The Everyday Bag

The Everyday Bag

Happy Blogmas Day 7! Now today's post is about what is inside my everyday bag that I take with me lately. If you've seen my outfit posts lately than you've maybe notice my bag I've been carrying and I thought I would show you what I put inside of it. So here is what i carry around in this bag with me for blogmas today.

Here is the bag itself. I love the size and it is the one I'm always carrying at the moment because it goes with everything and can fit a lot of stuff even though it doesn't seem like it. I usually have a huge over-sized bag that I carry absolutely everything in and so I downsized to a mini bag that can carry just the basics which I wrote about here but that didn't really work out either because when I want to take my iPad and a few other things they just don't fit so I finally found a happy medium and got a medium sized bag to solve my troubles of carrying the right amount.

| bag: Dresslink* & wallet: Dresslink* |

Now inside I will start with the gadgets so I have my iPhone 6 and of course it goes with me like everyone else's does. The thing I like with the bag is it can fit my iPad Air perfectly so I can have it with me just in case. Then we have some lifestyle bits and bobs so I have a mini notebook and a frilly pen usually and with some blog business cards in the notebook just in case I need to give some out. I made them myself by the way so some are not so printed good but I still can get some use out of them and I love they match my blog design. I have my keys usually but it depends if I am driving or not so this time they weren't in the bag for a picture. Next is my wallet which I got with the bag and it is so me. It's blush pink with a metal gold bow on it and a saying. The size is great for me and I prefer them like this and it fits all the cards in I need, some change and lastly a pocket for some cash. I have other bits in as well like I'll have a necklace and maybe earrings and sometimes the bow I will have in my hair that day.

Lastly the more exciting bit is the beauty items. I don't really carry a makeup bag with me as the bag is pretty small and doesn't expand as it is structured. I do throw the makeup for retouches in and at the moment I have my fave mascara which is Benefit Roller Lash which I'll have a review coming up. I have a hand cream to moisturize my hands through the day which is the Soap & Glory Glove Hand Cream. I never thought I would be that girl that would have multiple lip products in her bag but I turned in to one and now that I found my love for lip products I have a few choices scattered at the bottom of my bag. My faves at the time are Rimmel Kate Moss 101 and Mac Please Me. Then the powder for touch ups I use is Mac Skin Finish in Medium Plus and for me not to get oily through the day. That's it for the beauty stuff in it and I guess all that is inside.

That's it for today! Those are all of my essentials I have in with me. It changes up thorough the month and stuff but generally this is my current bag and the essentials I carry around with me. I really kind of wanted to do a what's in my bag since I haven't done one in ages. I might do a proper one maybe in the beginning of next year and maybe film it too. I do have quite a few bags so it might be interesting to do a bag collection post. Let me know what you think and what is the most random thing you have in your bag that you can find. I found a lot of chocolate wrappers in mine the other day and I haven't ate any in a while so maybe my two year old nephew is playing with it. Hope you like this and I'll see you again tomorrow for another blogmas post. Only 18 days!

*Disclaimer: I was sent the above items by the company. I was advised to write a blog post about this. You can read more about my disclaimer here

What sorts of essentials would you find in your bag?
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  1. I always take a bit of makeup out with me! My phone never goes in my bag though always in my hands! Haha! Xx



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