Vanilla Cupcake Bakery - Where I Went

Hi everyone! Today I'm bring a tasty and pretty treat for you by showing you this lovely place. One of my blog goals was to try new things for my blog so I created a mini series I can do once in a while to show you the places I've been. I want to try the more lifestyle route so Where I Went was born.
To accompany yesterday's outfit post I decided to blog about the lovely cupcake place I shot my pictures at. If you were curious about it I show you a little bit of the inside and the yummy cupcakes I snacked on while doing the photo shoot for my styling class and my outfit pictures for the blog.

Let's take a peek into Where I Went...

I went to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Alabang Town Center (ATC) a few weeks ago to shoot a couple of pictures for my styling class. Ever since I saw the place I knew the interior screamed me and my personal style and I knew from that moment we were perfect for each other. I know you may think I'm crazy for falling in love with a place but trust me if you see inside you will understand me if you love girly, cute and shabby chic things too.

I went with my cousin Lynn, who pretty much takes my pictures all the time and I took my dad because he loves sweet things and we love bonding over dessert together so why not? It might be girly but he didn't care because he wanted a cupcake as much as I did. They had so many cupcakes to choose from and though Lynn and my dad already picked theirs I still had a hard time choosing and went through all the cupcake on displays multiple times and asked the lady multiple times which she recommends. I am very indecisive so that took a while.

I went for the Vanilla Pink Cupcake finally but I wanted them all to be honest. My decision factor came down to be because of the fact it was pink, pink is my favorite color and it would look good with the shoot. I know such logical thinking there Jackie. I did like vanilla cupcakes and it was my first time there so I went for something simple.

The menu had other stuff other than just cupcakes. The had hot and cold beverages and next time I really want a milkshake. It is a cute little bakery offering sweets and I don't think you could pass anything up on their menu.

We all choose and had a cupcake each. I as you saw had Vanilla Pink, my dad had Vanilla Blue and Lynn opted for a Triple Chocolate cupcake. I kind of regret not getting one myself because it was so rich and creamy and the chocolate was amazing because Lynn let me sneak a bite of it. They were all served on a tiny saucer with a cute print and we also got forks with the same print to match. Talk about cute and talk about how me that is.

The interior to where I went is amazing and as you can see so pretty with all the shabby chic details. All the tables are different, ll the chairs are different with quirky prints and designs and it is just a pretty place. I wanted everything in that place and if it was possible to buy furniture from their I would and have the shabby chic home I dream of. It was hard not to take pictures of everything and I was probably really weird snapping photos of everything in there that day.

A highlight to where I went was I took a picture with the staff! This actually wasn't my idea but my dad's to get the ladies who helped us in a picture. it was my idea to hold up the cute coffee mugs but other than that all his idea. He loved the service and wanted to get both the ladies picture with me. So thank you ladies who served us and let us take pictures of you to remember our first visit!

Overall I loved Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and it was so nice having a cupcake and getting to hang out with my cousin and dad together. I mean look how much I loved it you can tell by my face. Well these were for the shoot in the first place so I did try and overact the facial expressions but I was genuinely happy. The service was great, the cupcakes yummy, the interior was to pretty for words and I had a lovely time. I will definitely be back and maybe try something new and maybe take one home next time as their to go boxes are just as cute.

I hope you liked this new lifestyle post and enjoyed looking at the prettiest as much as I did. I enjoyed doing something like this and maybe will do it again soon somewhere else I find.

That's where I went.

What is the prettiest place you've stepped into?
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