The July 2015 Monthly Roundup

The July 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the thirteenth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of July. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the seventh monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Current Pins // Interior Wonderland

Current Pins // Interior Wonderland

With me moving into a studio apartment later this year and making it my home office/blogging/filming room I took to pinterest where you can find all the inspiration you need for a home redo project. I don't think I can make my place as fancy as a pinterest room with my budget but I can sure try and it is fun just browsing all the pretty interiors and getting sucked in to it all only realizing it is almost 4am. (true story) So today's post is dedicated to the current pins I am loving and in awe of and also thanks to one of my saved posts on Bloglovin which I found since I was in need of some inspiration what to do today and this came up. I knew saving those would come in handy someday and today was that day.

I've always been fond of interiors. I just never had my own space to create and experiment with and now that I will it is time to unleash my creativity and probably a lot of pink.If you couldn't tell I haven't grown out of the pink bedroom phase and why not since I still live by myself and not wit a boy so I'm going to girl it up as much as I can. I did have a blue room growing up as that was my fave color and all the other girls had a pink room and now I think it is quite the opposite. I have picked a color scheme which is either blush pink and gold or hot pink and white. Those are the two I am currently obsessing over. I love the dreamy whimsical feel and I think that's what I see in my head and would be my dream room. I think my style of fashion transfers over to my love for dreamy aesthetic.

I hope you liked this and it was something different. I wanted to do a more interior lifestyle kind of posts and after seeing one of those 50 or more blog post ideas on the popular posts on bloglovin' and I think it came in handy for me when I have been struggling to come up with some more posts. If you'd like to see more of the pins I am loving and I'm shamelessly going to plus my pinterest you can follow that here. Let me know if you'd like to see more and what your interior style aesthetic is.

What is your current interior inspiration?
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Heroine Make Jewel Eyeliner in 02 | Review & Swatches

Heroine Make Jewel Eyeliner in 02 - Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday! It is another beauty review for me today and that would be the Heroine Make Jewel Eyeliner in 02 or technically brown. I've been using it a lot this past month and I realized I haven't reviewed it yet so I thought I would let you know what my thoughts about it and why I like it.

This was in the Heroine Make Exclusive BDJ Box that I unboxed last year. Since then I have been obsessed with this Japanese brand and all the products I've tried so far I've always had good experiences with them and I always have good feedback. This one included is the best brown eyeliner I've tried. 

Description from (Website): Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner comes in 3 colors which are #01 Shiny Black, #02 Shiny Brown and  #03 Shiny Pink White. This eyeliner has a super thin brush so you can create precise lines around your eyes. It contains 3 kinds of shimmering powders to give a "jewel-like" glittering finish to your eyes. It is highly resistant to tears, sweat and sebum, so you won't have to worry about your eye makeup the whole day!

I love the packaging of Heroine Make but that maybe due to the fact that all of the products I've had so far sparkle. They all seem to have this sparkle finish to them and I love that about it and it makes it more "kawaii" I guess. It has a pretty decent brush and it is very thin to get the precision. It has a large lid but I think that is for so you can have control to get that good line. The actual bottom part  though is little compared to the lid bur it has pretty good amount of product. 

As for swatches you can see it is easy to achieve any thickness and is opaque enough that you don't have to go over it another time like some eyeliners and when that happens I mess up the line I already have but with this one I get enough color. It has a thin enough brush that gives the smallest line to just line the eyes or if you add more on the brush it grows thicker to increase it. I'v both tried it with a thin line and also with a thicker one with a cat eye flick and it does an amazing job at it and I think I did pretty good.

Some might not like this but I do and that is it has some sparkle in the brown eyeliner. What I mean by that is in the formula it has silver sparkle to illuminate the eyes. I can't explain it but it has these micro specks that catches the light. It isn't that bad and I may see how this can be bad for everyday but if you do want a little sparkle than this will be your best friend. 

Overall Experience
This is a great eyeliner and I just love that it is brown. It is a perfect everyday eyeliner and gives you the perfect line or a flick if that is that you are looking for. I like the formula and the sparkly effect i gives. It has enough product and also has a big enough lid to have control on drawing that perfect line. I really like this and recommend getting this and hope to buy the black version to see if it has the same shiny effect.

My rating is:
For me I think this is pretty good eyeliner. It does have its down points which is that if you aren't careful and you don't let it fully dry it will smear or smudge and trust me it isn't fun because then it is harder to fix because once it is fully dry it stays in place which is good but not when there is a mistake. I think it happens with a lot of other liquid liners and the ones I've tried anyways. Other than that it is easy to use, has great opaqueness and a great formula that isn't too wet or sticky.  

