The October 2015 Monthly Roundup

The October 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the sixteenth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of October. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the tenth monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress | Planning Style

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress - Planning Style

Happy Thursday! I am officially hoping to have an update kind of day for the stuff I am doing for my cousin's wedding. We took it upon ourselves for the both of us to plan it and I wanted to show you our progress so far which is kind of slow right now. I'm still on the hunt for my cousin's wedding dress and having a picky bride is an understatement. I don't know what id going to happen with my wedding because we can't choose on a dress for my cousin and it would probably be fifty times harder to find mine. I've been through so many dress shops with her that seeing white and tulle together are making me sick. I'm sure it will be all over shortly and I will miss it though. I'm glad I don't have a bridezilla on my hands yet. So I decided to just research different style dresses that we can tell a dress shop what we are looking for.

To start off with my cousin has gone a tangent to try different country's wedding dresses to see if there was a style she liked so we finally settled on Wedding Dresses UK and she has this image in her head that she wants to look like Kate Middleton. I don't get it but give the bride what she wants and she won't bite your hand off. Let me know next time to stop volunteering to help plan your relatives wedding because it is an adventure and I say that in the nicest way possible. Enough about this week's theme (because I'm sure it will be different next week) I'll show you what we choose while I plugged my laptop screen onto her TV we sat on the couch and ate cupcakes or well I did because she has a wedding diet and I don't.

(Credit: Product URL)
First dress is of course the Kate Middleton inspired because she loved hers. It might not be ideal because of the weather but I like this one kind of removes itself and you don't have to wear it at the reception. We actually both like that idea and would have never thought of something like that. She loves the train and the shape and I think we narrowed down the shape of the dress almost.

(Credit: Product URL)
The second is my pick and what I am looking for in a wedding dress. I love the lace detailing on top and imagine mine to look like. It is so feminine and my aesthetic but my cousin does relate a little bit. So of course it is only my suggestion but my cousin did love the train to this. It is classic and so elegant and I think that is what she was going for and will look very good on her.

(Credit: Product URL)
Lastly, the third is very simple but classic. This out of the three is a winner and she loves it that's why I saved the best for last but the first is also a close contender as well. She loves the neckline and the sleeve top on it so it is covered but than again it isn't. That was it and I think it is gorgeous as well and I would have never thought I would actually like it but it is growing on me. At least May likes it and is thinking to trying on a similar style. Hoping this is the start of finding the perfect dress for her.

That was our three picks so far and I think we are getting somewhere. I love the styles of these and there was so many to choose from at Millybridal. I can't believe she planned the wedding almost a year and a half away but at least it will go fast and with the ay we make decisions the more time the better. On second thought maybe it was a good idea so we don't stress as much.

Coming up later this week though I am doing a planning style post on bridesmaid dresses and if I thought wedding dresses were hard to choose than the bridesmaid dresses are even harder because we all have different tastes. I'll show you samples I came up with and a glimpse of what I have in mind of what I want to wear. Let's just hope my dress idea passes. So look forward to that because it going to be a fun one. Hope you enjoyed this planning post and let me know if you were already a bride or helped plan a relatives wedding if they were particular with what their dress looked like. I'd love to know or else I am declaring my cousin crazy.

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What is a unique style of wedding dress?
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Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to get into a little Halloween spirit on my blog today and since I just got back from my first Halloween party so I thought it was right to come home and write one. If you have been following my blog since the beginning than the first year I did Blogtober and wrote a few costume inspiration ideas and thought they were the coolest things. So now I am back and wanted to make another one because I did miss those and it is so fun and maybe some of you are in need of a last minute costume. Now here are two that could do and I was going to use them myself but changed at the last second as well. Hope you find them helpful and can do them yourself.

Good Girl Angel
First up is a good girl angel costume and I was thinking this for me since my dog's name is angel and I thought it would be cute. All you need would be a white dress or if you want something casual than maybe a white top and bottom with some comfy sneakers could work too. Of course there is the wings and halo because it won't be an angel costume with out them. I saw a few DIY options on Pinterest and I think a glue gun and feathers would be it. Also I imagine angels to have golden long hair so maybe getting a wig or some extensions and the 20 inch hair weave would be perfect to tie the whole look together. It depends but this is what I think it could be and such a cool idea especially since all white outfits are so on trend than a lot of people have them and adding a couple accessories can pull it all together.

