The November Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the sixth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of November. I do this every first of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way.

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Carefree Casual | What I Wore

Carefree Casual What I Wore
If you couldn't tell but since I started fashion school I have been doing more outfit posts and that gave me an excuse to dress up a little more and document what I am wearing. I have fallen head over heels with my style posts and I hope you do to because a lot more are coming now that I am getting a degree in fashion styling. I actually just got back from my orientation and it was supposed to be short and I didn't want to go all out and dress up so I went for something casual and I was comfortable in. Just as I guessed we were there for an hour so I went to one of the big shopping centers close to campus to look around as I am in the market for a new camera and so I heard they had many around there so off I went. My dad came so we decided to have a photo opp by this area which had a garden and a waterfall surrounding all these high end shops. It was a perfect opportunity for an outfit shoot.

You probably just saw this top but looking at those pictures I could see it didn't bring the color out all the way so I wore this that day. I love the color and have been obsessed with it lately. I'm not sure what the exact color is called but I am going to find more pieces in that color. My leggings are very comfy and are grey and I am starting to like them again. My sandals have been in most my outfit posts but they are so cute and actually rel comfortable to walk in so they have been everywhere with me just please excuse the repeat because my outfit plans are not planned and I like spur of the moment or else I would change it up. Same for my bag, you will be seeing a lot of it. I picked this up at Forever 21 and it was apart of my haul post and I told you will be seeing it more often. This is the first outfit post it is appearing in though. I don't have a matching bow color so white will always match. As for beauty I have very minimal makeup on. 

| top: Exquisite, leggings: Michelle, bag: Forver21, bow: Forver21, shoes: Montego Bay Club |

That's it for another outfit. It was carefree and I didn't put much thoughts into this one as you can see it isn't done up as other ones but I am improving on it and have more planned out. There are a lot more coming up so I hope your ready for that. I feel like I have been doing ore and more of these and I enjoy putting them together and I feel like it is also a diary for me to see outfits and ones I will be doing for style class. Until next outfit post!

What do you like wearing on comfy days?
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Unboxing | Benefit Exclusive: Sweet Shoppe November BDJ Box

Benefit Exclusive: Sweet Shoppe November BDJ Box Unboxing
Can you believe this is technically considered my first Christmas present of the year? My BDJ Box came early this month and when I got it I was in for a surprise. It was another Benefit Exclusive box and I was fortunate to get the June box as that's when my subscription started but not the March one. So I got two out of 3 Benefit boxes this year. They are treating us with a little bit of Christmas spirit in November and I don't really mind celebrating a little early because I mean come on it's Christmas!

The box is so pretty with it's Christmas themed box sleeve. It's regular size this month after receiving a few elite box sizes but it has Benefit samples in it so I understand having a huge box with this would just be absurd. I also love the themes they come up with and this one was just so cute and festive and perfect for this time of year.The overall theme is just ways to make you look good this holiday season featuring selected benefit products. I can't wait to try and use them and see what I come up with.

And here is the card. Again as pretty as ever with it matching the outer sleeve. By now you may know what the card contains but I'll recap it for first time readers.There is the introduction, product description inside and promos on the back to enter cool prizes and this month's sounds fun so I hope to take part in it.

This months sticker reads, "Love the Way You Look. Look the Way You Love." It really is a great quote and I really take inspiration from them which has become one of my things I look forward to as well when I open up the box every month.

Now let's see what Benefit samples await inside this box!

So many pretty stuff! I just love Benefit's packaging no matter if it is full size or sample size like what's inside this box. It is such a treat and I see some great tings that look amazing and things I got previously and are new. I know Benefit is expensive and in my country it is even more pricey than the original price of the US so getting some samples to see if I like them then is great for me.

Big Easy & Total Moisture Facial Cream
Big Easy Complexion Perfector in 05 Beige
Sample Size // 3ml 
Price // 179php
Full Size //  35ml | Price // 2,000php
A true 2-in-1 coverage that controls oil and balances moisture while giving lightweight finish to the skin. It perfectly conceals imperfections as it adjusts to your skin tone, while it soothes and protects your skin from free radicals.
The Big Easy sample came in my June box and so I already had a sample but this time I got another shade. I still haven't tried this yet but I will soon but at least I have two shades to choose from just in case one doesn't match my color. I heard a lot about this being a great BB cream but I just hadn't gotten round to test it out.

