The December 2015 Monthly Roundup

The December 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the twelfth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of December. I do this every first of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way.

This month's was special due to it being Blogmas so here is the roundup of all the Blogmas posts I did throughout December and this will be the last monthly roundup of 2015. It's sad but next year there will be more roundups and I'm hoping more blog posts coming out so let's cross our fingers to that. Happy New Year everyone and Happy 2016!


Reindeer Cat | What I Wore

Reindeer Cat - What I Wore

Happy Holidays! Even though it isn't anymore but it is still December. I'm sad that blogmas is over but I wanted to show what I wore on Christmas. I did this last year and showed you my outfit from than so I'll show again. This technically wasn't on the day itself but it's pretty much the exact same thing and this has a prettier background than my living room since I didn't leave the house. This was part of my look book which I published on Christmas day itself so if you haven't seen that post where you got a sneak peak than here it is again. So here are the full details of everything from the outfit.

It is Christmas jumper season and so I hopped on board this year. This is the first time I have worn a Christmas sweater in a long time and this year I just decided to. I see so many others have theirs and I haven't worn one since I was a kid. One day I just went out and made it my mission to find one and of course I end up buying the most sequined one. It was one of the first ones that I liked that wasn't too thick because wearing a heavy sweater will leave cause you heat stroke from the weather here so this one was perfect and I think it is so cute. I love the reindeer kitty and you should have seen how pretty the sunset was hitting it making the sequins sparkle and create pretty patterns. I just paired it with some simple black leggings, grey ballet flats to match the color of the sweater and reindeer antler headband to also match. It's just a comfy and festive outfit for Christmas!

| jumper: H&M, leggings: Uniqlo, shoes: American Eagle {similar} bag: Sanrio, headband: Christmas Shop |

I had a lovely Christmas. To be honest it was pretty boring and it was the first year I didn't wake up early which is so out of character for me since I have no matter what woke up early all 22 Christmas's so far. We actually didn't do much so it was okay. I spent it with my parents this year unlike last year when I went off and celebrated with my cousin and her family. I had a few family members visit I hadn't seen a while so that was nice.We did a few gifts but placed them under the tree because we are doing the full Christmas on New Years Eve when all the family comes together like we did last year. I also ordered some pizza since we didn't have much Christmas dinner but we don't really do that properly which I am totally okay with. That is my Christmas. It wasn't too exciting but I did put my jumper on with some leggings and headed out to give gifts to my god daughter and see her family. The main thing is that I was with family and won't be missing out because we are celebrating at a later date. Let me know what your Christmas looked like and if you did a regular celebration or a simple one. Hope you enjoyed because I actually did and another one down. I guess until next year's what I wore on Chrsitmas post!

What did your Chrsitmas jumper look like this year?
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Curvy Christmas Lookbook

Curvy Christmas Lookbook

Merry Christmas! My gift to you this year is a look book of all my holiday looks and outfits this past Christmas season. I worked on this all month and couldn't wait to put it together. To be honest it was quite difficult getting it all to come together but I love how it turned out and I'm super proud of it once it was finished. So for Blogmas day 25 I bring you my holiday look book 2015!

I went with two somewhat casual looks and then two dressed up looks. It depends on what you do on Christmas but these are some looks I threw together. I do love wearing red and green on Christmas so I incorporated it a lot plus a festive red lip since it is the only time I wear such a bold lip color. I'm a very colorful person so seeing my style evolve to neutrals and pops of color now. I really like the choices for my outfits and love the combinations together and hope you do too.

Holiday Glam Princess
The first one is very dressy and perfect for that Chrsitmas party. I love the skirt and when I saw it I knew it was perfect for this time of year. It is very neutral and I really liked how I styled it together. I think this will be my favorite skirt to have for a special occasion now and I see them around and never thought I would find one for myself. It is a little hard to pair with things but I finally figured it out to make it work. This what I actually wore to the BDJ Fair so you might recognize it from there but knew it would work perfectly for this.

Festive Spirit
This one is the half dressed up and half casual look as I call it.It was what I wore the first of December to get in the festive mood. I have a separate blog post on this outfit you can see here. This was actually the second outfit I shoot and loved how it turned out so that is what inspired the look book. I wasn't planning to actually but outfit post but I loved doing my Halloween one that I wanted to do a Holiday edition as well.

Santa Baby
Up next I have an outfit I wore to see Santa. I love the pictures of this and this is another one of those dressed up looks. I posted the full outfit last Wednesday so you can see that here. Out of all the outfits I think this one and the last is my favorite because it just shows my style and I feel so comfortable in them.

