The July Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the fourth roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of July. I do this every first of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way. 

 S U N D A Y  S U M M A R I E S  O F J U L Y
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Sunday Summaries | July 20, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Summaries!

Sorry there hasn't been any blog posts this week. It's because a huge storm passed through Manila and we lost electricity for 5 days and it has been pretty tough. We just got power last night and that's how I'm able to write this post. Everything is fine and we just lost the covers on our balcony but other than that not much damage. As for our subdivision it didn't look good as trees fell over and roofs and fences flew around and even the electric poles fell over making us lose electricity for so long. It has been rough but I've managed to keep my phone charged with our car and my iPad is charged half way but it was hard living with no power or water for so long and everything was running out. It was so hard to find good water, candles, mosquito repellant and ice just to survive but luckily me and my family did it and everything is sort of going back to normal slowly but surely.

I wrote the next part that was supposed to go up last week and it was intended to go up last Sunday but we lost power so here is last weeks Sunday Summary a little late.

My week has been better and I'm feeling quite okay now after writing last weeks post. I got a few blog post up and I'm proud to say I did 3 in a row on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which I hoped you liked. I have a lot more planned for this month and a lot of beauty themes are in the mix which I'm excited for. 

On Saturday I got to go to an event and it was amazing. I had such a good time and the post about that will be up later next week and once I get it all sorted. I met new friends, learned a lot of new things and got a cute little goodie bag after. I want to share more but I'll save it for the post and show you what happened then.

Now Sunday, my cousin and I decided on a spontaneous road trip so as soon as I got home from the event I hurried and packed my stuff so we could leave early the next morning. So while I am writing this I am on the road while my cousin drives so I can get it up when we arrive tonight. That's it for now and I will continue to inform you in next weeks post of how my weekend went away.
And now back to me actually writing this now. I really wanted to get that up but I couldn't and I wish I had. I know it is a little confusing as I'm a little confused writing this but I hope everything is sorted in this coming week.

The pictures are from my dads Facebook which he took right after the storm hit and I decided to include a few as i don't have many pictures from this week or last week. A lot of trees and electric poles fell over in our subdivision. The previous pictures are the road trip and the event.

I hope to get some new posts up this week but I can't promise as the electricity is still not permanent and fixed but I hope to get at least one done. I have so many ideas and wrote them all down so once my life stops spinning I am getting back to things. I hate that I am taking so many breaks from my blog but life just likes to get in my way I guess. Again everything is fine and I just hope others here in the Philippines are okay. I hope to see you next week!

What do you do to pass time when there is no power?

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Little Miss Pinkie | What I Wore

This has to be my most favorite casual outfit I've worn lately and I miss wearing the simple tee and jeans trend. I made it a little more girly with the pinks and floral but this to me just screams me and I like that I've found things I like and know what to look for when I go clothes shopping now. It may not be the most fashionable thing ever but I just wanted to show you this quick outfit post I wore to the BDJ Passion Series: BFF Craft Night with BDJ which I posted about last Wednesday in case you missed that post. So now on to my outfit details.

The top is a shirt I've been obsessed with and has been in another outfit post but I dressed it up more while this is very casual worn by itself. My jeans are again jeggings I have been wearing quite a lot and I think now they are worn in and just feel right which I like and I'm glad they are broken in now. To make the look more "dressy" I added my wedge sandals and to just pull it together and make me feel so tall and confident and plus they look amazing to match with the colors of the blouse. My bag is very simple and I didn't have time to switch it out because I was already late since I took a shower at the wrong time and we got lost a little while getting there so I just had it in the car with my stuff in it. It doesn't really match which I am all about but it does go with the shoes a little bit so I let it slide and went with it. The bow was bought the same time as this top so when I spotted it I literally squealed inside the store that it matches perfectly so this will always be the bow to go with the top.

