The May Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the third roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of May. I do this every first of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way.

W I S H L I S T  O F  M A Y

S U N D A Y  S U M M A R I E S  O F  M A Y 

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Neon Pink Dreams | What I Wore

This is probably the brightest thing I have ever worn. Here is today's What I Wore to the Bloggers United 7: A Summer Fair which I posted about here last Wednesday and as promised here are my outfit details. I wanted to dress up and this is dressed up for me as if you couldn't tell by my other outfit posts I live in leggings and comfy tee's but this outfit is way different and I hope you think it is fashionable and I liked to try something new for once. I didnt know but I ended up matching color schemes with the event by wearing this hot pink blouse I picked up at Forever 21 a couple days before. I noticed this top right away with it's color and I like pinks and have many in my closet but nothing this neon or nright so I had to get this color and I loved the fit of it when I tried it on. Plus it can double up as a very formal top or a casual laid back but dress vibe which would be very useful for me.

Th jeans are actually jeggings and these are my first pair! I have jeans but I cannot find the perfect fit and it seems to hot to wear jeans where I live with the humidity so jeggings would be perfect for me since I can't give up my leggings at least I have an alternative now. They are again from Forever21 and I picked them up the same time I did my blouse but at first I never intended to pair them at the time but when I got home I thought they would go good with each. They are very tight and I was not in favor of skinny jeans on curvy girls but these are different I guess and I like how they shrink me. The suck everything in and they are a size 16 which I never thought I would fit into again but with all the ballet classes and healthy eating I've been doing it has paid off and I fit into them well which makes me very happy.

The details of my outfit are my cute basic mini bag I've been carrying for a while and I didn't have time to change out my bag so this had to do which is fine as it matches my jeans I think. My bracelet is a charm bracelet my aunt got me for Christmas one year that I thought would do since I wanted to have a little statement piece but don't have any statement jewelry besides this one. It has all kinds of fun charms like a spoon and fork, a tea pot and even a slice of cake. I also have a stamp on my wrist to get into the event so that is what is on my arm. My shoes are these sandals I just got that I have been lusting for and it has been on my wishlist but they store I went to didn't have my size until I went to the local mall and they had them so I picked them up and they are so comfy. These are my first sandals and I love them.

And lastly my makeup is much brighter than usually and can you tell I choose a bright pink lip today to match my blouse? I thought it worked out perfectly and it was nice just having a smooth base with a powder foundation, a few swipes of mascara and a bold lip is lovely. I fell in love with bold lips and it just makes the look more fancy and it looks like I put some much effort but secretly I didn't. I now know why us beauty bloggers have so many lippies and I want to collect more now that I am hooked with the obsession. My nails were featured in a separate post which I talked about on Monday if you'd like to read that here

| top: Forever 21, jeans: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bag: Minicci, bracelets: Accessorize & Claire's, bow: Forever 21, nails: Forever 21 - Pink Confetti, lipstick: Lush - Believe |

Hope you liked this outfit and tell me how you style bold colors as I would love to try different ways of wearing these neon colors for summer. See you in my next outfit post and hope you are enjoying them as I love shooting these.

What is the brightest item of clothing you own?

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Bloggers United 7: A Summer Fair Event Recap

Today's post is abut the Bloggers United 7 which I attended with my dad. He tagged along to see what I did and all the events I was telling him about which I go to for my bog sounded like fun for him so he came and we got to spend the day together. It was at the Metrotent where we have never been before nor have we ever been in that area so it was nice to explore and even though we got lost a little getting there it was still a fun road trip trying to get here. This is the first one I have ever been to and I know I have seen it before as I was first started out I somehow came across this event but never went because I was in school or busy but I heard about it. I was planning on going but then I changed my mind but a few nights before my favorite fashion blogger's, The Plump Pinay were giving away free tickets and I decided to try my luck and I won! They picked me and I was so grateful they did because it gave me a chance to meet up with them again. I told my dad about it and he thought that was great and wanted to come with me so we ended up going together. I was so close to not going but I'm glad I did. I didn't know what the event was about but it looked exciting and I soon discovered what it was. Here were my thoughts about it and a little bit about my experience at my first Bloggers United 7: A Summer Fair!

