The November 2015 Monthly Roundup

The November 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the seventeenth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of November. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the eleventh monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Wish List | Cute Girly Backpacks

Cute Girly Backpacks - A Wish List

Happy Thursday! I'm here with a wish list today! I accidentally got my posts switched and this was supposed to go up yesterday on a Wednesday because that's when I usually do any wish list post but I had a derpy moment and switched the days. Anyways here is a wish list about backpacks. I used to be all about backpacks and loved them growing up. I mean I loved the rolly ones more but when you get laughed at for taking one to school past the fifth grade than it was the backpack I went with. I had so many cute ones and I'm glad to see them still around and I think they are a lot cuter now then back when I was in elementary school. So I got approached by OMGNB.com to create a post and when i saw the backpack selection it brought by back so many memories.

Sometimes I need something bigger for when I go on long trips or events and need to take so much stuff like my SLR, iPad and other stuff that just wont fit in one of my over-sized bags without feeling uncomfortable to hold. I have seen these cute backpack are so in style and I've seen some that are really cute. I think I might be convinced to buy a backpack and with all the cute styles it may look cute with some of my outfits to wear.

First off is these cute style backpacks. I think the are Korean inspired and I see them everywhere so I think that is what got me obsessed with them anyways. I do love the colors and mint is such a cute color. I don't know why I don't praise it enough as I do love the color and have quite a lot of things in that color so that's why I went with it instead of a lot of pink this time. Plus when I imagine owning a backpack like these it would have to be in some kind of mint. I mean look at it, right? So you can find them here, here and here.

The next ones I tried to keep the tone down and great for everyday and without being too cutesy. The first I love the style and the pretty print on it. It is more modest and I do love the vintage style of it. You can find that one here. The second one is a very classic and chic one. I think it is one of the more plain ones in the bunch. It is just white and has a bow because anything with bows are my soul mate. I also like the structure of it and it doesn't seem like a backpack. You can find it here. After that we have a rocker style chick one as I call it and I think I had one back in my early teens to try and be rebellious. I think I got over that real quick but I think now I would appreciate it more and love the simpleness to it and the studs plus all that room too. That can be found here. Last of the bottom bunch is another cartoon type bag I guess. It is another cutesy one but in blue this time. I don't know why but it reminds me of a Sanrio bag almost and can imagine having different hello kitty characters on it. I love the shape of it and it reminds me of like preschool bags almost. It can be found here.

Those were my style picks of what backpacks I have on my wishlist.I wonder if I'm the only one who is loving the backpack trend at the moment. Please let me know I am not alone. I hope you liked my picks and there are so many more to choose from at OMGNB.com. I'm glad I am out of my blogging break to start up again.

Also Happy Thanksgiving! My family will celebrate tomorrow as we're busy today but will be coming together. We are having a non-traditional meal with a baked chicken instead as no one eats turkey and since I went vegetarian I don't either. We'll will have some mashed potatoes with it. I'm really sad you can't get any pumpkin pie anywhere in Manila or ingredients to make one yourself but I'm substituting my dessert with cinnamon rolls. It's going to be a great day and let me know if you are celebrating what are you doing today.

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What backpack style would you own these days?
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Fashion Finds | Blazers

Dressfashion Long Prom Dresses

Blazer Love - Fashion Finds

Happy Wednesday! I finally am putting out a post after so long. I've been doing updates and stuff but it seems like it has been a while since doing an actual post if that makes any sense at all. I lost my ability to write since I've been doing Nano all this month and focused on that but now that I finished and doing the final touches it has brought back my blog writing mojo back. I also been writing and preparing for Blogmas so I'm getting a head start on that so it inspired me to get my blogging mojo back as well. I love that feeling when it suddenly comes back to you so that's why I'm here today. Now enough about that but I have my fashion find series back and will be doing a few more in my Blogmas post but since this one has been in my drafts and doesn't seem that appropriate for the festive season I thought it would be perfect for Autumn and since it is still November it can still be Autumn I guess. I searched my archives and cannot believe I didn't do one of these yet so here is my fashion finds on blazers.

If you didn't know I love wearing blazers. I have quite a good collection and they are just something to dress the outfit up either for business or just something to add a little to the outfit when its just looking plain. I learned it to be a fun piece especially in fashion school there were so many ways to wear it.