As for my makeup and nails. I wanted to do a few beauty bits added into my outfit posts as I think another post to do a face of the day would be too much unless I did a full face but I just have a little on which I can list quickly. I have Maybelline Pressed Powder in honey as my base, Skinfood Volumizing Mascara and on my lips I have Rimmel Kate in 101 which again I though would match and I was all about light pinks that day. My nails are China glaze "Diva Bride" which again is a light pink. I also have to say I loved my hair that day and before I left I used foam rollers when my hair was still a little damp and I thought it would turn out terrible because it wasn't going to curl when it was wet but it did and they turned out perfect and up to my standards so that made me happy. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, jeans: Forever 21, bag: Minicci, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Rimmel Kate 101 |

I hope you were as excited as I was with my look and liked this casual outfit. I don't have much going on and I don't have anywhere to go to get so jazzed up so I've been sticking to this type of clothing and I hope you don't mind this simple outfit post. I still like doing them and I will continue I hope to be doing these. Until next outfit post!

What is your favorite color to wear?

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Unboxing | July Elite BDJ Box x Herione Make

Today I wanted to post an unboxing of the first BDJ Elite Box of 2014 that came in the mail the other day. I saw on their Facebook they were coming out with an elite box besides there regular box and I wanted to see the fuss about this as well since I subscribed to their other box.

The BDJ Elite Box is featuring Heroine Make. This is a brand I have never heard about as I'm not really up on Asian beauty products that well but I wanted to try it because I might like it so I took the plunge. It is from Japan and soon to be released in the Philippines in Watson's stores. I read on somewhere while I was looking them up after I made my payment to BDJ.

The packaging on their products were so pretty and I know your not supposed to buy beauty products based on packaging but to me Asian packaging are always so cute and pull me right in every time. So let's see what is inside and discover the Heroine inside of these products.

When I first open it up I'm greeted with these cute cards that have information about each of the products on it. I love the individual card and the design is so pretty and I'm a sucker for the prettiness in packaging especially when it is pink. When you turn it over you find the details, price and size on it and it was a little hard to read as it was a very small font but I managed.

The exciting part is opening the wrapping paper to unveil the goodies. As always it is packaged well and I love opening it up even thought I already knew what to expect it still a cool feeling. All the packaging is so pretty and very Japanese because of course it is from Japan. It's packed with all kinds of goodness and I love just digging right in and exploring right away.

A close up all the pretty things that I received.

This Box costs 1,480php. I want to try new things and these Japanese products seemed like the first thing to dip my feet in. It comes with 8 full size products and for only 1,480php so I thought it was a deal and had no prior clue of how much these would cost individually.

I got the BOX B: Sweet Medium but you can choose from 8 different boxes with a variety of similar products just in different shades. The medium is your shade and it took me a while what box to pick because I am so indecisive and didn't know if I should pick fair or medium because my skin tone varies and it is hard to choose sometimes. I then decided I should pick the sweet and natural look as I knew I would get more use out of them and I know I should have tried something out of my comfort zone and gone with something else but I do the natural look all the time it seemed right to. It's also my first time trying the brand so I went with the safe option but once I try them I might go bolder. Since I got the sweet look all the products will be catered to that and I got some neutral shades which I was fine with.

Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer
This eyelash fixer will securely adhere your false lashes from one end of the eyelid to the other. Its waterproof formula is resistant to perspiration, water, and sebum. it dries fast and becomes clear when it is dry so that lashes can be glued on beautifully with almost no glue marks even when the base of the false lashes is thin.
Full Size 5 ml / 345php
This is the glue for the lashes and it sounds perfect for them. I needed some lash glue for a photoshoot I did and couldn't find any but now I have some just in case and don't have to go searching high and low for one.

Heroine Make Impact Eyelash #10
Add instant drama to your eyes and enhance your overall look with these false eyelashes from Heroine Make! They help create wider, brighter eyes by making your lashes look longer and fuller. These lightweight, wispy lashes helps to naturally define your eyes without looking too made-up.
Full Size / 345php
I love the natural look of these lashes and but I don't wear lashes often and only on special occasion. These might change my mind and I might get to wear them to an event or a party (if I ever attend one). I love how wispy they are and they kind of look like my natural lashes so I would love to see what it's like on me. If I ever wear these you'll definitely see pictures and a review.

