Glamourbox Unboxing | January 2014 Snoe Secial Edition

Today I wanted to do an unboxing and first impressions of the January Glamourbox here in the Philippines. They paired up with Snoe this month for a special edition box featuring a few of their products to try. Glamour Box usually has a variety of brands but this month they decided to start off the year with this brand to make it even more special. The box was P595 which included shipping and it arrived 2 weeks after I signed up.

I've always wanted to sign up for a beauty box subscription but never really knew they had one in my country. I've seen them when I lived in the US but never got around to signing up for one. I was really intrigued about finding out about Glamour Box last month. I was going to get the December box but with the holidays around the corner I decided to wait. After seeing so many bloggers open up their boxes every month in the US and Britain I really wanted to also so that was one of the reasons I signed up.

I got my Glamour Box last Friday and even though I got home around 10 PM from ballet class I immediately got my photo lights, my backdrop and my camera to take pictures. I was very excited and this being my first beauty box here I couldn't wait until the next day. It got here in a carrier pouch and a cardboard box was inside holding the actually box. It was really secure and they took a lot of time packaging it. You couldn't believe the smile I had on my face as soon as I got the knife out to cut it open. When I got it open it was really heavy which was a good sign that I got some great goodies inside. The white Glamour box was really nice and great for storing things. I am so excited to collect these!

Upon opening the lid the packaging was very neat and presentable. When you open the orange tissue the card introduces the brand and wishes you a Happy New Year and on the back were the information about what is inside. I was so thrilled at this point and gently ripped the sticker off and opened it to reveal the products. I actually looked in the box before reading the card to see what was inside and then I matched the products to the card and read a little about them. I knew I didn't regret signing up because of such detail they put into the packaging and putting in so much effort to picking out products that girls would like.

I never thought I would have an opportunity to do this so I took so many pictures and not just because I was going to use them for my blog but also in remembrance for future memories. This was technically my first online purchase and I was proud and saved every detail. I know it is kind of lame but that is how much of a sentimental person I am.

Inside I noticed that the products I received were full size and I knew I got my moneys worth with the products. This month they partnered with Snoe a local beauty brand that I really wanted to try but never knew exactly what I wanted. This was a good way to try and see what I liked and then go to an outlet close to me to pick up some more.

My first impressions were they seemed really interesting and stuff I would actually like to try.It was a mix of hair care, bath and body and also makeup. It as a good mix and it would be great for me. The products all had different descriptions and uses and looked lovely for me.

HAIR HEROES - Agent Zero Cleansing Serum
Got sensitivities? Let Agent Zero save the day! Made with zero fragrance, sulfates and silicones, this vegan hair and body cleanser won't irritate even the most delicate babies, kids, and adults.
Full size 250ml / P599
I love trying new hair products and since I am trying to get my hair healthy and find a hair routine I am in love with I was excited to get a full size of this. I love that this doubles as a body cleanser which is intriguing and great. It is vegan and no bad chemicals and since I have been reading up on those kinds of things I sounds lovely and wont be damaging eve more to my hair. 

BODY RITUAL RECIPES - Whipped Body Frosting Lotion in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt
If your skin's feeling dehydrated, whip out this indulgent lotion for an instant moisture fix. Infused with skin-protective Vitamin E, papaya extracts, and SPF15, you'll see, smell, and feel addicted to your radiant skin!
Full size 150g / P249
This smells amazing and I couldn't stop smelling it on my hands. The color is so pretty and it does smell like honey dew. I have been wanting to try new lotions and I love scented ones so this will be lovely to use. I am so excited to use it after showers and see the results if it does give moisture. I am also glad it has SPF in it so I don't need to apply extra sunscreen for daily use since this has some in it.

Be the fairest of them all! Delight in the fresh, fruity smell of carefully hand-selected fresh papaya fruits in this organic beauty bar. It gently exfoliates skin to erase all signs of dark spots and blemishes.
Full size 150g / P139

I haven't used a beauty bar in forever and I usually just get body wash or a body cleanser. I know papaya is great to whiten skin and it is such a trend here to have papaya soap so I guess I should finally try one. It smells alright through the packaging and I hope it does do a little whiting but I don't really need whiting since I already have a fair complexion anyways. I still will try it and test it out.

