The May 2015 Monthly Roundup

The May 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the eleventh roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of May. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the fifth monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Abstract Summer Dress | What I Wore

  Abstract Summer Dress - What I Wore

Happy Friday! I bring you another summer outfit in the spot I took my outfit in this outfit post. I wanted to match this nice dress and have it by the ocean and also with the kind of palm tree pattern on the bottom of the dress with palm trees as a backdrop. It was such a nice hot summer day and a perfect outfit on a perfect day.

This summer dress is so fun and I love this bold abstract print with the neon colors mixed in. I saw this dress and I thought why not try it as I usually steer away from bold prints and go for my classic floral print but for once I didn't. It is the summer and this would be a perfect reason for that. The colors on it are gorgeous and you can use the pop of neon pink or the neon lime color. As you can see I wanted the hot pink and blue to be the main focus but I can style this so many ways I feel like for next time. To match the dress I just aired it with a pop of blue bag to match and I didn't have one to go with it right now. For accessories, I just have a white statement necklace, a few bracelets and then a neon pink bow to match the dress. My shoes are just my nice wedged sandals to tie it in for the summer theme I was going for. 

| dress: SM Woman +, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar}, bag: Accessorize, earrings: Forever 21 {similar}, bracelets: Forever 21.  bow: Rita's Boutique |

I didn't wear this to anywhere special but it can be worn to a nice summer wedding or some kind of occasion like that. It can also have a nice cardigan too if it is chilly out or worn in the evening but on this very hot day I liked having to feel the breeze from the ocean and my dress being flowy. I had a nice day with my cousins and it was really hot out. We had lunch by the bay and then walked it off then did these outfit posts. I really loved this dress and finally got to wear it. Let me know what your favorite summer dress is and what styles you like as I am loving this fit and flare style.

What do you think about bold and bright prints on clothing?
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FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner | Review & Swatches

FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday my beauty friends! I have another beauty review and this one is of makeup that I have been experimenting with so I decided to give my review of it finally. So today I am talking about the FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in brown. This is my first gel liner and I love that have a nice brown color instrad of the harsh black to try first. I've got this in a monthly subscription which was quite a nice item as I don't think I would have bought it for myself as I didn't know how to use it since this is my first time trying a gel liner. If you'd like you can read the Unboxing of the September BDJ Box in case you missed that in which this was one of the items inside. Now here are my full thoughts and how much I am liking this.

FS if you didn't know stands for Fanny Serrano who is a well known local makeup artist I hear who does makeup for the local celebrities according to my aunt. He collaborated with Fashion 21 Cosmetics which is another local drugstore brand in stores which has some wonderful products because I've read some nice things with a lot of their products from the FS line that works really well according to the local Philippine beauty bloggers I follow. It was fun learning that information and researching the products they have and now I have a huge wish list of things I'd like to pick up. They are so affordable and a of variety which I didn't know about.
Description (From FS Cosmetics Website): Deep, long-lasting, gel-based eyeliner gives strong definition to the eyes. It glides smoothly for easy application and it doesn't smudge.

Shades: Black and Brown Made in Taiwan Ingredients: Isododecane, Cycolopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Talc, Cera Alba, Synthetic Wax, Microcyrstaline wax, Polyethylene, Triglyceride, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Magnesium Stearate

Made in Taiwan.
This gel eyeliner is in a frosted glass pot with black screw-lid top. It is 5ml which is a good amount and it seems compact and can fit perfectly in a makeup bag. Each pot comes with a protection seal which I have left on and reuse to prevent it from drying out even more. It doesn't feel cheap and I can't compare it to others as this is the only one I own so I'm not sure with that comparison. It isn't anything special but I quite like the simplicity of the packaging and can say it is quite sturdy so far and the lid secures it well so it doesn't dry out.

For my first dip in with a gel liner, this is quite nice. It is soft and when you dip the brush in if you aren't careful it can sink in the pot deep down but I was so scared that I lightly dabbed it on the first time I used it. I got a pretty good amount and coated the brush. It is like a cream or mousse texture when you dip in and I really like that. As I apply it the brush glides on effortlessly without dragging on the lids but I am super cautious as I didn't know how to use it the first time I put it on.