Wednesday Addams
The next is Wednesday Addams and I love the movies and as a kid I really wanted to dress as her as a kid but my mom wouldn't let me as it was an all black outfit and too scary so i put it off. I am now older and can dress up as whoever so it was the perfect time. It seems simple enough with a black dress with a collar. I've actually seen a lot around so it isn't hard to find which I thought would be but surprisingly no. I think it would be easy to pair it with tights and any kind of style black shoe but wither boots maybe or even combat boots except that's not my style but maybe you could pull it off. Then the trademark hair and to pull it off together it is the braids but if you don't have long hair than extensions in a 22 inch hair weave is the right size to get. So that is everything with this outfit and I'm hoping maybe next year I will be having this as my costume but I had to put it off this year. If you ever were her let me know and what you did and how you put it together.

I hope you enjoyed this short costume inspiration. Let me know if I got any better at these costume guides and also I tried to add all the accessories as possible and even some hair extensions from UU hair extensions after they contacted me and I thought it would be fun to add since I was doing this anyways. I loved doing this and it brings back memories of me doing them back when I first started. You can still view them if you want and though they are cringe worthy here are a few that you can relive with me so here is the Pretty Princess one and they are still so popular which is quite interesting, then their is the Black Swan which I am quite proud of. As I said I just got back from a dress up dance class party and I wore one of three costumes since I am taking advantage of wearing multiples. I'll be doing a separate post on it but it was so easy and fun to come up with.Also I am filming a mini lookbook with it so look out fr it on my channel. That's it for now and hope I could start them up again next year.

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What is your last minute costume inspiration?
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Pond's No Makeup Look Beauty Workshop

Pond's No Makeup Look Beauty Workshop

Happy Monday! This is probably going to be the most exciting blog post I'm doing this month. That's because I was invited by Ponds to one of their beauty workshops with five of the Philippines fashion bloggers who are also the brand ambassadors for them. This was now a month ago but if you couldn't tell there was a lot of pictures to go through, narrow down and then edit. I also vlogged the event so I tried to edit that even more special to watch. I am so proud of it so watch that below or you can just see all my photos from the event instead if you continue reading.


Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo | Review

Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo - Review

Happy Friday! I'm actually really excited to be sharing this with you which might be lame but I need to rave about this. I didn't know I would even try a clarifying shampoo but when a few starting popping up on blogs and magazines I read than I got curious and thought that is exactly what my hair needed. Of course the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo was the first but since it isn't available locally I manage to find an alternative. So when I was in my local beauty store which you have to drag me out of I saw this brand and was so interested. They are all natural and I knew my hair needed that because it was so tired of the chemicals and being abused. I picked up a shampoo and conditioner set and than this. I actually think I did a haul on the stuff I bought back than so I can add that here if you'd like a read.

It is amazing and at first when I first tried it I had no idea what I was doing. I put it in my hair and it wouldn't foam up or do anything so I rinsed it out after massaging it in. The next day I swore my hair got blonder and it was smooth. I didn't know if I should use it ever again but that is what is lovely with reading blogs and searching online and found out that since it was a natural clarifying shampoo it doesn't foam up like a regular shampoo. I think I was just seeing my hair in different lighting so it does not lighten your hair like I thought. So if you are looking into this review than I hope I helped because stuff I read online really helped me.

That was my initial reaction and since then I have learned and learned to love this. It does strip your hair off oils and build up and find it to be extra squeaky clean afterwards. I usually follow it up with a hair mask that is from the same brand and natural as well and they seem to compliment each other. I've been using it for quite sometime now and have no complaints. You get use to the scent and I wouldn't say it was bad but it isn't like those nice fragrant shampoos and if you use this than you kind of miss them. It has a lime scent I would say but I thin it is just this fresh sort of strong scent. To be honest I don't know how to describe scents all that well but it isn't terrible and very chemically and you get used to it. It is a good thing I have a vanilla shampoo and conditioner set I use as well to get my nice smelling hair. I use this maybe once a week or more depending on what I did but not more than twice as it really can stripe your hair and it isn't nice. The nice thing is it doesn't leave my hair dry as I thought it would.