SNOE WHITE BEAUTY BAR - Lightening Licorice
Make your sensitive skin stand out! This special beauty bar with licorice safely brightens and nourishes skin for a younger, silkier complexion with a pinkish glow.
Full size 150g / P139

This one sounds more like me and I think it would be more suited with my skin. I am excited to try it out and see if it does what is promised in the description. I do like licorice and the packaging is so pretty but I might be biased since I like the color purple. 

FIZZY CLEAN - Foaming Hand Sanitizer in Lavender Brew  
Hands feel clean, soft, and silky-smooth with this quirky alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. Soft bursts of foam wash away dirt and germs while leaving skin hydrated. Feel the fizz!
Full size 50ml / P179

This one sounds so intriguing and smells lovely. I have a few hand sanitizers but not like this one and it kind of makes it funner to use. I really want to try it and I love hand sanitizers that don't leave me dry and just smell like alcohol so I hope this is a plus for me.

POUDRE EXTRAORDINAIRE - Face Powder in Perfect Beige
Armed with acai berry, the most nutritious fruit in the world, this mineral powder is more than just makeup. It protects skin from free radicals, and tightens and smoothens fine lines yet totally blends naturally into the skin.
Full size 35g / P799

This is definitely something exciting to try and I love face powders and wear them more often so I hope this works perfectly and the shade matches me so it wont go to waste. This is the only sample size I think included in this months box and I think it is better to have a sample instead of not knowing if it works for your skin. I can't wait to use this! 

BEDSIDE BESO BALM - Deep Moisturizing Lip Treatment in Pink Pout Pucker
Keep this on your bedside so you won't forget to treat your puckers while you sleep. A word of warning, though - it creates luscious pink lips that may attract the opposite gender!
Full size 4g / P249
I love lip balms and lip treatments so when I saw this was included in the box I got so excited. I love lip balms and collect them so this would be perfect to add to my collection. I have never had one for night time use so this will definitely be apart of my nightly routine now.

Overall I think this month's box was well worth the money and just with the Hair Hero's Product you get your money. All the products were full size except one which is a great deal and some things I can actually use. I am so excited to try all of them out and maybe buy some of their products in the future. This was a great sampler to try out the brand and if you already love the products it is just a fun onus to get more out of your money. I recommend getting the Glamour Box if you want a monthly beauty box subscription here in the Philippines.

What do you love about a beauty subscription box?

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Nails | That Disco Ball Gossiped on the First Date

| First Date, Gossip, Disco Ball |

To me painting my nails relieves stress. I have been writing my thesis the past week and I wanted a break so  I sat on the couch, watched TV and painted my nails. I wanted to paint my nails with these colors for a while so I finally decided to and I'm so glad I did. I know it isn't spring yet but I couldn't resist playing with this glitter polish. You probably recognize these polishes from my bargain nail polish haul I did a few weeks ago.

The pink polish which is First Date was easy to apply and took 2 coats. It was a bit streaky at first but after a top coat it evened out. I loved the milky color and I would love to wear it without the glitter. The green polish which was Gossip was a lovely pistachio green color which I loved. It only took 1 coat to be opaque not like the pink but I applied 2 coats to make even and capture the green more. I do like it on but don't know if I would ever where it alone on my nails.

The glitter was fun to apply and I actually tried to sponge it on at first but then decided to just to apply it like normal. Disco ball is so fun and it matched the base colors perfectly and had different sized glitter and small glitter too.

I took this picture 2 days after I applied it and it kind of chipped but I was typing so much on the keyboard so I understood why it did that. I am still going to test it more and see what if it lasts longer but I don't really wear nail polish that long so I don't really mind. Plus I got it for really cheap and if it chips after a few days I still got my moneys worth. I still want to see if they have more colors and try those out.

