Here is what I wore for my first day at a summer course I took this year. I wanted to do something in film and production and got an opportunity to sign up for a course at my university so I took it and hope I like it. It is super hot and I like to wear comfortable clothes but still wanted to dress up so I wore my wedges that I was obsessed with that I posted on my fashion favorites. This was also my favorite blouse that is loose and comfy so I choose it with these loose capri jeans. They aren't supposed to be loose but I lost weight and so they got to big on me but it is comfy so why not. I love the outfit and love that it isn't so casual but has a fun vibe to it. 

| top: Kamiseta, jeans: Mervins Express, bracelet: Forever21, bow: The Pink Box, shoes: Montego Bay Club |

I really loved the simplicity of my outfit and is a go to outfit for me this summer. I have to invest in some more capri jeans and simle blouses as it will be a staple for sure for me. I hope you liked my outfit this week and I would love to know how you style simple outfits to make the more dressed up. I love the simplicity lately and would love more way to change it up a bit.

What do you like to wear on casual days?

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