show you the outfits which you may have seen already as solo outfits but here it is all together.

I bought two Christmas sweaters this year and used one I had bought last year and recycled it again to wear again. I had to go back this year as I loved the designs so much and they are even better this year. I think this year is even better though as you get a two in one design almost. I picked up a grey one that is in a red sequin speech bubble and says ho ho ho and if you swipe it is says no no no in a white speech bubble.The second is a black sweater with a sequin Christmas tree and when you swipe this it becomes a slice of pizza. I love Christmas and I love pizza and they put it into a sweater which makes me love it even more.

All the outfits I styled were something I thought would be great outfits to wear for big holiday occasions or just a casual day or the in between. You can see the video of all the looks below or here. There might be a sneaky giveaway in the video so go over there if you are interested. So that is it for this and hope you got some inspiration from this and got to recreate the outfits.

That is it for the last Blogmas post for 2016. I finished another year and feel so accomplished that I did another year and it has been 5 years doing it. It is bittersweet not going to blog everyday but I realized it just takes so much but can be fun all at the same. I did Vlogmas while doing Blogmas so it was intense but cool at the same time. I'm going to take a break after this and come back in the New Year but there might be a post up I'm not sure but I like taking the last few days off to rethink my content and everything so that will be nice to do all that fun stuff. I think that is it and pretty much everything done with Blogmas. I might or might not see you next year for Blogmas I'm still debating but I will let you know with. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got what they wanted. One more time Merry Christmas from my family to yours or happy holidays!

What would be your perfect Christmas outfit to wear again and again?
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Sleep All Day | What I Wore

I Sleep & Sleigh

Happy Blogmas day 24! Today is another outfit and another favorite of mine. It is pretty simple and kind of glam. For once I am not going to be in my Christmas pajamas and I am dressing up so I might be wearing this tonight for a family holiday party I am going to. So enough with my short intro and just show you the outfit I might wear on Christmas Eve this evening!

For my outfit it is another fun Christmas jumper with the swipe design. It is one of the more simpler designs out of my others and I thought the pizza one was the most relatable one but this one is me to a tee. So on one side it says sleigh so a more festive word play on the most popular word I've heard this year which is slay. The phrase sleep all day is so me though and if I could I totally would. I love the white jumper and then the black and silver sequins make it seem more glam than it is festive. Then I paired it with my favorite black skater skirt which is the best piece of clothing I own. For the shoes I went with my fancy extremely tall heels to make it really dresses up. I don't ear them often but I feel like such a model in them The accessories I kept it pretty plain and just wore these diamond leaf chandelier earrings I wore once in my long gown outfit and then a white bow with gold polka dots and then I forgot I should have just a plain white as I mixed gold and silver together. The bag is my favorite bag at the moment and it added a pop of color to this outfit with the red so made it a tad more Christmas related. That's it for this outfit and love the glam look I went for especially for Christmas Eve.

| xmas jumper: H&M, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Forever 21, shoes: Brash, bow: Forever 21 |

That is it for my outfit! I hope you got some inspiration from the outfit and it can totally work for any holiday occasion you may be heading to. I actually am writing this right after I got home fro my Christmas Eve party and it is so late but wanted to get this done. I had the best night at my cousin's house and the family got together there. We ate some homemade food from him and he is really into cooking and did some chef work so he loves to cook for our family. It was mostly some meat options so not much for me but I had quite a few desserts which Iloved so made up for that. If you watched my vlogmas than you saw his son had a son and he is a week old and I got to stare and watch him sleep for probably an hour while the food was cooking. I got to hold him but he is not a big fan of me I discovered so gave him back to his mom. After dinner he set up in front of his house and we closed down the street and had a party out there. They brought out the karaoke and it is a big thing for Filipinos to have their karaoke so at first I was shy and refused but I promised one song but once I got a hang of it I wouldn't let go of the mic. I was a big fan of singing Little Mix song's and was able to reach some of the high nights according to my family but they were probably drunk. I knew the dance routines and everything so I had my own Little Mix concert and felt so cool. I was getting a pretty high score too. Then I went and jokingly sang One Direction What Makes You Beautiful for fun and really rocked out and danced and I ended up getting a score of 99 which was the highest score of the night with me and all my cousin's. I had so much fun and fell in love with singing again. I am so tempted to take singing lessons now after everyone telling me I have potential even the neighbors came over and I thought they were coming to yell but they ended up clapping which made me feel like a superstar for an evening. It was the best and I'm not going to be an over night pop star and let it go to my head. It was fun and something new to do. We ended up staying until I think 3am and just got back so here I am writing. So I should end it here but that was a summary of what I did on Christmas Eve. I should be going now and see you again tomorrow for the final day of Blogmas!