First is my favorite so I wanted it to go first instead of saving it for last. I love blush pink. It is my color. It isn't my favorite color it's actually my second but with clothes this is my favorite to wear. It is strange but if you see my outfits than I have a pop of blush pink here and there. So when I saw this of course it caught my eye. Not only is the color amazing but the cut of this. I don't own one like this but seeing this and having that peplum out kind of thing on the bottom reminds me of a princess dress almost. I absolutely love it and seems so flattering. Find it here.

Next is maybe more fall appropriate instead and I think could even double as a fancy coat if it gets cold but not too cold in your area. I love the flap collar of this and it seems like it has perfect texture. I also love blazers that have pockets because I use them as coats as I said and it makes it easier to carry my phone and stuff like that. I also do love the straight cut of all of it because I need some that aren't and I like that it can be more casual than an actual blazer. Find it here.

The third I choose one that should be plain and I went for a white instead of standard black one. I think it is just classic and though it might get dirty easily it can still go with so many things. I use to love wearing white coats, jackets and cardigans but I never had a white blazer so I just want to try one now. I love that this looks like a blazer and can be styled with so many things and is so professional at the same time. Find it here.

Lastly is the most adventurous out of the bunch and it is a printed blazer. Another thing I love is floral print and in blazer form sounds awesome and something you think I should own one but I don't. I think this is just fun to have and any printed blazer sounds so stylish. I think I would find this to be awesome and the style and cut of it looks like it can be s fun for a day out or hanging with friends. Find it here.

That was all the blazers I picked for today's fashion finds. I choose these blazers from Dresslily and found the selection so great and had so many to chose from but I stuck with my favorites. I am so glad that my blogging mojo is coming back but the break was nice. I hope you liked this and I will see you in my next post.

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What style of blazer do you like wearing?
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Sunday Snapshot | Novmeber 22, 2015

Sunday Snapshot - Update and Announcement

Happy Sunday to you! A little chit chat post as I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I think I knew I would be taking a break within the year but I can't believe I lasted until almost the end of the year with out taking a little time away from the blog. I've kept somewhat busy doing a few pictures here and there but the writing has been absolute zero but you'll find out the reason why later. It just seemed like a nice break would be perfect for me and having some time away from social media and everything has done some good during this. I did want to do another one of these posts as the last one helped me so much and it would give me a few posts this month so it doesn't look so empty.

Though I've been terrible at blogging this month I can make up for it because I will be doing Blogmas! I've done it every year since I started and it would feel wrong not doing it. I am so excited and have been planning for it and so I have taken some of this month's content and just change it around for next month. So bare with me right now with only a few posts this month but you'll probably be sick of me next month with all kinds of fun and hopefully happy posts about Christmas and all things holiday related.

Another little tidbit of my life is that my family hasn't had much luck this month and nothing looking our way. My grandmother was sent to the hospital for fifteen days and is out now and is recovering but my cousin who is 13 just got admitted on my other cousin's birthday today. So every birthday this month in our family some one has ended up in the hospital. it's quite sad and gets me put off with doing anything much but focus on family so another reason why I took a break this month. A little update with my hip is that I am some what better now. I am not in so much pain and can move around better and have my sleep back is the best. I think I may have hip misalignment and knocked it to the left and though it is getting better I still may have to see a doctor which I hate so I can get back to dancing. I am so scared of doctors so I am not looking forward to that whatsoever.

Next update is that I am doing Nano and this has been the only thing constant in my life right now. I have done so good and I did it last year and felt amazing afterwards and finishing a novel that I had to do it again. It is turning out so good and I am now on chapter 27 and over 43,000 words. I am so close and hope to keep going until the end. I love writing and it is just so fun seeing my novel come to life. I am getting in touch with the characters and a few emotions coming out and it is so nice to write them out. I will maybe do a separate post maybe coming up on my writing if you are interested. Its one of my fave things and another hobby I don't discuss on here as much as I like. I'll let you know if I finish it.

I took some outfit pictures and went on a day trip with y mom and dad up to the mountains for some fresh air after so much drama and everything going on. I had a nice day up there and got amazing pictures and it was just a dream. Only highlight of this month probably because of everything that has happened.

That's it for now. I really liked this and might be doing a few more diary style posts the rest of the month. It's been pretty chaotic as you can seen but next month I'm hoping will be more exciting and with the holiday season coming up then it will be far more enjoyable and I'll be doing more things than staying home and hospital visits. So I'll hopefully see you in another blog post which is happier or when I start blogmas next month! Hope everyone has a fab week and hope mine gets better!