So that was my beauty review for the week. As I've said I am using up the posts I have in my drafts and I felt this one was next as I haven't reviewed an eyeliner yet. I really liked this and thought you may as well. Also you can see I've been on a Asian makeup kick and with me living in Asia and having access to a lot of cosmetics and that is a nice advantage. Let me know what your favorite Asian brand is because mine right now is Etude House and Heroine Make. I hope you enjoyed this review and see you in another beauty review post.

If you didn't get this in the exclusive BDJ Box you still can get it in stores. You can get this at Watson's and The SM Department store I'm not sure which one but I've seen it around for 595php.

What is your favorite brown eyeliner?
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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Happy Monday! I am back finally with a new beauty post and I've got a few stored up now that I have gotten used to my new camera and took a lot of them in bulk. Today's post is something I thought was so interesting because I am always curious how others clean their makeup brushes and while I was doing mine the other day I thought I would show you my way. It's nothing special but I did want to show you the steps I do whenever I clean mine. So let's see how I do it!

\\ Products Used //
| Brush Egg | Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo | Dashe Cosmetic Makeup Brushes |

\\ How I Do It //
To start off with I soak my brushes in warm water to get all the makeup or anything out and also I feel like the warm water gets rid of any bacteria and sterilizing it more but I'm not sure if it actually helps.

Second thing I do is spray alcohol on it to really get rid of any other stuff that's left. I sometimes do this before I soak my brushes or after. I'm not sure what kind of alcohol solution I use but I did ask my makeup techniques instructor if it is safe and hygienic and for him he recommends it.

Then the fun part begins for me where I now use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo that I actually stole from my baby nephew but I got his half empty one don't worry because my cousin ended up getting a new version. I then add that to the Brush Egg and just rub the brushes in circular motions against it. (I tried to write that as non-sexual as I can haha.)

My second to last step is just after I get them all bubbly and make sure the are all clean I squeeze them and rinse them several times. I'm embarrassed to admit I do it about six to seven times and I literally do that with everything and not just my makeup brushes. I think I feel like I need to see whatever im doing clean and when I'm not satisfied I do it again. That's probably why I take so long doing things.

Lastly, to dry my brushes I don't have one of those fancy stand I see but maybe later on I can invest in one. I just lay out a cloth out or sometimes a towel and I lay them out on there. I might be crazy and I hold them with the hairs or head down for a few minutes because I am so paranoid because I've always heard it hurts the brushes if it is not done like that and you let water run on it. I don't do that all the time and I admit to laziness especially if I'm in a rush I will lean it on the shelf. I let my brushes dry overnight but maybe because I do it in the evenings. In the mornings I wake u to soft and dry brushes and that's how I do it.  

That was a fun short post and it may not be too exciting to clean my makeup brushes but I found it to be easy for me. I know there are a million ways on doing it but if you have a unique way or any tips I'd love to know as I am not a pro or anything and really would love any helpful advice. Let me know your way and I hope you enjoyed this little ramble of mine about how I clean them. 

What is your way to cleaning your makeup brushes?
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Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshots

Happy Sunday! I'm back from taking an unexpected break. I was so inspired to get back to blogging after buying my camera but I was too excited I got busy just playing and experimenting it that doing anything work and blog related put aside. Another thing that has taken all of my time is filming and editing my first YouTube video. I didn't know how time consuming it was but I am so excited with how it is turning out and it is up now if you'd like to watch it here!

So let me show you a few snapshots from my new camera and what my week was like.

I couldn't wait to take my camera out and just start snapping away with it. So after I got bored of practicing at home I decided to drive down to my favorite spot called the River Park which I am sure you have seen before and it is one of my fave spots to take my outfit posts. What better way to start there and see how it compares to my old camera.

I think I still need to work out the settings because some of my pictures I noticed are either too dark or the others are overexposed. Also I really need to get used to focusing it because I head great composition but it turns out they were blurry when I opened it on the computer. But practice makes perfect and it is so fun just messing with it and I'll get a hang of it pretty soon.  

I really like this one and I just had a fun time snapping away. I also spent a lot of time with my cousin as she left last Thursday and so I took every second I can with her and just walking around here with her was so much fun and just gossiping and doing all those girly things before she left the country. I do miss her now but we still skype and chat now so that's been helping the withdrawal. That was pretty much the only sad thing that happened within the week and since I always talk about Lynn I thought I would mention it.

I'm still on a high from yesterday and still can't believe I went to That's Heart meetup since she was now on vacation here in the Philippines. I met up with 2 blogger friends as well while there and over all I am on cloud nine just reliving the day.