The registration area is where we stopped in first of course and since I was added to a guest  list I didn't have to pay the 100php entrance fee of you could of bought a Sunsilk pack to get in as well. I got to bring one person and so my dad tagged along for the first time as I said and he was taking pictures of everything as well and making everyone at the booths smile for his picture. it was very funny and I said he should blog about it but he just wants it for his facebook which is what he did it for.

There were so many booths and things to look at like clothes, beauty stuff, magazines and so many other stuff you just want to pick up and I thought it was so cool. It was my mistake not knowing what the event was and I was sad I didn't bring any cash or save any up to get some products I really wanted to try but didn't know they would have. Some things I wanted was Bioderma, Urban Decay Products, imported nail polish and some Japanese makeup that looked so cute. I wanted to splurge but maybe next time I will and I know what to expect. There was all kinds of things to browse and my dad was interested in looking as well because it wasn't all girly stuff and there was different booths as you can see to choose from. I loved that I got some photo booth pictures which I always forget to take pictures of for here but they are all so cute and I got a Polaroid picture from the Polaroid booth with their giant Instax camera that I am planning on buying one of these day. My dad even joined the fun and we look some goofy pictures ourselves and here was amazed that they were free he thought I had to pay for each one because he was talking to the photographer guy and he thought you pay for each one. I thought it was hilarious because I have gone to many events where they are free but now he knows if he goes to another one.  It was lovely exploring each booth together to see what was up.

I won a prize from Nescafe Philippines since they had a booth there and I entered their contest through instagram and I won and was so shocked. I was in the middle of talking to someone and I heard my username and started running to the stage as I was on the other end but I made it. I wish my dad would have snapped a picture for me but he couldn't catch up but they took a picture for me but I have no idea where to find it. My dad won as well but we left a few minutes after it was announced which was sad and it would have been nice but it is okay maybe next time. I won a gift pack of free coffee and a gift certificate to a restaurant that I forgot to take a picture of but because my dad loved it he took it home and drank most of it because he liked it that much. The picture of us drinking coffee together (well only him since I don't drink coffee very much) is on my instagram @fashionxfairytale if you want to see my winning entry. It was very fun and I honestly couldn't believe I won even though I heard my username I was like who stole my name that is mine but then it was mine. Really cool experience for me and my dad thought it was great as well.

The reason I had to come was none other than catching up with my two favorite fashion bloggers that I met before at the BDJ Rendezvous. As I said I was picked one of their guest to attend this event and it made me want to go even more so I did and I'm glad I did and it was nice to hang out and chat a bit longer with both of them at their booth.  My dad even got to meet them and have a talk together and it was very nice to just hang out and get to know more about them as I am new to the area and to the events. It was definitely a highlight for me out of the whole trip.

Of course I got a picture with them again and it was so nice getting to have a conversation and hang out with them this tie instead of last time where they had to go shortly after their talk at the BDJ Rendezvous. They are so inspiring and I got to learn more about them and talk fashion, beauty and some personal life and I'm really thankful how friendly and sweet these ladies are and I hope to go far and I'm most excited for their fashion line they are doing to come out because I love their sense of style so I'm sure their pieces will be perfect for a plus size fashionista like myself. Thanks again for inviting me and picking me to come to this event as it was very exciting to experience this for the first time

Here is my dad and I before we left. We took a picture in front together with the welcome balloons before we left for the day. I'm glad he decided to come with me because he was so curious about going to one and I'm glad this wasn't too much of beauty and fashion type of event which I'm used to going to like workshops and product launches so this was perfect and I'm glad it worked out and we went together because he was really amazed and even though he didn't understand you can get some stuff free here was truly amazed at that and wants to attend more with me in the future. It was nice spending the day with him and going out to discover new things together. Our photo booth pictures are the coolest but I forgot to take a picture of them for here but they are so cool and definitely getting framed.