The application is easy and you can experiment with different thickness or in my case I accidentally messed up and decided to pile it on with my first use and each time it got better don't worry.  tried to wing it out and then a simple line as well and they both work nicely and the matte brown color gives a nice everyday shade which I am all about. The color payoff of this is amazing considering its price tag. It is a gorgeous reddish brown matte color and with every dip it still is the same and not drying or anything and is still creamy! It isn't streaky or uneven at all and is not like any of my other eyeliners. At first I was quite scared and wanted to run miles away from it but I am very very impressed and would rather have it stay now and the fear is gone.

As for the wear and longevity of this gel liner it last quite long and can last all day. I have quite oily eyelids and I was afraid I would smudge it or my hooded eyelids would get in my way but so far no budge when it dries. Right when you apply it make sure to smudged it right away so when it sets it will not budge that much. It did seem like it took a few minutes to dry up so I decided to let it sit for a while longer to make sure.

The brush it comes with is quite tiny but so cute for me. It is an angled liner brush and it is quite slim and light to give some soft strokes. For once it is actually usable because brushes that come with the product are very difficult to use and just bad quality for me but this is surprisingly not. It is rather nice with the bristles being pretty soft that it doesn't feel rough or fall off but still it can withstand to create the lines with.When I first used it to be honest it was a tad hard for me to hold though and I have such large fingers that it was difficult to grab on for the precision but it was just the handles fault and it is nice for doing the crevices and detailing though. Nothing that your own brush can't fix which I tried with too and it has the longer handle and the application was a little quicker but the small one can fix my errors. So having the little brush wasn't so bad after all.
Overall Experience
This is a great gel liner especially if this is your first time trying one like me. It was really easy to work with and not too expensive to play with and experiment. I know if I was using a MAC or a higher end gel liner I wouldn't want to experiment with as much and then I wouldn't be able to learn. It is easy to use once I got a hang of it and can be smudged or a dramatic line. The color is perfect for me as I like softer looks and use a black liquid liner if I want a bold cat eye. I would recommend this and the brown shade to anyone who is beginning to use one like myself and the quality is quite nice for a drugstore product. The price is really great as others I have saw are too expensive and that's what probably put me off from purchasing one in the first place. I'm glad I know own this and it is a handy product to have in my makeup collection.

My rating is: ♥♥♥
I have this as four heart rating because though it was nice I still don't feel like it deserves the hole rating. I don't know what it is but since I don't have it to compare it too so my judgement is based off of this alone. It was reasonable, the texture was creamy and the pigmentation is good so those were the good traits it has. I can't think of any cons to this right now but I do have to keep using it. Overall it is quite a good first gel eyeliner.

  • Make sure to apply a brown eyeshadow on top of the gel liner to set it in place.
  • Store your gel liner pot upside down so the top can stay creamy.

You can get it for 225.00php (approx $5.00) each in either the shade black or brown and are available at Watsons and SM Department Stores.

That was my review of my first gel liner and I was quite impressed and really liked playing with this and it made me comfortable to use this kind of eyeliner for once.Let me know what was your first dabble in gel liners and what your experience was. Mine was pretty positive and maybe next time I can repurchase this or try a new one to compare it with.Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know how this sounds for you.

What was the brand of your first gel liner?
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Wish list | DressLink Fashion & Accessories

Wish List - DressLink Fashion & Accessories

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been loving doing wish lists lately and since not doing them for a while I think it all rushed back. When I got asked by dresslink to make a wish list of some items I know I would like I totally wanted to because I thought that would be a great idea. I also wanted to create a gift guide almost since it is my cousin's birthday and it gives me ideas of things we both liked and could use. So here are a few of my choices

Dreamer On Air Colorful Balloon Necklace | link |
For the first item I choose was this pretty whimsical necklace that I would love to own. When I saw this I just swooned with how delicate and dreamy it was. The colors are amazing and the pastel shades just tie it in and can match so many outfits and I have so many things I can pair it with. It is just a lovely piece of jewelry and totally matches my aesthetic. 

Crystal Bowknot Earrings | link |
If you really know me you may know I have this bow addiction and may need to head to rehab for it. So bow earrings are a thing of mine and I just love having any bow jewelery. These were a must pick and I just love them to pieces.