What did your week look like?
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5 Favorite Necklaces I Like to Wear

5 Favorite Necklaces I Like to Wear

Happy Tuesday! Another 5 series and today's is about my favorite necklaces I wear on a daily basis. I think I have a particular style that I like in necklaces and I like the whimsical dainty pieces that are classic I feel. I am very attached to these and this is probably why I don't have a large collection. I own maybe a few more including these so it is quite rare for me but I am willing to add to my collection. These are a few of my picks I pulled from my jewelery box to show you today and give you meaning behind them and why I choose them also I feature a lot of them in my outfit posts so I thought you'd like to see them more up close so here they are.

First of I can start with the bolder choices. I have one statement necklace in my collection and I only bought it for a fashion project back in fashion school but behold I became my favorite and I could wear with so many outfits. I could use it for casual wear or dressed up looks and it isn't a statement necklace that is over the size and too intimidating for me. It has the perfect size gems that I think are white opal and has a holographic look to it when in the sun. It comes on a gold chain and fits my neck perfectly. I might need to look out for something similar as it is just so pretty. I forgot to mention I got it at Forever 21 so quite affordable and pretty nice quality since I don't take care of my jewelery all that well but it has retained the abuse and also the weather.

Next up is kind of out there and yet it isn't. It may seem big and flashy but I kind of like it. This is a hot air balloon necklace and when I first saw it online I thought it was a cute delicate piece to add to my collection and since it holds certain meaning to me I popped it into my basket. When it arrived it was much bigger than I imagined but I still liked it so I kept it for special occasions but I seem to be wearing it a lot more and the colors of it go with so many outfits it was perfect. I actually have a blog post coming up of it as it is featured in an outfit post so look out for that. Also the necklace is from Dresslink which was kindly gifted to me and quite good quality and better than I was expecting it was just the size that may have put me off. Plus it can look quite cute as a blog photo prop.

Those were the most flashiest as I consider them necklaces so let's move on to dainty. The first one is a heirloom and it was a gift from my aunt when I was maybe 11 or twelve I am guessing since I don't quite remember. Actually the pendant and chain don't really go together. The chain came separately and had different holiday charms on it so like a Santa for Christmas, a four leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day, an American flag for Fourth of July and more charms like that in a pretty jewelery box she sent over for Christmas. I ended up losing the box and some charms but I still try to keep the remaining ones. When we went to visit her all those years ago when I was thirteen or so we went to a museum together and at the gift shop were heart charms and I was so into hearts back then because it had another special meaning to me. I picked up all these different gem hearts that some again are lost but some I still have. So the end of that long story is I keep them as they are special and remind me of her. It is quite a nice necklace and I can't believe I have kept it for so long. I don't know exactly where it is from so I can't tell you.

After that I am going to show you another necklace that is from the same aunt. It technically isn't from her but I remember she took me to Walmart and I had money saved up from somewhere and we went over and picked this out. It had matching earrings I think but it looked so pretty. It is a crystal heart pendent with tiny dangling crystals on it too. I think I found this a while back and since then when I want a little sparkle I go for this as when it hits the sun just creates the prettiest rainbow. I know it is from Walmart if I am certain but again it has been a while.

Last necklace of the bunch is a long chain necklace and it is the only one I own in this style. If you didn't know already I love bows and I saw this one and knew it was meant for me. I wasn't sure if a pendant one would fit around my neck so I got this one that I knew would be a sure bet. If you don't follow my outfit posts which you can view a collection of them in my archive here than you wouldn't have noticed that I wear this constantly and I can either dress it up or down but it is there sneaking up in a lot of them I'm sure. The necklace is from Forever 21 as well and I have seen quite a few like it so if you want something similar.

Those were all my choices. I am starting to become quite a fan and hope to add more pieces to my collection. Let me know what shops I can look for to find any necklaces like this because I'd love to try more out and explore different styles maybe. I really love that I have meaning to a lot of my necklaces and think they are so much more special that way. I would also like to know if you have ay cute stories about a piece of jewelery and your like me who has a memory that can hold on to such useless stories and leave out the important and necessary info. I'd love to hear any cute ones especially if there is romance behind them because so far no one has given me one but maybe this blog post can serve as a hint for the future. Hope you are having a lovely day and go check out your jewelery boxes to see what you have lying around that you can play with.

What is your favorite style of necklace to wear?
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Social Media Lately & Life Update

Social Media Lately & Life Update

Since everyone is putting their opinion out there with the whole social media thing I wanted to add my contribution. I wasn't going to at first but I had something to say so here it is. I'm writing this in a very emotional state so if none of this makes sense I'm sorry in advance.