I thought the title was so funny to me and hoped you got a chuckle out of it to and understood it. The color names were quite strange to me since they don't relate to the color at all but it did give me laugh to put them together.

What glitter nail polish keeps you staring at your nails?
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Sunday Summaries | January 26, 2014

Just when I made my goal for 2014 as to blog more I take a week long break maybe 2 weeks which is bad since I don't even know when I last blogged. I really wanted to but I have been working non-stop with my thesis and I really need to finish it up so this break of mine has consisted me just writing and editing and formatting the rest of my thesis.

I never knew it would be so hard and I really am pushing myself to get it done so I can graduate. I have so much paper works and school stuff that is putting me off and I hate that I cannot focus on anything else. I usually find time to read blogs in the evening or catch up on youtube videos but this past week has drove me insane.

So, with all my hard work I am treating myself to a Sunday off and catching up on everything internet related for being so good this week. I took some blog pictures finally and now I am writing and scheduling a few posts this week. I am catching up on reading blogs but I'm kind of bummed I can't comment as much right now. I watched a weeks worth of youtube videos and got all caught up on that.

I also did write a few chapters to a book I wanted to writ eand at least I am a little bit on track with 'getting a book done by next year' goal so I feel good that I am not just wasting my writing effort on something formal but also I am getting to express some creativity.

I salute those who are doing their thesis because I never knew this was going to be this hard. I finished the production side of this thesis and got them edited and looking nice and all I have to do is print the final ones I choose which I am pretty certain on at this point. I just have a few things left to writ and I left the most difficult part till the last minute so I am stressing on just that.

So far I am doing quite well and having a lovely Sunday. I am distressing and enjoying some time to myself. I hope I can get a few posts done and then I am back to work. If you are doing your thesis or dissertations now too I wish you luck and please let me know so we can encourage each other and relate to this.

What do you love doing on a Sunday off?

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Wish list | Collection Cosmetics

Since one of my new years resolutions was to buy more beauty products I decided to make a list of my favorite brands and browse items I wanted. I have been loving my Collection Color Match Foundation so much I wanted to try more from this brand. I discovered their products while I was shopping at a local drugstore looking for some simple makeup for a photo shoot I had coming up. I picked up the Color Match Foundation which I will review soon and their felt tip eyeliner. I really wanted to buy more but at the time I was in a rush and couldn't really look into anything more.

one | Ultimate Fix Compact Foundation
At the time I was trying to choose between my foundation and this one and it was really hard. I decided not to get it but still really wanted it. At my graduation photo shoot, the makeup artist used something similar to this and I immediately regretted not getting it because it gave me perfect and flawless skin in a few strokes. After that I have been lusting over getting this and just having that finish on my face again.

two | Lasting Perfection Concealer
I really need a new concealer and I swatches it in the store and loved the way it is packaged like a lip gloss so it is easy to apply than my squeeze tube one and I always end up getting to much product. Plus the reviews on this seem lovely and I have seen so many other bloggers like it.

three | Lasting Perfection Powder
Who doesn't need a good finishing powder and of course I would need one for the other face products I want to pick up. I hope it is nice and light and not too thick because I love my powders a little thinner so I can use it more often.

four | Eye Palette in Smokey Eyes
I don't like buying individual eyeshadows very often so I like to buy palettes and this one seems like it has lovely shades to choose from. I would have to see and swatch it in person but I like trying new things so why not try this set.

five | Big Fake Mascara
I love the wand of this mascara and the name is quite funny to me so why not. I go through mascara like crazy because it is all I wear sometimes so I have makeup yet I don't have any on. I also love having long lashes and they make my eyes seem more pretty I guess. I kind of want to try all their mascara since I am such a fan but this is the first I'll pick up.

six | Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
As I said I picked this up and it was the first felt tip liner I tired and I liked it.It was back enough and gave great lines but I used it for a Black Swan look for my creative photo shoot and sadly it ran out. I understand I used it way too much and it isn't supposed to be used that way but I think it will last longer if I use this eyeliner for it's purpose and not for doing crazy makeup looks. So I want to try it again and to really review and test it.