Christmas Reindeer Cat
The last outfit in the look book is what I am wearing on the day itself. I styled this outfit specifically for wearing on Christmas. I have a full outfit post coming to you tomorrow or on Sunday I'm not sure yet but the pictures at this Christmas setup was a pretty wonderland and had to have a full post. 

This is my last blogmas for 2015! It is always bittersweet because I enjoy doing this so much and cannot believe I have finished it for 4 years now. I hopped on board when I first started blogging as a fun thing like everyone else was doing but I never thought I would stick with it for this long. Thank you for following this years blogmas journey and I will have a roundup coming up of all the post this month so if you missed one you can go on and look back on. I enjoyed it very much this year and looked forward to it everyday because I knew that is when I was happiest. Again, thanks for stopping by and hope you all had a very nice Christmas and got everything you wanted or spent it with family and had a nice meal. No matter what you did I hope you have a nice day and Merry Christmas from me to you. See you next year for Blogmas 2016!

What was you favorite outfit this December?
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Essentials for a Festive & Cozy Night In on Christmas Eve

Essentials for a Festive & Cozy Night In on Christmas Eve

Happy Blogmas Day 24! It is officially Chrsitmas Eve! So for the second to last blogmas for 2015 I thought I would be very cozy and show you some essentials of a night in. I don't really do much on Christmas Eve so I thought it would be cool to show you what it looks like for me. I don't now why but it was never a big thing in my family so I started my own thing and just have my Christmas pajamas on and watch some Christmas films which I made a list of mine here and have some nice time in. So here are essentials items for a festive and cozy night with me the night before Christmas.

These are some of my essentials so far. I will be probably just finishing up my blogmas post and pampering myself. As I said I don't really do a huge family and traditional Christmas Eve dinner or anything special. I guess it is a little sad but I grew up not having one so I kind of got used to it. What I remember from growing up and still living in the US I wore Christmas pajamas and just watched any movie that was on Disney or ABC Family until I went to midnight mass with my mom and falling asleep half way through it and then coming home to open one gift my parent's got me because you know santa hadn't come until I fell asleep for the night. Maybe when I have my own family I can start the traditional Christmas Eve and do the whole dinner and all that fun stuff but for now I like my way since I am still young and trying to get my way. So hope you enjoy a look at my night in and a little fun shoot in front of my tree in my living room.  

Festive Pajamas | The more festive the better. I've been all about pajama's no matter what time of year but it feels so much funner when they are holiday themed.I got some from my cousin Lynn last year for Christmas which was technically too late to wear but this year I can wear them and yes I started wearing them November 30. I bought some more this year and plan on getting some more and you know I will.I have a lot of snowflakes and then Christmas colored polka dot ones. The more comfortable the better and I love the long ones and the fleece ones as well. I do plan on wearing mine all day though.

Christmas Jumpers | Again the tackier and uglier the better. I got only one this year and maybe might buy some when they are on sale. I do love my sequin and don't worry I do have an outfit post on this. To be honest it really is too hot for a sweater and was so hot shooting this but it is all in good fun. I'd love to know what yours is like and what you are going to wear.

Fun Accessories | Last are the cute accessories. A reindeer headband that I had one similar when growing up with bells and when I saw it in store I immediately bought it. Next a festive bow and I mean of course bows. I have a red one and I just bought a velvet red one for the actually occasion. I do want to find a glittery red one so if you see one let me know and send them my way. Also the santa hat is a classic as well and I have mine with flashing lights and the traditional one too. I had one growing up with my name on it too so I should maybe make one again since I don't have it anymore. Lat year I had light light bulb necklace and earrings which was fun so I might have to find it to wear again. Is there any kind of accessory you wear during the holidays?

My next essentials are Snacks, Movies and  Christmas Music. You can't have a night in without these. I love my snacks and most importantly cookies. Any cookie I love and I just included this because my aunt gave this to me early and I am saving them for Christmas Eve specifically. To match the cookies I love either milk or some Nutella hot chocolate and having it in a festive mug makes it more yummy. My fave Christmas album which I have been blasting on repeat is the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album. I already mentioned my favorite movies in a separate post so I won't add more but it will be fun watching them on my TV and it is right next to my tree making it more festive. 

Wrapping last minute Christmas gifts, painting your nails and scented candles is last on my essentials for the evening in. I'm the worst with last minute stuff and so I'll be watching my movies and sitting in front of the tree on the floor wrapping my families gift. I know I will be doing this as I type this because I have a few more to buy and wrap. I do love painting my nails. I might have to go out and buy a red polish because I forgot mine at my cousin's house from last Christmas but I do have a glitter polish to look like snow so I am painting my nails white and putting the glitter on the tips. I had to add my fave candle and though it isn't a Christmas scent which I have not found one I like this year this cookie scent is heavenly.