My take on social media issue... So I don't have a perfect life and I don't know if I portray that on here or any my social media site but it's far from perfect. I'm actually going through something really personal right now and I was thinking if I should mention it here or anywhere else as I hate to be negative online because I feel these are my happy places.

I look at people's life online sometimes and wonder why I can't be like them. The top bloggers traveling and getting sent amazing products that I can't afford because I make very little from my blog some months and sometimes I do pretty good. They have the perfect body and I'm over here eating cookies at night before bed. I get these horrible thoughts in my head and just critique myself why I can't be like everyone else. It has always been a problem of mine and though I can fix it a little I'm sure it will always be there creeping in the back of my head.

So yes. My life is not perfect and I'll show you below but I choose to share my happy times more than I do the sad ones. I do edit my pictures for blog posts to make them brighter and look good but that's it. We have editing software at our fingertips now and I would be lying if I would say I don't use a filter or two to make them as bright as my personality. We all choose what we post so I don't think we should be judged for that.

I don't know why I wrote this but I needed to say something to calm my mind.

My life lately... A few nights ago I shared my grandmother was in the hospital. I usually never share things like that but after that big everything is not real online I decide to throw in a tweet or two about how sad I was that what was going on in that moment. Writing has always been an outlet for me and though I'm not really good at expressing myself verbally I sure can do it while writing if you couldn't tell by this post already.

Above that I'm in so much pain. That I can't hardly stand up or walk properly right now and doing simple things I used to do before and not being able to do them right now is frustrating me. I want to get up and film a video because I was having fun doing them and then this happens. I want to take more blog pictures since I'm running out but I can't even stand up to do them or bend over like I usually do to take them. So that leads me to getting sad about my blog and not putting so much effort in it.

Now I'm in this depressive state and feel so sad about everything and anything. I cry myself to sleep and hope that when I wake up I'll feel better and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Of course I wouldn't want to share that on social media (well I just did now here on my blog but I treat it like my diary so a post here and there of what my life is like wont hurt.) I want to look back on this one day and if I'm so happy and content with my life I knew I had a week like this and didn't think I would get through but I do. This is probably the last I'll mention something like this because like my blog name suggests I want you to come to my space to feel like a fairytale when you visit.

I'm trying my best to get some posts up because I know it will make me feel a tad bit better. So sorry for the slow updates lately and being absent on social media. A good break is needed right now for me and I need to concentrate on my hip and the rest of the things I am getting thrown at the moment. 

That was a little semi depressing life update but hope you are okay with my spiel of words. I promise a more cheerful post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime I hope I didn't scare you away. I just wanted to put my take to it and though probably others have said the same thing I put mine out there and isn't that we are all aiming for is to embrace our uniqueness. I wish it was as easy doing that then typing that word out. Hope you are having a better week than I am!

What have been on your mind lately about the social media issue?
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Matching Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration | Planning Style

Matching Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration - Planning Style

Happy Wednesday! To follow up my planning style post a few days ago with more wedding dress choices we are on to bridesmaid dresses and it is far funner for me this time around because it is where I will be wearing one. I have a lot more to say in this and well all of us do and we bicker to no end because we all have different opinions. So here are a few of our choices and what all my cousins and I think of and which dress we are wanting and fighting to have.

My cousin May has this idea in her head since she was little that she wants to have everyone match. She wants to do it in a non-tacky way and I kind of agree with her. The color and style is still up in the air but we do have an idea. To make it match the wedding dress though we went for another Bridesmaid Dresses UK theme. We are thinking a blue as you can see at the moment but it can change and what shade but for now here are our ideas and this is where it gets crazy as all of us cousins are pretty much insane with dress choices.

Credit: (Product URL)
The first dress is an off-the shoulder and a very pretty cut that is feminine and very classic. This is my other cousin's pick and I would have never thought of picking something like this and its a little different for once. I do love the skirt and it is kind of like the one I picked. I do love the pleating on it too and maybe we can have it shorter or longer as well.  

Credit: (Product URL)
For the second dress I have an elegant pick. Now this is my cousin Che's pick and she is the only one in favor of a long dress.I guess it does seem the perfect occasion to get dressed up I do love the neckline on this and it does seem very simple. I think if we did go for a long gown I would love it if it is in this shape and too bulky or with like that terrible material that is scratchy. We just have to see if we even consider long or maybe a midi length cause of the weather.

Credit: (Product URL)
The final dress is so pretty! I saved the best for last which is my choice and I can be biased because I write this blog and my other cousins might not see this so I can get away with saying that. I was told simple and not over the top which I love so when they said simple I went simple. This is just a plain dress and I love the cut of it.I think I want some sparkles or decorations on it personally.