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What is your outfit going to be for Christmas Eve tonight?
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Fashion Finds | Christmas Pajamas

Festive PJ's

Happy Blogmas day 23! Today's Blogmas is a roundup of a few pairs of Christmas pajamas. I am such a big fan of them and the festiver the better. So I just picked a few that are so cute and perfect since it is Christmas Eve Eve and I'm currently writing this in mine. I wish I could have picked up more but I might wait till their on sale and wear them next year. Now here are a few to look at in this fashion finds!

I love the matching sets and the I love when they have tops and bottom. I haven't had a pair of the fleece and the satin pair before so think those would be nice. I love prints and patterns and the busier the better. There are so many different types to choose from and ones for different people.

That's it for this fashion finds for my Christmas pajamas roundup. I'm keep this short as I am heading to bed early since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be busy since there is a lot going on. I hope you found this inspiring and get to wear your Christmas pajamas for much longer. I can't blieve after this there will be 2 posts left and it will be Christmas. I've made it so far and really stuc to it so I will be back tomorrow for another Blogmas!

Only 2 days until Christmas!

What do your Christmas pajamas look like?
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Collective Holiday Haul | What I Bought


Happy Blogmas day 22! Today's Blogmas is a haul. I've been shopping for myself for the past few months and put it in a collective haul for you to take a look at. There's actually so much more in the haul but only photographed the accessories and a few bits and pieces here and there. The big haul of the clothes and fashion are in the video which is so long and massive too so get a snack before watching. These are just a snippet and a few I picked up but there is a lot more there if you're curious. I'm not going to make this too long and be like the video so here is everything.

Forever 21
I think F21 is one of my fave stores. I always seem to get so much from there. The first thing is the bows and you know I have a love affair with my bows so I got a pink ponytail one, a pink and gold polka dot one and last is a maroon one. Then I picked up these pink opal chandelier earrings to match the bow and the dress I bought at the same time. Last is this iPhone case and this is the epitome of me in a phone case. It is hot pink with light pink bows. I literally ran to it and bought it straight away. The last two things are from Black Friday weekend and I got these since they were buy 1 get 1 free bags and I picked up the red bag for the Christmas lookbook and then got the black one and like both of them and love the smaller style especially for this time of year.

I bought a few earrings. I haven't bought any earrings for a while so when I was checking out I got sucked in and saw a few sets that caught my eye. The first ones and it is this mix and match one that has peach rose ones, pink and gold hearts, gold anchors and white bows. I have so many uses as for these and they are so shabby chic. The next ones are inspired by Perrie from Little Mix in the Hair music video but these are cherry red. I wanted to try the pom pom trend and they seem so fun and festive and they are my absolute favorite thing. The last set of earrings is a set of three based around bows and my dad pointed it out to me and then I knew as soon as I saw them that they were going home with me. The first pair is just diamond stud bows that look like the Hello Kitty bow. The second is big square diamond and then a thin gold tied bow on top. The third is in a rounded shape with diamonds shaped like a wreath and a bow. It is the most festive and I've been wearing them with everything lately. I forgot to mention that I bought each at different times.

