The August 2015 Monthly Roundup

The August 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the fourteenth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of August. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the eighth monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Benefit Cosmetics Goody Bag | First Impressions

Benefit Cosmetics Goody Bag - First Impressions

Happy Saturday! As promised to show inside another goody bag from an event, the Heart VIP Meetup to be exact and like what I do with any event I go to that comes with one of these fun bags I show you the contents. But this one I am going to give you a mini review and a first impression of what I think of whatever is in it. So Benefit gave the attendees a few of their cute small samples that I've gotten a few before but I just love trying these and some of them are perfect for travel. So here are my thoughts on each one and what my I like. 

Firstly is the Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer which can I just say how cute this is. I mean when I first saw it I squealed with delight at how cute it is so that was my initial reaction. I don't know if the full size is like this but I do love how it is like a twist up concealer or lipstick. I did try it on my cheek and so far it does work and primes but I haven't gone the full 15 hour like it says because I don't wear makeup for that long of a period. What matters is it does the priming and gives my foundation a smooth finish and that's all I care about. I wouldn't make this a priority thing to purchase at the moment but if I am in need of a primer later on I might go for this one.

The next is the the POREfessional Face Primer and this is one of the three I've tried so far due to receiving a few samples just like this in a previous BDJ Box which you can read here and here. So what I think of this is it does wonders especially on my nose as this is where I have the biggest pores at. Since it is so small I only use it on my nose anyways. I think I would buy a full size but I haven't tried it on my whole face yet to see the real magic I hear it does. It is another primer and I do see the difference in the two. I think if there is a pretty good deal in getting a full size in this since I see sometimes the stores do have them I will purchase it but if not it is on my really want to buy list as of now but I do like it.

The third thing I got was a foundation sample so this is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation in Ivory and I'm a tad bit sad this isn't my shade but it won't go to waste because I could give it to my cousin. It is really tiny so it will be for one use as I did already try one of these but in my color. I got this in a beauty box in my exact shade and tried it in store and it is defiently my shade. I love this foundation and a lot don't really work on m skin but this surprisingly did and it is quite pricey but if it works for me than I don't mind. I love the finish it leaves and makes me look flawless which is what everyone I think looks for. This is going on my to buy immediately wish list and the first thing I get from there. I liked it that much.

After that the last two are mascaras and the first one is the classic They're Real Mascara and I've tried this as well but I still love it and always like having a travel size of it. I actually have a few travel size ones I've gotten and admit I haven't bought a full size yet and it has saved me so much. I do love the formula and once I do run out I'm convinced to actually get it. It gives my lashes so much curl and volume and I don't i it is my lashes already doing that but it does make them look so good that it does look like I have fake ashes. So it worked for me and I found it amazing and it's easy to remover with my eye makeup remover so no fuss for me. Until i use up all my current ones and the sample sizes I wont get this but when I do it will be a mascara I will purchase.

Lastly is the one I am so excited for and it is the Roller Lash Mascara and after all the hype surrounding it I am now finally trying it. I didn't get a chance to try it when it first came out but now I will. I actually haven't gotten around to trying it but I am waiting for a special day to test it and see how I like it. I really am hoping it lives up to all the amazing comments it has gotten and it works for me as well. The packaging is very similar to the sample to the They're Real but I am a little sad it doesn't have that fancy cap like the full size but it can be over looked as it is a sample. So wish me luck in trying this and I'll let you know later on my actual thoughts on this and if I would go out and buy it.

What I love about Benefit's samples is I can try out the products without forking my money out to afford them especially here in the Philippines where it is almost triple the price of what I can buy I for in the US. I am planning on doing a full review on some of these and I think I will be doing the mascaras first after I really try them. I'm also planning on getting a full size of the foundation in my actual color after trying  similar sample in a previous BDJ Box and also when I went there for makeover since I had a voucher. I'm already making a mental wish list and it is always so dangerous for my wallet. 

That's everything and it was a nice little surprise at the end to get. I really didn't know we were getting these until they handed it to me. Meeting Heart was a surprise enough but this was a ice little bonus to it all. Overall I am a big fan of all of Benefit's products that I've tried so far and hoping to get a thing or two from there come payday. Let me know which product from above you have tried or want to as well and also your favorite product from them. If you'd like I did a whole recap post of meeting Heart on Monday and a vlog on my Youtube channel if you want to watch the day.