That was a little snippet from my week or technically just an excuse to just take out my camera and go down to the local park. I had a pretty cool week and I'm sure you'll be hearing more about a few more other bits that happened later on. I really liked doing this and doing a fun lifestyle post for once. Let me know what your week was like and what has you busy lately! I'll be back with some of my regular postings as soon as I get sorted. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

What is your favorite thing to photograph?
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Hello Youtube!

Hello Youtube!

A very happy Friday indeed! It is also an exciting one because I upload my first Youtube video. I ventured into youtube and I made it a goal of mine this year. Since I got my new camera I knew it was time to try it and here we are.

I set up my camera in my spare bedroom also my new home office and pressed record. It took me a while to get used to it. I actually had to re shoot it because my first attempt was blurry and had so much background noise you couldn't hear me. So the next day I did it again and I did it. When I was editing it I didn't as cringe as much as I thought I would because I have heard myself on video before but it is still weird and I will need so me time to get used to but overall I really had fun doing it.

If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see on my channel, I’d love to hear! I have a few fun videos coming up, so please do watch this space or maybe, you could even head over and subscribe?

Hope you enjoy this adventure with me and get a glimpse into my life. I'm actually looking forward to filming more and writing down ideas in my new notebook and planning on what days I can film, edit and do blog work in my planner. So please head over there and let me know what you think. Hope to see you over there and in my next video as well! 

What would you like to see next on my channel?
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Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow | Review & Swatches

Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow - Review & Swatches

Happy Tuesday! I am back with my favorite beauty item to review which is lipstick and also in a pink shade so you know it is going to be a good review and totally a Jackie thing to do. I missed writing these and if you ask me these are my favorite thing to review. I swatched all the lipsticks at the Collection counter in my local department store. I really like a lot of their products so it was time to try a lipstick as you know me and lipstick. I wasn't sure whether to get a hot pink or a lighter one but I thought I didn't have many light shades so lighter it was and I ended up with the shade Satin Bow.

The packaging is why I bought it as well because a hot pink tube. If that doesn't describe me than I don't know what does. It is pretty chubby but I don't mind that It is really cheap plastic and I had a bad experience and had to return it as the lipstick inside detached and good thing I was able to return it. I got a new one but it still isn't holding up that well. Other than that small detail the lipstick and formula make up for it.

Description from (Website): COLLECTION Volume Sensation Lipstick plumps up your pout with an array of shades. It's features are easy to use lipstick. The benefits are it plumps your pout with the vivacious COLLECTION Volume Sensation Lipstick and are available in an array of sumptuous shades that provide you with a full and fabulously flirty lip-look. The lipstick contains up to 40% of fabulous volumising ingredients to plump up your pout with one simple slick. The fabulous formula leaves lips softer, fuller and gorgeously glamorous, for a makeup look that lasts.

The Volume Sensation range contains plumping ingredients which are supposed to make your lips look fuller. I don't think it really helped me and I don't really think it would have helped me anyways since i am not really into that look and I'm not following the trend anyways.

As for swatches I would say it is a peachy nude with a pink undertone. It is more on a nude side so I went for the Satin Bow shade as it looked so different and I didn't have one like it and I decided just to get the one I don't usually go for but I knew still was in the color family I usually go for. That is how I would describe it and I was expecting it to be a little pinker which I love pink lipsticks but I actually like this shade a lot more now because it is something different and if I am not in the mood for a very pink lipstick this is a nude and can be perfect for those days.  It’s a peachy nude shade, with a warm tone that's perfect for Spring and I wore it towards the end of it before summer really came.I would still use it though if I ever nee to though especially when it is sunny outside

I was looking for something creamy and it totally was. I was trying not to go for a matte shade and I'm glad this one isn't. It’s quite sheer though so if you need to you can add a few more coats. It has the most amazing taste and I love lipsticks that don't taste like plastic or chemicals and this surprisingly doesn't. Also the scent is amazing and I love sweet scents for my lipstick and the scent of this one was the scent of vanilla. The texture however feels creamy on the lips and is nice and since it is creamy I was expecting it to transfer but it didn't and stayed on. I love that it feels much more premium and high quality than you sometimes expect from a budget lipstick brand.

Overall Experience
This is a great lipstick and I am in love with this color. It lasts for so long and is so moisturizing. I love the texture and the long lasting formula and no transfer is the best for such a reasonable lipstick. I am really impressed with this and for the price too. Everything about it beside the packaging was great and I would love to pick up more shades and maybe find one that isn't pink next. 

My rating is:
I love everything about this but the only reason it gets a four heart rating is the cheap plastic packaging. I mean I love the hot pink because it is my favorite color but I had to return this as I had bought a broken one and returned it and then the second one got loose and the cap kept falling off. I really like the formula of the lipstick and the color and the color payoff but the plastic I very easily o break and I have to be really careful with it. I also don't see how it helps to be plumping but I didn't mean to buy it for that so I'm okay with it.