seven | Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow
This shade caught my eye and I think it is a lovely pink tone for me. I immediately googled some swatches of it and fell in love even more. I love these sort of shades so I was excited to put it on my list. I hope to find this in the store coming up and try it on to see how I like it.

eight | Colour Pro Lip Lacquer in It Girl
I have actually never put a colored lip gloss over a lipstick so I thought I would finally try the combination and see how I like it. I usually like matte shades or a light lip gloss by itself but never together. I always see other bloggers and beauty gurus do it so I think it is time for me to try the trick as well and it looked so pretty with the Satin Bow lipstick so I hope this will be my first lip combo!

I really would like to try more from this brand and many more brands but if you love anything from their line that you cannot live without please let me know so i can try it too. I really want to explore and try a lot of beauty & fashion things this year so I am starting early.

What is your favorite thing from their makeup brand?

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Sunday Summaries | January 5, 2014

Another New Year edition. I just got done reading my 2013 one and cannot believe I wrote that a year ago. This year's New Years Eve celebration was similar to last years but this year my cousin came from Dubai and got to spend the holidays with us. He hasn't spent a New Years with us for four years so it was pretty special plus his new wife and baby also came and it was fun having a baby during the holidays.The first picture was right above our house while we were on the balcony and second is half the table of the feast we had. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of me as I was the one taking pictures but I think my dad has some on his phone and video of the evening.

We usually start our family festivities around 7 and do karaoke, turn up our sound system and bring out the alcohol. I didn't drink this year as I wasn't a fan of the alcohol beverages my cousin served. My uncle and aunts then finish cooking the food and we have a quick snack around 8 so after midnight we can official eat the food.

When midnight struck both my male cousins set off fireworks right in front of our house but there a 50 million going off around us so you can't really pay attention to it all. The neighbor own the street set of huge ones and we were all in the street and when it went off the whole family squeezed inside our gate to escape. It was quite funny since I ws the first one to get out of there. We blow horns and light candles and set off fireworks and scream Happy New Year in the streets. Every year I get Deja Vu like I have done this before and sure enough Ive done it 5 years in a row. My parents and my mom's family through coins in the street and the neighborhood kids caught it. It is a tradition also and of course I joined in and got a hefty amount plus my dad was giving out money bills instead of coins so I lined up their too. The baby pretty much slept through all of it but woke up when it was dinner. I cant believe he did as it was super loud everywhere and no matter what part f the house you could still here bangs. M poor dogs every year suffer but we keep them locked in the house with everything they need for the night but I still feel terrible but they get so much holiday food the next day so it makes up for it a little.

The food is always a feast at our house and we end up having too much for the next week. We eat and stay up until maybe 4 and then clean up the mess we made. After midnight I sat up the tripod and put it on a tier so we can have a group photo since it was the first time we were all complete and together again and me being the photographer of the family I was in charge of taking pictures of everything. The funniest part was I either had it too far away or cut the heads off and we went through about 20 takes to get a semi-decent one. Everyone was getting tired so I couldn't get the perfect shot but got some pretty close ones. it is funny to see the outtakes and me running from the camera to the picture in less than 10 seconds. I got pictures of the food, the fireworks and mostly the celebration and even snuck in some sneaky shots of my relatives eating. Now those I will remember and cherish.

If you ever get a chance to have a New Years in the Philippines do it. The people love to celebrate and everywhere you will see fireworks, food and music blaring in the streets. It is a big occasion here and every year it gets better and better. Since moving here all my New Years have been full of excitement and non-stop fun. It is kind of like an all day street festival where everyone is making noise. It is their tradition that you should bring in the new year with a lot of noise and a lot of light so that the bad luck will not enter and also to have round fruit on the table to bring money and good fortune to your home. I don't really believe but i just go along with it because what can hurt.

I had a lovely New Years with my family and would love to read this a year from now and see what I am doing. Whenever I do these kinds of posts they are like a recap of the day and a diary I can look back on in case I forget a certain detail It is kind of like a letter to my future self of my past self did. I wonder what next years will be and what certain events will happen. I hope you enjoyed my summary of my New Years Eve and got to enjoy yours.