Total Moisture Facial Cream
Sample Size // 8.9g / 0.3oz
Price // 258php
Full Size //  48.2g | Price // 2,300php
Getting tired of your dry skin? Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream has a tri-radiance complex formula that hydrates, and improves and develops your skin's moisture to make your face radiantly beautiful.
This couldn't have come to me at a better time. Lately I realized maybe because of the weather changing or something but I have dry patches on my face which I never really get other than my lips. I have oily combination skin but I guess trying different products or like I say the changing of weather has given me this problem and I am glad to use this moisturizer. It says it is for normal to dry skin but it actually works for me and think that is amazing. I love the smell and it worked for me and yes I tried it right away as I needed it. I hardly do that but it also came in handy for makeup class. Plus the packaging is amazing and is like a baby version of the full size. It's a glass bottle making it so adorable and great for traveling and throwing it your wash bag. I'm totally going to pick up a full size of this when I run out.

Lollitint & Posiebalm
Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain
Sample Size // 2.5ml
Price // 340php
Full Size // 12.5ml | Price // 1,700php
You can never go wrong with this sweet candy-orchid tint! With its smudge-proof and smooch proof formula, you can now get that sweet flirty flush for your lips and cheeks all day long.
I got this previously as well before and I liked it and didn't use it to much but I do have a spare now. It is so cute and the color is so pretty. I might be using this mostly on my lips as I don't wear blush all that much but I do love this teeny tube of Lollitint.

Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm
Sample Size // 0.5g 
Price //  167php
Full Size // 3g | Price // 1,000php
With its mango butter and sodium hyaluronate formula, you can get healthy, poppy-pink tinted lips. Posiebalm helps hydrate and conditions while giving your lips a sweet pinkish glow. 
This is again so cute and has one of the cutest packaging out of this whole box. I love the rose gold but pink packaging and the print on it. I love know this is pretty new and I really wanted to try it and this shade was the one I would have picked for myself. I love pink lip colors so this tinted lip balm really does the trick. It is similar to the Fake Up Concealer sample I got as well before. It seems like though it only has a few uses because it is so small but if I fall in love I'll get a full sized one.

They’re Real! Trio Set
They’re Real! Push-up Liner
Sample Size // 0.10g
Price // 93php
Full Size // 1.4g | Price // 1,300php
This lash-hugging pen gel liner uses a soft AccuFlex tip that gives you smooth, non-budge application. It's a waterproof, matte, black gel eyeliner that can last for long 24 hours on your lids!
The latest most talked about Benefit product is now in my grasp with this cute little tiny sample. I really want to try this and it looks so good and since I am terrible at eyeliner and winged liner for one I hope this work. I'm glad getting a mini one so I can maybe practice and see how it works first before splurging and getting this.

They’re Real! Mascara
Sample Size // 3g 
Price // 458php
Full Size // 8.5g | Price // 1,300php
Believe the impossible! They're Real! Mascara provides jet-black lash coverage that makes your lashes gorgeously long and thick without the clumping, giving your gorgeous eyes all day long.
I have this and I love this. Now I have two sample tubes so I will be holding off getting a full size and use them both of them up. I have long lashes so this just makes it pop when I add this. My favorite mascara I tried so far!

They’re Real! Eye Makeup Remover 
Sample Size // 7.5ml
Price // 133php
Full Size // 50ml | Price // 1,000php
This powerful eyeliner and mascara remover gently removes waterproof eye make-up without irritating your eyes. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the creamy gel and slowly be amazed at how easy it is to remove your eye makeup!
This is new as well that came out with the Pushup Liner as it needed it's own remover. I love how tiny it is and I just think it is so cute. The packaging is the same as the full size and I love the quilting on it makes it more sophisticated for some reason. I'm so glad I got the set so I can really try them all together.

Freebies & Voucher
Instant Comeback Facial Serum
Bring back your youthful glow! This serum makes your skin feel firmer, smoother and more hydrated while it protects your skin from aging.
I heard good things about this and I am so curious about Benefit skincare range so testing this wil give me more of an idea what I will be picking from the range. I think I should be thinking about an anti-aging routine while I'm still young and this sounds like a good one to start with.