Lastly, a cute cuddly puppy is also nice. She decided join me for the photo shoot in front of the tree. Then she proceeded to get comfortable in my lap and stayed there until I took her off.A furry friend does help with the night in and especially if they are a lap dog like mine. I kind of ant to incoprate her more in my blog no that I have had several with her lately. If you have your own dog or one at home than do they like celebrating with you and if you buy them gifts because I so do and it is so fun.

That is it for today's blogmas. I made it all the way through and so happy for getting blogmas done. I have tomorrow's post left and I know it is sad but I will take a break with blogging like I always do and will enjoy the preparation for New Year with my family and of course I will be doing a post on that like I always do but next year. It was quite a ride and I just love doing blogmas.I won't be too sappy this time but I feel like it will be worse tomorrow. I hope everyone has a lovely Chrsitmas Eve and enjoy yours.

What is your favorite essential for a cozy night?
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Santa Baby | What I Wore

Santa Baby = What I Wore

Happy Blogmas Day 23! Today's blogmas is another festive outfit and this is what I wore to see Santa with my little nephew and two young cousins.I took these at this place outside the mall that was set up for pictures and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect spot for this outfit. It was so fun to shoot, hang with family and get dressed up too. So here is today's blogmas and I hope you sang the song while reading the title.

I have this tradition of wearing red whenever I go see Santa and get my picture taking with him so I did it again now. So I ended up picking up this top at H&M not on intending it for that but thought it would be festive but it was perfect this reason. I wanted to dress it up as well because had a fancy dress for the pictures but didn't want to go all out like that so I just paired it up with a skater skirt. For shoes I just paired it with sandals and took the handle off my bag to be a sort of clutch. A big red bow and then a chunky necklace with a red lip to be extra festive. Such a fun outfit for the day and the right amount of dressy and also it can be used for a dressy part which if I went to one I would have worn this to that.

| top: H&M, skirt: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21, bag: Dresslink, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Maybelline Downtown Red |

This was a week or so ago so there was not that many people so the mall was thankfully not too crowded when we went. I ended up vlogging the whole day which will be a part of vlogmas and we got up to proper holiday fun with my cousins younger than me and also with my aunts. I also planned this all out because I wanted to be more Christmassy this year and since my nephew is two he might understand it more now. I looked forward to it and dug up all my old Santa pictures to show him. I of course got a picture done as well but we all got a group shot too. It was quite fun and we had lunch afterwards and then went to a play park. It was the most fun I have had in a while. So that was it for blogmas day 23 and  can;t believe there is two days left and I have a few gifts to get so I better b off to sort those out now. Only 2 days!

What did you wear to take pictures to see Santa if you went when you were little?
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My 5 Favorite Christmas Films

My 5 Favorite Christmas Films

Happy Blogmas Day 21! For today's blogmas I'm showing my favorite Christmas films and I'm going to try and make them ones that aren't to common. I see everyone say ELF and the Grinch but I want to show you ones other than that. There are seriously like so many out there and I thought it would be great especially as it is only a couple days left and you should get in some watching before then. They aren't my all time favorites but there are some I really like and hope you have a look at them as well. So here are my film picks.

Alvin and the Chipmunks A Chipmunk Christmas | I think I just relate this to Christmas even though it is not very Christmassy. The song Christmas (Don't Be Late) is my all time favorite Chrsitmas song and will always be my favorite for ever and ever. I mean I've had the whole album on repeat since December 1st and love it so much so of course I needed to mention the movie. I did watch an old cartoon version probably from the 80's last week and it was so cute.

Ernest Saves Christmas | I know I may have mentioned this as my favorite Christmas movie before but it will always be in my lists and have a special place in my festive heart. I think everyone has a movie they remember watching when they were young and this one was mine. I just watched it the other day with my dad and I could remember when and where I remember seeing this movie like it was yesterday. If you haven't watched it or heard of this movie its just a silly Christmas film and I just love the plot behind it. This will always scream Christmas to me and be one of me and my dad's faves.

The Ultimate Christmas Present | I don't know if you remember this but it was a Disney channel original movie and it came on the other night and forgot all about it myself until like the middle. I miss those movies and they had so many and looked forward to watching them every Christmas. I love anything Disney and Christmas related so I knew I would have it on my list. If you don't remember this was the movie where they found a machine and made it snow in California. I grew up in Southern California and never experienced a white Christmas so I hoped it was real when I was a kid so I could experience it. I have been in snow before but not like an actual snowy winter wonderland Christmas and hope to get a chance at least once in my life. 