Those were the choices for style of bridesmaid dresses and this was so hard to narrow down. Besides having so many pretty choices at Millybridal it narrowed down our styles and I think we are choosing maybe a short at the moment despite my cousin hating. May wants short so it is modern she says and I kind of agree but maybe a gown would not look so bad too. See we can;t decided. So that is it and hope you enjoyed my inspiration for all that and let me know if you would do a matching theme or have different styles in the same color. I'd love to know that and more color options as we are stuck at the moment but when are we not stuck.I think this will be one of the last ones for a while since my cousin is out of town with her fiancee to see family but when we start planning again I hope to record my progress and share it with you.

What style dress do you prefer long or short?
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October Highlights | Month in Pictures

October Highlights - Month in Pictures

Happy Tuesday! It's  time for my photo diary and monthly highlights post of October. It was a big celebration kind of month especially towards the end because of Halloween so it mostly just summarizes that but a few snippets before that. Nothing too exciting happened so I'll just show you the moments I documented and see what I did this month. Let's rewind and take a look at my October! Here are some of my highlights:

  • Ballet. I always add this as well and try to get a different picture each time or I'm hoping too. As I am writing this though I may have injured myself and cannot move my left hip and can't really walk or sit down or stand properly but I am doing my best to heal. I know it wasn't apart of my highlight but I wanted to add a little what I am up to lately. I hope to be back up to myself and I am trying my best and doing so many techniques to heal it properly and I really hope it doesn't get worse and I can still dance. I think it was ballet that hurt me and I cannot believe I injured myself and it is my first time getting injured. I did have a really great class with my tutu on to make up for the sad news of me hurting my hip. I might take a break for a few weeks but I'll see how I feel and maybe start back up after a rest.
  • Getting stranded in the city. This is kind of bittersweet for me. I turned in my camera that day and had my driver pick me up afterwards but he ended up getting lost so I am standing in the middle of the city not being able to contact him. Everything was just not going my way that day and I was late for my ballet class to add to it all. I decided to just take a picture because the first thing that pops into my head is this would be such a funny story to tell on my highlights post. I know strange but the blogger in me knew it would be cool documenting it. Everything turned out to be okay in the end and I made it to my car and got to class 15 minutes late so all good at least. 
  • Outfit details. I am having quite fun doing these types of Instagram shots when I cannot shoot my full outfit. So I added it just to be artsy I guess with my highlights. Not really much to say about these so I'll leave you with that. 
  • Ice cream. I always add some kind of desserts to my highlights it seems like and this month's was an ice cream cone in October. You would think it was a summer treat but not in this tropical weather. It was yummy and now I'm addicted and wont admit I've had a few after this one as well.
  • Unboxings. I filmed several unboxings and quite enjoyed them. I might have a few more next month to be done so look out for those.I didn't know how fun it is to do after watching a million on Youtube. It's also a highlight because of so much fun makeup I get to try now and play with. 
  • Toy Store Shopping. Do not release a 2 year old, a 9 year old and a 22 year old in a toy shop because it will be insane. I haven't been in a toy store in so long and I clearly enjoyed myself and technically wanted to buy everything as well. We just went there to buy my nephew's costume and we ended up with picking out a few toys and just browsed the store. I wanted to buy them everything and get me so many stuffed animals. You can see there I saw a huge cupcake pillow or stuffed thing and I think I might go back to buy it for myself as a decor item for my room. After that we had donuts as a treat and thought I would add that in.
  • Halloween! I had the best Halloween this year and celebrated it for almost a week which I have never done. So I had to dedicate the last row of this months highlights just for the special day and it was the most exciting thing that happened in the month of October. First is I wore three costumes for each dance class I go to so that's why i wore three or else I would have maybe only wore two as I couldn't decide. I filmed a look book which I am so proud of and was a really fun to edit together so please watch it here. On actual Halloween it was the best! I went to my dance class first and got so much candy and trick or treated there. I took my cousin and my nephew with me and we all dressed up. My little nephew Marcus dressed as superman as I said and my cousin as a monster cat I think. After that we went to the mall and trick or treated there and played on some rides and enjoyed the little parade. We then went out at night and got even more candy. I haven't been in so long since I am probably too old but when you have little kids with you it is okay. The next day we went grocery shopping and the store we always go to and recognizes us every time gave us a pumpkin backpack full of candy. Right now I am hungover on all the candy. It was the number one highlight of my month and it just brought back so many memories of Halloween when I was a kid so there was a lot of nostalgia.

