Sunday Summaries | March 30, 2014

Here are some snapshots of my adventure when I went to the Beauty Social and not just of the event but with what we did after.

As you can see we went to Forever21 and went around the mall together. I love having my cousin around so we can go shopping together and she doesn't get tired of walking around the mall and look at stuff with me which is an ideal shopping buddy. We didnt get anything but we did take pictures throughout the store trying stuff on which was fun.

This was my first time at this mall and it was so modern looking and was like you were in this fancy high end mall but it kind of was and had all those higher end shops like MAC, Mark and Spencers and Zara and those type of shops you find in other countries. It was 6 stories tall not including the parking lots so that was probably 0 altogether but I'm not sure. There is a garden on the roof which was so pretty and personally a great place to take outfit photos. The whole mall was just amazing and I can't wait to go back.

The event pictures were just some instagram shots I put together and if you don't follow me on there you can on @fashionxfairytale I've been really into this lately and have been trying to post a picture a day.

I hope everyone enjoyed BDJ Beauty Social Week and I had so much fun writing it. It was definitely a fun experience and I'm glad I got t blog about it and do a post like this because I never imagined I would but here I am and it feels so surreal. I just want to clarify that I was not paid or sponsored to do any blog posts about the event let alone a whole week of posts about it but I personally loved it and as I said always dreamed of going to a beauty event on my own after reading other beauty blogs getting to go to them. I'm grateful I got a chance and it didn't cost anything to go besides transportation and lunch which is amazing if you are on a budget. I did want to buy somethings but that is your choice and maybe next time I will. I'm thankful that I can look back on this weeks post and remember the fun times I had and that is what I love about blogging. Enough with my rambling now but I hope you enjoyed each post as I enjoyed writing them and recapping each memory.

Next week I do have some posts coming out but since I am still in the middle of #fxfrevamp it might not be on my regular schedule but I am trying to get it done so that I can stop obsessing of getting my blog more up to date and go into it full time.

What shop do you go to as soon as you enter a mall?
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BDJ Beauty Social | Loot Bag & Freebies

Here is the second to last day of BDJ Beauty Social Week where I show you what's inside my loot bag I received at the event and also some samples I got from the booths I went to. So let's see what's inside shall we?


BDJ Beauty Social | Benefit and Covergirl Booth

In today's BDJ Beauty Social post I will discuss my experience for one of the last few booths I haven't covered yet which are the Benefit booth and the Covergirl booth. I was so excited to head over to the Benefit booth as I have been lusting over so many of their things and really couldn't wait to see some products. I didn't go there right away but I did get there towards the middle and luckily I went at a time when no one was really there so we got to take some pictures.

BDJ Beauty Social | Canmake Tokyo Booth

Canmake was a booth I was most excited for and since I just did a wish list of products, I wanted to try from them last week I couldn't wait to see the products in person. When I got there the booth was as amazing as I expected and the packaging was as pretty as person. I did see a few products from Tricia's book singing which I will blog about soon. It was pretty popular booth and I could see why because the system they had was you go onto their laptop and log into your Facebook and like their page and then you pick a piece a paper from a glass bottle and on it you can win a prize. I was fortunate enough to win a body cream which was definitely a win for me. The unfortunate part was we waited in this fairly long line and when we got there I went in but since I already liked their page I wrote my information and so did my cousin, Lynn, but the lady in charge was entertaining a customer and then the makeup artist was busy so we stood their for five minutes to wait which was off putting for me. Good thing it was made up for it by the lady apologizing and I did win the full size body cream and they were so friendly so I don't mind in the end. Lynn also got the same body cream which we were both excited for.


BDJ Beauty Social | Real Techniques & Ellana Minerals Booth

Real Techniques has been a brand I have been dying to try and with me following so many of UK beauty bloggers and also some US bloggers who have mentioned their love for these makeup brushes I have known about these brushes from there and wanted to try it for myself. They had all the lines there and even the new ones which I thought was a surprise. They were giving free makeovers which I wanted to get one to as my cousin Lynn did and it turned out amazing but we had to go to lunch since her 6 month baby was acting up a little. When we got back to the booth the line was super long so I didn't get a chance to get a makeover myself but she loved the brushes and said they were really soft. I have my eye on a couple of faces brushes and will be saving up to get one either from their website or in the next event. We did get some treats which was nice and the chocolate things were good, I'm not sure what they were called but it was a nice treat when we were driving home.


