The April 2015 Monthly Roundup

The April 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the eleventh roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of March. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the fourth monthly roundup of 2015 and here's to a lot more!

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Wish List | Benefit Cosmetics

Wish List - Benefit Cosmetics

Happy middle of the week loves! By the picture you can probably tell that I am back with my brand focus wish list and today's is Benefit Cosmetics as I just went there for my birthday and got my complimentary brow waxing and you can't go there without trying and oh and ahhing about all the pretty products. I got to test them and get a makeover and I'm now friends with one of the girls there who entertains me so it makes going to my local Benefit so much more fun. Also I did a first impression yesterday (read that here) of their moisturizer. So let's start off with makeup bits I want and then some skincare.


Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation | link |
I like trying new foundations and I fail at each one I tried but this worked which is always a miracle when it does work. It left me nice and flawless which was nice and the shade was spot on which is really good. The shade I go for is Honey Money when she tried it on me. I do have a small sample so I can use to test it fully before buying the full product. 

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder | link |
So after the foundation to set she used the matching powder and it did have a nice flawless finish and will be perfect to get rid of shine and my oily skin. Again my shade is Honey to go with the foundation an how cute is the packaging and I'm sure I will say that throughout this.

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer | link |
I really wanted a new concealer and this was the best choice for me. I have tried the Fake Up concealer and it is okay but this has more of a color corrector which does a much better job and did quite better. Plus i like the pot of concealer as I haven't tried one like that style yet which is something new for me.

Benefit Puff Off | link |
With my puffy eyes I really need something and I think this one will be the perfect thing especially waking up in the morning. Plus the iron thing on it is so cute and a nice base as well I hear. I've read pretty good things and I am considering to get this.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | link |
The new releases from Benefit always get me and this was another one I couldn't pass up. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping to and see how well it does as the reviews are both hit and miss and I want to see what it will be like for me.

Benefit Dandelion Box Blush | link |
All the pretty blushes displayed are one of my favorite things while at the store and I think this one will be the one I get. She described it as a ballet pink color which pretty much sold me and it is the perfect color for me.

Benefit Brow Zings | link |
Whilst I was getting my brows mapped out she used this on me to outline and shape but she did fill them in afterwards using this and it made them so pretty and on fleek I've heard you use. I wanted to try a powder to fill in my brows and I think this will be something I pick up.


Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream | link |
Out of all the skincare they offer I really want to try the eye cream the most. I've heard such great things and I am in need of trying some new eye creams.

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash | link |
When I was talking to the girl there she convinced me how nice this facial wash was and I think out of the whole skincare range this is another product I could use.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion | link |
Another one that convinced me that I needed and it sound perfect for my skincare. It sounds nice and the benefits it has for the skin is amazing.

I did check multiple times and went through all my wish list from the past to make sure I didn't make a wish list about Benefit products. It was nostalgic going back though old blog posts though and seeing products I actually bought from those past wish lists is pretty cool. I hope you liked I brought back my wish lists and if you like the brand focus ones. Now let me know if you reviewed or tried any of these so I could see how you liked any of them. I had so much fun doing these again and hope you liked reading!

What is your favorite thing from Benefit and will always repurchase?
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Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream | First Impression

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream - First Impression

Happy Tuesday to you lovely readers! I've been on a Youtube marathon lately watching my fave youtubers but this weekend I have become obsessed and got sucked in watching one after another and then your stuck in a deep hole of videos and I know you have been there too. Mostly it has been beauty youtubers and watching monthly favorites and first impression videos. Then this morning while watching Zoella's new monthly faves got me thinking about skincare. So it made me look in my blog drafts seeing I had a first impression of my fave moisturizer which is the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. I haven't done too many skincare posts but I feel since I have been focusing on it even more lately maybe because I just aged up so that was the reason.

That was surely long and rambling and I actually had to edit half of that paragraph. So here is my first impression of this Benefit moisturizer.

I got this in my November BDJ Box (you can read the unboxing here) which was a Benefit Exclusive and had samples of a few Benefit products so some skincare and makeup bits. I was lucky enough to get this sample of the moisturizer and it is just a cute smaller version of the regular product but the same packaging. That's another thing I like about it because it has that glass container and when I buy a full size of this I can refill it which it will be perfect for travel since it is so small. I mean I don't know what packaging I don't like from Benefit as I love all of it and their samples are even cuter since it is just a miniature version.

The consistency is quite nice with this and not greasy or oily which I was afraid of. It is for dry and normal skin which I am not. I'm actually oily combination but sometimes I can be quite dry more than oily which is weird and my skin just has those days. I need the hydration on some days and some days I don't. This does offer moisture which you look for and so far since I've used it it's done just that. I haven't used it consistently or for that long but so far so good. I really need to keep up with it and see the long time effects and I am hoping to see some difference in my skin care routine hopefully. It isn't thick and applies well into my skin without much effort. I've had some moisturizers when they are so thick that I have to sit there and rub it in which I'm not sure is supposed to be that way to be more moisturizing or something but I'm not really into that.      

 Overall, I really like this and my first impression of the product is that I am really liking this so far and I might do a full review if I see any more difference and any drastic changes if I consistently use it. So far so good which is great and this is only a first impression so my thoughts can change but right now it really is a nice moisturizer for me.

