The January 2015 Monthly Roundup

The January 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the eighth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of January. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way.This is the first monthly roundup of 2015 a fresh start to the new year!

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Fashion & Lifestyle Haul | What I Bought

Fashion & Lifestyle Haul What I Bought

After seeing so many posts about different bloggers sale purchase I wanted to show you what I picked up so I'm back today with a haul that I have accumulated before and after Christmas with the incredible sales and I do have some purchase back from October as well that I popped in. So since I never did a collective haul nor have I did a fashion haul so this is both combined. Now I'm excited to show you some fashion, beauty and a few lifestyle bits I treated myself to!

I am sharing with you a pretty big clothing haul and my first which I wanted to do before but didn't know how to take pictures of them but I found a way so let me show you what I picked up. I started fashion school and did a whole post introducing that here if you want to read about that. I'm taking Fashion Styling so of course I needed new clothes to style myself in leading me to spend a lot of money but of course it was a treat to myself as well. I bought a few clothes from Forever 21 and it is my absolutely favorite store to find cute stuff that fits me and that I like so it is a big plus! You've also seen some of the pieces in some outfit posts already but at least you can also see them worn.

Lace Sleeve Tee
| Price // 755php | LINK |
This was the first blouse I picked up and just loved the sleeves on this. I got this at the Forver21 SM Southmall Grand Launch Event as well as the next top. I was invited and of course I needed to get something there which ended up being this tee. I love it and I love that it can be feminine or I can add some edge to it. It isn't too sheer and the material is nice but the sleeves are just to die for and did I mention I love the lace trend right now.

Grey Floral Cutout Tee
| Price //  915php |
I fell in love with the print on this tee and thought it was a great shirt that I could just throw some jeans on with but when I saw the back of it I second guessed it as in the back it is open and I thought do I need this but at the last minute I picked it up thinking I will find use out of it like pairing it with a cute cover up or a tailored blazer to make the look more formal so that's what I did and I don't regret it as it is so pretty and as they same business in the front but party in the back.

Pink Floral Peplum Top
| Price //  605php |

This top was picked up at another Forever 21 in SM Aura as I couldn't wait in such a long line at the event opening so I decided since I was heading to that mall and they had a branch there I picked up the rest of my shopping and picked up most of the items from there. It's strange seeing how different they are and styles they have in stock. I choose this and though it isn't summer or spring I loved it and wanted it. They had a few spring clothes in the corner and I don't know why I was so attracted to that section but maybe all the pink and pastels lured me in. I was trying for more fall clothes so I talked my way out of many other pieces from that section. It is my first peplum top and I'm excited to style this.

Short-Sleeved Peplum Top
| Price // 765php | LINK |
I saw this and grabbed it in my size right away. It was the first thing I picked up and I saw this when I went there from a previous visit but was only browsing. I feel like I am going to have fun styling this as it is a thick cream peplum blouse that can pretty much be styled with anything I feel like. My next purchase was made me get it even more though. I also love the material it is made out of and it is pretty good stuff and very balloon like which makes me feel and look feminine while wearing it.

Paneled Knit Leggings in Burgandy
| Price // 295php | LINK |
These are amazing and I saw this right besides the cream peplum top and I knew that would be an amazing outfit. Can you imagine these leggings with that cream peplum paired with a black bag and shoes with gold accessories? It is fashion heaven right there for me and this will pretty much be my staple fall outfit from now on and I will wear it as much as I can trust me. I have other ways to style these as well and thought they were some great leggings plus the color is to die for this season and they are thick so a good plus as well. What more can you ask for? There are no words to describe how happy I felt picking those two pieces up.


