Summer Lovin' - What I Wore

Happy Friday! Summer is officially here where I live so I wanted to celebrate by wearing a colorful printed tee and jeans.It was such a nice day and I really feel the warmth now which it is getting about 29-32c degrees. I'm hoping to hit the pool or beach soon for a fun summer getaway.

So my outfit is this pretty floral tee and are you surprised to see me wearing florals? I feel this one is a more summer print becuase of the pattern and colors so it is different at least. I paired them with my brand new pair of jeans and I have to say how I am in love with them. These are the most comfortable and the softest jeans I have ever owned. I usually don't wear jeans often because I like to be comfortable and I haven't found the right pair which are skinny jeans and fit me right. As an early birthday present to myself I bought these jeans at Forever 21 and they are worth the price tag and I will be getting so much use out of them. They aren't jeggings like my other pair they are actually jeans but feel like leggings which is crazy. My other pair is  rough on me so I always dread when I wear them but these are amazing. I just had to rave for a minute how much I love these jeans. For accessories, I have my tan clutch and my summer sandals and you will be seeing a lot more of these. I also got these fun cat eye sunglasses so these will be a part of my summer essentials and lastly my neon coral bow which matched the tee perfectly as in they were the same color. 

| top: SM Woman +, jeans: Forever 21, bag: Robin, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bracelet: Claire's{similar}, necklace: Forever 21, sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That's one of my first summer outfits. I mean it can be worn in the spring too but I feel like I've run out of spring outfits and now moving on to more summery pieces. Also a little strange to be wearing jeans for summer but I am actually not hot in them and with the lightweight material it is actually nice. I took these when I went to town and the shopping mall to do errands with my dad and also I went to the cinema too. My cousin Jonathan and I went to see Fast and Furious 7 which was amazing and I can't believe I choose this over the Cinderella movie but I'm saving that for a little birthday treat. Even though it was a 'boy movie' I liked it a lot and I've always been a fan of fast and nice looking cars so a win-win. What movie have you seen lately? Hope you enjoyed my first summer outfit!

What is the most comfortable thing you wear in the summer?
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