Heavy Rotation Jewel Eyeliner #02
This eyeliner has a super thin brush so you can create precise lines around your eyes. It contains 3 kinds of shimmering powders to give a "jewel-like" glittering finish to your eyes. It is highly resistant to tears, sweat and sebum, so you won't have to worry about your eye makeup the whole day!
Full Size 3 ml / 595php
This looks pretty and I hope I like the color. I think it is going to be brown and sparkly according to the description but I hope it isn't too sparkly.  I hope it is easy to apply and looks good on me since I've never tried an eyeliner other than black but I like this and it might be neutral which will be less harsh I'm hoping on my eyes.
Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara #02
This waterproof mascara gives a dramatically gorgeous lengthening effect for glossy lashes, free from any clumps. It is formulated with fibers to really extend your lashes to their maximum length. It also contains Chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient) and Camellia oil (emollient ingredient) that protects sensitive lashes from damage.  
Full Size 6 g / 595php
I think I'm most excited for this mascara as I've been trying a few recently and wanted to add to my stash. I use to have no mascaras as I ran out to now I have 3 or 4 which is a lot for me but I actually like the options. Again, this is brown but I can use it everyday and again it is less harsh then black. I really am intrigued by the fibers which I have heard about and are quite popular and this is the first one I'm going to try so expect a review once I've tested it.

Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear #02
Go foundation-free with this powder that covers uneven skin surfaces and pores in one easy step and creates even, matte skin. It leaves skin looking smooth with light-diffusing particles, and absorbs extra sebum to help your makeup last throughout the whole day.
Full Size 8 g / 695php
The powder is something I know I will be using soon as I love powders as a base. I hope this matches or is clear which I think it might be but I'm not sure yet. The packaging is so pretty and I love the compact as it is sparkly but it doesn't show up on camera.

Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral BB Cream #02
With SPF50+ PA++, this mineral BB cream with excellent whitening, anti-UV and coverage effects that illuminates skin instantly, and creates even, smooth skin without visible pores. Its light texture allows you to quickly apply and blend it on your skin.
Full Size 6 g / 595php
The BB cream is something I'm really hoping matches and this would be the 3rd one I will try and I still haven't found a close match but I do have the Benefit Big Easy to try out as well besides this. I love the pretty pink tube and of course you know me and packaging.

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03
This waterproof, resistant to sweat and water eyebrow pencil has a superfine 1.5mm diameter tip, which allows you to draw eyebrow hairs one by one to make beautiful arches from the inner to other ends. It comes in a convenient, twist pen so you don't need to sharpen it constantly.
Full Size 0.7 g / 345php
An eyebrow pencil is something I don't have in my makeup collection which is a shock for some probably but I never really did my brows and I usually get them done and they are shaped right and I like them so I don't do anything but now I might and will try seeing if this makes a difference. Its exciting to try new things in your beauty routine, right?

Sun Killer Perfect Strong Plus
This sunblock features super UV blocking abilities, with a special UV Cut powder that helps the sunblock last on your skin longer. It's waterproof and sweat-prof, so you're free to do different activities without worries! It's non-oily and turns transparent upon application, so your skin won't turn unnaturally pale and oily upon application.  
Full Size 0.7 g / 345php
And lastly a sunscreen which is quite nice to add and I really like apply face sunscreens when I head out. I'm excited to see if this is non-oily as my face is oily enough and hate other sunscreens and moisturizers that leave me feeling that way.

This is everything that came and I am quite impressed of the value. The total cost of all the products from this box is 3,960php! Which is not bad since I paid only 1,480php for 8 products! The prices for them individually don't seem that bad and are quite reasonable if you can afford it and the quality doesn't seem cheap so it is a definite win.

I'm excited to try all of these and will be doing some reviews but if you see a certain one that you really want to know more about I'd love to know and tell you.

That's all that is inside my first ever BDJ Elite Box. I hope you enjoyed seeing inside it as much as I have and I can't wait to play with these because isn't that what you do with new makeup goodies? Thanks BDJ Box for this and coming out with such great boxes and making me purchase a lot of them. I guess until next time I unbox!

If you'd like to get yourself your own Elite BDJ Box you can go to their facebook here and order one or subscribe to their regular monthly box you can go to their website and follow their twitter.

What product caught your eye in this unboxing?

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BFF Craft Night with BDJ Event

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this. I was editing my outfit post for this event and it reminded me I wore that to the BDJ Craft Night I went to. So here is a little recap of the evening and what happened during this event.

