Nail Trends | Mint and Gold

I have been loving mint and gold together recently and have been obsessed with the color combination. I'm usually a girl who loves pink and has everything pink and it is still my favorite color but I love these two as a color combination and think they look great together. I first saw these colors on my Pinterest in a lot of fashion posts and then I discovered people had been painting their nails with it and I automatically grabbed my polishes and painted them with these two colors and thought it was so amazing.

So today I wanted to show some inspiration with these colors and the prettiness when combined together. I picked a few polishes that I thought looked great for these and I think when the gold is a glitter it makes it even more special and lovely to look at. Plus they look great for other things and I have been adding them as accent colors around my room because they just make it seem more modern and chic looking.


Here are a few nail designs I feel in love with and want to try more of this combo for my nails especially in the upcoming months when Spring is officially here.

I have more mint and god color combination stuff on my Pinterest if you would like to follow. I have been loving it and it has been keeping my boredom away during the day. I post a variety of images that I absolutely love and find inspiring to me so if you like home decor, fashion/beauty stuff and a few ballet images and other pretty things don't forget to follow it and I am close to a 100 followers so that would be amazing if I could reach that. Hope you enjoyed my little inspiration post and I have been loving these types of post to write and to read so tell me if you like them too.

What are your favorite color combinations at the moment?

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Sunday Summaries | February 23, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I've been absent for quite a while but I don't think I could have fit blog stuff into the month I had because of so much I had going on. Even when I wanted to have a break to post something I would not have the energy to do so. I spent every waking minute studying or writing or planning and it was just so much. My finals ended this week and I had a 25 page paper and multiple papers I needed to finish in such a short amount of time that my brain was just not handling anything and I cried many times from all of this. It was my final days in college so everything was just a mess and so many things and finals to get through. Now that I am done I can breathe and focus on other things.

I have been on twitter during this past month and have been tweeting about some insane adventures of mine and if you are not following me on twitter than you can do that here at @fashxfairytale I also changed the username and made it without the 's' because it was confusing so that is the new one to contact me on.

I have a special announcement concerning my blog...

I have new changes for my blog coming up and I think I can officially say once I graduate this June I am going to start blogging full time! I am so excited and my dad is supporting me to take time off for a year before I find work or get another degree (I haven't decided yet) to work on my blog and maybe start a youtube channel! It has been my dream for a few months now and I really want to pursue making videos as that is what my degree is and plus I have been on camera my whole life since I was born I think. My dad was an unofficial vlogger and took so many home videos of me and my family and has been until now so I guess I want to venture into it own my own. I am also planning to offer advertising on my blog in the next couple of weeks and things like that. I am so excited and hope I do become a better blogger and plus I wont be busy focusing on other stuff anymore and give all my attention to that. I hope you can support me on that and I get to accomplish a dream of mine. I am going to invest a new camera and some more equipment and everything is just so exciting!

So that has been happening with my personal life and my plans for the future. I hope you are as excited for me for launching my blog full time.

What do you do when you have too many things to handle?

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Lately | Three

I wanted to let my blog readers know what I have been up to lately and why I haven't posted in so long and here are a few things I've been doing lately that have taken time away from my blog and other social activities.

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G | Nothing but the papers I have written and books for finals I have to review for. But when I do get done what should I begin reading next!
W R I T I N G | thesis, 25 page ethnography, a bonus 5 page paper, another 3 page paper, a investigative report and a 2 page paper. Do I need to explain how much I hate writing academic papers now? I am slowly going crazy but I finally finished all of those in a span of less than 2 weeks. I am finally a little relived and hope I can get back to my life and enjoy the little things again and not be so focused in school work.
L I S T E N I N G | to a variety of things. I have been listening to a lot of things to get me through this school work and sometimes I don't listen to anything. But I a fond of Katy Perry's new song Dark Horse on the radio in the car while heading to classes so I guess you can say I have been loving that because of it always on the radio as soon as I turn the car on.  
W A T C H I N G | Pretty Little Liars. With everything going on I found an hour to watch the latest episode of #PLL and I have been loving it. I took a break in the first season because I hated not knowing who 'A' was and gave up on it but over my winter break I discovered it again and feel in love and binged on the 4 seasons and now I need to have my dose every week and have been so in love with everything about it.

T H I N K I N G | a lot! I think about everything and I have so many in my head that I think it will explode soon.
H O P I N G | that I do okay in the last final week of school and that I do well on my finals.
D R E A M I N G | of a relaxing Summer. Can I just go to the pool and sunbath all day and just enjoy the water.
W E A R I N G | my hair in a top knot and comfy clothes to get me through the days. No make up, no nail polish and no care right now
L O V I N G | noting right now. I wish I had something but I think I only love #PLL right no and it is getting me through the week so that kind of counts.
W A N T I N G | everything to be over. I want to be done with writing and studying and I want summer to be here so I can just do nothing and everything at once that i love and doesn't force me to do stuff I don't want to.
N E E D I N G | more time. I don't have much time right now and the school year for y last year in college is coming so fast so I just need for the time to slow down and let me have peace.
F E E L I N G | sad. I have been really down lately and with all this school work it is making me very tired and just sad. I have so many emotions and I don't want to sound depressed so I will leave it at that.
L O O K I N G |
forward to me making up my mind for the future!
C L I C K I N G | on https://glamourbox.ph/index.php I have been browsing their lovely beauty products that I've been lusting over when I have time. I also love the January Glamourbox I got.

So that is what has been my life lately and if you can see how much I am hating Microsoft Word right now you will be so surprised. My class have even started a hashtag saying #UninstallingMicrosoftWordtonight which I thought was hilarious and I agree a 100% but of course I'm not going to do it but I can tell how much I have been writing that my brain is giving up. This was a nice chance of writing something else and something that entertains me and if there is some grammatical errors well I am sorry but my brain is mush and I can hardly write anything anymore.

I am going to be slowly getting into blogging but I am giving my writing skills a break for a day or two but I am taking pictures and getting things organized and scheduled so I will probably be posting regularly in March but have a few with the remaining days in February. Thanks so much for understanding!

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