BDJ Beauty Social | Moschino & Revlon Booths

Today on day to of BDJ Beauty Social Week I decided to separate these booths as there were too many in yesterdays post so they get their own post.I have a few more to go up in the next couple of days of my thoughts on the separate booths because i think they deserve them plus it was so much fun since I never done something like this before.

The Moschino booth was very creative and so pretty and there was definitely thought put into it. I have heard of their perfumes before and always wanted to try a scent and they did smell lovely but it just wasn't my type of scent. My cousin liked it and preferred it over me so that just shows how different our personal choices are. We entered the raffle but sadly didn't win but that's okay. The guys at the booth were friendly too which I have to complement on and one was nice enough to even take pictures for us in front of the pretty bicycle. I've always wanted a bike like that for some reason.

The Revlon booth was another makeup brand I was looking forward to and when I got the email for the layout of the event I wanted to go check them out. My mom was always a big fan and when I was growing up and going to ballet recitals this was the brand she used on me a lot so I guess I was influenced. She still buys the same Revlon lipstick shade until now is quite a big fan of the color. The nail polishes were also something my mom collected and she had so many dusty rose colors in different finishes and shades and I only realized until I was a little older that nail polish just don't come in that shade. Since that was the only color my mom bought I thought they were all that color.

I really wanted to attend the seminar but it was getting pretty late and since I just got my nails done I didn't get to try out their nail polishes which I know now that next time I am not going to do anything ad just get glammed up at the event. I did get to look at their products which was great so it wasn't a total waste and the ladies were so friendly.

I enjoyed going to these two booths and tomorrows post will be of the Real Techniques and Ellana Minerals booth which was something I also looked forward to since I have become a big fan of both brands.

What makeup brand do you remember your mom wearing when you were a child?

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BDJ Beauty Social: Tres Chic Event 2014 Expereince

Welcome to BDJ Beauty Social Week where I will be posting about my experience of the event I attended Sunday, March 23 the BDJ Beauty Social: Tres Chic. Each day will feature different posts of the event, reviewing the different products and the makeover I got there.

BDJ Box is the country's leading beauty box subscription and beauty network which brings bloggers to their site to buy products from their online store, collect points from their site, and post your blog post, pictures and videos to bring one another together. I have been finishing some local bloggers and have been loving getting to know the Philippine beauty and fashion bloggers to add to my daily reads. They have interesting contest and events like this to join which is another plus of what they do.

(Warning: Picture Heavy Post) 


Wish list | Canmake Makeup

One of my favorite Philippine bloggers, Tricia, introduced me to this brand from her blog post and also from her book signing event I attended last Saturday (which will be up soon.) I've heard of Japanese and Korean makeup brands but never really got into until now from inspiration from my fave bloggers.

Canmake is a Japanesse brand that just launched in the Philippines. They are ao kawaii and it is such a girly brand and I love that in makeup as I'm a girly-girl myself and what I buy reflects that. When I discovered them I just wanted to look into everything right away and after finding so many things I want I decided to make a wish list I could go to later on and just pick from there. I also saw their post on Facebook saying what are you lusting after most so again that gave me inspiration to do this post and to really look into products that I never tried before and to explore.

It was really hard picking what I wanted because I wanted everything but these are some essentials and products for a full face I can use everyday if I wanted. So this is what I came up with...

01 | Dolly Mat Base
I have never tried a face primer and I really wanted too so this looked perfect and there were so many to choose from and it was pretty hard but this had everything I would be looking for so this definitely one to be on the list. It has a lot of benefits to like having SPF 20 in it and also it makes your skin smooth and matte which would be perfect for my oily combination skin so those were a plus for me. The description says it will leave your skin silky-smooth like a doll's which is probably where they get the name and it covers irregularities of texture of the skin. Overall it sounds like a good primer to start off with.

02 | Perfect Serum BB Cream
I picked both a BB Cream and a foundation because I just couldn't makeup my mind because I really want to try a BB cream and with Japan being so famous for them why not try one. This was just by far something I know I would love using and it was a no-brainer picking this out because of so many good things like SPF 50 and it being a natural looking base which I love going for. There is also lighter version which I would love to try as well. There are two shades as well and I choose natural unless the Fair one will fit me better but they just seem like a great BB cream. The site describe it perfectly making me want it even more. This defiantly be a future purchase I guarantee it in the near future!