The last is a few things I picked up from Daiso and most were holiday decor and then two makeup sponges which I already reviewed. I took these pictures a while ago but thought I lost them so I just put the review out first and then here are these. I bought a few Christmas hair accessories for a video so I picked up a sequin Santa hat, a gift headband and some reindeer headband. Then I bought festive blog props which were the wreaths and then the Christmas sign which made my pictures really fun and Christmassy. Last are the makeup sponges and I am not going to go in depth as I wrote a separate post but they were from Daiso just in case I forgot to mention it over there. Everything was 88php as I finally found the receipt to confirm that.

That's it for my haul! It is everything I have bought in the past couple months leading up to the holiday. Make sure to watch the rest of the haul video above for more of the things I bought like the clothes and the holiday decor or here. I hope you enjoy this and maybe got some inspiration for your shopping trip and found this fun as I love doing these hauls. I guess that is it and I will see you again tomorrow for another day of Blogmas.

Only 3 days until Christmas!

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What have you been buying over the holiday season?
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Christmas Wish List 2016

Maybe this year

Dear Santa,

Has it already been a year since I wrote to you last? I can't believe it and it seems like the years has gone by in a flash. My year hasn't been too great and a lot has happened since I wrote my last wish list to you. Some were good and some were bad but I have made it another year and here I am again. I've been good this year despite everything that's been going on. I tried to stay positive as much as possible but sometimes it is so hard. This letter however is not supposed to be about that but about the things maybe you could deliver to me this year to make up for everything. I don't expect much I never do but it will sure make me happy to get at least one thing on my wish list this year.

Unlike last year I wanted a lot of photography equipment which I ended up getting myself this year. After much thought on getting a second camera and looking at so many options I finally picked one and that is the Sony A5000. It seems to have everything I want and the best thing of all it is pink. Another photography based item is a portable tripod to carry that camera and maybe get 2 for my DSLR which is so heavy to vlog with. Next I think a pair of sparkly sneakers would be such a great present for me. I'e been thinking of getting a pair and maybe just maybe you wouldn't mind dropping a pair down the chimney. Another thing I would appreciate is a set of suitcases. I'm heading on a summer holiday and going on a plane again after a few years so I am in need of a suitcase preferably a 3 set which is pretty and pink and can get me there and maybe go traveling more.

I feel like this year was the year of makeup for me so naturally I think majority of what I want Santa is makeup. I'd love anything from the Too Faced Holiday Collection but I choose 3 to give you options or if you can maybe bring all 3 to me. I'd love to try more of their products and what better way than getting them for Christmas. Next is a lipstick set and since I couldn't decide which I just ended up putting both for you to choose from again. I am in love with the Pink Sugar brand so adding this was a no brainer to my wish list. Last beauty item is makeup brushes. I am in need of getting me some new brushes. I think any brand would do Santa but preferably a base and eye set from Real Techniques would be the perfect starter kit.

Just like last year if you can't get me any of these then maybe gift cards to just go by myself something would do. One to Forever 21, H&M and Starbucks would be fine and they're my favorite things at the moment.

That is all for my wish list for 2016 Santa! I'd love to get any one of these or maybe all of them debating on how generous you are and what I deserve or not. Anyhow I will still be grateful for anything I receive underneath the Christmas. If not I understand and making this letter to you is fun enough for me. I remembered doing them every year and now I have this space to continue that tradition on. If this letter doesn't convince you then maybe go to the blog post I just did where I share our pictures together here maybe then that will remind you we've met and convince you to get any of the things on my wish list for me. This is it for this year's Christmas wish list and until next year Santa I'll write you again!

With Love,
Only 4 days until Christmas!

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My Christmas Nail Art Manicure 2016

Bows & Stripes - festive nails

Happy Blogmas day 20! Today's Blogmas is showing you my nail art I go done and my manicure for this holiday season. If you recall I posted about my inspiration post on some nail art with a holiday design here. I choose holiday bows this year and went through with it and here is the design the nail technician did on me. So now I will just give you the details and where I got min done. 