You cannot go to Forever 21 without browsing their jewelry and bag selection and im always guilty of picking something up and I did end up buying a few other things as well and have become obsessed with the jewelry the most and I have now been trying to pick up a few more pieces each trip to build up a collection. I also cannot leave without buying a bow that matches the outfit I bought that day. It is a serious crime if I do. So these are my picks from that trip. 
Structured Faux Leather Satchel
| Price // 1,590php | LINK
I really want a Michael Kors bag but right now I don't have a budget just to splurge on a bag like that so I went for the next best thing and got a dupe from the high street. I always loved looking at the bags at Forever21 but never bought one until now. I was in need of a new bag and this time I wanted it to be black and classic looking for once as I have never owned one and I thought it would be very basic to pair with a lot of outfits. I seen this style of bag on many fashion blogs and I consider it the "fashion blogger bag" and I really wanted one myself just not a name brand for now. The price was actually quite reasonable and seems like such good quality and I will probably get a lot of use out of this so get ready and you'll be seeing this in many upcoming what I wore posts.

Polka Dot Hair Tie Set
| Price // 165php | LINK
I needed some hair ties so I saw these and thought they were pretty so I picked them up. I have seen these everywhere and needed to try them myself so into the basket they went.

Ribbed Hair Bow
| Price // 160php | LINK |
I saw this bow and cannot leave Forvever21 without a bow to match one of my outfits or sometimes all. If you know me you know my bow and this one was a cool texture and I have another top in this shade so it would give me another reason to wear it. i just love me my bows and you probably should see my collection but i need to collect more I tell you.

Floral Bow
| Price // 160php |
A floral bow was a must as well as I thought it would be neat with my grey floral top and it just looked so cute and was the last one so I was weak and picked it up as well. I would be wearing this all spring I think and isn't it adorable.

Pink Dream Nail Polish
| Price // 160php | LINK |
Okay I was attracted to this nail polish right away by the counter and picked it up. I didn't care about seasons or trends but needed I and I tried it and loved it so much. I can;t wait to wear it all summer and pair it with so many things and designs. 

Diamond Bow Earrings
| Price //  225php |
I love me my bows and I needed some classic earrings and saw these so I knew they had to be mine because look at how cute they are and I will probably never take these off and these will become my signature earrings I am telling you.


I needed some new shoes and I thought getting some flats would be great as they used to be my favorite before I became a sandal convert. I go to Payless since this is the only place that currently has my size and they have some good shoes that re also cute and fashionable so that as good they opened one here. So here is the shoes part of the haul.

Dime ID Bracelet Flat
| Price // 899php | LINK |
The first pair was shoes I would have never thought I would buy but I went with it and thought they were cute and different for once from what I usually get. I think this is a flat but also a kind of loafer style look which I am embracing now and think it is cute and gives a different feel than my ballet flats. I love the detailing and the color of these and think since it is still a neutral color it would be great with many outfits and can be worn with different things as well. I'm proud of this purchase and think they would look nice in my shoe collection.

Flora Flat
| Price // 799php | LINK |

These were the only black shoes they had at the time and I wasn't really feeling the others but this pair caught my eye. It is a lovely shiny black and it has a need bow and lining around it and I thought it would look better than my simple just black ones to give some color for once. The are pretty snug but comfy and overall just lovely footwear I cannot wait to pair with outfits.

Montego  Bay Club Flat Flip Flops
| Price // 299php | LINK |
I needed a new pair of flip-flops and since I wear them year round either sometimes out or around the house I knew it was time to pick up some basic ones and I have already owned a few of these and love them so much so I end up going to Payless just for these sometimes. They are the perfect size, have cute styles and really affordable for me. 

Of course I wouldn't forget about purchasing anything beauty related and picked up two things from Lush after resisting myself that it could wait and I could buy more later and which I am planning on because those Lush hauls all over my bloglovin feed have convinced me that I need to pick something up as well. I blame all the blogs I follow for making me do this and yes I am eying you guys. So after popping into Lush I came out with two purchases and here they are!

D'Fluff Shaving Cream
| Price // 995php |
So first thing I picked up from Lush and the reason to go there was this.I've heard a lot of good things and wanted to try it myself. I was in need of a new shaving cream and was planning on getting this to do my legs as they grow a tad too fast for my liking so I wanted to try this out for that. I love strawberry and it is one of my all time favorite scents and I cannot tell you how many strawberry scented products I on because it is a tad bit embarrassing and I had to go out and add this making it grow even bigger. The scent is amazing and I cannot wait to try it in the shower and how it is like. I'll be doing reviews on these too a little down the road after Ive used them enough times but I'm excited for my new Lush purchase.

Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter
| Price // 750php |
I've been curious about this after seeing it in various youtube videos and blog posts and I took those people advice and picked it up after I of course tried it in store on my arm and it felt amazing so I had to get it after it left my hand so soft. I got the tin with it as I had no other place to put it and it looks so cute in it but when I repurchase this I'm probably not going to get the tin unless I end up buying another body butter. It is definitely a lovely product and Lush is becoming one of my fave beauty stores to visit and I love popping in to see the products and just smelling the store leaves me happy. 

Other Essentials

And lastly the essentials or just random stuff I saw and thought I needed in my life. I get sucked into buying things that I think I need but only want them so it is a vicious cycle and tell me I am not alone with this. So I got stuff at a bookstore, a boutique and also a Japanese store which is sort of like a 99cent store or Dollar Tree that sells all kinds of stuff for 88php that come from Japan. I love that store and it is a definite weakness not to leave there without buying something as you can just pick up so many things you need or think you need in my case.

iEnjoy Headphones
| Price //150php |
I go through headphones every 2-3 months I'm thinking because they some how always break so I end up buying some fairly cheap ones and yeah I could go all out and buy some good ones but I don't want to in case they do break and it will be sad and Ill regret them even more if I end u break those so these don't really hurt if i end up breaking them. I think the shop where I get it from are okay and I do like the colors and styles they come in. These will be lasting me though because my current ones still work but it has one ear out. They are so cute thought and the color matches all my gadgets which is so pretty together.

Water Bottle
| Price // 88php |
So I wanted to drink more water and take it with me while I go to class or out and about so picking up a water bottle was a necessity for me. I wanted a pink one but they didn't have any I liked or thought was big enough so I went with this one that looked so clean and modern and just so sleek looking instead. It holds 6 ml of water which I think is an okay size and its easy to drink out of which is good too.

Water Bottle Holder
| Price // 88php |
Okay I saw this right beside the selection of water bottles and I thought it was such a cool idea and really think it would go to good use. It can keep it cool and prevent it from spilling which is a plus  as well. Also the design on it is so pretty and has such a lovely print so I couldn't pass this up.

The World According to Key Chain 
| Price //199php |
It is a rare thing to see my name on a key chain. It is rarer to see my name spelled correctly on a key chain. So when I saw this I knew I had to get it as I knew I would probably not see one again for a while. I know it says 'Jackie' right on there but sometimes I see Jacque or Jacky which is not how I spell mine so it was a shock I saw this. I love my nickname but I hope one day I could find my real name, 'Jacquelyn' spelled correctly on one of these things. I do like it and it isn't just a key chain but inside it is a tiny book with the history o my name, some facts about the name and just random tidbits thrown in there. I think some of it is spot on but at times it isn't and I think it isn't my real name so that's why it only half matches but either way real cute.

Heart Clip Key Chain
| Price // 88php |
I got this to go long with the other key chain and to get another one to replace the one I have on my keys which is all banged up now. I love these and they are so useful and also cute too. It could also go with my key chain above and also on my bag and my mini bag because I'm always needing a key chain but never have one so I now I do.

That is it for my first collective/fashion haul and hope you enjoyed perusing all the stuff I bought It was that much but I did enjoy showing you pieces of what I got for myself as I do love reading these kinds of posts and they let me see whats out they and just be nosy to see what other people buy. I hope to do more in the future but right now I'm good and will be saving up to buy more stuff later on which I normally do. Thanks for dropping by and how you enjoyed!

What was your recent fashion buy?
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Sunday Summaries | January 18, 2015

Sunday Summaries - January 18, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Summaries and I'm doing my New Years Recap which I've done last year and want to make a tradition and even though January is half way over I still want to show you some pictures I took during the party and what I was up to since then.