I really like this and since it being the first one I tried I can't compare it to anything else but so far it is my favorite. I have it in a travel size but they offer bigger bottles as well. This is actually my second bottle of this size so I say it is pretty good and it lasted quite good for its small size. I think that was all my thoughts on it and a review of the Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo. I hope I covered everything but if you have any other question I'd be happy to answer them in the comments.

I hope you liked seeing a hair related post for once. I really enjoyed writing this and finally letting my thoughts out about this and why I love it so much. Maybe this is why I started writing a blog just so I can share with you what I am loving and don't get annoying stares from my family. Let me know if you'd like to see more hair care blog posts or just hair posts in general. I have seen I don't do much and I'd love to review more hair products or doing a hair care routine or even some hair tutorials. Hope you liked this and let me know which clarifying shampoo you recommend and if there are any sulfate and natural ones out there that I need to try.

What is your go to clarifying shampoo?
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Pond's x Happy Skin Exclusive Kit | Unboxing

Pond's x Happy Skin Exclusive Kit - Unbox With Me

Happy Tuesday! A very exciting post today! I will be showing you inside of the Pond's Exclusive Kit I got when I attended the Pond's No Makeup Look Workshop which I will have a post up next on that and a little vlog too. It's so fun filming a little more and you can see what I am up to. Enough about that and I won't dwell on the event because I have a lengthy and picture heavy post coming up on Friday so this will just be about the products inside. I won't make this blog post really long either as I did an unboxing video and go into a lot of detail. So you can watch it below or just continue reading and see the pretty pictures of everything inside.

This is it. It is a white cardboard box that has the logo printed on it and it is metallic so it shows up in some light and sometimes doesn't so it was really hard getting a picture of it. When you open it up it has a large mirror inside perfect to do your makeup and dividers. It has a drawer as well and you can keep makeup in it or jewelery. In the video I keep awing about it and it is just so wonderful and a perfect vanity piece. I think it is so pretty and it is on my vanity at the moment and looks so good there. It is definitely my most prized possessions at the moment and I just can't help staring at it. I just hope to keep it as white as possible and not get it dirty. I don't think it is handy to travel with as it is really heavy and not practical but having it on your dressing table or on display is great for it. I even used it as a prop for a few blog pictures so there is another way it's useful.

Now enough about the box here is what is inside. As I said there are dividers to separate the products but also you can take it out if you want the whole square. First is a thank you card and it just thanked me for attending the event and it is signed. Then there is the instruction manual as I was referring to in the video. It has the five fashion bloggers who are brand ambassadors of the event and inside that is just step by step of how to use the Pond's skincare routine and on the back of that are the makeup goodies and how to apply the makeup.

The products on the top are the Pond's skincare routine. I've never tired a one brand skincare routine before so I was really excited to try it. I am currently testing it out since I got it so there will be a review post on that as soon as I review it all properly. This is for fresh pinkish glow as it says and I hear it will help brighten the face. The first product is the Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel and it is the face wash. It has oxygenated beads to exfoliate for fresh skin and is gel based which I learned at the event was god for the skin. I've never tired gel products so this was interesting ad the texture is so funny and actually like a runny jello. After that is the matching moisturizer.

Then there is the Pond's Flawless White Dewy Rosy Gel and it is the matching one to the face wash. It comes in the prettiest packaging and I love the pink frosted glass bottle it comes in with the metallic pink lid. It is so pretty and looks amazing sitting by all my beauty products. It is also gel based and I am testing it out with the cleansing gel but as of now it is light and bouncy to the touch and not oily so so far so good. I also got a travel size to take with me so that's nice and you can see that little tub there too.

