My First MAC Purchase - What I Bought

Happy Monday and it is a happy Monday indeed because I'm sharing with you my first MAC haul! I wanted to show you what I picked up from the MAC Store when I went with my makeup class and teacher. He was there to show us what we need, the requirements and helping us with what looks good on us and just general advice too. He was so helpful and I an't tell you happy I was going shopping with friends for makeup.

So enough with my babble and let's see the makeup.

MAC is a very well known makeup brand and I've known of the brand before I really got into makeup or read blogs because I've seen it around but was never to in to it to actually go buy any products from them especially when I lived in the US. But now I really regret that because you know why? It cost maybe triple the amount it actually does and I think its because of the import tax and stuff but it is so expensive and puts me off buying even though I want to buy some things from there. A $16 lipstick is equivalent to $25 here and it's down right crazy. So if I do go to MAC it's because I saved up and I also want to splurge myself. The only downside I found with MAC Philippines is the price and it is such a shame. 

I had quite an experience at my first MAC store. So going with my makeup classmates we all got to go shopping together and try things at which was fun. I initially wanted to get a foundation and when the makeup artist tried it on me it didn't do well with my skin and so I was left brokenhearted and had to choose more things. I did end up with a few other things though and that made up for it. I got three things in total but since I spent 4,000php I got a free eyeshadow worth 1,000php since my teacher is a MAC officially makeup artist he gets perks and passes it along to us.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Medium Plus
| Price :: 2,050php | link |
This was my setting powder after the foundation and I was iffy to pick this up but in the end I decided to as it wasnt what I was reacting too and it would be a great finishing powder as suggested by my teacher and the MUA who did my makeup. this is one of the most expensive things I got that day and I am going to tae very good care of it. I love the magnetic closure on it too and when every I open or close it I feel so happy. Its the little things that do that to me. It has a nice size mirror which is nice too and the compact seems so nice and elegant as I never had one this nice or expensive so a definite treat for me. I guess I just splurged on this item.

MAC Eyeshadow in Honey Lust
| Price :: 1,000php | link |
As for my very first I got  the MAC Eyeshadow Honey Lust and I didn't actually choose this. Since it was a gift our teacher had them in a bag and we pulled one out and with me being last (boohoo) there was two left but he gave me this one as he said it would look nice on me and will create a beautiful look. When I first saw it I fell in love and didn't regret going last in the end because of how gorgeous it is and I just love the color and sparkle to it and totally me plus I would know what shade to pick if we were the ones picking. It's such a nice neutral and probably great for an everyday all over the lid color for me too. I'm now planning on creating my own custom palette I just need to know what shades I want so let me know some suggestions.

MAC Lipstick in Please Me
| Price :: 1,000php | link |
And now it has come to show you y first MAC lipstick! I feel like every girl should own at least one and I'm so proud I get to now too. I was really excited to get one but I was holding off that day as I wanted to see some other products. When I went to pay I was under 4,000php so my teacher again suggested a lipstick so I went over and stood there for a good 10 minutes swatching, admiring and plain out staring at the many MAC lipsticks that laid in front of me. My teacher than suggested MAC Please me as it would look nice on me and was a medium toned pink. It was like he knew what colors I go for and without hesitation I picked it up. When I got home I just kept staring at it and couldn't believe I owned one and how pretty it was. That iconic black bullet was mine and I was one happy girl. The beauty blogger in me took a million pictures to preserve how perfect it was before I tested it on myself. I can confirm I am now a convert and want all the MAC lipsticks. I'll be having a review up for this within the week or so too so look out for that.

MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray
| Price :: 1,050php | link |
This is something I needed for class and was one of the requirements so I picked it up. I really like it and it is very refreshing and keeps my makeup on. I never knew how good this stuff was and yeah I read some reviews on beauty blogs but trying it was really surreal. Just imagine trying a product you've seen on your fave blogs and then you try it. For me it is still amazing and I am still not over it. I use it for class mostly since I don't want to waste it on me for every day but I do like it for when I really go all out with my makeup. I'm curious to try out more of their skincare like the primers and correctors and things like that so I'll be looking into those for my next purchase. I also cannot get over how pretty the box it comes in. The holographic sparkle just hypnotizes me and I love staring at it especially when its in the light to make it reflect.

That's everything I purchased from MAC and the products I picked up. It really excites me that I finally bought some high end makeup and splurge a little once in a while. Let me know what your first MAC experience was and I'd love to know your stories how you lost your MAC-virginity. I'm happy with my purchases but I still want more and left with a wish list as long as my arm I think. I still need to pick up a few more things for class since I didn't get all the require materials since they were out but I'll share that with you when I do. I hope you liked this and hope I didn't make you go out and buy some new makeup.

What was the first product you bought from MAC?
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