That was my first time doing a first impression and it was just my initial thoughts of the product. This was also my first time using this type of moisturizer.I'm hoping to add more skincare posts and once I get my skincare routine down I'm hoping to do a post about that too. Well that was a fun post to do and do some sort or mini review I suppose. Hope you liked this first impression and let me know if you tried this too and your thoughts or what skincare products I really need to try and look into as I'm all about that lately!

What is your favorite face moisturizer?
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My Top Favorite Pink Lipsticks For Spring

My Top Favorite Pink Lipsticks For Spring

Happy Monday! If you haven't noticed but lately I have been lipstick obsessed! I have been so into changing my lip color every time I head out and I've been collecting more lipsticks as well. So I've seen a few of these kinds of blog posts showing their favorite lipstick for Spring and I thought I would throw my thoughts and picks in as well. So here we are and today I'll be showing you what I picked and reach for when it comes to my favorite spring lipsticks.

For spring I love pink lips. I like pink lips in general but during these past few months these pink shades have been my faves.I tried to pick a variety of shades and finishes because I am at the stage where I like to test and experiment what suites me so it leads me trying so many.

Etude House PK 009
This is my lightest pink in this roundup and I think it is the girliest out of the five. I love how light it is and it is that would look lovely in spring time and since it is s light I feel are perfect for it. If you like to see a full review I wrote one here.

Rimmel Kate Moss 101
The next one is another light pink but not as light as the one above. It is warmer and is a more deeper pink. I feel it looks great since it is a nude pink which is so nice.I was once obsessed with it and I love how light it can be or be build it up for a richer color. This is the only one I didn't review and share my thoughts on yet but I can later on if you'd like.

Revlon Pink in the Afternoon
Out of all the shades this is the most nude and peachy pink. I just love how nice this looks and how subtle the shade is. It is very spring and most of my outfits have been featuring this and it looks gorgeous for that. For me this is the most spring shade I feel like. I did a double review on this lipstick with this if you'd like to read it here.

MAC Please Me
The only high end lipstick since I wanted to stick to drugstore but I had to include this as it is a gorgeous mid tone pink as well and can be so pretty for spring. It seems more darker but it is a pretty color and a lovely matte finish to it. I also did a full review you can read here to find out more why I love this.

Revlon Kissable Pink
This is the sheerest shade out of the five and very light. I like that it is like a tint and adds a pop of color on the lips for a pretty spring shade on the lips. The sparkles in it make it lovely as well. I featured this in a double lipstick review for my full thoughts here.

Colour Collection Bella
The darkest of my pink lipsticks is the Colour Collection in Bella. I know it may not be very spring and more summery but I think it can be a nice darker transitional color. It is also not too dark or like the rest making it a nice spring lipstick. My thoughts about this lipstick and where I got it can be read here if you fancy.

| Etude House Pk009 | Rimmel Kate Moss 101 | Revlon Pink in the Afternoon |
| MAC Please Me | Revlon Kissable Pink | Colour Collection Bella |

Here are all the swatches together to compare each one. It is a wide range of pinks and different tones and finishes which I wanted a variety of.All of them are so different even though they are all in the pink family. I really liked adding the swatches and having he side by side and it would be a good guide for me to see in case I need to try and choose what would look cute with an outfit. 

Those have been all my spring time lipstick picks and hope you enjoyed my choices. I love my pink lipsticks and it was so fun doing this type of post and getting to pick these. I have individual reviews up for almost all of these and linked them in each if you are curious on my thoughts about them. I enjoy writing my thoughts about lipstick that's why I have so many lately. Hope you all enjoyed and let me know what your favorite pink shade you love to wear if you do like wearing one.

What are your favorite pink lipsticks for spring?
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Sun City | What I Wore

  Sun City - What I Wore

Happy Wednesday! If you didn't know it was my birthday last Sunday and part two of my celebration is going to a pool with my cousin and his friends.We headed out to go to a pool resort and it was the perfect time since the summer heat has been getting to me so diving into a refreshing pool of water was the best feeling.

My outfit for the pool day was pretty simple. I got this cover up type top from Lynn for my birthday a few days ago and she got it for me because it had a bow and she knows how much I love bows. Since it is sheer I wore it with my swimsuit underneath and the bright neon colors were perfect for a pool day. she actually got herself the same one in a different color and we both matched even our bottoms matched. We looked so cute walking around the resort in our matching swim outfits. These sorts were featured in my beach outfit a few months ago but they are so comfortable and perfect to swim in so I had to wear them again. The perfect accessory for a pool day is comfy flip flops and I have these cute blue ones and sunglasses because it was so hot and far too sunny. It was pretty simple and a great pool outfit.

| top: Pink Box, swimsuit: Rox Wear, shorts: Forever 21, flip-fops: American Eagle, sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

It was such a fun and enjoyable day I had yesterday. I was going to upload this outfit yesterday when I got home since I post my outfit posts Tuesday and Fridays but I was so tired and didn't get enough sleep the night before so I plopped on my bed and couldn't get these uploaded. We spent the whole day at the pool resort and we rode on water slides, played in the kiddie pool with my 18 month godson and had a picnic. I'm hoping our family beach vacation still pushes through for part three of my birthday celebration but we have to get my whole family schedules aligned. That was another one of my risky outfits I think and again I'm comfortable in my own skin and hope you are too one day. I may not have the perfect body to wear a bikini but I think walking around in this at a public resort was not as bad and nerve wracking as I was thinking. Hope you liked this bright neon pool outfit! 

What would you wear to the pool?
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