What was your first Benefit product you tried?
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Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 401 & 402 | Review & Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 401 & 402 - Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday! It is the middle of the week and I think it's time for a another installment of my Maybeline Colorshow lipstick reviews which sadly this is the last unless I make a mistake and go out and buy more which has become more tempting especially since I don't have a pink lipstick shade in this. But for now this is it and I will miss it but I will have one more post compiling all of these so it can all be together and I can give you a summary of what I thought of each and everyone of them as a set. I saved the purple shades for last and no this isn't my first time trying a purple lipstick or some sort of purple hue. Purple used to be my favorite color as a 10 to maybe early pre-teen so I loved the color so much I bought a lot of my things in that color a lot like what I do now with pink. So getting these I was so excited because with the autumn months coming I thought it would be quite perfect.

Description from (Website): Heat-proof colored lipsticks in the season's trendiest shades. Get runway-ready lips with brilliant lipsticks straight from the backstage runways of New York Fashion Week.

It has the same packaging so I don't think I will go into much detail this time around. The only difference is this time to colored plastic bit is purple to identify it is a purple colored lipstick shade.

| top: 402 & bottom: 401 |

The last two are in the purple series which I am glad to be getting a purple hue. I was hoping it wouldn't be as bold as the Revlon I reviewed a while back here because that color is something I rare occasionally and I didn't want it to be like that so I could at least some good use out of it. When I opened both of them I was so happy because they weren't dark and the both looked like they has some pink in them. It all came down to the swatching but I knew I was going to like them at first glance. They have both pinkish and blue tone undertones to it and I like the coolness they both have to them.

401 Sweet Orchid
I prefer this shade more and how pretty the pink and purple it is together. I was hoping it to be less purple and I'm glad it is. This is also more opaque and it covers the lips more which I prefer. Also I don't know if you can tell but up close there is a faint glitter to it which maybe I thought would bother me but when it hits the light i find myself staring at the swatch on my hand and zooming it in you can see it on my lips. It has somewhat of a berry color to it and I think this would be a great transitioning season color so like summer to fall if you really layer it on and in the spring months just a dab or swipe of color as well. I would say it is very nice and can see myself wearing this and I didn't think that was possible to step back from my pink lip obsession. I was hoping this won't be like the red and smudge all over becuase I love the color but I did over apply it in the swatches to really test it again and I lover did it and put lipstick underneath as well on accident and it smudged under there. I have tried it several times this week before putting this up and yeah it still has that slight transfer but I'm willing to overlook it for now and if I apply it properly I am good to go.

 402 Plum-tastic
This shade is a lot lighter and is a lot pinker for some reason but it is supposed to be called plum-tastic which you would think would be more purple. I feel like the one above should be call plum-tastic as it is a little more purple in shade. Besides that I like the lightness to it and for those days where you only want a slight bit of color. This one is not as smudgy as the red ones were but maybe because they aren't so opaque. Since it is so much lighter I didn't have that much problem as the other one but this one I feel like the color goes a lot quicker especially after eating. I mean I can't blame it you can see how glossy it is. I feel like this can be a lip shine or a lip gloss almost and it reminds me of a Revlon lipstick I reviewed before but this one is more purple and the other one has blue tones in it. I can't quite decide if I am a fan of these light lipsticks but it is nice to have. It is still moisturizing and looks good swatched or on the lips though.

Overall Experience
These are some pretty purple shades and I'm starting to embrace different colors especially after trying new shades. It's pretty has amazing color to it and is quite long lasting. The texture and finish of this lipstick is quite shiny and one is opaque enough and one is just like a gloss over. The packaging is nice the price is fairly good for a drugstore lipstick and it has a lot of color options.

My rating is: &
With 401 I like it much better and prefer the shade over 402. So I give it a little higher rating. As for 402 I didn't like the glossy shine and not much coverage but if that is your thing than it would be a perfect lipstick for you. They both had their differences and different textures and stuff. Both do deserve this rating and how I thought of all of this.