As for fashionxfairytale in the month of October, I think it kind of went downhill a litle bit. I mean I have been working on it and have been putting up posts but I don't know. I knew once my camera was going I would lose a little motivation and I kind of put myself down. My camera was my baby and inspired me to blog and even film so much. With it gone it took the motivation away. I did get it back more towards the end of the month and filming my look book with only my iPhone really changed my outlook and I would survive without it for the time being. I still have a few left that I took of my blog photo batches so that's pretty good. I do have good news and might pick it back up as the analysis is done but I need to wait until next year to get parts and get it properly fixed which is a bummer but at least I can still use it. I'm hoping to get back to it and I don't know how much blogging I will be doing this month but I am doing blogmas again this year in December which I am already planning for. Don't worry I will still be doing both my blog and Youtube in November because I have no choice since of my injury it passes time.

The month of October was pretty fun and a Halloween I would remember. I think those are all my highlights and not really exciting ones but great nonetheless. I am doing Nanowrimo so I've been concentrating on that so the words are all over the place at the moment with writing a novel to switching back to my blog voice. I will be reporting back to you with an update in next month's highlights. So that's everything I have to say for this month's summary and hope you enjoyed reading about small snippets of my life. Until next month!

What was your Halloween celebration like this year?
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Curvy Halloween Look Book

Curvy Halloween Look Book

Happy Halloween! Today's post is a spooky look book of my three costumes I wore for Halloween week. This year I had plans for Halloween and spent the whole week celebrating which I haven't done in years so it made me really happy. So here's a blog post of my three costumes from the week  also with some details and a look book video up on my channel!

Playful Cat
The first costume I wore on Wednesday to my first tap class was no other than a cat. I think everyone is dressing up as cats and I was no exception. I changed my plans last minute and of course everyone's go to is some animal and mostly cats so this is what I came up with.I love how it turned out and I just threw it together last minute and it came out better than I thought. I went with the sexy cat route unintentionally but it gave me a reason to wear this dress out again. I just paired it with some black tights and black shoes and I got the accessories from the local department store which I was surprised they had. It is getting quite big here and it is exciting to get so many decorations and such. I quickly painted on a nose and whiskers and I really liked how it turned out. Maybe I can even recycle this for next year and be a sexy bunny.     

Black Swan
My go to costume for the last few years as I was it last year too. This is what I wore on Thursday to my ballet class so of course it was perfect for it. I wanted a reason to wear my tutu to class but it's so huge to dance in that I couldn't but this special occasion worked out great. I wore my leotard that actually I've had for 11 years now when I was 11 and it is actually the top to the poodle skirt in my next costume. The tutu I had custom made and the tights and ballet shoes are my actual accessories for ballet class. The headpiece was another DIY and I'm s happy I made it myself. I did a post on this last year if you'd like to see that here. The makeup was really simple with just outlining my eyes and then black and green eyeshadow. I was going to do a tutorial but decided against it and it was really quick. The lips however were my favorite since it is the perfect autumn burgundy color. I'm hoping not to wear it again next year as I'm a little tired of it now but it's always a fun backup costume I have ready. 

50's Poodle Girl
The last costume was a 50's girl and it's sort of like grease inspired. I love this costume and it is so quick to put together and quite comfortable out of the three or that's how I feel. The poodle skirt as I said was a recital costume 11 years ago and it matches the leotard but I didn't want to wear them both together because it looks to dancey so I paired it with a simple black top. So the accessories there was supposed to be more but I didn't have time to find them. If I did I have a matching scarf for my neck, lace socks and a leather jacket. I did pull of the bow in my hair and the high ponytail and to be honest it was my fave part of the costume. The shoes are my tap shoes and they are also 11 years old as well but still fit me which is crazy. I will always love this poodle skirt and the detailing of it is so pretty. 

Those were my Halloween costumes this year and it was fun shooting them as well. I loved putting them together and to be honest cannot pick which is my fave. I really enjoyed getting to dress up not once but three times this year. I took my baby nephew and it was his first time trick or treating which is just the cutest thing. I have so much candy it is crazy and going trick or treating again after all these years is the best feeling. Hope you liked this post and had a fun Halloween as well!

You can watch the look book below and maybe subscribe to my channel.

Also this is my 500th post so I would like to celebrate and mention it here. I can't believe that number and really glad this was the big 500!

What were your Halloween plans this year?
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