March Favorites 2015 - Beauty & Lifestyle

It is monthly favorites time which means it is the first week of a new month! I love starting new months because it feels like I get a fresh start and that gets me motivated to do more things. I enjoyed quite a few products in March and since it was the start of spring/summer for me I got to pull out some products perfect for the weather.

So here are a few different beauty & lifestyle products I've been loving so far.

Covergirl Cheekers Blush in 105 Rose Silk
First off in my makeup favorites I choose this Covergirl Cheekers Blush which is an absolutely gorgeous spring color. It gives light pink cheeks and a natural glow to it when you apply a few swipes. I love blushes like this and the color and finish is just so beautiful. I got this in my Covergirl exclusive BDJ box you can read here and it was not even out in stores when I got it so it was special.  I am finishing up my review of this so that will be up next week to show you just how pretty it is in real life.

MAC Lipstick in Please Me
Why isn't this a surprise that this is in my favorites? You probably already know how obsessed I am over my first MAC Please Me Lipstick which I showed in a haul here and reviewed here. I have been wearing it every chance I get so about a few times a week whenever I went out of the house more than an hour because why would I waste it on a measly shopping errand? It is such a gorgeous color and every time I look at it I still get butterflies. Is that weird to be in love with a lipstick? This definitely got me addicted to buying more shades so now I'm just trying to make up my mind which one to get next.

Forever 21 Nail Color in Pink Multi-Sparkles
For nail colors I've been wearing my Orly Elsabeth Rose nail polish non stop which was in my favorites last month. It still is on my nails and I am I love with the color but I wanted to add some sparkle so I added this Forever 21 Glitter Nail Color on top to make such a pretty sparkly and girly effect. I started it off as an accent nail then got tired of my family asking why I only painted one nail so the next time I did my nails I added it to all and now whenever I'm out and I catch a glimpse of my nails sparkling in the sun and you don't know how bubbly they make me feel. It is a lovely polish and makes a nice top coat or takes about 4 coats to get the whole nail if I use it with no base color. Need to pick more sparkly summer shades now.

Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em & Leave "Em Body Buff
The first body product is this Soap and Glory Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em Body Buff which is great for my once a week body exfoliation. I love trying new body scrubs and this one was used quite a lot. I used this on my vacation as it is a small size and I love it. Also the smell of this is amazing and I really been liking the Soap and Glory range but I wish I could try more but sadly I can't get them where I live and this was just sent by my cousin when she was in the UK. This packaging is also so pretty and the tiny container is so cute.

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap
With the sun being out more and the weather too hot for pants that means I have been wearing more dresses and skirts which means baring my legs quite often. This is where the Lush D'fluff Shaving Soap has come in handy for me. I use this to shave my legs with and I get the pretty smooth effect so I can wear short skirts without feeling ashamed.I love the scent since anything strawberry is my favorite and I'm obsessed with strawberry smelling products and will buy anything in that scent. I might be doing a first impression/my thoughts post about this bu I don't really know how to review this but I will give it a try if you'd like to see one.

Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion
For my favorite hair product I choose the Monea Curl Defying Hair Lotion that was recommended to me by my hair dresser. She said this would be perfect for me and I don't have to keep curling my hair. She tried it on me and it actually did work and it enhanced my natural curls which in the long run will help me. I apply it after I towel dry my hair and it is sort of damp and I focus it more on the ends and then I just curl my hair with the curling iron still but I don't have it on. This gives me the curls I want which are nice and big and it tames the frizz. It does work and if I apply it right I get perfect hair all day but if I do something wrong then my hair gets crunchy and it gets frizzy again. I think it is a hit and miss sometimes but I just need to keep practicing. Plus it says it won best hair product in the Cosmo Awards so it must be great and it was really affordable too.

For my TV Show favorite this month I choose Reign as I really love these kind of shows and I just binged watched the 2nd season. I actually forgot about it and recently got back into and I remember why I fell in love with it. I just love these old royal history shows and this one is amazing. Anything with a crown and a queen in it and I will watch it. I'm also a big Mary and Frances shipper and I just love them together. Also the costumes and gowns on this show are amazing and just love looking at the fashion choices they wear every episode. I just love writing about my favorite TV show for the month and it gives you a glimpse of what shows I watch and a little about my personality outside all the fashion and beauty posts. I do tweet about my reactions to TV shows and what I'm watching either movies or shows on twitter if you'd like to follow that. I love reading books as well and if I have a fave book I'll be adding it here too. I love that I added this little lifestyle portion to my monthly favorites so it gives me an excuse to write about random favorites as well and I don't really need a separate post so this works out well.

Since I usually have a couple of lifestyle favorites for the month I don't really this month so even though they aren't pictured here I have some food favorites I have been loving. First is the Jollibee Tuna Pies which if you don't live in the Philippines it is a fast food chain sort of like McDonald's and they brought back these Tuna Pies which are these pocket sized pies with tuna, cheese and veggie filling inside a golden crust. It reminds me of a Hot Pocket I ate back in the US and they are amazeballs! Look it up if you really want to see what they look like. I'm not sponsored by them I just generally love them and buy them about twice a week sometimes but if Jollibee wants to sponsor a year supply of Tuna Pies I am your girl. Also another food favorite that I've been snacking on is graham crackers. I discovered them again and I just love to snack on them when I am blogging at night. They probably aren't that healthy but probably a little better for you than crisps and biscuits so its sort of a plus.

Those are all my favorites I enjoyed in March. All the makeup to skincare products all the way down to my favorite foods this month. If you couldn't tell by my March Highlights blog post here then I've been discovering many foods lately which if you knew me in real life I don't eat that much and I am really particular with food. I hope you enjoyed my rambles and think it was okay to add some of my food favorites next month. Let me know what your guilty snack is right now and can't bare to live without. Until my next monthly favorites.

What has been in your Spring product favorites lately?
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