03 | Smooth Liquid Foundation in Natural Ochre
This foundation was in Tricia's Style Book and she recommends it a lot and loves it personally so of course I wanted to try it too. When I met her at the signing her makeup was flawless and I didn't ask if she was wearing this exact one but she has said it is lovely and I love hearing other blogger's opinion so it had to be on my wish list. There were a lot of pluses for me with this including it having SPF 20 again, it is water proof and perfect for all seasons. It sounds promising and somethings I look for in a foundation which is good. I picked the medium shade in Natural Ochre which I am not sure of quite yet because I have fair skin but not so fair if that makes sense. The site offered helpful insight and said if you are unsure choose this one and so I did. 

04 | Cover & Strech Concealer in Light beige
With late nights being an occurrence with me for the past 3 months, my under eye circles sadly have increased so I'm always looking for a concealer that can hide them and make me look awake and not like a zombie. They had three shades that specialized for each concern which I thought was amazing but I picked the lightest shade as it said it is good for under eyes. The medium one is for spots and the darker one is for redness but I don't have problems with so the fair shade will be perfect. It has SPF in it and it is made to last and cover those up. It is water proof and sweat proof which is perfect for me and I love the applicator that looks like lip gloss so you can just dab it on without any fuss. A great concealer to add to my collection.

05 | Transparent Finish Powder
The packaging with this is so amazing and I love finishing and pressed powder so I knew I would be wanting one. I think I have seen someone with this product before and don't remember if it was a beauty video or blog but I saw this in a post and loved the packaging but never knew the brand. I'm glad I found it and it sounds like the perfect finishing po welder for me and I really think it essential to keep the oiliness down especially with the hot and humid weather here. Again it does have SPF and I think all of their bases have SPF because of the weather it makes it essential to have extra sun protection and you don't have to be adding sunscreen so much cause it is already in it.The benefits of it also made me want it and it does come in one translucent shade which is nice so it can not cake up the makeup and still leave it flawless like how I like it.

06 | Gokubuto Mascara
I really love mascara which is a must when I leave the house so of course I picked one for this list. There were so many to choose from and I finally decided on this one and not just because it was pink but that might of influenced me a little bit but because of the benefits. It is a curling mascara and will give long lashes which I love and since I was blessed with having decent lashes this will help it even more. It's long lasting but easy to remove which are both what I look for in choosing mascara.

07 | Glow Fleur Cheeks in Wedding Fleur
This is a new product from Canmake and I was following some bloggers who just went to their store launch and they featured this and I fell in love. The design is so me and the shades were just gorgeous. I was on their site for a good hour or so trying to make this post and it probably took me a half hour just to choose the shade I loved the most to feature which says something for me because I am pretty good at deciding and narrowing something down.Just look at the prettiness and I don't know if I would use it and mess it up but i know I will get over it. When I do purchase though I guarantee I am going to pick all of them up because of how pretty and how lovely the shades are.

08 | Creamy Touch Rouge in Marshmallow Pink
Another recommendation by Tricia and when she instagrams a selfie I just adore the shade on her and I love pink lipsticks myself so this was definitely my choice lip product. The packaging is so pretty in the gold tube. I really like the finish of it too so that was another plus. There are three shades which is a red and an orange and I'm not to into those colors but if I see it in person that might change. I'm obsessed with pink lippies so I will definitely be grabbing this up!

Those were the products on my wish list for this week and I hope I influenced any of you to try Canmake and to pick up some of their products if they are available where you are at because I know I will definitely be getting everything on my wish list as soon as I save up of course.

What do you think of Canmake's products?
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Nails | Four Leaf Clovers Bring Good Luck

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wanted today's manicure to be fun and since I had a lovely green nail polish in my collection waiting to be used so I decided to celebrate by painting them this shade of green which I thought was perfect for today. I remember going to elementary school in something green so I wouldn't get pinched but when the early morning announcements said you couldn't and will be punished if any misbehavior happens kind of ruined it. We still decorated the classroom with leprechauns and green streamers for the month of March which was always fun and brought back so many fun childhood memories. Since on Valentines last month I didn't get to paint my nails for a fun Valentine theme I thought that missing out with that I made up with it by doing my nails green for this holiday.

