Unboxing | August Luscious Locks BDJ Box

It's BDJ unboxing time once again and it is one of my favorite posts to do every month. This months is a little late as I was on vacation when I got this and was still settling in when I took pictures and wasn't able to write this post right. Anyways here I am with another exciting box filled with goodies I'm sure I'll enjoy and get to play with and review for you guys.

This months theme is Luscious Locks which is of course items that are for hair which I was so excited for when I found out about it because I love getting and trying new products for my hair and to see what's out there. Taking care of my hair has been my goal lately since I wanted to grow out my hair and recover it from damaging it over and over with a straightening iron so this theme was spot on.

Inside I was greeted with a few things that caught my eye which was great since that's what I pull out first.and again BDJ packs a whole lot of things into their boxes which makes it even better to receive.

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil
Sample Size // 45ml
Full Size // 125ml
Price // 995php
Enriched with a special blend of Avocado and Grape Seed Oil, L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil cares and pampers all hair types. Nourishing even the finest hair, the formula leaves hair shiny and supple.
This is something that's new and would love to try a hair oil. I've never tried one as I thought they would look bad on my hair but I'm willing to try it as people have said it is lovely for the hair. I like that it is in a nice travel size so I can use it on the go when I'm traveling and going to dance class.

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque
Sample Size // 75ml
Full Size // 200ml
Price // 1,095php
This masque has Paraben-free formula with Argan Oil and Cotton Seed Oil that works to balance hair’s natural oil levels, targeting very dry ends to deliver intense nourishment for deeply nourished, disciplined, and growing hair.
Hair masque? Yes please! I love trying new ones and I haven't tried a L'oreal one so this is going to be neat to try. I hope this does good because I have been on a hair masque kick and buy ones I haven't tried. Again it is a little small but I could still try it out before I get a full one.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
Sample Size // 5ml 
 Full Size // 30ml
Price //  3,500php
Boost your underlying beauty with this luxurious essence from Shiseido. It has the Ultimune complex that was developed from 20 years of dermatological research. With just one week of daily use, skin is supple and glows with health.
 This was one of the big things to come in this months box and I should be excited to try it as well but I'm not sure yet. Some were fortunate to get a full size of this if you got the golden ticket but I didn't receive one so I guess it's worth it someone who really wanted it got it.

Fan Di Fendi Blossom
Sample Size
Full Size // 30 ml 
Price // 2,850php
This new fragrance has a perfect combination of fruity, floral, and musk notes for irresistible sparkling freshness, ultra feminine yet delicate scent and enhanced sophistication. Get a lighter and fresher scent, with a sensual and feminine touch.
A perfume sample is always fun too receive as I like trying it since I'm very sensitive to perfumes and if I can't wear it without sneezing like crazy I don't get it. It does look pretty and I hope I like the smell because it sounds amazing.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine in Kissable Pink
Full Size // 4g 
Price // 350
Indulge in the bold and luxurious shades of Revlon’s most iconic lipstick. Its Liquisilk formula seals in color and softness. Delight in its dazzling array of fabulous and fashionable shades, you’re sure to find one you’ll love.
The lipstick was something I was excited for as well because I have been enjoying collecting lippies lately. The color is okay and it does look like a wearable color so I'm glad I got this one because pink is usually my choice of lippie to wear when I'm in the mood for a lipstick like this.

Garnier Color Naturals in light brown
Full Size // 100ml 
Price // 199php
Get natural looking and long-lasting color while leaving your hair soft and silky. Its easy to apply non-drip cream formula is enriched with natural olive oil to nourish your hair as it colors.

I got this but don't really care for it. I'm never dying my hair and don't really want it so I gave it to my cousin and her hair looks really pretty with it. This is the only thing I didn't like in the box and since I don't use hair dye it makes sense not enjoying it.

blo Vouchers
Price //  400.00 
Get 20% off on any blo’s 7 signature hairstyles and a FREE Deep Conditioning Treatment for every blo out!
I like this gift certificate and really want to get my hair soon so I'll be looking out for this salon to get a blow out as I've never gotten one before and I hear it is amazing.

I was kind of hoping for the whole box to be of various hair products since the theme and card said it was about luscious locks but I don't really mind and I got a few other things which I'm sure I'll find a use out of. I did get my money's worth and still enjoyed all the products except one so for me it is still a good deal.

