Hot Pink & That Tight Little Skirt - What I Wore

 Travel Lookbook {Day 1}

Hi and here is another outfit post! Yes, I wanted to start off saying I named this look after a Taylor Swift song and I've listened to Style so much (which I love and I'm not complaining.) I kind of wanted to name this look after one of the lyrics with my little twist to it. So to start off my travel diary lookbook I give you the first outfit I wore on vacation. The first day was surprisingly enough a wedding of my cousin's cousin (I had to stare at the screen wondering if that is right) so I got to dress up on the first day to attend a small wedding which was quite nice.

I had no idea what to wear even though I packed a few options. This is what I get for bringing options. I then opted for this hot pink chiffon blouse and tucked into my fave tight little skirt (oh come on I just had too) and paired it with some black ballet flats and for jewelery a statement necklace and gold hoop earrings with some silver and hot pink arm candy bracelets. I feel like the look was just enough for the ceremony and venue. As you can see I took it at the venue of the wedding and it was a nice background and touch and I was hopefully not too distracting while doing this to the other guests. I really liked this outfit and the touch of formal it added.

| top: Forever 21, skirt: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side {similar}, earrings: Cousin's, necklace: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That is my look for day 1 and what a way to start off a vacation. It was one of the main things why we were going but I liked the formalness it brought into the mix. I love the hot pink and how girly and yet so simple this outfit was to put together.

If you want to see what my dad is wearing and a sneak peek of the venue then you can check out yesterdays post here of the travel diary accompanying this outfit. On Friday I am posting day 2 of the Travel Lookbook so hope you come back for that!

What would you wear to a small wedding?
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