Since one of my new years resolutions was to buy more beauty products I decided to make a list of my favorite brands and browse items I wanted. I have been loving my Collection Color Match Foundation so much I wanted to try more from this brand. I discovered their products while I was shopping at a local drugstore looking for some simple makeup for a photo shoot I had coming up. I picked up the Color Match Foundation which I will review soon and their felt tip eyeliner. I really wanted to buy more but at the time I was in a rush and couldn't really look into anything more.

one | Ultimate Fix Compact Foundation
At the time I was trying to choose between my foundation and this one and it was really hard. I decided not to get it but still really wanted it. At my graduation photo shoot, the makeup artist used something similar to this and I immediately regretted not getting it because it gave me perfect and flawless skin in a few strokes. After that I have been lusting over getting this and just having that finish on my face again.

two | Lasting Perfection Concealer
I really need a new concealer and I swatches it in the store and loved the way it is packaged like a lip gloss so it is easy to apply than my squeeze tube one and I always end up getting to much product. Plus the reviews on this seem lovely and I have seen so many other bloggers like it.

three | Lasting Perfection Powder
Who doesn't need a good finishing powder and of course I would need one for the other face products I want to pick up. I hope it is nice and light and not too thick because I love my powders a little thinner so I can use it more often.

four | Eye Palette in Smokey Eyes
I don't like buying individual eyeshadows very often so I like to buy palettes and this one seems like it has lovely shades to choose from. I would have to see and swatch it in person but I like trying new things so why not try this set.

five | Big Fake Mascara
I love the wand of this mascara and the name is quite funny to me so why not. I go through mascara like crazy because it is all I wear sometimes so I have makeup yet I don't have any on. I also love having long lashes and they make my eyes seem more pretty I guess. I kind of want to try all their mascara since I am such a fan but this is the first I'll pick up.

six | Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
As I said I picked this up and it was the first felt tip liner I tired and I liked it.It was back enough and gave great lines but I used it for a Black Swan look for my creative photo shoot and sadly it ran out. I understand I used it way too much and it isn't supposed to be used that way but I think it will last longer if I use this eyeliner for it's purpose and not for doing crazy makeup looks. So I want to try it again and to really review and test it.

seven | Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow
This shade caught my eye and I think it is a lovely pink tone for me. I immediately googled some swatches of it and fell in love even more. I love these sort of shades so I was excited to put it on my list. I hope to find this in the store coming up and try it on to see how I like it.

eight | Colour Pro Lip Lacquer in It Girl
I have actually never put a colored lip gloss over a lipstick so I thought I would finally try the combination and see how I like it. I usually like matte shades or a light lip gloss by itself but never together. I always see other bloggers and beauty gurus do it so I think it is time for me to try the trick as well and it looked so pretty with the Satin Bow lipstick so I hope this will be my first lip combo!

I really would like to try more from this brand and many more brands but if you love anything from their line that you cannot live without please let me know so i can try it too. I really want to explore and try a lot of beauty & fashion things this year so I am starting early.

What is your favorite thing from their makeup brand?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic