Love Hearts - What I Wore

 Happy Valentines day!

Today I bring you what I wore and even if I don't have a boyfriend or a date I got dressed up in Valentines theme for myself and also I had to go to fashion school so there's that. So my theme if you couldn't tell was mostly red and hearts. I knew I wanted it to be girly so I wore my famous black skirt that I've been obsessed with if you haven't noticed from my outfits lately. I paired that with just a simple red tee and then on top of it I threw on my heart print cardigan and doesn't it scream Valentines. I added my heart shaped earrings and necklace to the mix and my pearl and bow bracelets for a classy touch and lastly I wore some simple black pumps for a really dressy look. I added a touch of red lipstick and that was my whole outfit. I love what I wore today and even if it was for me I really like having an occasion to dress up and if a holiday is an excuse than why not? Plus don't you love where I took my outfit pictures. Such a cute display and I LOVE what I did with the shoots to make it creative.

| top: Elemento, skirt: Forever 21, cardigan: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bracelets: Claire's {similar}, clutch: Parker, shoes: Dexter{similar}, bow: Forever 21, nail polish: Orly - Elsbeth's Rose |

| Photo Credit: Aaron Castro |

I had quite a lovely Valentines even if I don't have a boyfriend. I had to go to styling and photography class at 8 in the morning which was okay for me. My day started off right though as my styling professor gave my midterm editorials a thumbs up and enjoyed the pictures I shot, styled and photographed. All the hard work really paid off and also our group editorial we worked on got some plus points as well. It was a great day for editorials. I got to have Valentines lunch with my friends and laughed so hard today that I can feel abs forming from all the belly laughs we did. We all hung out and ate lunch and enjoyed each others company which was really nice. I also got to learn new things from our photography professor and get to know my classmate a little more and it was quite nice. To finish off the day my friend Aaron and I who was previously a fashion blogger and is now taking a break, stopped on our way home from carpooling to help me with outfit pictures. I found this lovely Valentines display and decided to take my photos in front of it as it fit the theme and Valentines Day of course! Thanks Aaron for the pictures and listen to me blab on all the way home.

Happy Valentines again and hope you had a wonderful day what ever you are doing or regardless of your status.

What is your ideal Valentines outfit?
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