Lastly for the Pond's skincare is a BB Cream and it is the Pond's Flawless White BB Cream in Light. It is the base and it you have flawless skin they said then a small amount of BB cream is all you need to achieve a flawless base for the no makeup look. It has SPF 30 and dries to a powder finish. I've still yet to try this and see if it matches my skin tone but it says it usually does match everyone but they do have a beige option just in case.

The most exciting part is inside the drawer. So to achieve the no makeup makeup look you still need makeup. I know crazy right? Pond's decided to partner and collaborate with Happy Skin which I will explain more about in the event blog post but that is a little back story. Happy Skin gave some of their products that will be perfect for the look and here they are. The first thing is the Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara and it is supposedly a holy grail mascara. I really like the packaging and it does seem good. I've seen the brush and it looks fairly good for the lashes and I'm excited to try new mascara because it has been my thing recently too.

Next is for the brows and everyone loves the brow trend so this is the Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo in Chic Brown and it is a marker and pencil in one. I was really surprised as I didn't know how it worked or what it was for but I think that is why it makes it so special. I think this is one I will be so excited to try out.

The also put in a blush to get a pop of color on to those cheeks so you don't look dead with no color or life they included the Get Cheeky With Me Blush in The Morning After. It is a beautiful pink blush and I just love the shade. It is matte and it comes in the prettiest packaging but I mean all if it does but I just really like the cardboard magnetic box blushes and it makes it cuter I think. It also comes with one of their Blush Brushes and I did have a hard time saying that even while typing it out. Let me know if you do too. It is a nice brush and comes with a clear handle with their logo on it and the brush hair itself is white and so soft. I love when makeup brushes are soft.

The last makeup product and the most exciting is when Pond's and Happy Skin collaborated to make the perfect no makeup lippie which is supposed to be this nude pink shade that looks like yur lips but better shade. The creation lead them to make the Ponds x Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippie in No Makeup. It is this cute mini lippie that comes in the prettiest metallic silver packaging and is the perfect nude and pink lip shade that complements anyone and will go with any skin tone and makeup look. I'm so happy to get it as it is limited edition and the only way you can get it is if you purchase it with the Pond's skincare routine or 700php worth of Pond's products at SM Department Store or Watson's. I'm so happy I get to finally try one of their famous lippies and don't be surprised if this is the first thing I review because you know me and lipstick reviews especially if they are pink. It's definitely cool to have and so many makeup goodies to try and play with.

I will be reviewing a lot of these and especially all the Happy Skin goodies as it is my first time trying everything. I think I used the word excited too much in maybe this blog post and definitely it was the overused word of the video. But I truly am ecstatic to get into reviewing them and I did have these for a month now so I have already been testing them I just had to schedule in when to post this. So hope you like this and what product you want me to be reviewing first. Don't forget to watch the video and subscribe to my channel to know when the vlog will be up.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Pond's Philippines and given this kit to take home with me. I was not compensated to attend the event and write this blog post or film a video about the unboxing. I did this on my own as I was excited to show you the products I received. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are my own. You can read more about my disclaimer here.

What is your essentials to achieve the no makeup look?
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Heart Attack | What I Wore

Heart Attack - What I Wore

Happy Thursday! A sort of throwback outfit post for today as this was what I wore to Heart's meetup last July which I did a blog post and vlog about it here. I was going through my archives and found these pictures but I wasn't going to post them as this is when I first got my new DSLR and still learning the settings so some came out dark, some were over exposed and then the worse was a lot of them were blurry but I mange to salvage a few and edit them in Photoshop so here they are. They aren't the best but I still think after going through a lot of editing I got them to a point where I feel comfortable showing you them.

My top is my absolute favorite lace crop top and I am just in love with this piece. I wore it with printed leggings before which you can see here. I was looking for more ways to style it and since it was a bright sunny summer day I knew I wanted something colorful plus the occasion called for something with a pop of color so I wore it with a neon coral skirt. I really like the color combination together and I'm so happy I made it work. For accessories, my everyday black bag that holds a lot of stuff and I needed it that day to hold my camera and everything else. Next is my pearl bracelet and for my necklace it was a heart shaped and it wasn't intentional but I thought it was neat that I wore a heart to meet Heart.     

| top: SM Woman, skirt: Forever21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Heirloom, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: MAC Please Me |

That was a little throwback outfit for you. I do miss summer clothing even though it can still be worn where I live technically on hot days. I do miss this top and hope to maybe incorporate it into a fall outfit so I hope to be doing that soon. I hope you liked this outfit and until next outfit!

