Artsy Darling - What I Wore

Happy Friday everyone! Here's to another outfit post which I wore to the Art Fair PH. So in my attempt to be artsy as requested by our styling teacher I came up with this outfit and I'm hoping it was artsy enough to pass as an artsy outfit. I was so close to naming this look Artsy Fartsy but I restrained. My interpretation of artsy was this and I searched Pinterest, Lookbook and Tumblr to find inspirations for an outfit and with the clothes I had in my closet this was how I styled my look.

First is my top and it is a crop top I picked up while I was on vacation and used it at the beach. I bought it for only that reason and didn't know how to wear it again until I came up with matching it with a long flowy midi skirt which has grown on me. I thought I would never wear this skirt again after buying it for another styling class outfit which we had to wear a color we hated and mine was orange. It actually both worked together and the skirt was long enough to be a high wasited so that my crop top wouldn't be too exposing. I was a really big fan of how flowy my skirt was and my poses really look like that lady in a red dress emoiji. (I wish I could insert it in because it will be perfect to describe this outfit.) To finish off my outfit I just added my sandal wedges that have been making a lot of appearances in my outfit photos lately and since the weather is perfect for them I can't stop wearing them. As for jewelery I just kept it simple with my bow chain necklace, some quirky earrings and a charm bracelet in the theme of a tea party. I thought artsy was quirky so that's how I justified my jewelery. If you ask me I liked how I put together this artsy outfit. (Please count how many times I said artsy in this, oh look another one.)

| top: Forever 21, skirt: Avenue, bag: Forever 21, earrings: Claire's{similar}, bracelet: Accessorize, necklace: Forever 21{similar}, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

That's how I styled something to be artsy and since our styling class was going to an art gallery I too would have suspected we would be wearing something in this theme. I took these pictures outside the venue in a pretty outdoor type of mall area that was so pretty. It was the perfect backdrop and though I was planning on shooting inside the gallery I knew lighting would be bad so glad I did this first and good thing too because I arrived the same time as a few of my friends so I wouldn't be standing looking at the surreal art all alone waiting for them awkwardly. It was a fun experience and we got to view such creative works, I made a good friend in the process and got to eat lunch with my school pals. I think it was a successful semi-field trip for us styling student. Hope you liked this outfit as much as I did and I would have never thought I would like wearing something like this but I'm glad I'm trying new styles. Until my next outfit post!

What do you consider as artsy fashion?
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