After writing and reviewing this I did give my cousin 402 not because I didn't like it but I am starting to collect so many lipsticks and it was sort of a going away present for her. She loves the shade and I'm sure she'll get more use out of it than I would have. I'm happy I have 401 and will most likely use it as much as I can. I wanted to be honest and I did love both of them though.

That completes this series and I enjoyed writing each and every individual review of the lipsticks. I will have a whole guide up later next week to summarize and review them as a whole set so that's the last of this. I hope you found this helpful and let me know what colored lipstick shade you have started getting into because mine are more nudes and purple shades at the moment.

Read Part I and II of this lipstick series:
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What purple tone lipstick do you like better?
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Meeting That's Heart at Benefit Philippines | Where I Went

Meeting That's Heart at Benefit Philippines - Where I Went

Happy Monday! Today I am finally posting my day when I met Heart. It took me quite a long time to edit but I have been working on the whole thing non-stop. I've wanted to do this post since I got home that day but I wanted everything to be up together nd now they finally are and I can share it with you guys. It was quite exciting for me and I can't wait to tell you all about it. You can read on and see the pictures or just watch my vlog of the day below.

I can't believe its almost a month tomorrow. The back story of this is Heart planned a meetup with Benefit Cosmetics Philippines at a branch that is very close to where I live and a branch I go to all the time and get all my Benefit products from and the staff is so friendly when I go there. So before dance class that Wednesday before the meetup I entered the contest (which is still on my Instagram if you want to see my entry) I didn't expect to win VIP tickets but the next day I was tagged in one of their photos and ended up winning. I still until this day can't believe and whenever I look at that entry it still amazes me. I got to bring a friend which I as going to take Lynn who you know is my cousin who goes to a lot of beauty events with me but sadly the day before she left and I had no one to go with. I still wanted to go so while I was texting a blogger friend I decided to just ask her and hoped she would come. She agreed and we were both so happy and to meet for the first time. Shayne has a fabulous blog Queen of All You See, and amazing photography and is the nicest person in the world and you should check out her blog. We met up that Saturday in front of Benefit and went in together.

The VIP meetup started at 1pm and Heart came in and the emotion of seeing her in person and not on the screen was super overwhelming. It is so surreal and I still can't believe I got to hug her and talk to her. There was a little program and a Q and A section and I was so nervous to ask her anything but maybe I will get the courage next time. After that we all waited in line and got to go up for a few minutes and meet her and since we all got VIP passes we had a private session with her. I was so scared to vlog but I did it and I got a few clips of us together. I wish I got more but carrying a huge camera was really hard too. After getting to meet her we ended up lingering at the shop for a bit and I got a picture with Arnold. I guess i forgot to mention he was there too and I was so shy to go up and ask but I saw he was standing there and he was so nice and said he'd love a picture with me. Now after that was done we both had a few cupcakes and got a goody bag form Benefit which if you watch my vlog you can see what's inside but I will have a post of my first impressions of what I got on Friday. We left Benefit and went to have lunch and Shayne and I had lunch with another blog friend Genzel who I met up before and is super nice as well and has a blog and her version of the day vlogged as well.

That is a very special edition of Where I Went and still can't get over it. I want to relive the day over and over again and if I could pick a day I would pick that one. Everything was so fun and I am so thankful I got to meet Heart, Arnold and her mom was so cute. I am such a big fan and getting to hug her and tell her how much I love her videos was something special. I have a Get Ready With Me on this day going up hopefully within this week but it is the biggest project I am tackling so editing it all together has been a fun challenge. I hoped you enjoyed reading this because I certainly enjoyed doing this and putting it altogether. I hope you watch my vlog and let me know if you'd like to see more of me on camera. Thank you again to Benefit Cosmetics Philippines and their team for organizing the day and being such great people since they are always hosting such fun events and being a fantastic place to buy makeup. Thank you also to Heart and her family for doing a meetup for her fans because I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Please check out Shayne's blog and tell her I said hi and sent you over if you go on over there. Hope you didn't mind this long rambling post but I had so much to say and I think I am done now. I hope you come back Friday to see my First Impressions of the goody bag and maybe the GRWM video on my channel.

