fashionxfairytale 4th Blog Birthday Giveaway

fashionxfairytale 4th Blog Birthday Giveaway

It is definitely a happy Monday! It is because I am posting my 4 year giveaway to give back to my readers and celebrate this milestone of mine. It is a little token to give back for sticking around all these years. I choose products that I like myself and I use and also a couple of my favorites. So let's get excited for the prizes?

Firstly I wanted the prizes to come in something unique so I got this cute little lunchbox with a pretty design. It is metal so I don't know whether it can be shipped but if not than I will choose a pretty makeup bag instead. 

The prizes I choose were something I love and I decided that those are the products I wanted so you my readers can experience them too. Also a little bonus as well besides these products I may have added a few sneaky products in also.

MAC Lipstick in your choice of shade
The main prize is a MAC lipstick in your choice and since I do love mine I hope to offer one of my readers one as well. The winner does have to pick a shade that I can buy here in the Philippines though. I do know they have a lot of shades so I'm hoping it won't be a problem.

Etude House Dear My Lipstick in your choice of shade
Next is my favorite drugstore lipstick which is the Etude House lipstick which I did a review on here and you can choose a shade here. The packaging is amazing and I am sure you will be sold as well with how amazing this lipstick is.

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara 
At the moment this is my favorite mascara and since I got this in my BDJ Box I have been using it when ever I head out. I got a coupon to buy another one and get a discount on another product so it was the perfect opportunity to buy giveaway prizes. 

Covergirl Trublend Translucent Powder
This is such a nice inexpensive powder and I got it with the mascara and thought it would work with anyone. I'm hoping you will like this. I thought this makeup item would be the easiest to pick while I was at the Cover Girl counter.   

Benefit Samples
I always end up getting a lot of Benefit samples and I can't seem to get any use out of them so I thought this would be a great way to let you test out any of their products. There are a variety of samples as well so it will be a nice mix.

To enter to win these products all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules:
All you have to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter.
This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!
Anyone can enter but should be 18 or older (has to have parent's permission)
There will be ONE winner.
Winner announced on  July 24, 2015.

That's everything and I hope you quite liked my 4th blog birthday giveaway even if it is a tad bit late. I'm hoping to do a next giveaway if I reach 500 blog followers. Good luck to everyone who enters!

What giveaway prizes would you like to see in a future giveaway?
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  1. four years is so fantastic!! as a new blogger that is something i'm looking forward to! congrats!

    xo Lauren

  2. Congratulations on 4 years!
    I love your photography and the way your personality comes through each post :)

  3. Four years is amazing!! and this giveaway is amazing too!! I am so excited for it!! <3 xx

  4. Congrats on four years! Great give away, good luck everyone :)

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

  5. I always love seeing your What I Wore series! I love seeing you dress up, and feeling confident as always with what you wear. You seem to always enjoy doing every post, and you also look very happy! :)

    Congratulations!!! MAC shade that I want to try is Angel or Rebel! :)

  6. I really really love your pink blog! Reminds me so much of Genzel Kisses. I love your photos so much! :) Congratulations on your four years! xoxo - www.shyieesolove.com

  7. Hi miss Jackie! First of all congratulations on your 4th year! What i love about your blog is its very cute,sweet and so much girly! I love the pink and white combinations and ive noticed that you also do as ive seen on your posts and OOTDs. I also love the way you take the pictures and how you make reviews. Keep it up miss Jackie and wishing you more blog birthdays to come! :D

    ourlittleinfinityxx@yahoo.com/ I would love to try the Ruby Woo :)

  8. Wow really gorgeous blog and thank you for the chance!!

    trinakaye04@gmail.com / Flat out fabulous from MAC

    ♥ www.hernameistrina.com ♥

  9. Happy birthday to your gorgeous blog!! <3

  10. Amazing post dear!


  11. This giveaway sounds great, i'd love to win!! I love the MAC lipstick shade Velvet Teddy, Vegas Volt and Lovelorn!

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com

  12. Great giveaway! Well done on turning 4! There are so many fab lipsticks by MAC... I'd like to try Rebel I think! Fingers crossed :-)


  13. Love your blog so much!

    elenajeanday@gmail.com // Mehr or Lady Danger

  14. Your blog is so cute. Love it :)x


  15. Hello Ms.Jackie :) I am happy that I have found this And I am one of your new followers. I have seen your reviews. Your style is about fashion and makeup I have seen in one of your review that you like wet and wild Products, I love their products as well, I hope to read more posts about beauty and fashion and makeup In the future, And I hope that you reach not only 500 followers but Even more than a thousand followers! Goodluck! ^_^

  16. I love to read about beauty reviews

  17. Amazing Giveaway! - I'd like to try MAC - Please Me because I heard such good things about it.
    Congratulations on turning 4! Great blog xo

    Sinead| beyoutifulonabudget@outlook.com

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  19. Congratulations on four years! Can't believe I just discovered your blog, it's fab! I'd love Ruby Woo if I won!

    My email is sineadmccarthy3@gmail.com

    PS. I messed up the first comment I left which is why I commented twice!

    Sinead | http://sineadclaire.blogspot.ie

  20. happy bday to your blog jackie!! keep up to good work and more post on your beauty and tv show faves love those! :) (rubywoo, or mehr) queenofallyousee@gmail.com ;)

  21. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Four years is fabulous, and here's hoping for many more!

    I love when you talk lip stuff, because that's my favourite type of product. Always so many fun choices! As for the lipsticks in the giveaway, I'd love the Dear My Blooming Lips in Talk Pk004 and the MAC in Snapdragon or Rose Lily, or, if all else fails, Ruby Woo. (mangomonkee77 at hotmail dot com). Thanks!!

  22. Hi there. I'm new here. I love the layout of your page and all the photos are beautiful! Congrats!

  23. Right now my fave Mac shade is "Notice Me" but I would love any of their pink/purple shades <3 judithruffolo@hotmail.com

  24. Right now my fave Mac shade is "Notice Me" but I would love any of their pink/purple shades <3 judithruffolo@hotmail.com

  25. Congratulations on your 4th year! Cheers and more power to you :) I love your makeup reviews and the layout of your blog :) simple and clean.

    My shade of lipstick is Ruby Woo :) Thanks for the chance

    Arra Odeza

  26. Congratulations on 4 years of your blog. I've only recently discovered you and I have enjoyed reading your makeup reviews (I've lost quite a few hours on your blog hehe).
    If I won I'd love Creme d'Nude by MAC. What a lovely idea for a giveaway!
    Here's to the next 4 years xx

  27. Just stumbled across this blog and it's a great read!! As a new blogger I have loved reading these posts!! I think Sublime Culture or Patisserie would be my next lipstick colour choices, I just bought Kinda Sexy and Ruby Woo and fell in love with MAC lipsticks! What a great giveaway!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. hello ms.Jackie! I am your new follower and i found it to my friend post and i try to link your site,i like your blog layout very girly..by the way congrats on your 4 years of blog existing,you have a nice giveaway! Good luck for your many more years to come of reviewing and sharing to all your reader like me.. :-)

  30. Congratulations! :))
    I love to read makeup reviews and haul's posts!:)

    Mac Ruby woo

  31. I love hauls posts.
    I'd like to win MAC Russian Red

  32. It's my first time here on your blog and I really like how you compose your photos very eyecatching and vibrant in colors...
    I love subtle, daily wear colors for lippies... MAC Angel or Mac Mehr


  33. Mac heroine!
    rafflecopter name Georgia Karantani

  34. MAC Russian Red is really my fav.


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