Whimsical Stylist - What I Wore

Happy Friday! It's another outfit post for today and I love this one as I based it off of my aesthetic. So to explain what I mean by that, I wore this last Saturday to my styling class as we had to pitch our fashion magazine to our professor. One of the requirements was to wear an outfit that made you look like a professional fashion stylist and was also match your aesthetic. He had to look at us and right off the bat knew what our style was. My big problem was I still hadn't figure it out since the beginning until I was looking at the Kate Spade collection from NYFW and it read something like "whimsical and girly pieces" which the collection was so me and it popped into my head that that was me. The good part about that was the professor knew all along I was a whimsical and girly aesthetic but he wanted me to find that on my own which I can finally say I did. So here was my take on being a whimsical stylist.

Now I love pink and girly things but I do like classic as well so I went with this dress I had in the back of my closet in which I used for my 8th grade graduation which was quite some time ago. It still fit and it was just what I was going for until I decided to use it as a skirt instead which worked out perfectly. I matched it with my white lace sleeve top I wore here which was a more casual outfit. I was planning on wear a pink blazer over this but decided against it as it was looking to corporate. My accessories were this statement necklace, pearl and white bracelets and just my bag I take to class with me. The shoes were actually my black wedges but the heel broke which now I need to get fixed so I had to settle with my sandals as they are the only ones I had in the car with me. And to finish it off my famous bow and to match the theme I went for a simple white one.

|  top: Forever 21, skirt: Finesse USA, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Claire's{similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

Another outfit post done and can you believe the weather here is nice and warm and I only feel comfortable in dresses and skirts now? This is one of my first spring outfits and I just love bringing out my old clothes and dressing in pastels and the possibilities now. I can't wait to do a Spring update on my collection and buy more clothes for the upcoming months. Hope you liked this outfit as much as I have!

What is your style aesthetic?
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