Santa Paws | A doggy Christmas movie? Yes! I love dogs and I love Christmas and you put them together so it creates a cute movie. My dad has this on DVD and after my nephew found it at his place I decided to watch it again and I just squeal with delight at it. Any doggy Christmas movie is just my weakness and I can watch them all the time and be in a happy place for so long.

Jingle All the Way | The last movie is a little more common but I literally just watched it and my dad, mom and grandmother get a kick out of it so it makes me happy too. It's another funny and silly lighthearted Christmas movie and those are my favorite ones.

That was it for another blogmas! I cannot believe there is three days left and Christmas will be on Friday! I still have a few gifts to buy so I am off to the mall an wish me luck I can get home from the last minute shoppers out there too. I hope yu liked seeing what some of Christmas film picks are. I'd love to know some of yours and maybe ones I havent seen I can watch myself. Only 3 days!

What do you think is your favorite Christmas film this year?
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My Holiday Christmas Decor

My Holiday Christmas Decor

Happy Blogmas Day 21! For today's blog post I thought it would be fun to show you a glimpse of my Christmas decor around my place.Since there was 5 days of Christmas left including today I thought I would dedicate this week to everything Christmas related I hope. I really want to get in to the spirit and this is will just get me more festive than I already am. So here are my decorations around my place for today's blogmas!

To start off with I have a mini Christmas tree on my desk and it was my first tree I bought when I moved to the country. It is so cute and has it's own lights and ornaments on it like a bell, pine cone and glitter baubles on it. At the time I liked anything silver so I picked this instead of gold but right now I am on a gold kick. Even though it has a star that changes color on it I put a big bow but later I move it.

My most favorite Christmas decoration I bought this year is these fairy lights that are these pretty yarn balls. I can't describe it but it looks like sting wrapped around and so pinterest made. I bought a few sets to hang around my room and my bed and then I bought some more for the tree. I am so happy about these because I can use them year round for my bed which I will be doing. Then at the end of November I saw discounted Christmas items and just thought I would get some decoration shopping over it and bought a few of these felt ornaments in different designs which I thought were so cute and hung them on a string and peg on my cork board. I think it was a nice touch and bought not just that but a few decor items and reindeer headband. I went back to the same store the other day and they were all sold out so it was a good thing I bought it back then. Since we don't have a fireplace in our house or anywhere to hang the stockings and I still wanted them I hung them on my cork board and it worked out great.

Here is my tree!

Now moving to my living room where I keep my tree. I don't know if I have a theme. I tried to but then I just bought decorations I liked and went with it. I love the idea of a themed tree but I guess for me it is a kind of hit and miss. I grew up with a mixed up tree that didn't match so I guess I'm like that until now. I'm a person who loves matching things and needs to have a lot of things to match but for some reason with my Christmas tree I don't. There were a lot of ornaments on our tree growing up that was collected by my mom over the years. I had so many ballet or ballerina ornaments as I always got one from family or dance friends mom's as we were all in ballet class. I might keep that as a tradition though as I love having maybe a pointe shoe ornament now to symbolize my love for it. I did have a say in lights and wanted warm ones though even though I always had colored ones. I guess that was the thing I didn't follow. Maybe next year if I have more money I will go for a perfectly decorated and themed tree but as it is my first one I think I am happy with how it turned out. There is meaning behind it and it makes me happy every time I look at it so that is what counts I hope.

The ornaments I currently have on the tree are glitter bows, candy canes as I had them on my tree when I was little, a few of those felt ornaments from my cork board and then for the baubles I got in gold that matches my iPhone 6 and as I said I was loving gold so I incorporated a little bit of a gold theme and also the baubles came with gold tinsel and beads so my tree is full of tinsel. I did really want a star to put up on it but my cousin made one in art class and helped me stick it up there. Also on the very top is that giant gold bow you saw on my mini tree as a topper this year. I do want to buy some more ornaments after Christmas and get those sale items for next year though and add more to my collection.

That is it for my blogmas today! I hope you liked taking a closer look at my decorations. It isn't much and it is the first year I am decorating. It as so fun going out and buying my own ornaments and tree and everything else and I felt half grown up but still a kid if that made any sense. There will be more Christmassy blog posts coming your way this week because only a few days left. I still need to finish my shopping and wrapping as yes I am a last minute person and will never grow out of it. See you in tomorrow's blogmas post. Only 4 days!

What has been your favorite Christmas decoration this year?
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