I spent NYE with my family and all my extended family and it is sort of a tradition of mine to be at home and have a fairly big party with them and bring in the New Year together. We cook too much food and end up eating the leftovers everyday after that, stand outside and watch the fireworks and set some off,  and then we end up taking family pictures and I basically go around taking pictures of everything and try to take a family portrait but sometimes end up failing, then we feast and eat all the food that is displayed on the table just after midnight and then we all go to bed maybe around 3 of 4 AM and wake up late the next day hungover from all the food and celebration. That is basically what goes down every year and it may vary but I grow to love it. So this year what we did differently was do our gifts after all the New Years festivities we opened gifts and everyone had their gift on the table since our Christmas tree was down and it was so lovely seeing all these gifts together and how excited we all were to open (well me and the three younger kids not the adults) couldn't wait till after we ate. The cutest was watching my 1 year old godson open his gifts and he looked so happy and the pictures are adorable of him and he got this backpack and walked all over the house in it. I opened my gifts and gave all my gifts out and if you want to see what I got then check yesterdays post for that. That was my NYE and it was amazing if I would say so myself. 

I took many pictures of family but didn't want to put them on but here is my second NYE outfit but I wore something more formal and stuff out and that is a separate outfit post coming soon as well. I cut out my family made a collage of my various crazy poses and my NYE whistle hat I buy one every year and it never fails for me to have one. I didn't have a charger for my camera so I tried to get most shots as I needed not like last year there was a lot more. I really enjoyed writing this and it would be great to preserve the memories of NYE 2015.

So fast forward to now 17 days since then I have been trying to get myself organized and start fresh and yeah I'm doing the "New Year, New Me" thing but I do that every beginning of the month so its not really new to me. I am getting my life sorted by starting classes again and I only have 3 classes but they are so full and have so many requirements I need to complete so I've been scheduling photo shoots, assignments, research and everything concerning that in a small window is really hard and with me being one person it catches up to me.

Next is my blog. So I want to focus on my blog and blog at least twice a week and if I do more than great but if not I hope to be doing 2x a week but don't hold me to that. Since I didn't have my camera charger for 2 weeks I wasn't able to get posts uploaded like my "What I Got For Christmas Post," "NYE Recap" and "NYE What I Wore" and those are so overdue and I wanted them up but I' slowly getting there and I have a few I still want to get up so I'm slowly editing and writing a little at a time when I have a moment which is usually at night before bed. I'm feeling really good with my blog and been loving my photography a lot more lately so that has been inspiring me. Speaking of inspiring, I have been leaving comments on the posts I have been reading and in exchange end up getting a lot of comments on here and it makes me a little happier to read someone out there takes the time to read my rambles. So thank you for the lovely comments everyone and I have been replying to all of them in short bursts throughout the day. Another thing is I am planning on getting a custom blog layout but I'm waiting a little longer to finalize what I want done so that is exciting!  

I hope you have been having a lovely half of January and are still working on resolutions and sorting things out like me. I bought some pretty stationary to get everything together which is making me more productive I have a lot of things wrote down both real life stuff like classes and family events to my blog and I have most all this months posts planned out which I'm hoping I can stick to and get done. So thanks for reading this long rambling post of my NYE and my life lately. If you want real life updates, I am trying to update my Twitter and Instagram more often as it is one of my New Years resolutions and if you want to be nosy than my links are below to see what I'm up to (shameless plug). Have a lovely rest of the day everyone!

What have you accomplished so far in January?
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What I Got For Chirstmas 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Well this is late, huh? I'm here with my What I Got For Christmas post and I still wanted to show you what I got and show off some bits I got for my family. I also wanted to let you know why this is late but if you didn't know I left my DSLR camera charger on vacation at my cousin's house and I had only one battery left and I used it on New Years Eve and then I didn't want to use the camera anymore as I might need it for photography class. Luckily I got it shipped to me and as soon as I got to charge all the batteries I went photo crazy and started off with this. So as I was away for the actual Christmas day I didn't do gifts and just celebrated with food and my cousin's family. I did not mind and still enjoyed. But when I got back and all my family got together again since New Years Eve is such a huge celebration and that was the time we decide to do our gift giving and got our presents. After midnight and after we feasted on so much food we opened our table full of gifts and I will be doing a Sunday Summaries post about more in detail. Now let's see in detail what I got.