What is your favorite piece to style with lace?
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5 Everyday Eyeshadows

5 Everyday Eyeshadows

Happy Tuesday! For today's five series as I've been calling it features everyday eyeshadows that I reach for when do my makeup. This was inspired by me playing with different looks and what neutral eye makeup choices I have. So here are my top five choices when it comes to eyeshadow and I did try to vary it out.

The first palette and eyeshadow I grab for is my Suesh 6-Piece Custom Palette which have shades I choose that would look great for either everyday use or fancy looks since this was the palette I created when I was taking makeup techniques in fashion school. I still reach for it and mostly now just use the matte brown shade and metallic shimmery brown together but the other colors can also be used and I think that gold will be the perfect color I could add for some autumn makeup looks and the black is very pigmented and perfect for a night time going out smokey eye look. I'm so happy with the colors of these and for me they are perfect for my usage. I also have reviewed this as well if you wanted to see them up close here.

The second palette that is perfect for everyday and more versatile and has different options is the MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette. I featured it in my September Favorites and just as I said I have been playing with different neutral eye looks which inspired doing this blog post as well. It has a lot more colors and gives me a whole lot more options and I tend to reach for this one when I want a more polished look and have somewhere important to be. They are so pigmented and really easy to blend and a dream to use plus my kind of colors. If you'd like to see me do a full review I would be happy as I am on a swatching fest with all my eyeshadows.

Next is an eyeshadow duo which is the Pixy Sorrel Brown and this is by far my favorite and one I use pretty much every time I need eyeshadow. When I wasn't really into experimenting I would use this and it created the perfect look I was going for and never failed me. It is this gorgeous pink color and you know how much I love my pinks. I just add that to the center of my lid and it has some sparkle to it which makes it so pretty. I blend it all in with the matching brown shade and it is my go to neutral eye featuring my favorite colors. If you want I did a full review here on it.

Moving on to single eyeshadow picks which are what I use for all over lid colors and don't want to make an effort really. First is the MAC Eyeshadow in Honey Lust and it is this gorgeous sparkly bronzey brown and I can't stop staring at it. I got it as a gift when I purchased a few things from MAC and it is an amazing color just to add to your lids and blended out. It does have similarities with the one eyeshadow in the 6 custom palette so if I don't want to waste it then I have a pretty good dupe. I don't have a review or a makeup look up yet but you can see it in my MAC Haul I did a few months ago here.

The last eyeshadow I am featuring has to be another close fave and it's the Etude House  Look at My Eyes in BR407. It's this lovely honey brown and it is matte but has a few shimmers in it too. It is another all over lid color and it is the softest and blends in right away. I was really impressed with this and now I love the eyeshadow and may pick up more. I know a matching one to blend with and maybe a pink as I have seen them and they are so nice. I didn't know whether to review this alone since this has been in my wunderlist app for a while but don't know if I should review a single eyeshadow. It;s great though and maybe if I pick up a few more it can be a combined post. I found the link to that exact eyeshadow here if you fancy it as well.

Those were my top five eyeshadow picks at the moment. I do have quite a selection and it was hard narrowing it down to these. Ever since I went to makeup school it seems like I've just been drowsing in the amount of eyeshadow palettes I have. The worst part is that I have so many more on my wish list that I don't know what to do with it all. I'm hoping to share some more face of the days and eye makeup looks now that I have been practicing a lot more and also show you maybe a few tutorials. Not sure about those quite yet as I still haven't even mastered it on myself but I'm planning and let me know if there is a particular one you'd like to see. Also I'd love to know what you reach for and what your top five eyeshadows you would use for everyday or if your a neutral or a bright color wearer. So until next five series I will see what will be up next.

What eyeshadow palettes do you grab for everyday?
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