Retro Vintage Oversized Sunglasses | link |
As you know I have been obsessed with my sunglasses lately and so I had to add these. I love the sort of cat eye shape as I found it flattering on me. Since I have a tortoise brown print I wanted some lack ones because it matches everything and are just the perfect accessory.

Colorful Lady Lovely Purse Wallet | link |
I've been in need of a new wallet as mine is getting pretty old and this one just caught my eye and I just adore the color and it has a bow. I don't like having a huge wallet and this is about the size of mine. As long as I can fit my cards, cash and some change then that for me is the essentials. 

Stylish Lady's Messenger Bag | link |
To match the wallet I think this is such a cute mini bag and I have been on the lookout for a new one and one in a pink color as I think it would match a lot of my outfits. It has a kind of fashion vibe ad I really like that. I also love the gold detailing of it and just the size of it seems perfect for me. 

Women Synthetic Leather Purse | link |
The next bag is something like the style I wanted in a bag and I wanted a white one. I think they are so classic and just can again match with a lot of my outfits. I can find so many uses for this. Also there is this pretty silver heart print that is subtle and you might not notice far away but up close it is a nice touch.

Travel Wash Bag Cosmetic Toiletry Organizer | link |
With all my traveling lately I need a travel organizer and it is so useful. I haven't found one anywhere and it would go great with my toiletry bag as well. Also I need somewhere to store my jewelery as I don't know how many times I have lost a bracelet or earring 

Bat Sleeve O-Neck Loose Casual T-Shirt | link |
For the only clothing element I choose this not for me but a birthday present for my cousin. She has been loving tops like this and her favorite color is royal blue and I thought it would be a lovely gift. I was planning on also getting a matching one in a different color and see how both of us style them since we are so different.

That is my sort of wish list and also gift guide post and I really like novelty/trinket items like this to get. I personally like these kinds of things to get and bits and bobs are definitely my thing I look for. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what item out of all of these as your favorite.

*sponsored post

What small gift would be your ideal item to receive?
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Hot Pink Glitter Tips | Manicure Monday

Hot Pink Glitter Tips - Manicure Monday

Happy Monday! It has been a while since I have showed you what is currently on my nails or just a nail post in general. I used to love showing my nails and trying new nail art but it has slipped to the back of my mind and I have been a one color a month kind of girl lately so nothing exciting to show you. In my past monthly beauty favorites I have featured three pink nail polishes and the other day I combined them all to create this and I can tell you how mesmerized I have been with my nails and cannot stop looking down to them. So here is the combination I have been obsessing over.

| Orly - Swizzle Stick | Orly - Elsbeth's Rose | Forever 21 - Pink Multi-Glitter |

I have been in love with Orly and the formula is absolutely amazing and so far it is the only polish that stays on for about a week with or without a top coat and for me that is something to be happy about as I always seem to chip in a day or so. One day I wanted nothing but hot pink nails so that's what I've been doing but I think my next color obsession is going to be a coral and a pinkish coral too.

As for Swizzle Stick the formula is quite sheer and takes me three light coat to get the opaque color I want but it applies fine after that and with a top coat it evens it out. I don't mind it and the end results look and last for quite a while so I am not complaining. I even took these after two days and they still looked intact even after using them to type away since I am always typing. The next shade which is on my ring finger as an accent nail is Elsbeth's Rose which is the same formula but is more opaque and can be done in two coats. It is the same wear time as Swizzle Stick but I think Orly's formula last quite long on me. The glitter top coat is from Forever 21 which I did my last on my nail post on. You can use the color alone like what I did in the post above or layer it too. I used it on to dab it on the ends and I love it even if I was trying to do a gradient effect but I didn't really succeed but I love the end results of these and think it is my fave combo go to for now on.

That is what is currently on my nails and I hope to do a few more but I just need to convince myself to be creative and not wear one polish over and over. I'd love to know what you are wearing and what color has taken over your collection. I think you may know by now that mine is pink and I have been building up my Orly collection. Hope you liked this nail combination and what colors are you excited to wear and what combination is your favorite and never fail to do on your nails when .

What is your go to nail polish combination you like doing on your nails?
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