First off is what was in my stocking. So in it was a lot of beauty things and my family really is getting a hang of what I've been wanting lately. I was so happy with what I got and I cannot wait to play with the goodies and you cannot tell how excited I am to paint my nails!


So in detail I got a few nail goodies because I really wanted to be more creative with my nails and do some designs and nail art. Now such as Klik Nail Art Glitters and I love glitter so this is perfect. Next off are some Etude House makeup bits so I got an Etude House Eyeshadow in Look at My Eyes Cafe and also the Etude House Dear My Lipstick in PK009 which is the most gorgeous pink and I am so in love with this lippie that i am slightly obsessed with it. Another lipstick that was in there was this lipstick that didn't have a specific brand name but it is in the shade Apple of My Eye Lipstick. It is a lovely red and smells like apples and I love sniffing it.

Can I just say how I love how coordinated the nail polishes colors are? I think it was so cute and lovely for New Years too. First off that caught my eye was the OMG 12 Pcs.Professional Nail Art Brush Set and this will help me tremendously with designs and totally gave me inspiration to do more. And now for all the nail polishes, first is OMG Nail Lacquer in Champagne which is so pretty and I have nothing like it yet. Then we have OMG Nail Lacquer in Gold Digger which is quite a funny name and I love the metallic gold. After that is the OMG Nail Lacquer in Gold Dust which is a gold sparkly top coat perfect to put over it. Now the silvers there is the OMG Nail Lacquer in Stiletto which is a metallic silver and lastly there is the OMG Nail Lacquer in Shooting Star which is a perfect name and it looks a lot like Stiletto but with sparkles but I love it none the less. That was everything in my stocking besides some headphones and those pretty ties to wrap around your iPhone charger which is definitely will help.

Home and some Bits & Bobs

For presents I got from my family, I did get a lot of fun home bits and just cute gifts that are really sweet and thoughtful. From my aunt I kind of hinted to her a few weeks ago that since I was collecting more jewelry I wanted a jewelry holder so she ended up getting me a Ballerina Necklace Holder and I love it and she said it reminded me of a ballerina and it reminded her of me. Also to match that is a Hippo Ring Trinket to put some rings and earrings as well. Next I got a cup from a niece and love the color and since I didn't have a proper mug for my hot beverages I got this Pink Coffee Mug and now I will be enjoying some yummy drinks with this. From my cousin who is only 8 years old she got me this fur wallet and bought it with her own money and picked it out herself so it was very sweet getting this Furry Coin Purse and I think it is so cute and I always need a wallet so this was nice to get. Another gift I got was a Celine Clutch in Mustard from my cousin who lives quite far away and is usually always busy working but she made the effort and got me this and it is the perfect size. The last present I got was from Lynn, my cousin who goes to all the beauty events with me and takes my outfit pictures, and her gift to me was Christmas Pajamas and I love them and cannot wait to wear them. There was a funny story about these and they make it even more special.

Main Present

As for my main present that my dad and mom got me was a Pink Makeup Train-case. It is so pretty and since I was taking my 4 tiny makeup bags to my class and struggling carrying it all around I suggested to them to get this for me and it was also in my Christmas Wish List post. My favorite color is pink so this was perfect for me and it is just the right size as it isn't too big or too small and I cannot wait to load it up with my makeup. If you want me to do a blog post or maybe even a video later on with what's inside my train-case I'd love to do one when I get more makeup too and it's all organized. I am so grateful for this gift and love it so thanks dad and mom!  

That's everything I got for Christmas and again sorry everyone it is late but I really wanted to put my own version out there as I enjoyed reading some of my favorite bloggers posts. I also didn't really disclaim that I am not bragging because I thought these are just small gifts and I wanted to show you what my family got me and how much they know me. I loved everything and they were such great gifts. I hope you liked this post and send me your "What I Got For Christmas" posts as I still love reading them and if you did yours late to please let me know so it makes me feel better. I'm doing the Sunday Summaries tomorrow and show you my holidays and a chatty post in relation to this so stay tune for that one.

What was your favorite gift that wasn't beauty related?
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