What tradition do you have on NYE?

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Fashion Finds | Workout Attire

Since reading a lot of bloggers New Years resolution is to lose weight or get fit I decided to do a fashion finds on workout attire. Personally I hate exercising and running so I didn't add it to my list but instead of that my workout is I do ballet. I go to ballet 2-3 times a week for about 1 and a half hours and it really is a good workout and by the end I am seating and feel amazing. I wasnt the type to go to gyms or go for runs but dancing has always been an exercise for me. I usually wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink legwarmers with my ballet shoes and I put on an oversize sweater and comfy sweatpants over that when it is time to go home so my muscles can stay warm and remain felxiable. Now the attire I picked is for working out and not much for ballet but I think they could all work both ways.

There is kind of a neon theme but I am surprised a lot of items to chose from were neon colored so I guess that is quite popular and I think it is cute to have bright colors and maybe will encourage you to work harder. I'm not sure but the colors I found were amazing and absolutely bright. I also separated them in types so that it would be easier.

T O P S |

I'm more of a tank top person than a sport bra kind o girl but whatever your preference and most comfortable in is what you think is best. It depends but I sometimes like looser tank tops and on some days I prefer the tight ones that hug you nd show off the figure and look how colorful they are.

As for short sleeve shirts I find them what I wear more often even if I am not actually working out. I have so many colors and they re the best lounge wear. as for the sweatshirts I use to love to wear this in the winter time in Pe and even though I despised the subject I always had a pretty sweater to make up for it. I still wear these and throw thm on after ballet and they are super warm especially in the cold weather.

I think I practically like in my hoodie. I have a crown one, a heart one and another one with a abstract print. I usually wear them out in the rain but I hear they are great to wear to swat in. I'm not entierly sure but they have multipurpose so whatever you use it as is up to you.

B O T T O M S |

I'm not really comfortable in shorts to move around in. I sometimes wer them in ballet but i have tights on and they cover the leotard so it's okay but to run in I was never really okay with it. As for these capri sweatpants I live in these while at home. I wear a pair everyday and have so many. They are so nice and I sometimes wear it to ballet, oout to get grocieries and small errands around town. They arent exactly pjmas so it is knd of okay to go out with them.

These sweat pants are longer and some re just like leggings. I have the one that flare and where those whn it is super cold to and from ballet and again sometimes out. I used to use leggings in my college PE class and they worked just the same and were easier to move in. I've always wanted a tracksuit for some reason and the pants with it are always so comfortable. I used to wear them all the time when I was a little girl.

A C C E S S O R I E S |

Shoes are basically the most important part of the outfit and you need proper shoes. I don't own a proper pair anymore but if I find the right ones I will surly get them and maybe try yoga or aerobics instead of a gym. I love that they are colorful and look pretty.

My most favorite accessory is the gym bag. I love having mine and think they are so cute and make up the look of it. I love the ink ones and they are so cute but the silver and white one is fun for a more tone down look.

Those are my picks for a workout outfit. I tried to incorporate basics and add personal touches of mine. if you are trying to be more active this year I wish you luck and achieve your goal. Mine is to keep up ballet so that will be my fitness for the year. Tell me what you are doing and share your experience and what you love to wear.

What do you wear when you workout?

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Hello 2014 Goodbye 2013

Last year my new years resolutions were kind of a miss and I think I over did them but this year I made them even easier and simpler so by this time next year the blog posts will show more success than failure.

I accomplished 3 out of 5 so I don't think that is that bad. I actually lost weight instead of maintain my weight so I guess that is one of my big accomplishments. I did read more books and got to find new ones I fell in love with and I did some baking which was kind of nice but I didn't really learn all to much so that was kind of a miss too. As for completing 3 novels I did not accomplish that and didn't have the time or effort so I was kind of said and I wasn't a good blogger either so I hope I can approve on that.

