Today I'm sharing my second Glamourbox I received last Friday. This is my second time getting the Glamourbox and after enjoying the one I received in January I signed up once again and kept my subscription. If you haven't read that unboxing you can find it here. I bought it on a Wednesday and it arrived Friday but I usually buy it at the first of the month when they open subscription but without my paycheck I couldn't but I got an email saying they had some left so I snatched it up right away. I like that I got it so quickly but I can't always do that since they have limited slots. So let's get into it and see what is inside this month's Glamourbox.

Upon opening the lid I was so excited that the paper was green this month and it had the sticker like last time. Again it smelt amazing upon lifting the cover off which is more exciting and I really enjoy that. I wanted a box with different brands and products inside instead of a brand exclusive this time because the last two months were strictly the brand box. I like the mix and that for me is what is a beauty box but  it is nice trying a lot of things of the same brand but I would want it once in a while.

This months box is themed 'Perfectly Pristine' which I was curious why when I got the email. It comes with the card again with the introduction and then on the back shows what is inside. I usually look at it last as I like looking everything first and I'm like a little kid picking up what is exciting first. So basically this month the theme was to bring back your original pristine self and have products that could help you out with that. I love that idea and really have been wanting to change out my routine myself and I'm trying to get healthy so this couldn't have come at a better time.

It was really packed this month which is a plus and the package was so heavy so I knew there was going to be exciting things inside as it was super heavy to get into my room. The box could hardly close because of it and it was still protected as best as it can but the products were just over flowing which had me really excited to see the contents and try them out. I got what I was wanting and there was a nice mix of products and the theme was great this month. I just loved going through it but it is so hard waiting to do so as I wanted to take pictures. It is so a first world beauty bloggers problem.

VANILLA & CO. Blushing Foot Spray with Eucalyptus Oil
Relieve tired feet from sore muscles. Eucalyptus, peppermint oil and tea tree oil will instantly relax, cool and remove odor from your pinkies, leaving them pink and healthy.
Full size 150ml. / P170
This was an interesting product and I actually think I would use it and it will help me after ballet class as my feet are sweaty and hurt from being on my toes for half a day so I might pop this into my dance bag to see if it gets rid of the order as well. Being a dancer sometimes makes my feet sore and unpleasent so this another thing I like from the box this month. The smell is a little strong but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

ZEN ZEST Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance
Feel instantly invigorated with this wondrous combination of citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus. It’s mosquito-repelling power is a big bonus!
Sample Size 50ml.
Full Size 250ml. / P250
This smells okay and I like room fragrances but never go out and buy any as I have a bad allergies with smells but when I sprayed it I think it was fine. I like the lemon scent and since there are always so many mosquitoes this would be great for my room and it can smell nice instead of those nasty other ones.

BARENATURALS The Mane Event Nourishing Hair Mask
Get ready for an all-natural hair mask that truly delivers! Infused with oat proteins and oils of macadamia nut, argan and colza, it helps condition, detangle, fight static and rebuild damaged hair.
Full Size 130g / P380
This is my most favorite thing I got from the box this month. I love hair masks and I really wanted to try a macadamia nut and argan one so this is perfect. I cant wait to use it and review this for you guys. It came with a full size and if I love it I know I will be purchasing this. My hair needs some serious TLC from all the straightening I did in high school and now it is real damaged so I'm hoping this will give back the moisture and softness after I get it cut.

BARENATURALS Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil
This back scrub made with lulur exfoliants and antioxidant-rich sacha inchi oil fights and sloughs off bacne and other common skin woes. It's all you need for a smooth and sexy back!
Full Size 130g / P290
The back scrub sounded interesting and I want to try it. I've never used one so I hope I like it. I think this was another full sample but the sticker says it is 170g instead of 130g as the label and card read. It was probably a mess up but it means I get a whole lot more. It comes with a little spatula thing to apply with which would be easy for me to get the product.

BELO ESSENTIALS Intensive Whitening Bar
Get fairer, rosier skin quick! Belo expertly combines tranexamic acid with kojic acid for this soap that has 64% more lightening power than using kojic acid alone.
Full Size 65g / P59.75
There are so many whitening soaps on the market but I never buy one to try and me being half-American I have fair skin as it is but still I got a tan from the hot sun here but it's not like I'm super dark. I know Glamourbox did a Belo exclusive box in February which I didn't get but I missed the deadline and when I found it was products I weren't really interested in I was kind of glad. I haven't tried anything from Belo and I might not use this as my cousin wanted it as she was a fan so I gave it to him. I'll ask if it is worthwhile though and if it is I can get one myself.

