The March 2015 Monthly Roundup

The March 2015 Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the tenth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of March. I do this every end of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. This is the third monthly roundup of 2015 and hears to a lot more!

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Spring Showers | What I Wore

Spring Showers - What I Wore

Happy Friday! I kind of got bad luck in celebrating the spring with my outfits lately that it started drizzling a little and the grey cloudy weather has returned. Just when I was excited for the summer and the hot weather we get a storm coming in. I guess it's almost April showers and it's making everything so gloomy right now but I'm brightening it up with my bright neon outfit today.

For the outfit I am wearing my favorite floral top with a bright neon coral skirt and a light cardigan for a cover up and also it was a little chilly so it was a nice touch to be paired with the outfit. I again tied a ribbon around my waist for a belt. My shoes are again my grey loafers as they are comfy and look cute with multiple outfits either dressed up or casual so they are a nice match. My accessories for the outfit are my pearly bracelets, bow studs and my bow chain necklace paired with the Chanel necklace I wore in my last outfit post. Top it off with a blush bow and that's my outfit for that rainy Saturday. Also my lipstick is MAC Please Me which was shown in my MAC Haul from earlier this week and the review I had of it from yesterday. I wanted to wear it because of that and to show it with an outfit plus it matched.

| cardigan: Forever 21, top: Forever 21, skirt: SM Department Store, shoes: Lower East Side {similar}, earrings: Claire's, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: MAC Please Me |

This was my outfit from last Saturday to my last photography class. I wanted to get a little dressed up and I was going to a beauty event afterwards but with the rain and traffic I didn't make it but I did meet up with my dad to have an early birthday lunch at Wendy's. We shoot these outfit pictures first so shout out to my dad for taking these and putting up with my specific requirements then we got to go and sit down for a yummy lunch followed by roaming the shopping mall. I bought a bow at Forever 21 on my way out since I was having a quick browse and I saw they had a neon coral bow that matched my skirt. I just wish I would have seen it sooner so it would be including in my outfit pictures. I had a lovely weekend nonetheless and I love my girly outfit and it was a nice pick me up to a bad weather day.

What is the brightest color you like to wear?
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MAC Please Me Lipstick | Review & Swatches

MAC Please Me Lipstick - Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday! As promised I'm here with my first MAC lipstick and all my thoughts and opinions I have on it. If you missed my MAC haul I posted a few days ago than that is here for you to browse as well. Please Me is my first actually MAC Lipstick and if you've read my MAC haul than you would know how giddy I was when I purchased it. Ever since I started reading beauty blogs I dreamed of owning one and I didn't know when it will be or how I would get it but it was a small dream to one day blog about my own MAC lipstick and share my thoughts on it. Now today I finally get a privilege of doing so and I'm so excited I can't keep up with my brain while typing this. So without further a do I present you my first MAC lipstick!

I got the shade Please Me which was recommend to me by my makeup teacher when we went shopping with him for class. He said it would work well on me and that it's a good first lipstick to start with for my skin tone. So off I went to purchase it and went home with it. I didn't swatch it or test it on me in store but next time I purchase one without my teacher recommending things I'm sure I'll have an arms full of color. I just love the packaging and the matte black bullet is so iconic and I'm so scared to mess it up. I actually still keep mine in its box and when ever I want to use it I have to force it out. Maybe it's just new but I want to keep it as clean as pretty as it's brand new state.

The color is a light to medium pink. It looks so different for me in the tube than swatched and I was a little worried if I would like this color but luckily it was the exact pink I love buying and another one to add to my collection. It is a matte formula which I wanted one like that to try out. I plan on testing all the MAC formulas and I'm hoping to get a Satin or Creamsheen next. Is it me or did yours have like water spots on the end? Maybe that's how it comes but I though it was funny and maybe it was to add moisture to the lipstick so it's not hard to apply.

The swatches on my hand are a lot darker than I thought it would and I didn't know what the exact color it would me on my lips. When I did try it on my lips it became a medium tone pink that was not bold but a perfect color for me. I tried it both in doors and outdoors and the pink is definitely my favorite to wear. It's there but it isn't there. The lip swatch doesn't have any lip balm or a lip pencil so no priming involved. Since it is matte is sticks to dry patches but with a lip balm it solves that and doesn't cling anymore.

That's been my first MAC lipstick and my review/first impression on it. I really like it and I'm so excited to start up my collection. I'm having a lot of MAC firsts and it was so fun to experience it myself after reading about them for a few years now. I'd love to know if you have this one or want to try it. I'd also love to know what lip pencil will be good to pair with this as I want to jump on that bandwagon and try it too. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I had gushing about this. 

What was your first MAC lipstick?
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Floral Marsala | What I Wore

Floral Marsala - What I Wore

Happy Tuesday! It's another outfit post for today and this time I'm showing you my go to outfit for doing errands or going someplace where I don't need to dress up as much but also I want to look cute and somewhat fashionable as well. I styled this outfit originally in the beginning of Fall because of the colors and just fell in love with it and it just became the outfit I picked out when I'm rushing and just cant choose anything to wear. I figured out that I can transition it to spring as well with the florals too so that's what I did.

For my outfit I realized I have never worn my burgundy leggings in an outfit post. But what I learned in my fashion styling class at the end of last year was this was actually called Marsala which is the color of the year for 2015. It has been my fave color to wear recently and I actually like the vampy dark color and hope to pick up some more pieces in this color. Next I paired it with this grey tee with a floral pattern and has this open back perfect for the spring/summer and this was perfect when I went to the beach and probably for a lot of other outfits too. Then some grey loafers and my everyday bag you have seen in a lot of outfit posts by now. Lastly for accessorizes, my bow is the same color as my leggings, I borrowed my cousin's Chanel necklace, a pearly bracelet and my bow studs. 

| top: Forever 21, leggings: Forever 21, bag: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side {similar},
earrings: Claire's, necklace: Chanel, bow: Ella's Boutique |

That has been my go to outfit at the moment and I love the simplicity of it. I just love the color combination and I have been living in these leggings lately which are so comfy. I shoot these at the same place I did in two other outfit pictures here and here which I have been in love with it as it is a nice back drop for pictures. It's in a place called River Park close to my house and it's like this big outdoor mall/park and I try to do outfit pictures in different parts of it so it isn't the same background over and over again but I always find new spots which is fun. I don't know if you can notice it but I just wanted to share it with you if you were curious. Plus this is my 400th post on here! I can't believe I've written 400 blog posts and I hope there's more in the future and I push through to 500. Let me know what has been your favorite posts to read as I'd love to know what you enjoy on fashionxfairytale!

What is an outfit you can transition between seasons?
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