That was everything in the August BDJ Box. I got a total of 949php but that doesn't include all the sample sizes as I'm not sure how much each sample costs. I still got my money's worth out of it and still don't mind paying the subscription fee because I understand you get a surprise and some months you might love it and others you might be a little iffy. 

I hope with next box it will be up on time and I get back on track with the unboxings since these have been so fun to do and I hope you as well are enjoying them. Until next unboxing which I hope is soon!

What hair oil have you tried and loved?

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What's in My Mini Hand Bag?

I have been featuring this bag in many of my outfit posts and that's because it is such a perfect sized bag and looks cute which is just the most amazing thing a girl can find. Don't you agree? So I thought I would show you what I have inside my mini handbag. I did a what's in my bag post quite some time ago and I should probably update it but for now here is what I carry around in this bag.

There isn't that much I have in this bag as it is small and I only need the basics with me. I like having this because it kind of lessens the junk in my normal bag and it helps me keep everything in one place when I need to go somewhere in a hurry.

| The Contents |
1 | Wallet
This wallet is my obsessions right now! I know that the watermelon has been really popular in fashion lately and I have embraced the trend as well by having this cute little watermelon wallet I won at the arcade at the mall. I won enough tickets and this was the cutest thing I could find so I went with it. I actually have a separate wallet in my actually bag hat holds a lot more stuff and I would bring it as well if I'm needing it but this just holds some cash and coins to tide me over. Plus I have watermelon nail designs on my toes as well and wanted to just say how much I've been loving watermelon everything lately.

2 | Heroine Make Pressed Powder
I always carry a powder with me and this one is my go to powder right now so I switch it to my other bags when I head out. I have this Heroine Make one and it is so good and I love just dabbing some on when I get a little shiny throughout the day. I have a review on this coming soon as I think it is just so nice for everyday and has pretty good coverage which surprised me. I'll give my full what I think in that post so stayed tuned for it. I also like that you could see our tree in the reflection of the powder as I took this shot.

3 | Keys
I love collecting key chains if you couldn't tell already. I have more but they are currently on my keys as they get pretty heavy and annoying at times. I like buying a keychain of somewhere I been either vacation or a place I really like and add it to my keys or store it away. This is just my house key and car key as I don't have another keys I own right now.

4 | Heroine Make Mascara
I normally don't bring much makeup in a small bag as it takes up too much room but I add some essentials I know I use so I got some mascara that is brown and great for everyday again so I leave it in here. I don't have a makeup bag like  i do with my other normal bag but this just fits nicely in the pocket inside with the rest of my makeup I decide to bring out with me. I usually only use makeup on the go for touch ups but this one is if I need it and don't have any makeup on I throw this and some lipstick and I'm good to go.

5 | Skin Food Jelly Lip Tint
A lip tint is what I carry the most or the lipstick I'm wearing to touch up later. I end up with so many in my bag that it gets full of lip products so I end up taking a lot out. This is just a pretty red orange tint that gives a little color and shine if I need it besides the one I will actually have just in case and plus it doubles as a lip balm so that's a plus.

6 | iPhone
No one can leave without their phone. I still have the iPhone 4s but I'm do for an upgrade here soon and I hope to get the new iPhone 6 when it is released since my contract ended as well.I love my phone and take it everywhere because it is so convenient to have on the go and if I need to use it for those awkward situations to distract yourself.

7 | Pen
I always have a pen in my bag and try to keep it there but now since my cousin gave me some quirky pens I have them in my bag so I can find them and I could also know it is mine. I love having these crazy pens and this one is the right size to have. Plus it adds that cute quality I love and fits my style.

That is all what I carry in my small bag and the essentials I carry around everyday. It was so fun doing this bag post since I love seeing everyone's bag and what's in it as I am curious to see what others tend to carry themselves.

What is in your miniature bag?

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Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream | Review & Swatches

| Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream in 02 |

Now that Heroine Make have officially launched in the Philippines I decided to review the Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream today. I received this last July in my BDJ Elite box which I unboxed here if you missed that post.

This is a lightweight mineral BB cream and is perfect for everyday to cover up imperfections and does it quite nicely giving me a nice even finish for me to work on and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup or have anything on my face.

At first I was very unsure about this because I haven't found a BB cream that I liked nor matched my ski tone to my liking. When I first swatched it on my wrist I thought it was going to be too orange and looked so dark and I was a little sad but then I rubbed it in and it disappeared and blended beautifully. But I only swatched it on my hand so the real test was if it would do wonders for my face and I can report back it actually did. The color was almost an exact match but I would call it perfect as some lights it looks a little different than my natural skin tone but it was pretty darn close that it's made me use it when I head out to test the wear and longevity of it.