I got a gel manicure which here is gel polish and not adding any layers or extensions. I thought it was like gel nails like I used to get before in the US but here it is just a UV gel polish that is cured using your real nails. This is my third time getting them done and have a lady now who I always go to. I feel so grown up and I never thought I would experience that but I do. If you are based in Alabang I get mine done at California Nails & Day Spa in Festival Mall. I wasn't paid or this isn't sponsored. I found them on my own and have been going back every month now. It is a nice treat and I am enjoying changing up my manicure each month. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she was supposed to get another technician to do it but they were so swamped when I went that she did it and wasn't as experienced but she tried and I did smudge them a little even after being cured but it's fine and not noticeable. It is guaranteed so if I do happen to hurt them eve more I an just go back. It's pretty nice and I got gems on my ring finger with my bow and then some red stripes to represent a candy cane and the rest I just went with red. I like them and they are gel so it will last about a month on me which is amazing so I can't complain. The price is 700php but I paid more this time for the extras but if not I get them for that price. I enjoy going in every month and just getting my nails done, having a chit chat with my nail lady and leaving with pretty done up nails so if you are in the area they are lovely. That is what is on my nails at the moment for the festive period.

That is it for this Blogmas post! I hope you got some inspiration from my manicure. I like it and let's seen how long the gems will last but since it is gel I know the polish will last but just have to test gems as I've never had them done before. I'm guessing that is it and another short outro for me. We ar getting towards the end and I've written a blog post every single day for 20 days so I'm definitely running out of words which I never thought would be possible. There are only 5 days left of Blogmas and until Christmas which is crazy to me that it went by so fast. Sp I'll be back again tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

Only 5 days until Christmas!

What is on your nails for the upcoming holidays and is it classic like mine or not?
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Christmas Tree Pizza | What I Wore

Pizza disguised as a Christmas tree?

Happy Blogmas day 19! Today's Blogmas is another festive outfit that I've recently worn.This one is yet again another Christmas jumper and I love this one. I went out and tried to find the most gigantic Christmas tree I could find and I managed to but this might be a tad bit similar as it is the same tree from one of my festive outfits from last year but in a different location. This year it was inside the mall as it is now done but last year it was under construction but the front and some of the shops were open so they put it outside. I do love this tree as I've been taking pictures with it for maybe 3 or maybe even 4 years now which is so cool and it's kind of become a tradition. So I should just give you the details of this outfit now and the rest of that info!

For this outfit the main focus again is the Christmas sweater. The magic effect of this one is it is a green Christmas tree with red baubles but when you swipe it up it changes into pizza so orange for the cheese and the red baubles turn into the pepperoni. If you didn't know pizza is one of my favorite foods and if you've watched my Vlogmas lately and caught up with it then you may see a lot of shots of pizza in there. I love that this sweater can be festive or just regular wear with a slice of pepperoni pizza on it. I wore the sweater with a white shirt underneath as it was a bit short to wear with these olive green leggings from Forever 21 that I also wore last year during this time of year as well because that is when I get most use out of them. Then I wore black ballet flats to match the color of the sweater. The accessories I paired it with a red bag to match my sequin Santa hat with these pigtails that I did in my hairstyle video and blog post a while back. The jewelry I wore is a green hart pendent necklace that kind of looks like it is the star of the tree and mint green bow earrings I thought looked nice with the whole look. The last detail is my red lipstick and that's the whole outfit!

| xmas jumper: H&M, leggings: Forever 21+ {similar}, bag: Forever 21,
shoes: Lower East Side, santa hat: Daiso, lipstick: BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status |

That is it for another Christmas themed outfit! I hope you liked it and as you can tell I just love me a sequined Christmas jumper. If you want to see what I did and where I shot this you can see the behind the scenes in my weekly Vlogmas I have on my Youtube channel with that and what i was up to the whole week. It's my third one so you can see almost my whole December and what I'm doing everyday. I think I am just going to keep it short for this one as I still need to go take blog photos for the remainder of Blogmas. So I guess I will see you tomorrow for something new.

Only 6 days until Christmas!

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What is your favorite food related to Christmas?
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