And another sneak peek of my outfit which I will have the full outfit details post coming on Friday but for now again here is what I wore and isn't it cute I match the balloons and the event. I did not plan that but it just turned out that way and I was feeling very bright even if it was an overcast but very warm day.

I hope you enjoyed my post about my first Bloggers United event and I was so happy I got invited and got to meet up with two of my favorite fashion bloggers and to hang out with them. I had a fun time and cannot wait for number 8 and this time I know to bring some extra cash to pick up some deals and do some shopping. Thanks again for inviting me Plump Pinay and thanks for the experience Bloggers United 7. My dad and I appreciated it and had fun spending the day together.

What blogger events do you plan on attending soon?

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Nails | Pink Sparkles

| Forever 21 - Pink Confetti |

This has been my go-to nail polish ever since April I think because I remember featuring it in one of my monthly favorites but I'm not sure which one. This was the color I used to match a lot of my outfits, I used it for my birthday and I use it when I am in the mood for sparkles and something girly. It is such a happy color and brightens my mood whenever I look at my nails and it has been perfect for the weather and has been matching with the bright sun and summer season lately which lifts my spirits even more.

The polish applies evenly and it takes a about two sometimes 3 coats to get it perfect but not very thick coats which is good. It has enough amount of glitter on each application but I apply more to the tips and dab it on. I apply my favorite top coat but I tried it without one once and it stayed for 3 days without chipping and I was doing all kinds of work so I understand the staying power. I liked to feel the texture without the top coat as it felt weird but good on my fingertips which is crazy but I liked it. I did try it with a top coat and the were completely smooth and smoothed down and stayed on longer which I liked and lasted for about a week which I think s great as a lot of my other polishes chip in a few days.

I'm really impressed with this as this was a Forever 21 polish and the first one I tried so it has really converted me and now when I'm in Forever 21 I take forever to pick a color and I can't wait to pick up more shades. I hope I like the consistency as much as this glitter one.

I hope you liked this polish as much as I did and how colorful and sparkly it turned out to be. I missed doing these "on my nails" post and I plan to do more but I have to find time to do my nails and photograph them but I will as it is a fun thing that I miss doing on my blog in a mixture of other posts. Let me know if you want more and I will try and create more and do some nail art again.

What polish makes you start at your nails a lot?

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Casual Lunch Date | What I Wore

Here is my outfit I wore on Mother's Day where I spent it with my mom, my family and some family friends. You could read about my day on my last Sunday Summary or you could read my food review I did on Wednesday about the restaurant we ate at.

This has to be the most comfiest top I own so far. It is an over-sized and flowy shirt that fits me perfectly. I love the way it is tight on the top but balloons out on the bottom creating a fun skirt almost. It is so nice to wear and perfect for this hot weather we've been experiencing. The sleeves are just enough coverage to have sleeves but also they are not there. I'm not sure what they are called but these micro sleeves make everything better.  My leggings are my basic ones that I practically live in as the are again so comfy and fit me just right and are easy to move in. I dressed up the outfit with wedges as I thought I didn't really want to be too casual but I cheated hen we went up the mountains and took these off to wear my black ballet flats to make it the most comfy outfit ever. My bag was a gift from my cousin and since I was wearing red I thought this bag would go perfectly and would match my bow in my hair which again it had to match my outfit. My lovely bracelet is my go-to bracelet and I wear it everyday and just love it. I hope to get a new one as it is my everyday bracelet now.

I loved hanging out with my family on Mother's Day and enjoyed all the things we did and this outfit was the perfect thing to wear as it was so comfy and was easy to move in with everything we did that day.

| top: Forever 21, leggings: Forever21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bag: Accessorize, bracelet: Claire's, bow: Daiso Japan |

Hope you enjoyed this outfit and I would love more ways to wear comfy clothing as I want to find more ways of looking chic too. I have more outfit posts coming up and I have been loving them so I hoe you're excited for me to do more!

What comfy item are you loving in your wardrobe at the moment?

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