I was invited to attend this which is a BDJ Passion Series event but was also the launch of their new school planner which is a branch of of their original planner called the CampusBDJ. To celebrate that this was a crafts night and you could take your BFF with you to make this cute Monster Plushie by a local entrepreneur who created these. I saw them and thought they were so cute so I was excited for the event.

The venue of the event was Bonifacio High Street in a Fullybooked branch.This was my first time in this area and I wish I could have explored more but I have made it my goal to go back and take my parents for a little family day there soon. Going to these events have made me explore and go to places I never knew existed in this country so it is a plus to going to blogging events for me and probably a highlight for sure learning about these cool places. I took my aunt as hardly any of my friends know about my blog and my cousins were all busy so I took her as she wanted to see this event and was curious about crafting. We ended up arriving 4 hours before the event and took outfit pictures at the perfect time at the place. We then headed in  and waited inside browsing the bookstore. I was making a mental list of all the things I wanted which was a bad idea to let me in a bookstore but I'm proud I didn't pick anything up.

Before the event started we were waiting in line but my aunt got confused and the line was then pushed the other way making us go towards the back of the line. The attendees of the event came early because of the promised freebies that was indicated in the email. The Bedroom Athletics was promised to the first 50 registrants get a pair for free during the registration. I got a pair and so did my aunt and she was really impressed with them and thought it was the coolest thing to get these for free. I love taking my family and seeing their faces when they learn something is free and learn why I have been going to these things. She took her box of slippers to the table and I got mine after we registered and we got a pretty good seat.

The event was hosted by Ms. Karen Bordador of RX931 FM and she kept the event going throughout the whole program.

The most important person of the evening was Ms. Beam Mariano who is the creator and owner of Artwine.com and makes these adorable accessories, stationary and more out of felt. She has different lines and all are so pretty and colorful and personally my style and what I like to buy. She handcrafts all her stuff but has families that are less fortunate employeed so that they could have a job as well and I think that is very nice of her. You can find out more about her at her site but she just introduced herself at the event and gave us a run through of everything.

During the event we were served Cofee Bean and Tea Leaf Ice Tea and J.Co Donuts so while we were listening we got some refreshments and a snack to tide us over. It was pretty late and we still hadn't had dinner yet so this was just the right thing we needed. The drinks were great and all the donuts looked good and plus are slippers we got were right beside us on the table during the event.

Here we are listening to the talk and then doing our crafts with the people that were also at our table.

Then it was time to do our plushies! There was extra decorations so we could add to our plushie and just have fun designing them and making them unique. It was pretty easy making them and it made me look at the creative side and I loved doing that. I got pearls and more material so that I could add more elegance to mine because that is what I was going for.

Here I am with the main person herself Ms. Beam and her plushie. I didn't have mine finished so I didn't want to show it but it turned out quite cute I think. 

Here I am with the host of the event Ms. Karen and I loved her dress that evening. 

I got a picture with another blogger Ms. Joey who I have met at a few other BDJ events now and she is so nice and very social and it made meeting her a lot easier as I'm very shy. Check out her blog as she has some great beauty reviews that I love reading. I'm starting to recognize more faces now going to these events and it is nice getting to know people with the same interests as you and I have been enjoying that. Her blog is here.

Here is my photo booth photo and for once I got a digital Cody instead of forgetting to take a picture of the printed copy. I wanted my aunt to be in it but she didn't want to so she held all of our stuff instead. I wish we could have gotten a photo together but she was too shy too.

And when we got home we had some donuts. My dad was grateful I brought these because he loves donuts as much as I do so we got a cheeky treat after dinner.

Some of the pictures were taken from the Facebook page of Belle de Jour Planner that were taken at the event. The ones with the watermark are the pictures I took at the event and the ones without belong to BDJ. Thank you for putting them up so I could add a few of them though!

I had a fun time and the craft idea was so cool and I would love to go again and create something else next time.  I got to hang out with my aunt and we bonded over this event and it was fun taking her and she like to go them now too. Thank you BDJ for the invite and I had a lovely time. Keep up the good work and keep creating these fun events.

What do you like to do with your BFF?

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