AVON Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion
Instantly hydrate & revitalize your skin with the refreshing sensation of this fast-absorbing gel lotion enhanced with watermint oil & vitamin E. Enjoy the light feel yet rich, long-lasting hydration. The fresh-scented gel lotion leaves skin touchably soft all day.
Full Size 250ml. / P330
My aunt is obssed with Avon and I think she mentioned this a few times but I never order anything as I lik to see it in person and try others but this was nice to include a full size. I like the consistency and I've read others are liking it as well so I'm excited to try a body gel lotion instead of a regular lotion.

SEBAMED Olive Face and Body Wash
Have harsh skin soaps made your skin dry and irritated? Protect the skin and bring back its lost lipids with this extra mild, soap-free cleanser with ph 5.5. It’s great for sensitive skin!
Sample Size 20ml.
Full Size 200ml. / P525
I like trying new face washes and the bottle this one came in was so cute! I never heard of the brand but I can't wait to try it out. I don't really use two in one products but I want to try new things. This came in a small sample size but I guess it is okay to see if I like it first before I get it.

Break free from chemicals! V&M Naturals Smooch is petroleum-free and is only made out of the finest oils making lips younger-looking and healthy. It is known to relieve and highly moisturize chapped, even bleeding lips and protect it from sun damage.
Sample Size 5g
Full Size 10g / P205
Another lip balm in my box but this time it was a small sample size in this jar instead a tube like the one I got last time. As I said I love trying new lip balms and I have a collection and this is just another to add. At first I thought it was something else like a cream or lip scrub but I read it was a lip balm which it still got me excited. It is very minty and has such a strong scent like Vicks and it put me off but I am still going to try it. The other one I got from Snoe was minty as well but not that strong of smell and on the lips so I hope this one is close to the same at least.

ALOE DERMA Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Tote this on your next adventure! With 99% organic aloe extracts, this multipurpose gel gives soothing relief to dry and irritated skin like sunburn, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites and acne.
Sample Size 3 x 5g Sachets
Full Size 114g / P460
I bunr easily and when I saw these I thought they would be a relief for when i go on vacation for the summer coming up. I got three small samples in sachets and my two cousin got one each so I was left with one to try out.  hope they do go for me and relieve my skin because I hate sunburns.

VALDA Pastilles
For instant cooling relief and fresh breath, just pop one of these chewable pastilles on your mouth!
Sample Size 20g
Full Size 50g / P150
A food sample almost. I gave these to my mom as she said she liked them and she needed it for her sore throat. The look interesting and I like that they are soft and soothing which I would try if I was sick. It had quite a lot too in the small sample.

CLEAN Shower Fresh
This uplifting, juicy scent captures that just stepped out of the shower freshness. Not heavy, overwhelming or pretentious, shower fresh is citrusy and bright yet subtly sexy. It's a crisp but understated quintessential soapy scent.
Sample Size Perfume Sampler
Full Size 30ml. / P2,000
This perfume sample was not for me and made me sneeze as soon as I got it so god thing my aunt was eying it o it wouldn't go to waste. She loved it and loved the fresh new scent but I can't wear anything that makes me sneeze or else I would never stop. I also got a coupon that I didn't get a picture of but it is for if you buy something from the collection you get another free or something. I am giving it to my aunt as well as I wont be using it.

That was everything in my box and it was a great month I think. Only a few things were not my taste and I loved the variety as I wanted to try new things and to also be surprised what it came with. I was avoiding all spoilers as possible so I can see for myself and I tell you it was pretty hard as it was popping up.

As for the overall review of this month's Glamourbox I think it was worthwhile. This box had 6 full size items, 2 main samples and three add ons on top of that. The add ons include 0.88 ml Clean fragrance sample and coupon, 3 x 5g Aloe Derma sachets and 20g Valda Pastilles. The Box Value this month of the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox was Php 1059.75, for a Php 595 subscription. That right there proves you are getting some pretty good things with your money.
I can't wait to get next months and see what I get then. I love doing these and I have new things to try which is always a fun thing for a person obsessed with beauty bits. I hope you enjoyed look at my April box as much as I did and if you got one did you enjoy everything or were you not really into it. That's one f the risk with this and I was so scared but excited but once again I was impressed with Glamourbox and I hope they get better and better like they are.

You can visit for more info or to order yourself a box for next month.You can also visit their facebook and twitter as well.

What did you think of this month's box?

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