I used diamond gems from a nail wheel full of different colors I got a while back and reuse them as much as possible. I've been really into using them for my nail designs lately and might go up and pick up more. I used 4 small ones and placed it on the nail using tweezers which works perfectly and can be placed easily than my previous method of using a cuticle stick and clear nail polish. For the stem of the four leaf clover I used another polish that I used in my Christmas manicure because I didn't have a green nail stripper to paint on. It was pretty simple and I didn't have any polishes to make a four leaf clover so the diamonds were a nice substitute.

I hope you liked my simple design for St. Patrick's Day and it was quite refreshing having a green on my nails when I'm so used to having pinks and reds on. I want to see if you did something similar and if you did anything to celebrate today.

What is your favorite green nail polish?

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How I Pamper My Skin

Lately I have extra time on my hands so I can spend it wisely by giving myself a little pamper session and it has felt wonderful. I don't have a regular skincare routine that I follow yet but I do have certain products and procedures I do for a facial I do at home every once in a while. It is definitely cheaper and if you are a person who conscious what you put on your face from products at the store then there are a lot of resources nowadays to help you avoid and find alternatives in replace to those products. I wanted to share how I do at home facials and what I earned over the years.

I started doing at home facials when I was about 14 or so when I saw a recipe in a teen magazine all those years ago and it has pretty much stuck with me but now I am more aware of other ingredients and other methods so it has only improved since then.

My main ingredients usually consisted of honey, milk, egg whites and lemon. That was the original recipe back then and I still remember going to the kitchen and pouring the honey from the bottle shaped like a bear into one of my mom's giant bowls and then mixing the milk in and then trying my hardest to not get the yellow yolk into the mix and then squeezing the lemon all over it. I then would hurry up the stairs to my room and then smear it all over my face and I still can smell it and feel the runny liquid sliding all over my face. I probably made way too much and then had to wash it down the sink before my mom got angry at me and found out I wasted some important things in the kitchen. She didn't really understand or believe in things like this so I did it when she wasn't home. Even though I risked getting caught doing crazy things like this I think it paid off because my skin was so soft after taking off the dried and crusty stuff off my face. I think I left it on for about 30 minutes and it was hard to get off but the results were really surprising to my 14 year old self with no experience in these sort of things.

Later on when I got into blogging and the beauty world I discovered that those ingredients were beneficial and that it can be good for the skin and with reading different blogs and reading up I mixed things up and created different mixes for days my skin needed more love. I enjoy reading up on the DIY facials and facial scrubs so today I thought I would share my thoughts on what I do to pamper my skin.

First I begin with microwaving a giant bowl of water and then with the steam coming from the boiling water I put my face over it and put a washcloth over both my face and the bowl. It is a nice way to relax and also it opens my pours.

After that I take my daily cleanser and get all the dirt and other stuff to wash off so everything is nice and clean before I apply my homemade mask that I make. It really is that simple and I don't do much else but that.

As for the homemade mask I use is something I got of a random blog I found back then and have been using that one. I do try and mix it up but for today I will share this one which is the easiest for me. I may make another post later on doing a more in depth post and maybe some DIY facial masks of my own. I don't have the original link for the mask I use anymore but I will list it below.

1 regular sized chocolate bar ( I usually use a 99c one to make it cheaper and make sure it is pure chocolate)
1 cup milk ( I use regular milk)
1 tablespoon of honey 
1 egg (egg whites only)

Step 1 | Put the chocolate in a microwavable bowl and warm until it is fully melted then put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool it.

Step 2 | Mix 1 cup tablespoon of the milk into the melted chocolate and stir together. If it is too runny from the milk than add some powdered milk to make it thicker again.

Step 3 | Add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix.

Step 4 | Add 1 egg but only the egg whites into the chocolate and mix until all are mixed together.

Step 5 | Apply this mask on your face and neck for about 15 minutes and then, rinse it with lukewarm water.

During the 15 minutes I usually watch TV or catch up reading some blogs and just try an relax because it is you pamper night. I save the rest for another day and this usually can do 2 masks if you don't put it on excessively which I admit I use to do. If you want it to be a little warm when you put it on I put it back in the microwave for a couple of seconds but make sure you test it before you put it on your face because I learned the hard way and plus if you microwave it too long it will turn runny again which won't stay on the face very good.

These are the steps I use for an at-home pamper night and I hope you learned from this and maybe use the mask yourself because I would love to know how it worked for you. If you have any other tips or ingredients that I should start adding to my homemade facials then I would love to know and we can share tricks and maybe gain some more knowledge. So I hope everyone enjoys their pamper session!