What Youtuber would you love to meet in person?
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Sunday Snapshot N'4

Sunday Snapshot N'4

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a relaxing one doing what they love best and for me I love catching up on my bloglovin' feed and writing this post. I had another chill week and speaking of chill it has been pretty cold lately due to the storm that is coming through and the almost fall weather made me excited to bundle up in layers and wear my winter dance wear to class I have saved for the occasion. Enough about chatting about the weather, here has been a snippet of my week through snapshots.

I started my Monday pretty productive this week. I got ready, had my lunch and I was off replying to emails, taking a few blog pictures for the week and just having a normal blog day. I always like starting my week like that and that's when I feel like I get most of my work done. I'm hoping to maybe do a post and also a vlog of like a day in the life a blogger because they sound so fun. I also am working on my blogging routine and how I plan posts so here is a little sneak peek. I do have a notebook for my ideas and my own little blog planner to organize everything and I just find it more helpful. I'd love to know if you have your how to blog post up I'd love to read it.

To counteract that productivity I installed The Sims 4 on my desktop computer. So you know what that means after being all busy getting what needs to be done I got to play games. I have been obsessed with it and playing it every evening almost all this week. Actually one night in between the loading screens I was in the process of writing a few blog posts which means I am kind of still getting things done. I love The Sims 3 and was recently playing that for a while because I didn't get a chance to find The Sims 4 until now. It is so fun and my sims are actually from the story I wrote and I made their house and it really seems like I made them come to life to bring the story to life as well and to help me write it better. I've also been loving building and making a few houses and I'm still not the best and getting used to the controls but I've been at it and my imagination has been thanking me so much for doing this. Now if you don't hear from me I am stuck in the land of Sims and don't plan to be leaving there any time soon.

Here's a picture of me before tap class. If you didn't know and I think if you regularly do than you already know I do ballet and tap three times a week. It has been my form of exercise and instead of working out I dance. Yeah I might see more results by going to the gym or a trainer but I like dance and I get a good work out even though. I have been seeing a little progress and it might not be much but it has pushed me to keep going and my body is getting used to it again. My goal is to go en pointe in the next year and I've been trying my hardest and the teacher has even said so makes it really reassuring. As for tap well I'm already the highest I can go and now I'm just doing level 5 again with the other girls in class to start off again but yesterday I was promoted to level 6 which I have passed all the levels in the past but the refresher has been really good. I'm starting to get good again and after stopping for so long I'm glad it is all coming back to me now. I really want to do maybe a separate post or maybe a video of either my dance history or what's it like being a plus size tap dancer and ballerina as I would find it really interesting and I have a lot to share. Let me know and maybe I can do something like that.

Another part of my week consisted of cooking a little bit better for myself. I can cook a few things and can manage to feed myself but I'm no cook whatsoever. Since exercising I think what's next is healthier food which I guess would be logical. I was a vegetarian for about 3 years and now I eat tuna so I don't know what you call it now but I still don't eat any meat besides tuna or shrimp or something like that. At Lynn's house she made these tuna patties and passed the recipe to me and now I make them and they are the yummiest things and I could eat them everyday if I could. Now about once a week or so my regular dinner you would find at my house is two tuna patties, a side like the one above which is sweet potato strips and some veggies like tomato or cucumbers. I'm not entirely sure this is the healthiest but right now it is a start. I also love ketchup and can eat it with practically everything and yes I'm that person. I've also added cheese into a lot of things I've been cooking and I have been so obsessed with cheese lately and trying new kinds so watch out for my favorites blog post and video because things will get cheesy. I'm hoping maybe to do a few recipe post maybe first on the tuna patties if you'd like to see that and if you have any healthy lunch/dinner ideas please let me know and link your blog post if you have some.

This week I uploaded my first vlog. It was super scary but so exciting and I knew I had to vlog the day because when would I ever get the chance too and I wanted to document the day to remember it by. I'm writing a full blog post bout it tomorrow and show you a few pictures of the day and a little about that but if you want to watch it instead you can watch it here.

That's been another snapshot of my week. I made an effort this week to take more pictures unlike last week I felt like I didn't have enough or nothing exciting was going on. I also can't believe next week is going to be the last full week of August. I wonder what I'll get up too but you and me both shall find out in next week's Sunday Snapshot. Hope you have an amazing week ahead of you and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

What was your favorite hobby as a child?
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Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 201 & 202 | Review & Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 201 Downtown Red & 202 Red My Lip - Review & Swatches

Happy Saturday and hope you are having a good weekend so far. I was supposed to be doing this last Wednesday but life got in the way but it's okay it is still here. So here I am doing part II of showing you the second batch of the Maybelline Colorshow lipsticks. This time I show you two red lips. Another first for me since you know I'm all about that pink lip but there is just something about red lipsticks and it is another popular thing I've been seeing so I guess I'm excited to try it too. So let me show you that red lip classic thing that you'd like, shall we? You know I had to bring Taylor Swift into this.

Description from (Website): Heat-proof colored lipsticks in the season's trendiest shades. Get runway-ready lips with brilliant lipsticks straight from the backstage runways of New York Fashion Week.

The packaging is the same but the colored bit on this is they are both red because obviously the lipstick is red which makes total sense.I do love the classic red and black together and they make it look so good. If you haven't read my last review on this I'll give a short summary of the packaging of this and it comes in a shiny plastic tube and inside the bit where you turn it is metal so it is pretty good quality and the overall packaging of this is pretty good for me.

| top: 202 & bottom: 201 |
As you can see even if they are both red there are a few differences between the two and not only color but the feel if that makes sense. I like that they are different in tone and an be worn or different occasions. I do like the texture and the quite shine and that says something since I do like the matte finish lately but this has changed my mind. It isn't too shiny which I was worried about but it wears off and it makes have another texture.

202 Red My Lips
The first red lipstick I tried from the to and tested it out was number 202. I don't know why I choose it first but I randomly grabbed it and proceeded to use to review it first. I should have gone by numbers but I didn't really notice that. Now my thoughts on this are I really like it and I like the orangey red tone to this. It is a more unique red for me and I think it looks so fiery and fierce to wear. I don't know how often I would wear this but it is nice to have. Now a little downside is it smudges a little too much for my liking. As you can see it did leave a line underneath my lips because I somehow messed it up somehow and didn't notice it taking swatches but it makes the review more to life I guess. Everything else I like about this but I'm hoping I can solve the smudge problem and if you have a way to fix it I'd love to know because look how pretty that color is.

201 Downtown Red
The second red lipstick is Downtown Red and I was hoping to like this and that it didn't smudge that much and had a better finish. I was excited because as soon as I swatched the color it looked so pretty and I love seeing tones of red lipstick like that. This one I hoped didn't smudge but it did but not as much because this seems to have a different finish I think or the texture is slightly not that satin. I do not want to be biased but I think I am liking this shade better and when I think of red I think of this more and is a gorgeous color and I'm hoping to make this my holiday color and also how perfect would this be around Christmas time.

Overall Experience
These were nice red lipsticks. It has a nice moisturizing effect on the lips. I like the texture and finish of both as well. Only one downside which is still fairly good with me and I didn't find it faulty and it can be overlooked if you like the color yourself because I'm sure there are other lipsticks that do the same. The packaging is nice for the price and fairly good for a drugstore lipstick and it comes with a lot more color options to choose from if you aren't into reds. So for me it was an overall great experience to use besides the slight budging and sliding of the lips.

My rating is:   &
So for 202 I rate it a three because of the smudging it does. Maybe it would look good for an ombre effect and if I learn how to do that than it would come in handy. It has a pretty nice color and I'm liking the tone but as I said a downside is the texture making it slide off my lips so easily. As for 201 I liked it and the color was so pretty for me. It didn't rub off as much and didn't mark anything I touched my lips to. Both are pretty good lips for the price and if you can look past one smudging than it is worth it. 

That is it for my red lip review. I loved the experience of having a red lip and I don't think I would really buy both of these on my own. I'm not much of a very bold lipstick color girl but it is time I get to experimenting a little and I think this is on the lightest of the bold color scale for me at least. If you haven't saw I reviewed the first out of a few I got from my blogger friend Kim who sent these to me after I won her giveaway. Make sure to read the nude lipstick review to see how I liked that one and maybe a little different to these. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on red lipstick and let me know what is your go to red lip shade because I might like to try more.

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What is your all time favorite red lip?
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