Total Moisture Facial Cream
Be radiantly beautiful with Total Moisture Facial Cream! It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft to touch.
I wish I could have got the eye cream sample as I got a deluxe sample size of this above. I might not even use it but I might just squeeze it out and add it to my jar.

Hello Gorgeous! Voucher
Get a FREE makeupper and brow consultation at your fave Benefit Store!
I got one of these before but never used it as I didn't have a store close to me but now that I do I am going to take advantage of this and keep it in my bag just in case I need to use it.

That does it for the November BDJ Box. I really liked this box even though it was a Benefit sample box again. I got some new things to try out which was great. I also thank BDJ for knowing me so well and giving me the perfect box. I saw other variants of this and was not a fan but mine was spot on and was perfect for me. I loved the ones I got and my favorites were the Posiebalm and he Facial Cream. I did enjoy getting the They're Real Trio sample set and was lucky to get all three as some didn't get the same. I definitely  give them points this month for matching this one to me and getting it right and it was like they read my mind on what I wanted to try. Thank you so much BDJ. I have been loving your boxes every month now and can't wait to see what the December box has and whats in sore for that one because I know it sold out very quickly. I'm glad I subscribed early so I think I'm guaranteed to get one. 

The total for this is estimated around 1,896php plus one-time use samplers: Instant Comeback Facial Serum, Total Moisture Facial Cream & Hello Gorgeous! Voucher. I figured each item out and that is a rough estimation and don't trust my ath as I am terrible at it thats why I am a Communication graduate not an accountant. I think it is fair and even though there is no full samples and only deluxe samples I still think we got our 580php back. I was happy with the samples I go and want to try all of them so I guess that makes up for it as well. No waste for me this month and I will hope to try the 7 day challenge but don't hold me to it as well. Like I said before and I'm sure other people who love BDJ as well would love a full size item one of these boxes next year. Even a coupon for half off would be fine with me but we shall see. Great box again this month BDJ and keep up the good work!

If you want your own BDJ Box they have subscription open for March 2015 so start subscribing if you want a fun surprise every month as well that has items just like this.

You may visit BDJBox.com for more information to get your own BDJ Box every month for only 580php or follow their Facebook page, BDJ Box.

What do you think of the third exclusive Benefit cosmetics BDJ BOX?

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Sunday Summaries | November 23, 2014

| from my styling class | my makeup station in class | looking out all the pretty makeup | I wrote that many words, what? |

Sunday Summaries November 23, 2014

I was in the mood to write a Sunday Summaries post since I haven't updated you in a while and thought I should plus I had a lot to say so there's that. You might have caught my post where I announced I was attending fashion school and I have been busy with that but I wanted to document a little bit of that as well so I would do it here. I also been up to a few other things as well that are just as exciting!

As for going to fashion school I have a lot to update you on. I love my classes and I finally feel like this was what I was supposed to do in the first place instead of getting a communications degree. let me list some amazing things that have happened so far since I started fashion school. 1) I have so many new friends and really love hanging out with them, 2) Some of them are actually bloggers as well so I now have some real life friends who are bloggers and we understand each other, 3) the school environment is so cool and did I mention we get hooked up with so many events and get to do some fun things as well, 4) I don't feel like I'm in school and it sounds crazy but I can't describe it because it's like your all just there to have fun while learning something new, 5) I love my classes and can't get enough of them. I am so enjoying this and I'm thinking it was the right thing to take and I'm glad I didn't chicken out or try to get out of it because I love it. I finally feel at home and bond with people who have similar interests as me. I am more outgoing and participating in class which I never did. I'm also trying to get out of my shell and not be as shy but baby steps towards that. It is just so fun being creative and doing what I'm doing. It is just totally amazing. There also a lot more reasons why I love fashion school but it will take me all day and will be just too long of a post I feel like.

So speaking of my classes. I found out I'm taking Makeup Techniques which I knew I did but when I got there and was explained the course I was not actually aware what I was getting myself into. When I'm finished I could be a professional makeup artist which is so crazy and I thought I would just dream about it but no it is becoming a reality everyone. I was planning on going to beauty school right after fashion school but nope it is an actually subject apart of my course so I don't need to its all in one. So given that information we were required to buy some makeup and I don't have as much for myself as I hardly wear the stuff but now I've started to a lot more. That means I went makeup shopping and picked up things from MAC Cosmetics. I bought my first MAC products and that made me so happy I cannot describe it. I actually own a MAC lippie and love the shade I picked up so much. I can now die happy that I owned a MAC lipstick. Okay I sill need to do more shopping for it so I bought a custom eyeshadow palette and I'm searching for my perfect foundation but no luck so far. I've been hitting up all the makeup brands from high and low so I've been accumulating a lot of stuff for this course and it hurts my wallet like crazy. After I get everything though, expect a lot of hauls from me including MAC, Benefit and some other high end brands as I have been building my kit.