That was my lipstick review for the week and I really enjoyed this lipstick. It was all that I looked for and really besides the packaging. I love Collection and I have been trying a lot of their products and I love them because they are good quality and are very reasonable and it is an imported brand. Here in the Philippines it is just so expensive to buy imported beauty products but these range from 300 to 400php which for me is affordable than all the higher end ones. I hope you enjoyed this review and really liked it as I did. Let me know if you have tried this and if you would pick this up. So overall a really great product and I can't wait to get more. Hope you have a good rest of the day!

What is your favorite drugstore lipstick you didn't expect to be great?
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June Favorites 2015 | Beauty & Lifestyle

June Favorites 2015 - Beauty & Lifestyle

A happy Monday to you! This is where I talk about how it is another month and I can't believe it but I feel like I do it every month so not this time. This is a little late because my camera is broken if you didn't know already but if you missed it I bought a new camera. Making this the first official post I took pictures for and it is fitting since i really love taking pictures of my favorite products. This is also one of my favorite things to write and I feel like you enjoy them as well since I always get a good response so it is a win-win for both of us. So now I will show you a few things I was loving in June.

Canmake Body Cream in Pink Grapefruit
This is the only thing I have left of summer. The past few days have been stormy and rainy leaving a lot of places flooded but everything is okay now.I have been into putting and trying new body lotions and creams because I shave my legs so much it makes them so dry and flaky. I have had this for a while and I found it again and I'm glad I did. It is so creamy and not sticky and the scent stay on for so long. It is a definite repurchase for me and also the packaging is so pretty too.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Medium Plus
It has been either too hot in June or too rainy so I didn't feel like foundation and been using just this. I lie just using this as a cover up powder to give a little bit of coverage. It isn't a powder foundation I don't thin and only supposed to be used for a pressed powder but I actually like it. It is so soft and blends really well so you can really get a good coat. Also it does pretty good when working out because I accidentally left it on one time but afterwards it left a lot of shine but I expected it to.

 Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream
I think with the cold and dry weather my hands haven't felt that soft and with me typing so much. It may be because of starting dance class too and using them so much. This has been a nice treat for my hands and i have been throwing it in the bag I a currently using. The smell of this is also amazing and i hve been into a lot of nice smelling products lately. Also it is just so cute and small and pink too. 

Brush Egg
I think this is my favorite thing in my favorites. I purchased a few months back but I lost it and then when I found it again I got so excited and had to wash my makeup brushes and they were needing a good deep clean. So after that I kept doing it and it motivated it to wash them every week. It does help and it is far better than using my hand. I just use this with baby shampoo and rub the brushes on it and I really see them get clean and all the powder and makeup come off so that's great. That reminds me that I should add washing my makeup brushes to my to do list after writing this.

The Duff // Book & Movie
There isn't a TV Show this month as there isnt any on right now and I have only been watching PLL so that really doesn't count as it is just a favorite all months. I have been loving instead in June was a book and also its movie. That being The Duff Book & Movie.

Since going to my dance class early and waiting in the lobby this is when I get most my reading done. I had a lot of ebooks on my iPad and I found The Duff on accident and it sounded cool and I could kind of relate to it so I read it first. I think I read it in less than a day since staring it. I couldn't put it down and it just left me feeling all giggly inside how much I loved Bianca and Wesley an their relationship. When I got back home I told my cousin about it and he said it was a movie not a book so I ended up arguing with him until we both found out it was a book made into a movie. I like reading books first so since I read the book already I watched it. I can say it was different. I liked the book better but the movie was good and though it was different they both had their good and bad points. I don't want to give anything away for both but if you do end up doing both you will understand me. Other than that really enjoyed both and can I say the guy in the movie was so hot and I stared at him the whole time he was on screen.

Jake Miller - Dazed & Confused // MUSIC
It has been on the radio and probably because it is the summer jam right now but I love this song. I just heard it on the radio in the beginning of June while driving down the road and I just started dancing and trying to sing alone when I had no idea what the lyrics were at the time. It is one of those songs that just gets my mood up and I'm sure I'll be hearing it a lot more. Also the guy who sings this is quite hot and I didn't know that until I searched the music video and then went on a spree of listening to a lot of his songs and I admit he's pretty good. I hate to admit that I memorized it and I'm pretty good at the rap too. I love it and it is such a cool song if you haven't heard it already.

That was my late June favorites. I am still getting adjusted with my new camera but I was so excited to get it and try it and what a great post to first try it on. I really went with the pink theme I guess this month which I didn't intend but I did this real quickly after the battery was charged. Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!

What music artist or beauty product have you discovered recently and loved?
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