This year I am graduating and will have a little more time on my hands so I hope I accomplish more. I also put them in categories this year so I can cover more areas than I do in general. 

L I F E S T Y L E |

Since I started dancing it has made me more in shape and has made me feel better about myself. I am trying to increase my hours every week and to improve as much as I can. I am learning not to give up and I just want to keep it up. My goal is to keep dancing, take more workshops and sign up for more dance classes so I can be accepted in to a premier dance school in the city.

I can be negative a lot but this year I am going to change and try to see everything in a better light and not always be a downer. I want to change my mood and my outlook of the situation. My motto will be don't worry, be happy and I will say it if I lose myself.

last year I think I overestimated myself with three novels but this year I am thinking and planning so that is smarter and I am hoping to finish one book and have it in the final editing stages by this time next year. I do have a lot written with some of my stories I just have to sit down and write one so I can finish it.

Again this was my goal last year and I did quite well. Initially I hope to finish 50 books and if I do that before half the yer than I will raise to 100 but right now I am thinking of just setting it to be 50 and see where I'll be.

B E A U T Y |
I want my hair to be in better condition. In order to do that I will try my best not to use too much heat on it, condition my hair more,  get it done more often and get it trimmed. All I want is for my hair to be soft and healthy and make me not feel bad. I also want it to be less frizzy so I can style it more.

You may be shocked and probably your resolution is the opposite but you read correctly. I actually don't have that many and want to try new things this year. I feel like this year I should explore in the beauty world and find more products I like than sticking with ones I already have and use too much.

I have been off my game lately and have been not painting my nails as much. And I know you are supposed to give them a break but I have been putting off painting my nails for months and it makes me sad to see my nail polishes not being used. So my goal is to have my nails painted at least once a month and to try some new nail art!

F A S H I O N |

I am sometimes still afraid to do them but this year I want to do a 2014 outfit posts of the year and in order to do that I need to post more of my outfits. I hope I can go through with it and really make it happen.

I am also stuck in my own fashion world but I want to change that buy buying things I wouldnt really wear but always wanted to try. This will let me see fashion in a whole different way and let me explore the runways of fashion.

This one might be a little crazy but I never found the perfect jeans for me and this year I would like that to change. I am going to go out there and buy me jeans they make me feel amazing.

This is a bad problem of mine and I have too many and don't know what to do with them.I will only buy a bag if it is truly needed and if y bag breaks and can't be fixed. I will use the bags I have and give them the much deserved love they need.

B L O G G I N G |
I really want to post 3-4 times a week maybe more if I have the time. My real goal is to have a blog post up every week no matter how busy I am but if I have time then I would like to post 3 - 4 times. Last year I wasn't a very good blogger and now that I changed a lot and relaunched my site it has given me inspiration to post more and enjoy my blogging experience.

I love to comment on blogs and it is very relaxing to me to just sit down in the evening and read so I would like to spend an hour a day catching up on blog posts and commenting and replying to comments.

I should really use all my social medias to benefit promoting my blog and also to interact with more bloggers. it is more fun to talk and participate and it would give me  chance to meet new people and share are love for the same things.

Those are my goals for this year and I hope I can do all or at least more than half of them. I hope we can all do it and I hope I can make this year better than it was last year. I am going to work really hard and change a lot I hope and be a better person. I have other personal goals I didn't share but I hope I can do those as well because they are very important to me.

What is the most important goal of 2014 for you?

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Happy New Year!

It's 2014 and I am far too excited for this year than I was last year maybe because of all the ups and downs of 2013 I'm more positive about 2014! I hope everyone had a lovely New Years Eve and had a lot to eat and drink and spent time with friends and family. I sure had a lovely one and enjoyed the feast my family made.

I might post a recap of my best memories of 2013 and a resolutions post tomorrow to celebrate 2014 which is the first page of 2014. I love the quote that has been floating around on all my social medias so I wanted to and it as well. Happy New Year everyone and may you have a lovely year ahead of you!

"Today is the 1st day of 365 page book. Go write a good one."

What are some of your NYE traditions?

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