So what else have I been doing besides going to class, going shopping and blogging in my spare time? I started another thing that I have wanted and tried to do for the past four years and that is NANOWRIMO. That's where you write 50,000 words in November to kind of get you started on finishing your novel. It motivates you to try and get it finished which helped a lot for me and helped me focus on completing it. I didn't have much going on this time around even though its sounds like a lot but trust me I have extra time not like I did when I went to university full time. I failed so many times and this year I stuck to it and everyday and I would make myself right 2,000-3,000 words per night before bed since I'm most creative around that time. I pushed myself and I'm so happy to say I made it and finished 50,000 words in 20 days and I can't describe how much a relief it is. I have a few more things to write and then I can edit it all together and I can't wait for that process since I never thought I'd make it that far. I'm still continuing to write until the 30th of this month but I did it. I DID IT! I made this my goal in 2014 and it was to finish a book and have it almost 100% done and I'm so close and feel like I accomplished a whole lot.

So many exciting things right now that are raising my spirits. I started out this year miserable and not happy where life was going and had so many downs in the first of the year but I'm slowly getting out of the slight depression I'm having by the good things that are finally starting to come slowly.I felt like I am accomplishing so much and it feels good. That's it and I hope to update you again really soon but I have been tweeting about it a little here and there and been crazy on instagram lately with posting snippets of my everyday life so follow me on those if you want more of a real time update.

What have you been really proud of accomplishing?

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Crowning Glory | What I Wore

Crowning Glory What I Wore
For today's what I wore is something very fall like for me and I anted to show you how I wore my fave hoodie. The weather seemed perfect for this outfit and when I woke up and saw it was rainy and gloomy it meant I could pull out my favorite comfy hoodie that keeps me warm but isn't too thick for the tropical weather. It might be raining but sometimes you can't wear a jacket because it is still too hot and the sun will come out a little later but today seemed like it was perfect to wear comfy clothes while still heading out and being cute. I went to SM Aura to pick up my bracelet I won and I braved it out even through the weather as I didn't have anymore time and this was the only day I had. I did a blog post about that as well last Wednesday here.

For my outfit I am wearing my big and loose comfy top that is so comfy and over that is my favorite hoodie that I always wear when the weather is like this. It has a white and black crown print which when I bought it I thought it was perfect for me and my style. Ever since then I have been so obsessed with it and it is pretty and has a purpose so a great fashion piece for me. It is a little worn from using it a lot but it makes it more comfy I think. I threw on some leggings that were in the back of my closet and I needed pair to wear and all the others were dirty so this one was it. I don't like it as it is a little too short for me and shows my ankles but I figure its in trend and though I really wanted longer leggins for the weather it actually saved me from getting wet so a definite plus. SO as you see I have a very red and grey color theme and I did not plan that but I like it. My shoes were not very comfy and my bag was the perfect size to fit my things in that day. My bow is white as I couldn't seem to find my red one and I wore dangling earrings for once I found in a random drawer in my room. If you couldn't tell I've been trying to wear more accessories and jewelry lately and that's it for my look. I also loved my hair in a side pony as it looked so big as it had so much volume that day and I hated that but it turned out amazing in its style.

| hoodie: Portside, top: Forever21, leggings: Michelle, bag: Accessorize, bow: Forever21, earrings: Accessorize, shoes: Brash |

That is what I wear on a day like this and I wish sometimes we had a few more as I have been enjoying the almost fall like weather to add some layers to my outfits. It is still pretty warm and I know it wont be happening very often so I take advantage of these days to grab my hoodies and cardigans from the back of my closet. I have a few more fall outfit inspirations I am trying to do so hope to be more what I wore's up as I started fashion school and that means more outfits and more style to them. Until next what I wore!

What do you wear with a cosy hoodie?

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