Spring Showers - What I Wore

Happy Friday! I kind of got bad luck in celebrating the spring with my outfits lately that it started drizzling a little and the grey cloudy weather has returned. Just when I was excited for the summer and the hot weather we get a storm coming in. I guess it's almost April showers and it's making everything so gloomy right now but I'm brightening it up with my bright neon outfit today.

For the outfit I am wearing my favorite floral top with a bright neon coral skirt and a light cardigan for a cover up and also it was a little chilly so it was a nice touch to be paired with the outfit. I again tied a ribbon around my waist for a belt. My shoes are again my grey loafers as they are comfy and look cute with multiple outfits either dressed up or casual so they are a nice match. My accessories for the outfit are my pearly bracelets, bow studs and my bow chain necklace paired with the Chanel necklace I wore in my last outfit post. Top it off with a blush bow and that's my outfit for that rainy Saturday. Also my lipstick is MAC Please Me which was shown in my MAC Haul from earlier this week and the review I had of it from yesterday. I wanted to wear it because of that and to show it with an outfit plus it matched.

| cardigan: Forever 21, top: Forever 21, skirt: SM Department Store, shoes: Lower East Side {similar}, earrings: Claire's, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: MAC Please Me |

This was my outfit from last Saturday to my last photography class. I wanted to get a little dressed up and I was going to a beauty event afterwards but with the rain and traffic I didn't make it but I did meet up with my dad to have an early birthday lunch at Wendy's. We shoot these outfit pictures first so shout out to my dad for taking these and putting up with my specific requirements then we got to go and sit down for a yummy lunch followed by roaming the shopping mall. I bought a bow at Forever 21 on my way out since I was having a quick browse and I saw they had a neon coral bow that matched my skirt. I just wish I would have seen it sooner so it would be including in my outfit pictures. I had a lovely weekend nonetheless and I love my girly outfit and it was a nice pick me up to a bad weather day.

What is the brightest color you like to wear?
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