*images (c) weheartit
What are your steps you take during your pamper session?

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Sunday Summaries | March 9, 2014

My week was eventful and uneventful at the same time I did go out more this week than I did last week and it did me some good instead being stuck at home which was nice for a while but I got so bored it was time to go out. I did more blogging tasks so I took another batch of blog photos and edited them and then I went  shopping with the family and the went back to campus to arrange a few things before classes actually officially end.

I tried to take more photos this week for this post but my week consisted of boring things but next week something more exciting is happening and I am going to go places with my cousins so I guess that will let me have so many pictures of that.

That is all I can update you with this week and let's hope for more exciting things to happen for me so I can have a better round up post for Sundays!

What are you looking forward to next week?

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Fashion Finds | Playsuits For Spring

The other day I went to go look at stores to upgrade my wardrobe for Spring but technically it is almost Summer where I live but I still needed some new clothes for the hotness coming up. So again I wanted to try something new to explore a different style I might have never looked at and today I choose play suits. I think that is what they are called and I might be wrong and it may be different in different countries but I call them play suits and I think they are so cute. Before you would probably never see me go try one on but I did this time and think they perfect for the upcoming season and they are easy to wear and not as prone to wind as a dress or skirt which is great for me since I can hardly wear those on windy days. I'm also going to be attending some classes in the summer for a photography course I signed up for and need some new options to choose from since it will be everyday.

I tried on a cute floral one and really liked it but it was a little short for my liking and not a good fit but I kept going until I realized they were all so short but would look lovely for a beach or a pool day but for a class at a school I don't think so but I did enjoy trying them on. I did choose some that I liked and maybe help others choose a style they liked for themselves and I'm definitely going to be finding the perfect one for a beach outing with my family before my birthday so it is still an interesting thing to add to my wardrobe.

The spaghetti strap option was something I found to be quite popular but probably not for me. I don't think I have the confidence to wear one in public but maybe over a bathing suit at a water park or beach would be something I might consider. I love the colors and styles they come with and think there are endless to choose from design wise. I love the cute ones with shorts but wish they didn't make them so short or I would like them even more.

The tank top style was more of something I would wear without showing too much skin and I think it gives a more girl and cute vibe for some reason. I think I love the floral ones at the moment and have been loving the print lately too so I think that has been the reason. They seem better for wearing out but still not quite there for me and maybe it's for other people. I do love the necklines though on them.

As for the short sleeve kind of play suits are really the ones for going out to the mall I feel like or hanging out with friends. I do love this style the most and it can be cute as well especially if it has a cut out on the back. I think I tried one on a while back and really liked it but couldn't part with the money at the time but it was such great material. By far this is my favorite and next time I go out shopping I m keeping this style in mind.

I would love to know what style you love while wearing a play suit and how to style it. I am going to continue to try some more unique pieces I don't have in my closet like this one. I hope you enjoyed this one and liked the styles I picked and I know there are a lot more out there and different styles and patterns but these caught my eye. See you again for next week's fashion finds.

What do you think about play suits?

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BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic on March 23, 2014!

Save the date for the first BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014! Celebrate your most gorgeous self together with BDJ Box's premium skin care, makeup and hair care brands! BDJ Box Beauty Social will happen at the Samsung Hall at SM Aura Premier on March 23, 2014.

BDJ Box is a beauty product discovery subscription service for women. Brought to you by the makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, BDJ Box aims to help every Filipina unbox her own beauty. For Php580 a month, subscribers receive a mass-customized beauty box with at least 5-6 of the best beauty products delivered to their doorstep.

This 2014, they’re holding another Beauty-Filled event, celebrating your most gorgeous self with the top and premium skincare, makeup and hair care brands under one roof for you to enjoy the whole day.  Their lineup of beauty brands -- (brands) – will definitely excite everyone who goes to the BDJ Box Beauty Social!

To pre-register for any of the talks, simply email events@bdjbox.com the following:
Subject: BDJ Box Beauty Social Registration
Mobile Number:
Your answer to the question: “Which makeup look you prefer: dark smokey eyes or brightly colored lips?”
Top 3 choices for talks

The event is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks, get a loot bag, and have their picture taken at the photo booth.  Slots will be given on a first come, first served basis.

For more details check our Facebook Page: facebook.com/bdjbox
To get your very own BDJ Box, visit our website: www.bdjbox.com
Be a Tres Chic! See you at the BDJ Box Beauty Social!
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