I wore this on a hot sweaty day as it is very humid and it wasn't summer when I was doing my review but the humidity is just so high so I was afraid it would melt off and leave me looking worse but it stayed fairly good. I have oily skin and I tend to get more oily in the sun and this put up with it for only a few hours which for me was fine as it is only a BB cream and I understand it won't be made to last more than 8 hours. It is rare for me to have makeup on for that long unless it is something special and then I would be using actually foundation in that case. The next day I tested it out again but if you know the weather in the Philippines then you know it is hot and sunny one day and the next it is gloomy and rainy then you might have guessed that it was pouring rain when I had to leave. It did make it more interesting to see how much wear it would get in different weather conditions. It lasted about the same time as the previous day but in wasn't in the direct downfall of the rain so that can make a difference. I was mostly indoors but traveled a little outside but no running or smearing occurred.

So for me the wear is great and the color matched pretty well with my skin tone making it a plus in my book. I love this BB cream and it is definitely a repurchase in the upcoming future. I might even try the other variant they have as well.

What do you think of this BB cream if you've tried it?

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Rainy Days | What I Wore

Welcome to one of my Travel Lookbooks I did while I was on holiday. I tried to make an effort of what I wore when I headed out but I didn't do all my outfits as some were not really outfits but comfy wear I wore on the off days. I've been wanting to do a travel type of outfit post and mix up my regular "what I wear" post since I love seeing other bloggers show what they are wearing on holiday. This was day two as I was very tired and had on sweatpants and t-shirt for most of day one traveling 3 hours.

This was a new outfit I wanted to try out and since I was on holiday I thought it was perfect to try something different than what I usually wear. I had these striped shorts that are a little too long but I decided to take them and try them out. I picked up this blouse a while back and have worn it with leggings many times but I decided it would be perfect with the shorts and it actually did. I also love the peephole back which makes it a little more fun and girly and its just the right size not to show too much. I dressed for summer as it was very hot and I only packed some of my summer clothes so when it started raining hard I was so sad and regretted my outfit options. While we were shooting this we had to get an umbrella because we were getting soaked. It finally slowed down so we could enjoy the rest of the tour. My bag and sandals were the only accessories I packed so that's all I could style with the outfit. My makeup is only Benefit Porefessional and some lip balm that day.

| top: Forever 21, shorts: West Print, bag: Minicci, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bow: Forever 21 |

It was so nice getting to take my outfit pictures at a place like this and made it more pretty and looked so cool to shoot even if the weather wasn't that great. I enjoyed the tour and you could read about my tour and what I did on holiday. You can read part I here and see all the snapshots I took and a few outfit outtakes I did and show you some pretty places while I was there.

What would you wear on a rainy day?

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Pampanga Road Trip (Part I) | Travel Diary

As you may know if you follow me on either twitter and Instagram lately that I was absent from mostly all my social medias with a few posts here and there on all accounts but that was because I was on holiday and I enjoyed every minute of it! It was nice to get away from the computer and not always being stuck to technology while away. Enough about that though and let's just enjoy my holiday snaps from the week.

I stayed in Pampanga for 5 days at my cousins house up there so unfortunately no hotel room pictures but staying at a house is sometimes much more homey and comfortable. I had my own bed and got to have awesome bonding time with both my cousins and with their baby who is almost a year old. I loved spending all my time with them as it was one of the best things I did on holiday.

During the stay we went out sight seeing everyday which is what I wanted to do while up there. This post is day 1 when we arrived and we just headed to the neighbors for the town's festival and had dinner at that house since we were tired after arriving from the trip. The rest is day 2 where we go up to Nayong Pilipino all day and just enjoyed the sights together with friends. It was such an awesome day seeing the pretty waterfall and ponds, taking pictures and eating delicious homemade specialty food made by my cousin's mom. The tourist spot had so many cool sights like an orchid farm, a local tribe and this really old church that was so pretty to look at and the architecture, a museum and the souvenir shops filled with so many things to buy which I did pick up a few things for my parents and cheeky bits for myself.

I hope you enjoyed this part and please come back for part two which covers day 3-5 and see what I did on these days of my holiday which is as packed as days 1 and 2. I'll also have outfit posts of what I wore during my holiday which is so exciting as well as a few other travel related posts. 

Tune in for Part II in the next couple of days!

What is the best thing to do on holiday?

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